Vashon 101 is a multidisciplinary short course that in six sessions provides and introduction to the geology, ecology, history, and demographics of Vashon-Maury Island.

Vashon Geology

Professor Kevin Freeman (MS Geology, Michigan State University) discusses the geology of Vashon-Maury Island from the last glaciation to the current concerns with landslides and earthquakes.

Vashon Historical Ecology

Professor Dr. Tom Devries (PhD Geology, Ohio State University) surveys the changing ecological systems on Vashon-Maury Island from the end of the last glaciation to the emergence of the current ecosystem.


Vashon Modern Ecology

Professor Dr. Bianca Perla (PhD Ecology, University of Washington) provides and overview of the current Vashon-Maury Island ecosystem and its response to human impacts.


Vashon Human History

Professor Dr. Bruce Haulman (PhD History, University of Washington) interprets the human history of Vashon-Maury island from the first inhabitation by the SHomamish Native People to the present.


Vashon Demographics

Professor Dr. Alice Larson (PhD Social Welfare, University of Washington) analyzes the demographic patterns on Vashon-Maury Island utilizing Federal Census data and other continually updating information.


Registration and Schedule

Vashon 101 will next be offered in Fall of 2014 in a six week session of weekly class meetings. The registration form can be found here.