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1928 Timeline  (Mike Sudduth)

January 1928

  • Dockton – The numerous seine boats, tied up in this harbor, represent a capital of about $100,000.  The owners are residents of this place.

  • John Zarth, a pioneer of Vashon Island died Wednesday at his home north of Vashon.

  • This past week Dr. Preston has been very busy circulating a petition to raise funds to care for three new street lights which are very badly needed.  The required amount has been subscribed and the Light company is installing them, one will be opposite the Presbyterian Church property, one between Dann’s and Magowan’s and the other just south of the Methodist property.  Let us hope it will not be long until lights can be arranged for as far north as the Island Club.

  • The annual rush is on to register, to get the auto license and also to pay up for the News-Record for another year.

  • Vashon Water District metered out to its customers 3,558,157 gallons of water during the past year.  This service was for the most part furnished by the use of one ram.

  • J.H. Rodda is remodeling his store at Center.  He will take the upper story down and build a feed room on the west side of the building.

  • On Tuesday the stockholders of the Cove Federal Farm Loan Association held its annual meeting at the Vashon State Bank.  The following directors were elected:  I.M. Krokset, W.V. Crosier, E.C. Thompson, Elmer Harmeling and Wm. Seales.  Immediately following their election the directors organized as follows:  Elmer Harmeling, Pres., Wm. Seales, Vice Pres., I.M. Kronset, Sec.-Treas.

  • On Saturday evening, January 21, the Vashon P.T.A. will take over the Vashon Theatre and put on a real movie show for the benefit of the Play Shed Fund.  The feature of the evening will be a showing of the Vashon Orthopedic Carnival pictures. 

  • Lisabeula – Notice – Next Saturday night, January 14 at the Schoolhouse some of the enterprising men of the neighborhood will give a demonstration of their youth renewer “Immortality Super Six”, the modern fountain of youth.  Old people made young.  Fat ladies made slender, and how.  The proceeds to go towards completing the school baseball grounds.

  • C.G. Kimmel tells us that this past year he sold to his customers two and one-half tons of Mannings coffee, which statement would lead us to believe that the Islanders at least have coffee for breakfast.

  • A Robert Burns-like poem, entitled “Robert Burns’ Lament for Peter Monroe, by A.W.S., was pubishied in this week’s News Record.

  • Vashon School notes – No new cases of measles have been reported now for more than a week and we are hoping they have run their course.  More than a third of those out last week with this disease have returned during the week.

  • Joke on Juniors and Sophomores - 1928 or the Senior numerals were the first to appear late last week on the water tower at Vashon.  The powers that be requested their removal late Friday evening and asked Prof. Smith’s help.  But by Monday morning the 28 was gone and 29 and 30 were in its place.  So Mr. Smith took the matter up with the Juniors and Sophomores with the result that the water tower stands out in its white coat again.

  • On Dec. 14th the executive committee called a meeting of the Garden Club of Burton, and the following officers were elected for the year 1928:  C.D. Taylor, President; Mrs. H. Godfrey, Vice-President; Mrs. A.E Young, Secy & Treasurer; Mrs. A.E. Young and Alex Smith, trustees.

  • Matt Morrisey who purchased the Hatch Building some time ago has let the contract for remodeling the building and work will begin in a few days.  Mr. Morrisey expects to move his market into the new building when finished.

  • WARNING:  The ones who took the tires off the machine on the Keplo Beach road Saturday night, are known and unless the tires and other things are put back by Saturday night, you will be put in the hand of the law.  (Ira Hoyle)


  • The Vashon High School class of 1928 presented the play “It Pays To Advertise”, a farcial fact in three acts, at the Island Club

  • Carnival pictures Saturday night – Come out and see your self as others see you in the movies.  A good cause – a play shed for the school – two good shows 7:30 and 9.

  • This week England & Petersen announce the purchase from Galbraith & Co. the Feed store at Colby in order that they might better serve their customers in that district.  This gives the firm locations at Port Orchard, Harper and Colby on the mainland and at Vashon and Cove on the Island.

  • E.C. Thompson, proprietor of the Daily Needs Market made a trip to Chehalis this week to purchase cattle for the shop.

  • Messrs. F.A. Weiss, W. Coy Meredith and A.J. Marsh attended a meeting of Red and White Chain Grocers in Tacoma Monday evening.

  • Contrary to the report that has been circulated, Robert Burns has not been forgotten and the Eighth annual Burns’ Festival will be held at the Island Club on Saturday evening, February 4.  W.B. Mackie has charge of the celebration.

  • There was a well attended meeting at the Burton High School on Monday evening at which the people interested in the Community Church movement accepted the report of the Committee appointed at the initial meeting whose duty was to discover means if possible for united church effort in Burton and vicinity.  The independent system outlined by the Rev. Mr. Gebbert of Longview was largely approved and a permanent group of committees was made whose work will entail the working out of future plans.

  • Center – In Thursday evening of last week the local Oddfellows and Rebekah Lodges held a joint installation ceremony – installing their officers for the present year.

  • J.H. Rodda is planning to remodel his store building.

  • Summer is just around the corner from Ellisport.  Already the children are picking daisies on the tennis court and the dogwood trees are forming their blossoms.  Ellisport with its protected location is always first with the spring flowers.  During the past cold spell it was several degrees warmer here than other locations on the island.



  • Vashon School notes – The medal for the winner of the Lincoln Essay contest arrived from the donors, the Illinois Watch Company, last week and it now on display in the Principal’s office.

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February 1928

  • On Saturday January 28th the Poultry class from the Experiment Station at Puyallup made their annual visit to the island.  Among the plants visited were those of L.C. Beall, Highland Park, W.D. Covington, and Vashon Island Co-Operative Hatchery.

  • Burton – The clock that used to regulate the comings and goings of the people of Burton is again on the job.  This clock has been sadly missed, especially by those who are carrying Ingersol watches. 

  • Work on the Hatch Building which Mr. Morrissey is having remodeled for an up-to-date butcher shop is progressing rapidly.  A modern storeroom is also being prepared for the Burton Pharmacy in the same block.

  • A.J. Marsh is installing a new “Frigidaire” system in his store.

  • Mrs. E.H. Gorsuch reports that she has purchased some thoroughbred Rhode Island Red stock from W.S. Bentley.

  • The Maury P.T.A. met Thursday evening, January 26.  Mr. Garner gave an explanation of the new Union High School proposition, and by unanimous vote, the P.T.A. agreed to back the proposition and help put it over.


  • Last Saturday night one of the most enjoyable Burns programs that have been held on the Island was enjoyed by an audience that voiced its approval in no uncertain terms.  The auditorium of the Island Club was arranged to seat almost 200 people at the banquet tables and all were filled.

  • Editorial – Union High School Means Progress – We are now watching the sunrise of a new era in education on Vashon Maury Island.  We hope that every voter of every district on both islands will awake and watch the dawn of a new day and help that dawn to mount to the brightness of noon day in educational matters, that so vitally concerns us.  We can do this by casting our vote for one Union High School District of all the school districts of the islands, at the coming election.  (C.L. Garner)

  • Editorial – To the Voters of Vashon and Maury Islands – We have the privilege of voting upon a very important issue at the school election in March, namely, the unionization of all the districts of the two islands for High School purposes.  If this issue carries, it will mean a Union High School ultimately fully equipped to meet not only the present needs, but the needs for years to come.  We have three great problems to work out before we can hope to attract many of the people who come to the Pacific Northwest to make their homes.  They are:  A Union High School, better roads and better transportation. (Mrs. Ira M. Spinning)

  • The entertainment and basket social given by the Girls B.B.S. Club, Saturday night at the Dockton Community House was very successful financially.  The proceeds, some $50, will go towards an Organ for the new Community Church.



  • Editorial – Advantages of a Union High School – Of all the projects that have been advanced for the unification and growth of Vashon Island there has yet never been one, that to my mind, has shown such attractions as the project submitted by the committee in charge to have one union high school for the entire Vashon-Maury Island.  It offers the inducement for those now living on the island, and carrying the responsibility of educating their children, to stay here, and enjoy the advantages of a city high school.  It holds an attraction for those now living in the cities, who would prefer raising their children in the country, and still have the opportunities to be had in city schools.  It is the only idea advanced that is practical in its application to cement the north, and the south end of Vashon Island into one community.  Abolish the Mason-Dixon line. (Norman Edson)

  • The Puget Sound Power and Light Company, having recently decided to include its employees stationed on the island in the First Aid Course of instruction, commenced the classes on Monday evening the 12th, with Dr. Sydney Bartlett as the instructor.  It is the desire of the company that whenever possible a local Troop of Boy Scouts shall have the privilege extended to them of participating in the instruction, as the same time as employees.  The Troops of Vashon and also Burton are being well represented at each class.

  • At the political caucus held in Des Moines last night Archie McKinnon received the nomination to be a candidate for commissioner from the South District.  About forty were present from the island.

  • K.K. Prigg Appointed Fox River Manager – This week K.K. Prigg assumes the management of the Fox River Buttter Company branch at Vashon.  R.E. Munson who has been manage of this branch being transferred to Snohomish where he will have charge of a much larger district.  Mr. Prigg is known to all the island folks having living here for a number of years.

  • D.A.R. Medal Night Wednesday February 22nd – On Washington’s birthday the award of historical essays will be made at the Island Club House.  The winners of the Beall medals will be announced as the high point of the evening.  These medals being awarded for the best essay from each of the Island High Schools on the subject “The Monroe Doctrine and our Responsibility to our American Neighbors”.

  • Dockton – On Saturday, February 18 the yacht built at the Martinolich shipyard will be launched at 3 p.m.  She will be christened the “Stella Maris” and is owned by the builder.

  • Dockton - H. Larsen and Ole Petersen left on the trawler “Dorothy L” Tuesday for Neah Bay.

  • Dockton - The “Allatack” with Captain and crew left for the North Saturday to go Halibut fishing.

  • On Monday of this week the new Ford was on display at the Met-Cro Garage and Metzenberg and Cronander were busy taking prospects out for a demonstration ride.  We understand that Alex Stewart signed on the dotted line and if they could talk a lawyer into putting his name down they should have no trouble with anybody else.

  • England & Petersen Plan Extension – It was only last month that this progressive concern purchased the Galbraith & Co. business at Colby adding another link to their chain of branches.  This week they purchased the three lots immediately north of the warehouse they now occupy at Vashon from Beall and Hanson.  As soon as the plans are completed a new building will be erected to cover the entire property.  This new building will house the offices of England & Petersen and the Vashon Auto Freight Co.  The rest of the space will be used as a warehouse for lumber, cement and building materials of all kinds. 

  • By actual count Vashon Precinct has 235 voters of which there are only about 150 registered which leaves 85 to register before next Tuesday evening.  Let us see if we can’t have 100% registration by election day.  (W.D. Garvin, Registration Officer for Vashon Precinct.)

  • The regular meeting of the Maury P.T.A. will be held Thursday evening.  Subject for discussion will be “Character Building”. (M.C. Meyers, Sec.)

  • Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Covington attended the Lincoln Day Banquet in Seattle on Monday.  Mr. Covington is on the Executive board of the Young Men’s Republican Club who make this an annual affair.

  • It is reported that Waren Odion has purchased a Federal Bakery route on the Island and will at one take charge.

  • C.G. Kimmel has installed an electric refrigerating showcase and unit in his store this week in order to better take care of his growing trade for perishable stock.

  • Cove – There is a feeling on the part of some that the location of the proposed Union High School should be determined in advance of the actual decision for the Union.  This is placing the cart before the horse.  The logical place for the High School would be somewhere near the center of the Island.  But first let us vote on the consolidation, then on the location, and I think this is in accordance with lawful procedure. (C.A. Renouf)

  • A young man was on the Island last week prospecting for a 5 acre ranch.  He said he preferred the Island to the outskirts of Seattle for the reason that the roads on the mainland were too crowded with traffic.

  • Perfecting the proposed Golf Club grounds, the three main points to be considered are water for irrigation, a good scenic view, and water front.  The location should be accessible not only from land, but also from the water, for the convenience of visitors, who own motor boats, or hydroplanes.  A landing place should also be provide for air planes, as the time is now close when these latter will be in common use.

  • Vashon School notes – Vote for the Union High School – We have learned that a committee of citizens presented a petition to the school board last Saturday night asking them to have the following placed upon the ballot to be voted on March 3rd.  “Shall school district number 176 unite with district 102 and Union J for the purpose of forming one Union High School District of the Island.”  We students of Vashon High hope that all the patrons of 176 see fit to vote YES on this important question.

  • Mr. Bittinger and Mr. Vermeulen are working on the Paradise Cove road.  Getting it into shape after the big landslide is some job.  A party from Seattle tried to reach the Westerman place, got stuck and had to come up to the Bittinger ranch for spades and shovels to dig the car out.

  • Ellisport – A large boom of logs arrived Saturday at the Steen Mill and work is expected to begin soon.

  • Mr. Carl Zarth has been busy the past two days helping Mr. Trimble get his new store building moved and in shape for occupancy.

  • Notice was received last week from Washington, by the Burton postmaster that the petition of a number of families, patrons of Lisabeula post office, to be joined to Burton rural, was allowed, and service would begin March 1st.



  • In order to straighten out false impressions in regard to the unionization of the Island school this statement is made.  First, Unionization of all the districts.  This has to be done before another step can be made in order to comply with the law.  Second: location is determined by the vote of the people of the new district formed.  Third: Schools will continue as they are until new school is ready to accommodate all in one building.  Fourth; Bonds for new building and grounds are voted on by people of the entire district.  Fifth: There will be no elimination of any district from the new union.  Under the law this cannot be done.  Sixth: Bonds cannot be voted until the bonded indebtedness of Districts 54 and 79 are reduced..  This matter will be taken up after the formation of the new union district.  Seventh: The vital thing is the forming of the New Union District now because if we wait until each High School District votes more money to take care of their growing needs that will put us further in debt and that kills the possibility of ever forming a Union for years to come.

  • D.A.R. Medal Night - The Island Club House was crowded Wednesday evening, the occasion being the observance of Washington’s birthday, sponsored by Elizabeth Bixby Chapter.  The Beall memorial medals were presented in a few beautifully chosen words by Mrs. L.C. Beall, Sr., Chapter Regent, and the fortunate recipients were Vivian Miller of Burton High School and Andrew Holland, Vashon High School for the best historical essays submitted by both schools.

  • An Open Meeting – A meeting for the purpose of discussing U.H.S. has been called by the Vashon P.T.A. for Friday evening, February 24th at the V.H.School.  Everyone is urged to come out and to express their views.  If you are against the Union, come and tell your reasons.  Perhaps they can be explained away.

  • 60,000 Baby Chicks – This month is a banner month for the Vashon Island hatcheries and chicken men.  The three largest hatcheries, Vashon Island Co-Operative Hatchery, Siegrist & Son and L.C. Beall, will turn out almost 60,000 baby chicks this month.  Besides those there are many others that raise their own chicks that would swell the total far beyond that figure.

  • Attendance At First Aid Classes – It will be a matter of interest and pleasure to the residents of the Island to learn that the recent series of lectures on Safety Principles and 1st Aid, have resulted most satisfactorily.  The P.S. P. & L. employees having taken up the subject in a most hearty manner.  The interest evinced by Vashon Troop of Boy Scouts has been wonderful, and most admirably sustained, the work being performed by them in a very credible manner.

  • “Is It A Sin To Dance?” – The Bible does not say it is – Preachers do – Which is right?  The Rev. J. Thornell of North Dakota will lecture on this subject at the Island Club.  Mrs. M.L. Tjomsland will sing and there will be selections on the Hawaiian guitar.  Everybody welcome.  Young people come.

  • Dancing Party – Quite a bit of interest is aroused over the Old Fashioned Dancing party to be given at the Island Club on February 29th.  Hunt out your old fashioned clothes, and the committee are asking you to bring along a picture of yourself taken in the days when the clothes you will be wearing were not funny at all.

  • Notice - In order to accommodate the Masonic lodgees of the Island, the last ferry will not leave the island until 11 o’clock on Saturday evening February 25th.

  • Vashon School notes – Andrew Holland was announced winner of the Essay contest last Wednesday evening at the D.A.R. program and presented with a Gold Medal by Mrs. L.C. Beall, Sr.  Anne Zwarg was awarded second place and Helene Olson third place by the judges, Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Ramquist and Mr. Smith.

  • P.S. Dickey, Sec’y of Certified Hatchery of Washington, addressed the members of Vashon Co-Op Hatchery at the Island Club on Tuesday evening of this week.

  • Mrs. Newman, manager of Vashonese hotel, is very busy these days looking after the wants of five surveyors from the office of the County Engineer.  The men are working on Maury Island but are glad to drive over to Ellisport to enjoy Mrs. Newman’s famous Southern cooking.

  • The new fences around the Maurice Dunsford and Newman homes are certainly a great improvement.  Both these homes have beautiful yards and shade trees.  Ellisport is known as one of the finest resort towns on Puget Sound.

  • The road gang under the supervision of Chas. Merry have been filling some of the holes along the pavement in Vashon this week.  A much needed job.

  • Last week the Co-Operative Hatchery has a window display of baby chicks in the C.G. Kimmel store that attracted quite a bit of attention.

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March 1928


  • Union H.S. Question To Be Voted On – This Saturday, March 3, the voters of all the school districts of the islands should cast their vote on the Union High School question.  We believe that the time has come, when, or the best interests of all concerned that we should form a union of the two island NOW.  Do your duty – Vote. (Ira O. Thomson)

  • The Burton High School presented  “Bits of Blarney”, an Operetta in two parts, in the High School Auditorium.

  • That Des Moines Ferry – The residents of Maury can at least be assured that they are not the only ones that would like to see a ferry at Des Moines as is shown by the next two items that follow which were taken from editorials in the Kent Valley News in two issues of recent date.  “The Vashon Island Ferry should be operated between Des Moines and Vashon.  We feel that way.  Des Moines is of the same opinion, and Vashon Island folks are of the same mind.  Had anyone anything to suggest as to how this can be done?”  “Several attempts have been made in the past to reinstate the Vashon Island ferry at Des Moines to no avail.  Seattle seem to be quite hoggish in the respect, more so than she ordinarily is.  It is pointed out that the possibility of having the ferry put in service again between Des Moines and Vashon would be considerably increased.”

  • Vashon School notes – Lincoln Essay Contest Completed – The essays on Lincoln were all turned in last Wednesday and are now in the hands of the judges.  We’re anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner of the medal.  This essay was a requirement for Sophomore English pupils and took the place of one book report.  It was open to anyone else in the school however and some others wrote.  There were twenty-five essays turned in.  The judges are Mrs. P.M Smock, Dr. N. Parker Jones and Mrs. B.P. Kirkland.

  • Cove – If dancing is sinful I must be an awful incurable sinner for I have danced from the age of 17 and 70 and still going strong.  I have not missed many occasions when a dance was available.  Every day even now I do a pas soul, with the aid of the phonograph or radio. 

  • Cove – Dancing is not sin for me, but rather a pleasant exercise in pleasant company.  And I look back with pleasure and satisfaction to many of the events in which I have had participated, especially some of the old time balls where a brilliant assemblage went through the rythmic exercise of the waltz set schottische on a well polished floor to the strains of a good orchestra.

  • England and Petersen who recently purchased the property adjoining their feed store in Vashon have given the old house which was on the property to the boy scouts if they would wreck and remove it.  This will give the boys some much needed lumber for the work on their club house which they are building on the Island Club property.

  • Mr. J. Martinolich has the contract to build two Seine boats, to be completed for the summer fishing, which will give employment to a number of shipworkers who have their home here.



  • Don’t forget the General Election to be held Tuesday.  A Port Commissioner and for those in the Vashon Water District, one Commissioner.

  • Union High School Voted At School Election – Vashon Island – One High School District – A greater Vashon Island – Thus may we chronicle the results of the school election held last Saturday when the proposition to join Districts Union J, 176, and 102 into one High School District of the whole island was carried by almost a three to one vote.  The vote by Districts as it was reported to the News Record is as follows:  Center 84 to 21; Burton 89 to 47; Maury 52 to 28; Dockton 28 to 28; Lisabeula 39 to 9; So. Heights 21 to 9; Columbia 108 to 29; Vashon 160 to 25.  Credit for this great step in the welfare of the Island should go to the Vashon Island Commercial Club and to the committee who worked so tirelessly to bring before the public the need and the advantages of a Union High School for Vashon Island.  Perhaps it will be several years yet before we actually see construction work on a new High School building but the ground work is laid, and a starting point provided. 

  • Southern Heights voted by a large majority for the union high school and the levy, and Mr. Spinning was almost unanimously elected director for the three-year term.

  • Vashon School notes – Union High School – The Island surprised us by rolling up such a majority for the New Union High School District at last Saturdays election.  If it had been left to the students of the Island the result would have been the same.  We are anxious for the site to be chosen and the building erected.  We Freshmem of 1931 are expecting to be the first class to graduate from the new school.

  • The Report of the Financial Condition of the Vashon State Bank, at the close of business on the 28th day of February, 1928 showed total assets of $286,673.

  • Election of Officers – Last Monday evening the Cove Community Hall Association held its annual election of officers who are as follows: President, C.J. Ramquist; Vice-President, W.V. Crosier; Treasurer, Z.O. Whittemore; Secretary, C.A. Renouf; Trustees, Mr. M.F. Doyle, B.A. Hunt, Mrs. Z.O. Whittemore


  • Richard Akehurst and Porter Godfrey had a very bad accident near Vashon on Saturday night when their car overturned.  Richard was severely cut about the face and was taken to Dr. McMurray for treatment.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mosby of Tacoma have leased Mrs. Hunt’s building, formerly occupied by Mr. Morrisey, and will soon be ready for business in the Burton Café. 

  • Election Day did not create much excitement on the island less than a fifty percent vote being polled.  In Vashon precinct which includes the Vashon Water District there were about fifty votes cast.  Thos. Steffenson getting the nomination for Water Commissioner.

  • Tim’s Place is undergoing extensive remodeling this week.  A new ice cream machine and soda fountain fixtures being installed.

  • A.D. Urquhart has a crew of men putting in a new cement walk along the entire front of the Presbyterian property this week.

  • Island School Directors Hold Successful Meeting – Last Tuesday evening under the auspices of the Educational Committee of the Vashon Island Commercial Club the directors of the several school districts of Vashon Island from which number, one from each will make up the board of the new Union High School, gathered together at the Island Club, where they enjoyed a banquet prepared by the associated P.T.A.s of the Island.

  • Vashon Island Has New Enterprise – the Resthaven Convalescent Home on the Exchange Club Goodwill Farm will be formally opened next Saturday, March 17th at 2:30 p.m. and at an additional service on Sunday at the same hour.

  • Dockton – Mr. L. Danielson and A. Petersen with their halibut boat the “Allatack” returned from a successful fishing trip Wednesday.  After a short stay with their families they have gone up north.

  • Vashon School notes – Lincoln Medal Awarded – The judges Mrs. P.M. Smock, Mrs. B.P. Kirkland and Dr. Nell Parker Jones reported to us last Wednesday their selection for first place in the Lincoln Essay Contest.  Ruth Matthews was awarded first place, John Jorgensen second place and Yuchi Nishiyori third place.  Mr. Smith presented the medal to Ruth Matthews at assembly Wednesday morning.  The judges further reported it to have been very difficult to decide between the first three and said that many other papers were also good.   Some 25 students wrote essays.


  • Community Church Is Organized At Burton – A community Church organized under the Constitution approved by the Home Mission Council, comprising twenty six Evangelical Denomination in the United States will soon come into being in Burton.  On Sunday morning at a called meeting of the membership of the Baptist Church the plan was endorsed by an almost unanimous vote, and at a gathering at Burton High School on Monday evening, a large Community group, after receiving the report of their community, by a majority vote resolved to accept the plan.

  • Marketing Association Holds Annual Election – On Tuesday evening of this week the Vashon Marketing Association held its annual meeting at the Island Club.  General satisfaction at the results achieved this season was expressed.  The following directors were elected:  W.J. Magowan, Elmer Harmeling, Conrad Tjomsland, C.L. Garner and George Walls.

  • Bible Tree – Dr. Preston plants Palestinian tree, Cedar of Lebanon, on Methodist Episcopal Church property at Vashon.  This tree was presented to the Pastor of the Church, by the Narron Nursery, which is located between Richmond Highlands and Edmonds-on-the-Sound, north of Seattle.  In many respects it differs from the two common varieties of cedar known on the Pacific coast.  It will be remembered that King Solomon employed the material of this particular “cedar” in the construction of the Temple at Jerusalem.  There are few of these on the Island.

  • Notice – The ladies of Group No. 2 will serve a Jiggs dinner of corn beef and cabbage at W.D. Garvin’s real estate office, on Saturday, March 24th, from 12 o’clock until all are served.

  • The Boy Scouts have completed the wrecking of the building given them by England and Petersen and are now getting their club house ready for occupancy.

  • New Officers Elected by Community Club – The annual meeting of the Island Club for the election of officers was held the first week in March.  The following officers were elected:  Pres., Mrs. T. Hansen;  Vice-Pres., Mr. W.D. Mackey; Sec., W.D. Garvin; Treas., Mr. F. Weiss.

  • The Standard Oil Co,’s boat came in last Saturday and discharged its cargo at the Standard Oil Supply Station at Ellisport.  The Standard Oil people were quick to recognize the central location of the fine harbor at Ellisport for their island supply station.  It is so protected that boats can land at all times and the fine roads that radiate from this point to all parts of the island makes it an ideal location for either business or homes.

  • Vashon School notes – Musical Comedy – The operette “Barbarossa of Barbary” which the High School is putting on the week of April 28th is really a Musical Comedy.  The School has an extremely strong cast this year.

  • Graduating Class Large – Twenty-three students are slated for Graduation from Vashon High this year if they all pass their last exams in May next.  Only once before in the history of the school has there been a class so large, the class of ’26 having 25 Graduates.  And this year will be the last class to Graduate from Vashon High School for the next year the Union High School Board takes over the management of the Island High Schools.  Although we will attend in two buildings we will represent one High School district and one student body and all Seniors will graduate from ne class as the first Graduates of the new district.

  • The play “The Teeth of the Gift Horse,” which is to be given by the Maury P.T.A. has been postponed until April 6.


  • Beautify Island Club – To the People of Vashon Island:  The Island Club grounds should be as attractive as the good-looking yards of the Island, but they are not, and it is proposed to change their bleak appearance to one of beauty, so that those who come upon the Island may know that the institution is a club and an expression of public spirit.

  • Commercial Club Meeting – Tuesday evening, March 27 the Vashon Island Commercial Club held its regular meeting at the Island Club, president Miller presiding.  Due to the inclement weather only a small number attended but all sections of the island were represented.  The condition of the North End Ferry Dock and the approach to the South End Ferry Dock were discussed and the transportation committee requested to attend to same, also to interview the Kitsap Transportation Co. with regard to the summer schedule.  T. Hansen spoke of the necessity of an “Air Port” on the island in the near future.

  • Annual Report of the Presbyterian Church – The First Presbyterian Church of Vashon makes fine record during year.  The Annual meeting held on Monday evening was well attended.  The reports of the different departments showed the prosperous condition of the Church.  Many improvements were made during the year, these include the beautiful windows, side walk and two new lamp posts at the entrance.  One item in the reports appears to us very significant.  It is that the Ladies Auxilary raised nearly one thousand dollars.  We need not wonder that the Church gave them a rising vote of thanks.  The following Church officers were elected for the term of three years:  L.C. Beall Jr., T. Hansen, and R.J. Armstrong members of the session.  In my church they call them elders.

  • The Junior Class of Burton High School presented “The Whole Town’s Talking”, a farce in three acts.

  • Maury – The bulb farm is a wonderful beauty spot, with its many golden blooms. 

  • Burton Community Church – On next Sunday morning, April first at the Burton Church, the first call for members for the Community Church will be made.  This beginning of a new order of Church government in Burton is a matter of supreme importance to the people of the neighborhood and all Christian people whose heart interest is for greater scope for service are urged to attend on Sunday.

  • The Burton Café is open for business, and with its attractive furnishings is sure to be patronized.

  • The Met-Cro Garage this week installed a new tire tool that will enable them to more readily handle the larger sizes of tires.

  • Maury P.T.A. Play – A one act comedy, “The Teeth of the Gift Horse,” given by the Maury P.T.A.  Wednesday April 11th.  The thread of the story is wound around a pair of “home manufactured horrors,” (a pair of hand-painted vases,) and how they are retrieved after being sold at a rummage sale brings many smiles.

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April 1928
April 6, 1928

  • Vashon Theater Under New Management -  This week Rollen P Barfield of Olalla purchased the Vashon Theater from Mrs. Roesler and F J Shattuck.  Mr. Barfield is a theater man of many years experience and soon Vashon Island will have one of the most modern show houses. Extensive improvements will be made and starting with the first show this Saturday night there will be two shows 7 and 9 PM.  Two projecting machines have been installed so that the pictures will be continuous.

  • Vaudeville show to aid Island club - On Thursday evening April 19 a vaudeville show will be given at the Island club to raise funds for the club. Singing, vaudeville skits and instrumental music that will provide an enjoyable evening's entertainment.

  • Vashon deaf people to hear Easter Cantata - An electric "Church acousticon" service is being installed in the Methodist Episcopal whereby the deaf people on the island may be able to hear the sermon and Cantada on Easter day and evening. It is intended that the "Acousticon" will be in readiness for the Good Friday services.

  • Republican caucus - On this Saturday evening April 7 a Republican caucus will be held in the office of WD Garvin, Vashon. All interested are urged to attend.  Delegates to the county convention will be elected.

  • Vashon Heights - the Beach is a scene of many activities this week as many summer campers are spending their Easter vacation here.

  • Work has been started on the community lot. The lot has been burned and Eddie and Bill Abell have set a good example to follow as they spent most of Saturday clearing and piling brush.

  • The play "A poor married man" , a farce in three acts, was given by the F L and T club sponsored by the Rebecca auxiliary at the community club April 6

  • Entertainment -  A benefit of the Burton library - Put on at the Burton high school on April 10.  The play "Everything but the truth", a farce in one act,  by Marjorie R Stanley directed by Rose L Stanley

  • Mr. and Mrs. Briggs from North Dakota were pleasantly surprised Monday, April 2 when 30 people of Cove gathered at their home to wish them a hearty welcome to the island and our community.  This also was their 10th anniversary and each person remembered them with a small gift.

  • Mr. and Mrs. D W Trimble of Ellisport have purchased the Wigmore cottages and have moved into one as their residence and the other they have remodeled for their store business which is rapidly growing.

  • Mr. Morrissey has demonstrated what civic pride means when he remodeled the building he bought and made two up-to-date storerooms one a meat market and the other a drugstore.  And when the building gets its spring coat of paint one will never suspect it was the same old building.  The meat market with its shining white interior and equipped with Frigidaire plant makes it a most sanitary place to buy meat.  Mr. Shaw the pharmacist has a complete stock of drugs with prescription department and is ready at all times to give courteous service to the public this summer.

  • It is rumored that our R and W merchant is going to do something big in improvements in order to get ahead of the other fellows.  Alright Mr. R and W we are glad you feel that way - go ahead.

  • Center news - Maybe some of the people seeing Norman Edson's picture of the baby chick in the scales, in the rotogravure pictorial section of last Sunday's Times did not know that the picture was taken in our own Vashon island cooperative hatchery.

April 13, 1928

  • Vaudeville show to provide funds for club - On Thursday evening of next week an all star cast of artists will provide you with an evenings fun and entertainment at the Island Club.  This entertainment is being given to provide funds for the Vashon Island Community Club.

  • Maury - We are glad to see so much building going on.  It speaks well for our island.  Mr. Hancock is building foru new houses for his chinchilla rabbits, two of which are completed and two more under construction.  Mr. Matt Jensen has just completed a modern brooder house equipped with a furnace.

  • We are all sorry to learn of the loss of Mr. Erickson's brooder house and baby chicks destroyed by fire Sunday morning.

  • The Vashon theater opened last Saturday evening under the new management of Rollin P Burfield, showing “Wings of the Storm.”  Among some of the many improvements that are planned for the house the patrons enjoyed the advantage of two projecting machines, two shows commencing at seven and 9 o'clock and what is enjoyed by all, music in charge of Mrs. A.W.Ganly. 

  • Tim Clark has installed a modern and up-to-date soda fountain and other fixtures for the comfort of his patrons at his popular confectionary and drugstore.

  • The sale of smoked hams conducted last Saturday by the Daily Needs Market, CG Kimmell and the Island Market gave to the island residents a long looked for opportunity to purchase hams at lower prices than possible in the city.

  • Union School Board Organized Saturday - Last Saturday, April 7 the board of the newly formed Union high school District held their organization meeting at the Center school.  The members of this board are E.E. Stone, Burton; C.H. Merry, Maury; S.R. Hearst, Center;  George Spinning, Southern Heights; D.S. Siegrist, Cove; C.E. Bragg, Vashon and  the president of the Lisabeula School board.  C.E. Bragg was elected chairman and E.E. Stone, clerk.  The following committees were appointed: Location of building, the entire board;  Teachers, D.S. Siegrist, chair;  Transportation, George Spinning, chair;  Finance, E.E. Stone, chair.

  • Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation etc. required by act of Congress of August 24, 1912 of Vashon Island News Record published weekly ay Vashon Washington for April 1, 1928. publisher editor managing editor and business managers are publisher PM

  • Publisher PM Smock Editor PM Smock Managing Editor none Business Managers PT Garber Vashon Washington.  The owners are P.M.Smock.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Simundson and family from Renton have purchased the property in Newport known as “Side Ways” and owned by Mrs. Tjosdal.   We are glad to know that the Simundson's are to be permanent residents and we hope they will like Burton and residents.

  • Good roads meeting - This Friday evening County Commissioner Frank Paul will address a meeting of those who are interested in good roads for Vashon Island.  Archie McKinnon, candidate to suceed Mr. Paul will also be present.  The meeting will be held at the Vashon theater.

  • Wanted - Bids for the hauing of the 1928 fruit pack from the Vashon receiving station to Seattle.  Bids closed May 1.  For information inquire of Pres. C.L. Garner or Sec. C.L. Tjomsland after April 17.

April 20, 1928

  • Burton - The library has been receiving a donation of five dollars per month but this amount has been withdrawn which makes it difficult to meet expenses but with the thought in view that the free books will help the young people the club is glad to make the effort.

  • W.C. Meredith has been making extensive improvements to his store.  The interior has been painted white and with new light fixtures the store is very attractive in appearance.

  • Southern Heights – The school bus blew out a tire Tuesday morning and the students had to wait until one of the other buses could come for them.  Our bus needs a spare.

  • England and Peterson have commenced work on the new warehouse to be constructed on the lots which they recently purchased the adjoining their present office in Vashon.

  • Vashon Isle of Charm - The following article written by Edward Hicks, staff writer on the Tacoma Daily Ledger appeared in the issue of April 12.  The beautiful Emerald Island Vashon, magic land of summer vacationists, lying 2 miles from Tacoma is 12 minutes from Point Defiance by ferry.  Surrounded by the blue waters of Puget Sound indented with charming coves and harbors covered with forests and fields and rural scenes, with  sandy beaches, streams, pure Springs, small beach resorts and modern villages, it can offer peace and serenity with the blue summer sky - a Mediterranean land.

  • At a special called meeting of the Vashon P.T.A. held last Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W.I. Johns a resolution endorsing Prof. William Merrill Smith for the Superintendency of the new Union high school District was unanimously passed.  The secretary was instructed to send a copy of this resolution to the new Union high school board.

April 27, 1928

  • Shows twice a week at Vashon theater - Commencing on Wednesday, May 2 the Vashon theater will show twice a week two shows each night.  The first Wednesday evening show will be “Wall Flowers” a picturization of Temple Bailey's novel which ran in the Good Housekeeping magazine.  This Saturday night the “High School Hero” will be shown.  A three piece orchestra in charge of Mrs. A W Ganly will provide appropriate music.

  • C.H. Kepler, proprietor of the Keplo Beach summer resort and city salesman for the Zellerback Paper Company has purchased one of the new Whippet Sixes.

  • Brighten up your premises - Spring is here and soon our summer tourists from the south and east will be motoring through our paved and gravel highways.  It is our privilege to look our best which is none too good, if we wish to make a respectable and favorable impression upon friends and strangers.  If we are at all proud of our beautiful island there are little things which will cost us but very little time and practically no expense which will in future years bring greater dividends then we may now suppose.  These “little things” will, if attended to, bring to us a reputation throughout the country of which none of us will be ever be ashamed.  Let those who visit Vashon Island this season carry away with them a worthwhile report of our up-to-date neatness.  (Publicity committee of the  Commercial Club)

  • Southern Heights - it looks rather like the tent caterpillars might be extra bad this year.  Already I have noticed a number of new nests so keep your eyes open for them. Tell the children to look out for them. They have sharp eyes.

  • The play “Barbarosa of Barbary” will be produced by the Vashon high school at the Island Club April 27 and 28.

  • S Swanson of the Daily Needs Market says:  “The packers have raised the price of lard.  They must intend to float the Republican Party in lard instead of oil.

  • When you talk of chickens don't forget the Vashon Island poultry men hold several world's records.  Then too you have a crop of chickens on the island that could hold their own in any beauty pageant.

  • On Sunday of this week the water users  in Vashon Water District will again be reminded of the wonderful convenience of an adequate water supply, for on that day the water will be shut off for a few hours while several minor but necessary repairs are made.

  • Ellisport resounds these days with the noise of industry.  Mr. Maurice Dunsford keeps the eastern part of town awake with the noise of hammer and saw as he and his helpers work on Mrs. O.L. Evans cottages, the road men are busy blowing stumps and clearing the road over to the new addition which is being opened up in North Ellisport and Mr. Vetter is keeping things lively on his new home looking after a crew of carpenters plumbers and paper hangers.  The Trimbles who lately moved into their newly acquired store and home on Main Street are over with their work of improvements, painting and papering.

  • Burton school notes – “What happened to Jones”  The senior class is busy practicing their play “What happened to Jones.”

  • Work is progressing rapidly on the foundation for the new England and Petersen warehouse.  They commence to pour the concrete Wednesday.

  • At the Republican County Convention held in Seattle Ira H Case, D.S. Siegrist and Tip Soike were nominated to represent Vashon Island at the state convention to be held in Yakima.

  • It has been reported that a tract of 20 acres has been purchased on the island by a firm who intend to go into the commercial production of roses for perfume making.  A factory is to be built in Tacoma.

  • Cafeteria dinner and auction sale - A cafeteria dinner under the auspices of both Circles of the Ladies Aid of the local Methodist Episcopal Church, after which there will be an auction of useful articles recently made by members of the Aid, will take place at the Island Club house on Friday May 4.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Teig are building a fine new chicken house this spring and are buying 500 pullets.  These with what they already have will put them on the list of real poultry farmers

  • Notice - I feel an explanation is due in regard to the item in last week's News Record of the called meeting of the Vashon PTA at the home of Mrs. John's.  The official purpose of this meeting was to vote money for archery equipment for the girls, which could be used in the school. (Mrs. C Bragg).

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May 1928
May 4, 1928

  • Queen City yacht club makes official visit - Under the command of Commodore VO Rockett, about 25 yachts with more than 150 Yachtsmans and guests onboard, paid a visit to the residence of Capt. Ernest J Moy, (the Twickenham Estate) Vashon Heights, on Sunday, April 22.  It was the Commodore’s own cruise which inaugurated the 1928 yachting season of the Queen City yacht club and the junior club members came as the guests of the seniors.

  • O.E. Ramquist has moved his tailor shop into the T.N. Thompson building occupying the room formerly used by Mrs. Turner's beauty shop.

  • H.M. Lee, proprietor of the Vashon barbershop is this week making some extensive improvements to his quarters preparing to open a beauty shop in connection with the barbershop.

  • Mrs. Turner, who has operated a beauty parlor in Vashon for the past year and a half has closed the shop and moved out of the TN Thompson building.

  • This week T.N. Thompson purchased the building occupied by the Fox River Butter Company from P.M. Smock.

  • Community Church elects officers - The first annual meeting of the membership of the Burton Community Church was held Thursday evening April 26 and the following officers were elected to the boards of the new organization: Board of Deacons: W.G. Parkes, Andrew Nystedt, Dr. McHolland, and A.W. Smith.

  • Boy Scouts occupy their new building - The Boy Scouts have their new headquarters completed enough to occupy.  Tuesday evening Dr. Bartlett of the Puget Sound Power and Light Company gave a first aid demonstration to the scouts and employees of the company on the island.  The large fireplace added a cheer to the large assembly room.  It is hoped that funds may be secured within the near future to seal the room which will make it more comfortable.  The boys are pushing a paper drive to aid this fund and if you have any papers or magazines called Black 732.

  • The senior class of Burton High School put on a play called “What happened to Jones”, a farce in 3 acts.

  • Vashon businessmen organize new club - On Monday evening of this week, the businessman on Main Street of Vashon met in W.D. Garvin’s real estate office and completed the organization of the Vashon business men's club.  The purpose of this club is to aid in the building and advancement of the town of Vashon and indirectly Vashon Maury Islands.  Officers were elected as follows: W.D. Clark Pres.; PT Garber VP; Dr. V Charles Coutts Sec. T Hanson treasurer.

  • Discovery day and Memorial Day picnic - On May 30 Vashon Maury Island will observe the anniversary of the discovery of the Island and Memorial Day with a picnic and real old-fashioned get together at Ellisport under the auspices of the Vashon Island commercial club.

  • The work of the new Vashon Businessmen's Club in their endeavor to curb speeding and the blocking of the streets by improper parking should meet with the hearty support of everyone.  Cars parked in an orderly manner are an asset to the business of any community for they signify that the people are up with the times in their manner of handling the affairs of the day it is only the “hick town” or the “hick driver” that refuses to fall in line with the up-to-date practices of other communities.

  • The Chronicle of progress in Vashon would read this week somewhat in this manner.  Improvements to the Vashon Theater, Boy Scouts move into new quarters, O.E. Ramquist moves into T.N. Thompson building, new shoe repair shop to be opened in the Hanson building, formerly occupied by Mr. Ramquist, foundation for new England & Petersen warehouse finished, C.G. Kimmel store anniversary and we could name many other things that will be a step ahead for Vashon.

  • A T Bacchus has purchased a Mack truck in order to handle the growing needs of his lumber business.  He carries a good stock of finish lumber and is rapidly increasing his supply as the need arises.

  • Burton school notes - Graduation week - Sunday, May 13 the bacccalaureate service will be held at the Burton Community Church. Rev. T.H. Hagen will give the sermon.  Wednesday of the same week the seniors will have their class day exercises and Friday the commencement exercises.  Grace Larson will be the valedictorian and Margaret Passig the salutatorian.

  • Burton - Mrs. Jas. Anderson of Vashon presented the Burton library with the book “Abraham Lincoln.”  The gift is very much appreciated by the ladies who are endeavoring to serve the island and placing good books in the library and would like it understood that the books are issued to anyone on the Island.  A small charge of two and five cents per week for a book is charged.

  • Announcement - Dr. J.H. McGranahan is leaving the island to specialize in surgery.  He wishes to introduce to the island his successor Dr. Frank H Grandy of Tacoma Washington.  Dr. Grandy is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Medicine.  He has been connected with the staff of the Northern Pacific Hospital in Tacoma for the past three years, also in private practice for the past year in Tacoma.  His office and residence will be in the same location as Dr. McGranahan in Burton.

  • New fire doors are installed at theater - This week the management of the Vashon Theater had fire doors installed in both sides of the building so that there would be no trouble in emptying the building in a minute and a half.  This is just one of the many improvements that are planned for the convenience of the theater going public

May 11, 1928

  • D.A.R. chapter meeting - On May 5 the monthly luncheon and program of the Elizabeth Bixby chapter was held at the home of the Misses Dysart with Miss Cecil Anderson assisting hostess.  The patriotic education committee reports have presented eight beautiful governmental bunting flags to various island schools with two others to be presented to the Dockton grammar schools.  These flags are the gifts of the chapter to all school rooms on the island not already in possession of a large flag for room use.

  • Burton - Last week the three rooms at the grammar school each received a gift of a flag from the DAR as a token of their appreciation for the part taken by the pupils in the presentation of their program on February 22 last. The flags were greatly needed and the pupils are very proud of them.

  • Ferry schedule change - On Tuesday, May 15 the fairy schedule from Vashon Heights to Fauntleroy will be changed to give more and better service during the summer months.  The Marion Street service will remain the same as in the past.

  • Mcgowan and Blekkick this week sold to A.T. Bacchus a lot on the main street opposite the News Record office.  Mr. Bacchus will at once erect a large lumber shed for the convenient handling of his ever-increasing lumber business.

  • Club sponsors picnic May 30 - Discovery Day - The Commercial Club announced that plans are progressing nicely for the double celebration of Memorial and Discovery Day with the West Seattle commercial club as guests.

  • The attempt of the Vashon business men's club to regulate the parking of cars on the street in Vashon head on to the curb in an orderly manner is meeting with the approval and cooperation of almost everyone and it will only be a matter of time until no one will have to be asked to mend their ways.

  • Cove - the loss to date of my chickens is 2% and not the 3% as per last week’s items. (CA Renouf)

  • Southern Heights - The flag raising at number 54 was a delightful event. The children, by selling pencils, had raised the money themselves for a new larger flag.  Joe Milligan and Marcus Spinning, who had sold the most pencils had the honor of raising the flag for the first time.  It certainly does seem nice to be having school at number 54 again and to know that the little ones do not have so far to go and so long to stay and can have the individual attention they so much you need.

May 18, 1928

  • Civic pride - How proud are you of the place you have chosen for a residence and would be outward appearances of the place convince others especially the casual passerby of the fact that you're proud of your property or the place where you live?  Do you like to have others appreciate and value your home and its surroundings and would you persuade to sell, if a worthwhile price were offered for it?  Whether we would, or not, let us manifest our interest in “decency and order” by brightening up here in there.  Our front yards can many of them be improved.  Papers and rubbish can be picked up.  Our slothful neighbor can be helped to be more up-to-date in these things. Let's make Vashon Island from end-to-end a veritable garden of beauty.  Who will be the first to improve? Many eyes are watching us to see how much “civic pride” we possess. (Publicity Committee, Commercial Club.)

  • Vashon high school graduates large class - Wednesday evening the Island club was packed to the doors, standing room was at a premium and many were turned away. The occasion was the 16th annual graduation from the Vashon high school and the class of 23 members was next to the largest having finished during these years.  The class of 1926 contained 25 graduates.  The graduation program of the class of 1928 was by far the best we have seen.

  • The Honor Cup - Not the least interesting feature upon the program of the graduation of the high school class at Burton tonight will be the announcement of the names of students for the Honor Cup.  This trophy was presented to the school in 1924 by the Men's Bible Class of Burton and year after year there have been engraved upon the cup the names of students who by evidence of leadership, helpfulness and sympathy to associates as well as scholastic attainments have been thought worthy of the honor.  The names already upon the cup with the year of graduation are as follows: 1925 Lillian M. Larsen, Walter F. Peterson; 1926 Elsa M. Schmidt, Oge F. Jensen; 1927 Anna Fillinger, Adney Smith.

  • The Fruit Growers Association has this week installed a machine for the washing of the berries received this year.  This will be much better than the old method of washing.

  • Burton school notes - Graduation - The class of 1928 invites everyone to attend their graduation exercises Friday night at 8 in the Burton high school auditorium. The members of the graduating class are Richard Akehurst, Frances Ely, Gordon Bell, Steve Church, Thelma Edson, Henry Fuller, Grace Larsen, Earl McCormick, Vivian Miller, Beatrice Milligan, Roy Nelson, Bill Odion, Margaret Passig, Louis Rodda, Robert Stewart, Evelyn Sundt, Martha Tanimura, Elsie Yocom and Thelma Wells.

  • Vashon high school graduates large class – A photographer from Seattle was present and took a flashlight of the entire class as well as one of the Honor Students.   The graduates were: Robert Bacon, Laura Brosseau, Louis Brosseau, A. Baxter Callaway, Charles Hammerquist, Lloyd Hansen, Andrew Holland, Barton Johansen, Donald Kirkland, Myrtle Madison, William Magill, Donald Morgan, Hilmer Nelson, Hélène Olson, J. Morris Rockness, Clara Sarvold, Fumi Shimano, Richard Stafford, C. Donald Thompson, Naomi Tjomsland, Robert Walls, Harold Ward, Clarence Weiss.

  • Judge Mackintosh visits on Island - Judge Kenneth Mackintosh, Republican candidate for United States Senator, was on Vashon Island for a short time last Friday in the interest of this campaign. The former Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court spent the week visiting in King County, and although his time was limited, he was able to renew many old friendships and make many new acquaintances.

  • Ellisport - Mr. Albert Hofmeister and his big team of bays were over from Burton last week helping Fay McClintock erect the poles for the Pavilion is building on the McClintock homestead campfire and bathing point.  While not a large building it will afford a shelter from the hot sun for mothers watching their little folks collecting tan and freckles and health to take back to the cities in the fall.

  • Reifschnider has opened a modern shoe repair shop in the room formerly occupied by the O.E. Ramquist tailor shop in the Hansen block.

  • The England & Peterson warehouse is rapidly nearing completion, the framing being all up and most of the siding on.

  • H.M. Lee has fitted up a beauty parlor in connection with his barbershop.

  • Dockton - The seine boat built at the Martinolich shipyard for the Beretich brothers was launched at high tide.  Saturday, May 5 and christened “Christine”.  She is chartered by a Tacoma party for the fishing season at Alaska

May 25, 1928

  • Ephriam Landers Island pioneer - Ephriam Landers was born May 10, 1866 in Washington County Oregon and departed this life Monday, May 21, 1928.  At the age of 16 he came to Vashon Island with his parents and with his father homesteaded the tract of land on which he lived until his death.

  • 19 graduate from Burton High - At the graduation exercises held Friday evening May 18 in the high school auditorium before a capacity audience 19 members of the class of 1928 received their diplomas.  The class of 1928 is the 13th to be graduated from the present building, the first one being that of 1916.  This class which consisted of 10 girls and nine boys were seated upon the stage which had been decorated by the juniors in the senior class colors, purple and gold.  Miss Margaret Passig delivered the salutatory address in a very able manner and Miss Grace Larsen whose average for her four years of high school was 95 gave the valedictory.  To Miss Larsen also went the honor of having her name inscribed on the Honor Cup which is a very worthy honor indeed, as the qualifications for this are very difficult to attain.

  • The Puget Sound Power and Light Company has been changing several of the light and telephone poles this week to make room for the several improvements that are planned in Vashon.

  • Calcium chloride was spread on the street Saturday night by the street committee of the Vashon Business Men's Club to put down the dust nuisance.  It surely is a great improvement.

  • Dick Stafford left Thursday evening to join the Navy.  He was one of the Vashon high school graduates this year and will enlist for a course in the medical department

  • Harry Lee, proprietor of the Vashon barbershop has installed two electric signs and expects to soon have a third.

  • Graduation exercises for eighth-grade - Sunday night at the M.E. church 16 members of the Vashon eighth grade class received their diplomas.  Rev. C.E. Preston delivered the address of the evening and Prof. WM Smith presented the diplomas.  Patricia Lavan received the highest score on the state examinations and replied for the class.  The list of graduates follows:  Eight boys, Elroy Brabender, Alfred Curtis, Tashio Fejoka, John Lincoln, Frank Matsumoto, Yurin Takai, Edward Thompson and Robert Thompson.  Eight girls, Margaret Edwards, Patricia Lavan, Alice Olson, Margaret Petersen, Luella Pruit, Mary Pruit, Isabel Urquhart, and Helen Yoshimura.

  • Vashon shoe shop - This week the Vashon shoe shop, Reifschnider and Sons, proprietors, carry an ad announcing their facilities for the rebuilding of shoes in an up-to-date manner.  They have installed all the latest machinery and with 17 years of experience in the business you are assured to first class work.

  • Some egg - We have been informed that Mrs. W.H. Berry has a white Leghorn hen that lays eggs 7 1/4 inches in circumference and inside this monster egg was another perfectly formed specimen of hen fruit.

  • Kitsap County joins in ferry line merger - A million dollar ferry merger which brings together all Puget Sound routes from Vashon Island north to Port Ludlow, with the exception of the Puget Sound Navigation Company, was announced Tuesday by Capt. Anderson, Pres. of the Kitsap County Transportation Company and Capt. Howard Payne, head of the Sound Ferry Lines.  These companies are parties to the merger, but in addition it also embraces the interests of Capt. Reeve and associates in the Washington Routes and in the Whidbey Island Transportation Company.  Routes involved are the Vashon and Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County services of the Kitsap County Transportation Company in which five ferries and six passenger steamers are operated; the Edmond-Port Ludlow and Olympic Peninsula route of the Sound Ferry Line with three vessels operating in the Washington route to Bremerton and Kingston served by the steamers FG Reeve and Kingston and the Whidbey Island route to Oak Harbor via Whidbey Island served by the Atlanta.

  • In the matter of the Cup - Considerable discontent being voiced by the friends of Burton High School because of the manner of the presentation of the report of the Cup Committee, which committee included messengers Parkes, McElvaine, Stone, Smith and Poultney who decided only one nomination would be made for the cup this year, the members representing the class and intrusted with appearance on the program to make the report, feel that a note of apology is due for the unfortunate phrasology caused entirely by a lack of careful preparation of the address and not for one moment any intention to cast a slur on the boys of the school.  Sponsors of the Cup are sincerely sorry that the hearts of friends been made sad or that the luster of the Cup dimmed by the occurrence. Sincerely, Alex Smith and Arthur Poultney.

  • Norway's holiday is celebrated - May 17 is Norway's Day of Freedom and to commemorate that day the people of Cove gave a program.  It was celebrated last Saturday night in the Cove M.E. Church.   Rev. Petersen gave the address of the evening for Norway and the Rev. Preston of Vashon gave an address for America the new Home Land.

  • New sidewalk - Martin Tjomsland has a crew of men busy this week laying a cement sidewalk from the bank corner to the News Record office.  This is a much needed improvement and will be appreciated by all.

  • Ellisport popular resort - Sunday was also a big day at Ellisport, over 300 persons being counted on the Beach at one time.  So many autos were parked along the streets and through the picnic grounds that there has been some talk of arranging regular places for leaving the cars so there will be plenty of room for all comers.  Most of the Sunday crowd was from the cities but many were from the island and all enjoyed the day together among the beauty and restfulness of a place like Ellisport.

  • Thomas Steffensen sells interest in electric shop - This week Thomas A.J. Steffensen announces that owing to the increase in his business he has sold a half interest in the Island electric shop to Willis J Blekkink.  In this way he hopes to be better able to attend to the wants of his customers and expand the business in keeping with the growth of the island.

  • Vashon School Notes - Perfect attendance - List of students receiving perfect attendance certificates for the school year in 1927 and 1928 are: Laura Brosseau, Doris Hutchinson, Ruth Matthews, Frank Swanson, Lois Clark, Douglas Swanson, Yukichi Nishiyori, Irene Clark, John Willock, Kenneth Dowling, Ward Clark.  The Grade School pupils are: Ferguson Beall, Sandy Gorsuch, Russell Middling, Peter Pettersen, Yukio Fujioka, Charles Kimball, Hubart Lavan, Stanley Anderson, Harold Baugh, Wendell Matthews, Margaret Hoshi and Hilder Agren.

  • Calls for bids - Bids will be received by CG Soike, clerk of Center school District number 139, for the furnishing of 35 ricks of mill wood, delivery to be within 30 days after acceptance of bid.

  • Ellisport - Mrs. F.E. Newman, whose real “down South” meals have attracted many to her charming hotel, Vashonese Cottage, is having more cabins built to accommodate her guests.

  • Several Ellisport students and their children attended the center school picnic at Point Defiance on Saturday.  One of the features of the day that was greatly enjoyed by all was the delightful ride across the water on the fast and commodious steamer “Vashona:, The company donated the use of the boat to the children and the kindness and watchfulness of the captain and crew added much to the comfort of the day.

  • Notice - The Vashon Marketing Association will open its fruit receiving station Monday, May 28 in charge of C.L. Thompson.  Station phone Red 144.

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June 1928
June 1, 1928

  • Island’s anniversary observed - Memorial Day was celebrated at Ellisport by an all Island picnic to which the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce was invited.  The occasion proved so attractive that some one hundred and 50 of the West Seattle members and their families came over here in cars, and afoot.  The representation of the Island folks was all that could be desired.  Every available foot of parking space was covered.  The Vashon Boy Scouts gave valuable aid in directing the cars, and in another ways.

  • Boy Scouts home formally opened - The Vashon Boy Scout troop 495 are now enjoying their new home.  The formal opening was held on Monday evening when Scout Commissioner Ross of the Seattle Council was here.  Mr. Ross expressed his pleasure at being present brought greetings from the Seattle Council.  The new home consists of one large room, kitchen, workshop and office.  The assembly room 30 x 46' has a 9 foot granite fireplace with a 5 foot opening.

  • P Monroe Smock bids farewell - After eight years of ownership by the writer, the News Record passes this week into other hands.  During this time we have boosted hundreds of Vashon Maury Islanders in our columns but have refrained from printing one line that was a knock.  We have endeavored to keep the columns clean and wholesome, so that the paper might readily find welcome into every home. We have made the editorial page positive, and as a result have thereby aroused the political ire of some.  We have backed Frank Paul on every occasion and the many good roads he has built on the island justifies us in all we have said.  We have made mistakes - many of them - but in passing over the editorial quill we harbor no ill will toward any man, woman or child on the island. We still have many good, loyal, straight-forward friends, whose memory we shall cherish, and when crooked paths are made straight, and hard paths are made pleasant, the hope of the retiring editor and owner of this paper is that he may be found among the Vashon Maury Islanders, walking in such paths.  Wishing the greatest good fortune for the News Record and for every resident of the Island. Respectfully, P. Monroe Smock

  • Good roads meeting - On Saturday evening June 9 the meeting will be held at the telephone office to make recommendations as to the budgeting of funds for the coming years roadwork on Vashon Island.

  • Vashon Heights - Mr. Brosseau is making considerable improvements on his store.  He has a small lunch stand now and light lunches are served at any hour.

  • Civic progress - We're pleased to see that quite a number of Vashon citizens have already improved their premises by cleaning up their front yards and mowing the grass in the gutters.  Others have removed the obnoxious from conspicuous places and have improved things in general.  The new sidewalk, from the Bank north, is a great improvement, and the buildings which have received a new coat of paint show great credit.  One citizen removed his rubbish by wheelbarrow for over a half a mile to deposit it out of sight, deserves more than ordinary mention.  Others who have unsightly gutters would do well to imitate his example.  Let us all “spruce up,” for the stream of summer tourists is beginning to flow this way.

  • The postmasters of Vashon Island, eight of them, are planning to go as a group to attend the state convention of third and fourth class postmasters, to be held at Poulsbo June 8 and 9.  Vashon Island badges will be in evidence and the postmasters hope to return with reports of good behavior and a good time.

  • Three youths from around Vashon were brought before Judge Armbruster, having been charged and found guilty of petty stealing.  Two were fined $50 each and one was sent to the reformatory.

  • Burton Water Company has listed 24 new subscribers since last October, which will empel the company to buy water to supply the increasing demand.

  • Burton is growing.  A beach fire near the peninsula which near very nearly got beyond control and a burning mattress in one of the houses cause considerable excitement last Sunday.

  • A hot fire and a warmer argument between some undesirable people from Tacoma and some of the peninsula people resulted in one man's arrest and Mr. Allen receiving a very bad wound on his head.  A warning has been given that a recurrence of this kind will cause the arrest of all parties concerned.

  • Letter to the editor - Harmeling disagrees with P.M. Smock - The P-I of May 26 has inspector Smock saying "when the smoke of battle has cleared away, both caterpillars and flies are dead, and their kind will not be seen for seven years.  By what obscure process of esoteric entomology the antagonists will be reborn in 1935 he is unable to relate but declared it an established fact that the struggle takes place once every seven years."  With imagination, oratory and esoteries my friend Smock could make flies and caterpillars, or any other worms of the dust, enact any kind of world drama or hair-raising tragedy.  Well, brother Smock, the world is full of tragedies.  Don't create any more.  The tent and tussock caterpillars are always with us in greater or less numbers.  So are the Tachina flies.  There are three kinds or species of these flies on the Coast; the spiny, the robust and the tussock moth tachina fly, known in the book as Tachina mella.  The latter takes care of our tent caterpillars, and the battle is on all the time, with increasing casualties in the caterpillar camps, until the flies have inoculated nearly all the caterpillars.  Then the flies have only a few hosts left cannot propagate their species.  Some of the caterpillars and also of the flies remain.  Then the caterpillars because of their enormous prolificness increase rapidly while the flies increase more slowly, but steadily until they overcome the caterpillars.  If these parasitic flies were not with us the caterpillars would annually eat up every green thing.

  • Martin Tjomsland has the forms in and is pouring the concrete for the foundation for A.T. Bacchus’ new lumber shed.

  • The sidewalk from the bank corner to the News Record office was completed Saturday and it is surely a great improvement.

  • Water test made - This week TN Thompson superintendent of the Vashon Water District received a very favorable report on the condition of the water used.  The report showed greater purity than any previous report.

June 8, 1928

  • Clarshal strawberry originated on Island – “Are those big thrifty berries you have there Magoons?” I was asked.  “No they are the Clarshal that our own Mr. Kuentz developed from the Marshal and the Clark.”  These berries preserve as nice as a Clark but are the size of the Marshal and the rain that spoils the Marshal does not seem to hurt the Clarshal at all.  We surely owe Mr. Kuentz a big vote of thanks for giving us this Clarshal strawberry.  Rose Gorsuch.

  • Tim Clark to fill school board vacancy - This week Tim Clark was appointed to fill the vacancy on the board of District 176 caused by the resignation of P Monroe Smock who had a little less than a year left to serve.

  • Southern Heights - The berry season in this locality began last week, with gooseberry picking at the Krogh ranch.  By the latter part of the week Mr. Bachelor at the south end was shipping market berries to Tacoma and this week Mr. Pugh and Mr. Bittinger began shipping to the canneries.

  • F.M. Robertson to head U.H.S.  - This week the Union high school board received the signed contract of Frank Robertson of Zillah Washington as superintendent of the greater Vashon Island Union high school.   Mr. Roberts is a former Vashon Islander having received his early education here graduating with the first class from the Burton high school.

  • Work is progressing rapidly on the Bacchus lumber shed which Martin Tjomsland is building.

  • The England and Petersen warehouse building is rapidly nearing completion and will soon be ready for occupancy.

  • Fire of unknown origin destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Deppman last Saturday afternoon.  The house and contents were a total loss as the fire was not discovered until too late to save anything.

  • Vashon Island News Record - Published every Friday - Philip T Garber Managing Editor.

  • An island band - On May 30 Vashon Islanders had the pleasure of listening to the nucleus of what all public spirited citizens hope will be a real Vashon Island band, an organization that can be taken with us when Vashon island wishes to make a showing.  Mr. Penny deserves the cooperation of everyone in this undertaking and those that wish to “blow a horn” could fare worse than to “blow” in and for and with the Vashon Island band.

  • Club committee that has charge of the work leading to a Vashon Island fair is not getting the support that it is their due.  If you are public spirited and wish to boost the island in every way get busy so that the committee will have something with which to work.

  • Cove comments - Someone has been making a practice of dumping rubbish at the bend of the road on my property.  The last lot contained old kale stumps with result of bad smell.  This is not only a poor advertisement for the island for passing visitors, but it is also a unneighborly and must not be repeated. C.A. Nenouf.

June 15, 1928

  • The carpenters this week have finished work on the Bacchus lumber shed.

  • Beall Leghorns lead Puyallup contest - Again the Beall Leghorns are leading in the egg laying contest held at the Puyallup experiment station with a total of 1610 eggs.  The Riverbend pen of Sumner is second and the Hollywood pens of Woodinville are third.

  • Power company to hold demonstration - On Wednesday, June 20 the Puget Sound power and light company will hold a range and refrigerator demonstration at the Island club.  if you have a range or refrigerator or want one and are not yet decided as to the advantages gained, attend this demonstration and learn how to get the greatest good from these modern aids to housekeeping.

  • The England and Petersen lumber shed and office has been given a coat of paint and it will soon be ready to occupy.

  • Archie McKinnon is a visitor on Island - Thursday Vashon island voters were visited by Archie McKinnon, candidate for county commissioner in the south district to succeed Frank Paul.

  • C.D. Turner is the new wash man at the Vashon laundry.  He has taken the Nye cottage for the summer.

  • Mr. Inge who has been doing both the outside work and the washing at the Vashon laundry will spend his entire time on the outside gathering and delivering laundry.  The summer visitors on the island make this a real busy place.

  • Errate - Our story read as if we advised the destroying of the caterpillars which have the eggs of the tachina fly on their backs.  It should have read do not destroy them.  Today Edward brought me a handful with eggs on them and I gave him a good place in which to spin their cocoons.  Next year there will be more tachina flies to wage war on the pests.

  • Half year rate is not possible until August - Contrary to general opinion, half-year license rates for motor vehicles in this state do not become effective until August 1, the automobile club of Washington advises the driving public.  Many motorists erroneously believe that the half rate is permissible on July 1, the automobile club has found.

  • Statement of financial condition Vashonn Island Community Club - Total receipts from March 9 through June 11 $347.23 Paid out $347.23.

  • New construction - Mr. C.L. Garner, local agent of the Puget Sound power and light company this week made the announcement that the power distribution system and telephone lines in Vashon were to be rebuilt.  This will give the patrons better service and improve the looks of the system in the town.

June 22, 1928

  • J.T. Thompson Island pioneer - Wednesday of last week one of the oldest citizens and pioneers of Vashon Island passed to his last reward.  A man who has had much to do with the growth and upbuilding of Vashon Island.  In the death of James T Thompson a friend was lost.

  • The Burton water company is extending their main 1800 feet north of the Baptist assembly grounds to supply water to four more families.  They are H.L. Lee, C.W. Lee, W.K. Lee and F. Freinger, who many of you have heard over the radio.  Who says Burton is not growing.

  • New brick block for F.A. Weiss – F.A. Weiss has commenced of the construction of a new store building on his corner property across from the Vashon State Bank.  The building will be 50 x 75' and of brick construction throughout.  Modern show windows and fixtures will lend an attractive appearance and enable Mr. Weiss to display his stocks of groceries, dry goods and hardware to the best advantages.

  • L.C. Beall has had a crew of men cleaning and leveling the lot between the Cash & Carry and the Theater this week preparing for building operations.

  • Important development for island - A group of well-known Seattle and Vashon businessmen have decided, after investigating the Puget Sound region very carefully, and finally choosing our island as the field for their operations, to inaugurate a new industry here.  It is contemplated to acquire between 1000 and 1500 acres of land on Vashon Island, part of which has already been purchased, to subdivide this land into 5 acre lots and clear and plant the same to Montmorency cherries, with berry fillers.  A modern cannery will be provided to take care of the company’s and also other fruits.  The whole enterprise will be Co-operative, and will undoubtedly bring very many new settlers to the island, as in their sales campaign the company includes a very thorough advertising program for Vashon Island land, which should make Vashon Island known throughout the States and Canada and probably much further.  Such men as CM Dunn Motors, Seattle EA Hartley, realtor, promoter of the Medical Dental Building and well-known in civic politics in Seattle, A H Doncaster, ex-mayor of Raymond, E.H. Miller of Portage and H.O. Zwarg of Vashon are behind this project by Mr. John Roberts, of Roberts and Skeel, attorneys, Seattle, and who is personally much interested in Vashon Island, is in charge of the incorporation of the company.

  • Vashon Island makes progress - The urge of progress and expansion has reached Vashon Island.  Beach and farm property is selling at a fair price and new families are coming to the island.  At Burton the Burton Waterworks company is making improvements and extensions to its service.  At portage a new lodge has been open to be known as Watseka where summer visitors may stay.  In Vashon the sound of the hammer has been heard for the past month and will continue to be heard the greater part of the summer if present plans materialize.  The England & Petersen warehouse started the building then the Bacchus lumber shed and now work has commenced on a new brick store building for F A Weiss.

  • LC Beall sends chickens to Japan - Last week LC Beall made a shipment of 75 hens and 15 roosters to Nosawa and Company, Yokohama Japan on the Alabama Maur.   According to the tags on the crates the birds are valued at $2150.

  • Special movie Monday - On Monday evening the Vashon Business Men's Club is putting on a show at the Vashon theater to raise funds for the purchase of a chemical wagon for the Vashon fire department.

  • Fair idea given up - At the meeting of the directors of the Vashon Island commercial club last Tuesday evening it was decided to postpone the Vashon Island fair till another year on account of the lack of support

  • Sunday brought the usual big crowd of bathers and picnickers to Ellisport from the island and the cities.  In the afternoon the beach was a gay scene dotted with the bright suits of the bathers and parasols of the loungers.  Several small motorboats paid the Beach a call during the afternoon and the large crusiers, the Swallow, of Tacoma, and the Concordia of Seattle brought in merry crowds of young people to enjoy the warm weather that is found at Ellisport.

  • Center – At Mr. J.M. Silvey's place last week there were eight Filipino boys picking gooseberries and in one 8 hour day five of these boys each picked over 1000 pounds.  This is quite a record.  All the boys averaged five dollars a day during the picking.

  • Range and refrigerator demonstration success - On Wednesday afternoon of last week the Puget Sound power and light company put on a range and refrigerator demonstration at the Island club.  The demonstration was well attended and the ladies were very much pleased with the instructions received in the advantages to be obtained by the uses of the electric range and refrigerator.

  • Ed Mace of the Vashon Garage is showing one of the new Star cars.  If you haven't seen it put on your glasses and take a good look.

June 29, 1928

  • Lilly showed to be held Saturday - This Saturday, June 30 the Vashon Island Lilly association will hold its second annual Lily show at the Island club.   The Lilly association has been preparing for this affair since the close of last year’s show which was a revelation to the flower lovers of the island.  Many new classifications have been added this year and double the entries of last year are expected.

  • Ferry proves great success - With more than 100 guests aboard, the beautiful new automobile ferry-boat Bainbridge of the Kitsap County transportation company staged a trial trip Thursday that won the unqualified praise of technical experts and traveling public.  With her big Washington Estep diesel engine she maintained a speed of 11 knots without being opened up.  Leaving the yard of the Lake Washington ship Canal and past the locks in the Puget Sound where she headed for Port Blakely.  The weather was ideal, a golden sun making the trip a wonderful pleasure outing.  The new ferry tried out the company's Bainbridge Island ferry slips.   From the island she returned to Seattle, docking at the company's Marion Street slip where her arrival drew a large crowd.

  • High school site to be selected - After several months of preliminary work in organizing election of teachers and superintendent, the Union high school board at the meeting held in the Center schoolhouse Tuesday evening proposed to submit to the voters of Vashon Island the following site for their acceptance or rejection, option having been obtained on these tracks.  The Sterling 10 acres at $1450 and the Dixon Trail at $1500.  This property lies directly east of and adjoining the Christian Science church buildings and will give to the island a view property that is hard to surpass for school purposes.

  • Miss Natalie B Hall and her sister, Mrs. Chester R. Olsen are attending the W.O.W. convention at Oakland California, with their mother's cousin, Frank Tishenor, vice head council, and his family of Portland Oregon.

  • Vashon Business Men's Club Meets - Tuesday evening the Vashon and Professional Men's Club held their regular meeting at Garvin’s real estate office.  The bylaws and constitution were read and laid on the table for adoption at the next meeting to be held July 9.

  • Resolution adopted - The Vashon Business and Professional Men's Club wish to take this opportunity of thanking those who have helped so generously in making the show “Rubber” a success namely Mrs. McCrary, Mrs. Metzenberry and Mrs. Ganly,  H.L. Penny and his orchestra, Met-Cro Garage for obtaining the feature picture and especially to Mr. Burfield for the donation of the show house and furnishing the comedy and news reels.  W Charles Coutts, secretary

  • Mrs. H Anderson in auto accident - Tuesday morning the Ford touring car driven by Mrs. H Anderson left the road on the hill just above the Cove church and turned over, pinning her underneath.  Mrs. Anderson's arm was broken and she was otherwise bruised and shaken.  Her small son who was with her was thrown out but uninjured.

  • Union school site - Working with the best interests of the island in mind the union school board have chosen the superintendent for the ensuing year and now are preparing to submit to the vote of the people a site which in their judgment will fill the requirements of the district at a price that is reasonable and just.  In selecting a site for an island school, three things must be taken into consideration.  First: accessibility. Second: landscaping, playground and scenic possibilities.  Third: water.  When this matter comes up to be voted on probably the 28th of July, lay aside your personal advantages or disadvantages and “think” from the standpoint of what is good for the island.

  • Notice of special stockholders meeting - To the stockholders of Vashon State Bank of Vashon Washington you are hereby notified that a special meeting of the stockholders of the Vashon State Bank of Vashon Washington will be held in the banking room of the bank in Vashon on Tuesday, 7 August for the purpose of voting on an amendment to the articles of incorporation of said bank, increasing the capital stock from the present capital of $15,000 to $25,000, the proposed new capital.  T. Hanson, L.C. Beall Jr.,  A. Ray Smith, directors.

  • Notice this is just a little reminder to all Island folks not to use milk bottles as containers for oil.  The odor of oil is very lasting and it is almost impossible to rid a bottle of it, and when one bottle is unknowingly washed with others the one oil bottle will contaminate the others.  This causes a lot of extra work and worry to those who are trying to give the island the best possible service in delivering pure clean milk and I know you will all try and help by not using the bottle for oil.  Mrs. Lou Houghton.

  • Modern Woodman - During my absence for the balance of June and the month of July, W.D. Garvin has been authorized to receive dues for Vashon Camp, M.W. of A. -  Thomas Stevenson, Clerk.

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July 1928
July 6, 1928

  • Washington Co-Op organizes on Island - Last Thursday evening the Washington Co-operative Poultry Association formed a branch on Vashon Island with about 15 members to begin with.  Headquarters will be at the J.H. Rodda warehouse at Center.

  • Shawnee Road now opened - Chas Merry road boss on the island informs us that the beach road from Burton to Shawnee is now passable, although the road is very dusty from being worked.  This also gives a connection to the Tahlequah road and Tacoma ferry.

  • Car is wrecked boys are lucky - Fielder Beall, Lloyd Ward and Champ Nelson had a narrow escape Wednesday when they attended the Bremerton celebration.  When crossing an intersection a bus ran into them completely demolishing the front end of the Ford roadster in which they were riding.  Nelson was thrown through the windshield and received a cut over one eye that required a few stitches but the other two escaped with a few bruises.

  • Burton - A crew of county workmen are enlarging the wharf, which will be a great benefit to motors and pedestrians.

  • The handy man who grinds your scissors and sharpens the saws has rented the Coates building on the corner.

  • Three injured: Caps exploded - Hilmer Nelson, Ned Holmes and Donald Morgan were seriously injured Wednesday when dynamite caps with which they were celebrating on the beach near the Nelson home at Glen Acres exploded.  The boys faces arms and bodies were filled with the flying pieces of copper cap.  They were taken to Seattle hospitals where it is said that both Donald Morgan and Ned Holmes will probably lose the sight of one eye.  Hilmer escaped with body wounds principally and will soon be out again.  Friday morning Mr. Nelson informed us that the three boys were progressing as well as could be expected and that their injuries are not as serious as was first reported.

  • Noted lecturer to speak at Vashon - Hear J.G. Adams known as a most interesting speaker all over the States, on Sunday evening July 15 at the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr. Adams besides his other work has for 27 years averaged 276 lectures each year.  Hear him when he visits Vashon.  His subject will be “Prohibition does not prohibit.”  Some of us may not agree with him, but it will be interesting just at this time to hear what he has to say.

  • Work will be started at once on the remodeling of the Vashon Theatre and at the conclusion of this work “Old Ironsides” will be shown as the first feature.  Beginning at this time Mr. Burfield will inaugurate a three nights a week program, showing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with the Saturday matinee.

  • Power company makes extension - The Puget Sound Power and Light Company have extended their service to Sylvan Beach and are now at work on an extension to serve the people at Cedarhurst.  This added convenience will be much appreciated by those who make their homes at these popular beach retreats.

  • A D Urquhart started to lay the brick on the new F.A. Weiss store building Monday morning.

  • Highlights of the Lily show - The second annual flower show of the Vashon Island Lily association with its blossoms and fragrance have lapsed into sweet memories.  It was a glorious success and surpassed our fondest expectation and our highest hopes.  Harmony is the support and strength of all institutions and in that spirit the committee worked, supported by all the lovers of flowers and things beautiful on our beloved isle.

  • Premium winners at Lily show - On Saturday one of the first of flower displays ever shown on the island was staged by the Vashon Island Lily Association.  In another column we published a few lines of the highlights of the show as seen by S.J. Harmeling.

  • Burton - The Burton grammar PTA will hold a summer Round Up at Burton July 13.  The object of the Round Up is to examine the little children who enter school for the first time this fall to ensure for them the best physical condition for the start but for all school children the island have the privilege of this examination which is being conducted by the child welfare division of the State Board of Health.  We feel privileged in having the services of the Seattle child specialist who will be assisted by Dr. Grandy and two graduate nurses.

July 13, 1928

  • Carnival will be held August 18 - A real rip-roaring carnival will be sponsored by the Vashon Business Men's Club at the Island Club, on Saturday, August 18 to raise funds for a motor chemical truck for better fire protection on Vashon Maury Islands.  The show will open in the morning and in the afternoon a program of sports will be staged and prizes given.  A greased pole and pig will add to the fun.  Chuck-a-luck, rings, shooting gallery etc. hot dogs, ice cream, pop and lemonade stands will line the midway with fun for old and young.

  • Dr. James Linton to Iowa medical school - Dr. James R. Linton left Portage Washington Friday of last week to accept a professorship in Iowa State medical College, in the Department of psychology instruction. This after having graduated from the University of Washington and Harvard Medical, spending one year in New Haven Hospital and one in Boston psychological since graduating.  James and his younger brother Robert, who is now in the Massachusetts General Hospital specializing in surgery, are well-known on the island having taken like courses at the Burton high, their father being for long years practicing physician here.  James has just spent five weeks at the Johnson home where his services have been invaluable.

  • Diplomas given to 43 - As a beginning for the new Vashon Maury Union High school the Freshman class will have 43 members who were given eighth grade diplomas following the state examinations held in the different grade schools of the island. The complete list of graduates and the school they come from follows: District No. 176, Vashon: Paul Bradley, Helen Yoshimura, Tashia Feyioka, Elroy Brabender, Alfred Curtis, Margaret Edwards, Patricia Lavan, John Lincoln, Frank Matsumoto, Yurin Takai, Edward Thompson, Alice Olson, Isobel Urquhart, Margaret Petersen, Luella Pruit, Mary Jane Pruit.  District No. 84, Lisabeula: June Beaumont, June Brink.  District No. 102, Cove: Ella Johanson, Aasta Johnson, Ruth Molvie, Norma Petersen, Barton Edwards.  District No. 79, Dockton: Ervin Duley.  District No. 137, Burton: Winston Smith, Elton Stone, Tadishi Tanimura, Robert Thompson, Junior Shallenberg, Loa Simundson, Arthur Hofmeister, Dick Brammer, Hanaka Abo, Howard Mattson, Peggy Bentley, Astrid Nystedt.  District No. 139, Center: Marcella Le Mieux, Richard Lawrence, Vivian Tucker, James Pettelle, Harriet Fuller, Kenneth Bitle, Virginia Jeffers.

  • School Election Saturday, August 28 - Saturday, August 28 the Union School board will submit the Dixon and Sterling tracks to the people of the Islands as a site for the new Vashon-Maury Union High school building. This site is centrally located, easy access from all parts of the islands and will permit of the least amount in carrying the pupils on bus routes. One of the finest views on the island will also be assured and the 20 acres will be adequate for its purpose for years to come.

  • At this time a special levy will also be requested, approximately 2 1/8 mills for the purchase of the site submitted, if chosen, and 7 7/8 mills to be put into the general school fund to be used to save warrant interest which would amount to quite is sum unless this cash reserve is created. Also this may be for preliminary work in the building program. This levy is called for on account of the fact that the Union High school election voided the previous levies for high school purposes.  The election will be held in each district school house and the polls will open from 1 to 7 PM.

  • Old settler’s picnic IOOF Hall August 28 - Saturday, August 28 the annual old settler’s picnic will be held at the IOOF Hall Center. A basket dinner and all the old time fun with speeches and reminiscences. Don't forget the date.

  • Cherry trees by the thousands - On another page we are publishing the prospectus of the Pacific Cherry Growers Incorporated, a company capitalized for $50,000 and organized with the purpose of setting out to Montmoreney cherry trees at least 1000 acres of Vashon Island land, 700 acres of which has already been acquired or options taken.  This property will be set to Montmoreney cherry trees with gooseberry and current bushes set between the tree rows to provide for immediate income. As approximately 108 trees are required to the acre, this will give an initial setting of more than 75,000 trees, which work will be in charge of Elmer Harmeling, well-known Island orchardist.  A cannery is to be provided to care for the production of this acreage and also other fruits of the island. The property will be cut into 5 acre tracks and sold on the payment down and the balance in 10 years plan which will give an opportunity to the small investor or farmer. The operating trustees of the company are C.H. Dunn, President of Dunn Motors, Seattle, and E.H. Miller and H.O. Zwarg of Vashon island.  H.O. Zwarg has charge of the publicity and stock campaign which will be carried out in eastern markets as well as at home.

July 20, 1928

  • Island boy wins trip to beach - Forest Bitle of Center won a voting contest conducted by the Federal Baking Company of Tacoma which is represented on the island by Warren Odion and K.M.O. Tacoma.  He distanced his nearest competitor by 17,000 votes and for his industry in gathering his support was awarded eight week’s trip to Pacific beach with all-expenses-paid.

  • Takasawa visits L.C. Beall Farm – H. Takasawa, assistant minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Japanese government, spent Saturday at the L.C. Beall poultry farm inspecting the thoroughbred white leghorns and gathering data for use on his return home. It was only a few weeks ago that Mr. Beall made a large shipment of thoroughbred hens and cockerels to the Japanese government.  Mr. Beall is also showing a silver loving cup won by a hen from the pen of 10 entered in a contest in Atlanta Georgia. This cup is known as the Atlanta Journal trophy and is awarded to the hen producing the highest winter lay.

  • Puget Sound company improve service – C.L. Garner, local manager for the Puget Sound Power and Light Company has a crew of men rebuilding the electric light and telephone service lines in Vashon. They are setting 50 foot poles and will install a three wire distribution service for light and power.  While this work is in progress the power will be shut off from 4 to 6 AM.  This will give to this district a much better service and it should be much appreciated.

  • Mrs. Fred Rea of California is visiting friends on the island this week.  Thursday she and Mrs. Kenneth Van House spent with Mrs. W.D. Clark.  Mrs. Rea was Miss Alice Brown of Burton and her parents had a store and bakery some years ago where the Burton post office now stands.

  • Work is progressing rapidly on the F.A. Weiss store building an A.D. Urquhart will soon have the walls ready for the second story floor joist.

  • Road meeting to be held July 25 - A special meeting of the Vashon Island commercial club will be held in the Island club rooms Vashon, on the evening of the 25th, at the request of the County commissioners to determine the will, and pleasure, of the people of Vashon Maury Island in regard to the acceptance of road budget. This budget was made up by the road committee of the Commercial Club and submitted to the County commissioners, so this will be a special Vashon Island Good Road Meeting. Everyone that is interested in improving our roads or in establishing new roads is requested to attend this meeting.

  • Carnival fun for August 18 - The Vashon Maury Island Carnival on Saturday, August 18 gives promise of being one of the most entertaining affairs staged for several years. The purpose of the carnival is to raise funds for the purchase of a motorized chemical wagon to be used for general fire protection at the call of island residents.

  • Southern Heights - Mrs. Diemer's recovery is a testimonial to Vashon Island air, also it's pure fresh milk, butter and eggs, it's vegetables and fruit fresh from the gardens, and most of all its heavenly peace and beauty. When she came here she had barely strength to stand after two attacks of flu, and now she can get about quite like her old self. She lunched with Ms. Smith last Friday, and spent Monday with Mrs. Jenkins.  Some come back for an old lady.

  • Last Sunday Ellisport entertained the biggest crowd of the season. Many people who counted the crowd on the beach and at the tables in the park said there were nearly 500 people here at one time. All day long cars kept arriving to augment the large crowd of bathers and the luncheon tables in the park were full most of the day. One of the things that makes people feel at home at Ellisport and attracts many is the fact that they never see a “No parking” sign or “keep off the grass.”  Everything it Ellisport is free, the public is welcome to come and enjoy and see the beauties of the beach and groves without feeling they are trespassing on another's property. People who own the park and beach at Ellisport are glad for others to enjoy with them the lovely surroundings.

  • A correction - Editor News Record - in your issue of last week only one half of the names of the graduates from Columbia school were published. The following is a complete and correct list: Norma Petersen, Billy Collingwood, Aasta Johnson, Ruth Molvie, Barton Edwards, June Crosier, Esther Petersen, Orval Rose, Fred Sundberg and Ella Johanson.  - R.E. Stafford

  • Burton - While hurriedly descending the stairs to answer a phone call one day last week, Mrs. E. Corliss fell breaking her right arm above the elbow. The accident happened in Olympia at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Josephine Corliss Preston, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Mrs. Preston was in the east at the time so Mrs. Corliss was brought to Burton to be at the home of her other daughter Mrs. Phelps, at Newport. The doctors report her doing remarkably well considering her age and the bad break she sustained.

  • An appeal - While we are aware that fruit on Vashon Island is scarce and that many of our friends are busy we feel that an appeal coming from such a source and in such a cause will bring a response from many for such fruits as we may be able to secure.  Mrs. Covey reports that she has a quantity of tomatoes which may be used for this purpose if there are those who will be able to can them. Will those who are able to respond to this appeal get in touch with Mrs. Covey for tomatoes, with Mrs. Jenkins of Southern Heights, Mrs. Jenkins of Lisabeula, Mrs.  Armstrong of Vashon or Miss Dysart of Vashon Heights.

  • Letter to Miss Mary Dysart Vashon Washington - Dear Mr. Dysart: I am sending out an appeal to out-of-town friends for canned fruits.  Our shelves are entirely empty and we have 120 children in the hospital who need the fruits and we cannot afford to buy much fresh fruit. The dietitian reports that 16 quarts are required for one meal so you can see how many thousands we are going to need this winter, for the children often have it twice a day. Another thing that we use a great deal of is grape juice so if anyone is putting up grape juice maybe they will put up a little extra for the hospital.  The cleft palate cases (and we have many) have nothing but orange juice and grape juice for five days after an operation which makes them rather expensive patients to feed.  It is a little early to be asking for the canned fruit but we need it so badly and will be glad to get most any kind.  We have some jelly and jam which will last until fall I think, but no fruit at all.  We have a great many empty jars if anyone wants to fill for us.  Thank you for your kind interest and hoping that you may be able to help us, I am very sincerely yours, Olive Kerry, treasurer.

  • Bids wanted - Bids will be received until August 1 for the furnishing of 60 ricks of first growth Fir wood to be delivered to the Columbia school on or before September 1.  C. Aug. Peterson, clerk, district 102 Cove, Washington

July 27, 1928

  • Road meeting is held Wednesday - The Vashon Island Commercial Club held a special road meeting at the Island club house on Wednesday evening.  The meeting was open by Pres. Miller who read a resolution which had been presented to the County commissioners asking for an appropriation in the next budget for funds to aid in the purchase of fire equipment for the general protection of the island.  He also read a resolution adopted by the South End Clubs endorsing this procedure.  The meeting was then turned over to C.L. Garner, chairman of the roads committee who presented the proposed budget for next year, which after some discussion was unanimously adopted.  Mr. Conley, who with several other families, own property at the north end which at the present time has no road outlet, gave an interesting presentation of their case and stated that if the county would spend some money to start the road they would match it dollar for dollar at least.  The Ellisport hill road came in for its share of discussion and the views of the Ellisport Women's Club were presented by Mrs. Lesh.

  • At the beaches – Keplo Beach is a popular place this warm weather and Mr. Kepler tells us that his cabins are full and that he wishes he had more cabins to rent.  At Ellisport Mrs. Pyle reports a full house with cabins full also.  Among these guests were six from Vancouver British Columbia.  Other resorts on the island were as well patronized and the real resort season has commenced.

  • C.H. Harmony, superintendent of construction in the Central District for the Puget Sound Power and Light Company was an island visitor Wednesday.  While here he inspected the work being done on the highline in Vashon and recent extensions of service and other parts of the island.

  • The warm weather is bringing people to the island to enjoy the wonderful beaches.  Ellisport was crowded Sunday with visitors from the city and local residents.  Newport, Portage, Burton and Keplo Beach and the Heights also have their quota of visitors and at every sandbar and bench around the island picnic parties could be found.

  • The brick work for the first story of the new F.A. Weiss store will soon be completed and the carpenters are waiting to begin their work.

  • Carnival plans receive support - The Vashon Maury Island Carnival to be staged at the Island club house August 18, is receiving the support and cooperation from the island people that the cause for which it is staged deserves - a chemical wagon, for fire protection.  The general committee has arranged for the electric range, electric percolator and electric waffle iron that are to be given away.  Last week we announced the committees that would have charge of the various features.  A merry-go-round is also to be secured for the kids if possible.  Don't forget the day or the place.  Make it one grand holiday for Vashon Maury Islands.

  • Lisabeula - Monday morning a little boy fell off the wharf and had a narrow escape with drowning.  His father rescued him, holding him to a piling until a boat arrived.  A mighty chilly bath for both but they seem to have suffered no ill effects.  However such things sort of take the joy out of vacationing.

  • Notice - Vashon Water District announces sprinkling hours to be observed from 7 to 9 PM.  One sprinkler only in use at one time until further notice.  T.N. Thompson, superintendent.

  • Opportunity - Your opportunity to aid in the advancement of Vashon Island will arrive Saturday when the Union high school board presents for the voters approval the 20 acre site for a new high school building.  At this time they will also ask for a levy to be used for general school purposes, work on the new site if accepted etc.  Be public spirited and help carry on the good work started when the Vashon Maury Union High School District was voted.

  • Notice - Dogs are killing chickens.  If your dog is worth anything to you keep your dog at home.  - Peter Clausen.

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August 1928
August 3, 1928

  • Work on Orchard project to begin - We are informed that the contract has been let for the logging off of 160 acres near the Goodwill farm which was recently purchased by C.M. Dunn, President of the Co-operative Cherry Growers from L.C. Beall, Jr. and transferred to his company.  Mr. John Collier has been awarded the contract and will take all the wood off this land.  The wood will be cut into four lengths and peeled and ship to a pulp plant near Edmonds where will be made into fabrieboard.  The company has also acquired 120 acres of land from the Ellisport Orchard Company, located about a mile northwest of Burton and it is negotiating contracts to have this land cleared immediately.  This land will all be planted to Montmorency cherries with Perfection currents as fillers, and the contract to plant the entire acreage has been let to Mr. Elmer Harmeling who states that this track is one of the best pieces of land for this purpose on the whole Island.

  • Power company installs many new ranges - The past month has been a busy one for the power company as they have installed 12 new ranges recently placed by F.H. Ranch their appliance salesman.  They have also made a line extension to serve Mr. Bain and Mr. Krogh who live east of Center.

  • W.B. Brinton visits Island - Thursday we received a pleasant call from Mr. W.B. Brinton, candidate for County Commissioner to succeed Frank Paul, who was on the islands in the interest of his candidacy.  Mr. Brinton has many friends on Vashon Maury Islands and his pleasing personality will win him many supporters.  He was accompanied by P.M. Armbruster of Burton.

  • Judge Armbruster, who is chairman of the committee on better police patrol for the Island, reports that sheriff Bannick has assured him that his budget now provides for a full paid Deputy Sheriff on Vashon Island, and that he would make the appointment before he goes out of office.  He also reports that the executive committee of the Commercial Club has endorsed the macadamizing of the road from Burton High School to the dock.

  • Carnival plans well underway - This week the plans for the Vashon Maury Carnival to be held at the Island club Saturday, August 18, were finished and the committee promises one of the best entertainments ever given on the Island.  A merry-go-round has been secured for a feature attraction, foot races, greased pig, greased pole, tug-of-war and other sports, dancing in the evening in the hall and on the street.  Country store, wheels of fortune etc. will provide amusement.  There will be a demonstration of chemical fire protection apparatus.  The committee have also offered a blanket as a prize to the one who sells the greatest number of tickets for the range, percolator and waffle iron.

  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Zimmerman took their berry pickers, Isabelle Urquhart, Lois Clark and Margaret Edwards, for a weekend trip to the beach Saturday of last week.  This trip is an annual affair given by the Zimmermans to their crew of helpers, during the berry season.

  • Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Armbruster of Burton were Olympia visitors Wednesday.  While there Mr. Armbruster held a conference with Gov. Hartley, relative to road matters on the island.

  • Baptist assembly is now in session - The Western Washington Baptist Summer Assembly is now in session at Assembly Point, Burton having opened July 30 and will continue to August 10.

  • Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Saxon have rented the apartments over the Fox River warehouse from T.N. Thompson.

  • This week several men are at work re-shingling the Presbyterian Church.

  • Water ban lifted - The commissioners of Water District No. 19 wish to thank the patrons for their co-operation in saving water during the late hot spell and hope there will be no further necessity to restrict the use of water for lawns, so until further notice there are no restrictions on sprinkling.

  • A brush fire near Spring Beach gave the men of the neighborhood a hard fight for 10 days, but is now under control.

  • Services at the “Home” - There are services at the Goodwill Convalescent Home each Sunday afternoon, conducted by various ministers who reside on the Island.  Neighbors or others who may be interested, are most welcome.  3 o'clock is the hour.  Young and elderly people there like good singing.  Will you not come and use your God-given voice for “the King?”  Come and see the cheerful faces of those who are there.  It will you do you as well as them, much good.

  • Annual picnic of Island Pioneers - The Vashon Pioneer Society held its annual picnic and business meeting in the Odd Fellows’ Hall at Center, July 28th.  There were some 40 members present in the real old-timers renewed their youth by swapping stories among themselves and mingling with the younger generations.  A very enjoyable picnic lunch was spread, climaxed by a pie-eating contest between Hi Fuller and Frank Kingsbury, which was declared a draw and will be fought to the finish at the next meeting.  At the business meeting Francis Sherman and Mrs. M.L. Hanson were re-elected president and vice president, respectively. and O.S. Van Olinda was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

  • Site selected for Union High School - A special school election held Saturday afternoon for the purpose of voting on a site for the new Union High School brought out a very light vote.  The site as offered by the board was accepted by a vote of 294 for and 36 against.  This proposition also carried with it a special levy of 2 1/8 mills for the purchase of the site.  This site of 20 acres located at the crest of the hill east of the telephone office overlooks the Sound and is accessible from all parts of the island.  A special levy of 7 7/8 mills was also voted for general school purposes.

  • Notice - The publicity committee of the Commercial Club kindly reminds tourists and other motorists that we have traffic laws on the island and would be pleased if they would observe the traffic regulations of 25 miles an hour through the villages.  - Publicity Committee.

  • Progress - Another milestone in the advancement of Vashon Maury Islands was passed last Saturday when the people of the Islands chose a site for the new Union High School.  A vote of 294 for and 36 against was recorded in favor of the proposition, showing conclusively the trend of opinion in school matters.  Our next problem will beat to devise means for building an edifice that will care for the needs of the islands for many years to come - a modern and well equipped building that will be a credit to the community and one that will provide accommodations for a school that will bring people to the islands.

August 10, 1928

  • Fire protection for Vashon-Maury - On Saturday, August 18 the Vashon Business Men's Club is sponsoring a carnival at the Island Club, Vashon, to raise funds with which to purchase a chemical truck for better fire protection on Vashon Maury Islands.  A demonstration of chemical fire apparatus will be staged as one of the attractions which will give first hand knowledge of the proper use of hand chemical firefighting and home protection chemical extinguishers.

  • Southern Heights - The fire at the south end broke out again under a strong wind and gave the men a worse fight than before.

  • Old-timer visits Island friends - Thursday this office received a call from John Hodgins a former resident of Vashon Island.  The older residents will remember him as the captain of the Estella which plied between Quartermaster Harbor and Tacoma.  He left the Island in 1895 and this is his first visit since that time.  He has lived at Walla Walla for several years past.

  • Notice - Hours for sprinkling 6 AM to 8 AM and 7 PM to 9 PM until further notice. T.N. Thompson, Superintendent.

  • Veteran victim of traffic accident - Residents of Vashon Island were shocked to learn of the death of Arnold Moe Friday, August 3.  His death was the result of a collision with a Ford while riding a motorcycle on Monday of last week.

  • The building containing the drug store and butcher shop have had a new coat of paint which adds very much to its appearance.

  • Tacoma Business Girls’ at Watseka Lodge - Tuesday evening seven yachts from Tacoma arrived at Watseka Lodge at Portage carrying one hundred and 85 members of the Tacoma Business Girls’ Club.  Dinner was served by Mrs. Richards, the hostess of the Lodge.

  • Smith boy meets accidental death - A sad accident occurred on Saturday which caused the death of Hammie Smith of Burton.  Hammie, who was very fond of horses asked for and was given permission to ride on a load of wood.  When nearly home he had the misfortune to fall, striking his head, which caused concussion of the brain and did not regain consciousness before dying two hours later.  Earl Hamilton Smith was born May 22, 1920.

  • Dockton - Arthur Anderson injured his head while cranking his car and had to have several stitches taken.

  • Island to receive aid from Hartley - We are informed by P.M. Armbruster that in his recent conference with Gov. Hartley in regard to road problems on the island, that the Governor promised to use all his influence to obtain more state aid for Island roads.  In short obtain all license and gas tax for Island use.

  • Lisabeula - The cottages at the beach are nearly filled with happy folk these days.  Fishing was exceptionally good last week and ought to be good again the last of this week and next.  Some fair salmon have been caught.

  • Vashon to have modern theater - This week the carpenters commenced the work of remodeling the Vashon theater into what will be one of the most modern and up-to-date theaters in King County outside of the city of Seattle.  A new front will be added which will give space for restrooms, lobby and office on the ground floor and the projection room and seating capacity of approximately 75 patrons in the balcony.  When this is finished the screen will be moved back to the end of the present building and this will allow for the seating of another 50 to 75 people and making the seating capacity of the home about 350.

  • T.J. Steffensen returns from eastern trip - Monday morning T.J. Steffensen of the Island Electric Shop was greeting friends and customers having returned from a month’s trip to Moline, Illinois to visit with his brother.  The rush of business that the summer building campaign on the Island has brought to the electric shop will keep Tom busy “traveling” at home instead of in foreign regions.

  • T.B. Allison announces the sale of a Chevrolet truck to Worley Zimmerman, a two-door sedan to I.M. Rushton and a Pontiac sport Landau sedan to Morris Dunsford.

  • A.J. Marsh, genial proprietor of the “Store by the Sea” at Cove visited the Merchants Exposition in Seattle Tuesday.

  • D.P. Slater of Portland, Oregon was an Island visitor Thursday.  It will be remembered that Mr. Slater put in the Vashon water system.  He is now figuring on a system for the residence of Colvas.

August 17, 1928

  • Unit plan to be used in Union high school - At a meeting of the directors of the Vashon Maury Union High School District Saturday night, it was decided to adopt the “Unit plan” for the operation of the high school.  In accordance with the generally accepted idea that Vashon Island is one community with common problems and purposes, the Board believes it to be its duty to adopt a plan that will unify educational work on the Island and do away with sectional rivalry in all its undesirable phases.  This, they feel, the unit plan is well-designed to do.  Under the plan the first two years of high school work will be offered at the Burton plant while the work of the third and fourth years will be given at the Vashon building.  It was found in thus arranging the work that the teaching staff could be reduced one teacher and at the same time additional subjects could be added to the curriculum.  Provision is being made to hold “make up” classes at the Vashon building for students who are “irregular” in the registration.  Among the new subjects which will be offered are general science, economics, advanced algebra, solid geometry and public speaking.  The “Unit plan” will not only afford the district a saving and serve to unify the high school work of the island but it will offer other advantages.  The larger classes will be taught in “sections.”  Sectioning of classes reduces the time required of teachers for preparation.  It also affords a greater opportunity for pupils to avoid “conflicts.”  Furthermore an opportunity is afforded for grouping pupils in accordance with individual differences.  These are some of the factors which have led state and county officials who have given the local situation there serious attention, to endorse the “Unit plan.”  Minor objections no doubt will be raised by individuals whose personal conveniences is disturbed by the change but almost universal approval is being extended by patrons who have been consulted in the matter.  The transportation committee has evolved a plan which will meet the demands of the new situation.

  • High school teachers - All positions on the Union High School staff, with the exception of one, have now been filled.

  • Have you registered? - Have you registered since January 1, 1928?  If not, you cannot vote at the coming primary elections, September 11.  The last day for registration is Tuesday, August 21.  Your vote will be of value to Vashon Island.  Register!  In the Vashon precinct today, Thursday, 202 have registered out of a possible 230 that have that privilege according to registration officer W.D. Garvin.   Let us make Vashon Precinct 100% on the registration books and when the time comes to vote see that everyone entitled to vote does so.  Other precincts on the Island are also showing an interest in the coming election by the registration, but in the next few days until Tuesday, August 11, every effort should be made to have everyone register.

  • Zene Whittemore out for road job - Zene Whittemore is out canvassing the Island for support for the job of Road Supervisor for Vashon Maury Island.  The candidates for commissioner have promised that the people of the Island shall have the choice of the road boss.  To aid in this selection a ballot will be printed with the names of the candidates that are out for the place for use at the primaries.  We will publish the names as they are brought to us.

  • A new feed - This week Mr. Comstock brought to this office a sample of Proso, a Russian grain that is a very prolific.  The plant resembles the broom corn but the grain is much larger.  He will have a sample of the grain on display at the carnival.

  • T. Hansen enters legislative race - I hereby respectfully announced to the people of Vashon Maury Island my candidacy in the Republican Primary for Representative from the 40th district.  I have for sometime been considering the step and wish to do something that would bring greater advancement and improvement to our island.  With a population of from 5000 to 6000 people the growth of Vashon Maury Island depends greatly upon keeping pace with other like communities.  Therefore we should be represented at Olympia at least part of the time.

  • W.B. Brinton is endorsed - On Thursday of last week a meeting was held in the Island Club House of representatives citizens from all parts of the Island.  A Brinton for Commissioner Club was formed and committees appointed to aid in the furthering of his candidacy.

  • Southern Heights - A fire started in the woods of Harbor Heights Sunday morning, and driven by strong east wind, went roaring up the hill.   Sunday is a mean day to have to fight fire, and windy Sunday at that.  If only cigarette users would kindly drop their stubs and step on them instead of tossing them into dry brush, how much easier life would be.

  • In spite of all the caterpiller enemies that we have been reading much interesting articles about, and in spite of the warfare we humans waged upon them this spring, enough able-bodied moths have come out of the cocoons to lay a frightful number of eggs.  I myself peeled over a dozen egg masses from one small peach tree the other afternoon.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to offer prizes to the school children for collecting the eggs?  It has been done with great success at other times and in other places.  Say a prize to the boy and one to the girl in each school, or room, who brings in the most.  Perhaps a little gift for any child bringing in a certain number.  What do you think?

  • A straw vote - In order to create a greater interest in the coming election and to obtain some idea concerning the sentiment on Vashon Maury Islands, the News Record will put on a straw ballot at the carnival this Saturday.  Votes will be taken for Pres., Gov. and county commissioner.  If our publication day came oftener we would have printed our ballot in the paper and asked you to mail it in but on Saturday you may vote from 1:30 until 7:30 p.m. and then the votes will be counted and the results announced.  Attend the carnival and express your preference for a candidate in the News Record straw ballot.

  • L.C. Beall is building a new chicken house, to house 800 hens.

  • Editorial -100 Per Cent - This week it gives us pleasure to announce the candidacy of Mr. T. Hansen for State Representative from this district.  It should be the desire of every true Vashon Maury Islander that the Islands have the representation in the law making body of our state.  The time is here to assert ourselves and procure what is our right.  We need legislation to secure for the Island the aid to which it is entitled for the building of roads.  A representative in the legislature will do much toward the obtaining of our desires.  A 100% vote for Mr. Hansen should be the answer of the voters of Vashon Maury islands to his request for his support.

  • The regular summer gathering of the members of the I.O.G.T. organization brought to Ellisport last week a large crowd of young people and their leaders in this work.  The I.O.G.T. Lodge has met at Ellisport for many years and own a temple here.  It is arranged as a large hall but also has arrangements for cooking and sleeping so the members are well taken care of on their own grounds.  Among other well-known members of the Lodge present at this session was Mr. George Cotterill, head of the Port Commission of Seattle.

  • Next Sunday the 19th, will see a large gathering of members of the Woodmen of the World Order of Tacoma, who will be entertained by the Island Order.  About 300 members and their families are expected to enjoy a big clam bake on the Point and games and other amusements in the Park.  This is going to be one of the biggest days of the summer at Ellisport.

  • Last Sunday evening Alfred Field was almost drowned when he fell off of the dock at the north end.  He was rescued by his brother, Emil, and Vernie Madison.

August 24, 1928

  • Vashon State Bank stock is increased - At a meeting of the stockholders and directors of the Vashon State Bank on Tuesday of this week it was voted to increase the capital stock from $15,000 to $25,000.  The bank opened for business in the building now occupied by the Vashon Garage.  At the close of business for the first day the deposits totaled $2,248.  At the present time this has been increased to more than $300,000.  The present bank building was constructed in 1912 and the institution was able to move into the new quarters in the fall of that year.

  • Hoover, Hartley, Brinton lead Straw Vote - The result of the News Record straw vote held at the Vashon Maury Island Carnival at the Island club last Saturday gave Hoover, Hartley and Brinton the preference.

  • Island for Hansen Club - An Island for Hansen Club should be formed at once to aid in the election of our candidate for the State legislature in the 40th District.  Mr. Hanson's candidacy is meeting with favor on the mainland and with the united support of the Islands assured to him, we should have representation in the legislature.  Having lived on the island for 21 years Mr. Hansen knows our needs better than anyone else.  Your support for him is for the best interests of the Island.

  • Scouting - The Silver Fox Patrol of Burton Troop 35, held their first meeting since vacation started on Tuesday, August 21.  The evening was spent in reviewing scouting fundamentals and in organizing for the coming year.  The Silver Fox Patrol and possibly the rest of the troops will meet next Tuesday.

  • Island Carnival financial success - The Vashon Maury Island Carnival last Saturday was a financial success and the Vashon Business Men's Club which sponsored the affair are to be congratulated upon their efforts.  The general committee reports that it has a balance of $711 after paying all bills with which to start the fund for the purchase of chemical fire fighting equipment for the Islands.  The carnival was attended by about 1500 people and the many attractions were well attended.  At 10 o'clock the drawing was held for the electric range, electric percolator and electric waffle iron.  Number 4493 was drawn for the range.  Number 4980 for the percolator and Number 3707 for the waffle iron.  Isaac Norstrand appeared to claim the waffle iron, but the range and percolator are still waiting for a claimant.

  • Brinton to speak here August 30 - On Wednesday evening of this week arrangements were completed by the general committee of the Vashon Island Brinton for Commissioner Club to hold a Brinton meeting at the Island Club, Vashon on Friday evening August 31.  All those who wish to hear Mr. Brinton's view on the conduct of the Commissioner’s office of King County and his attitude in connection with the future of Vashon Island are cordially invited to attend this meeting.

  • Mrs. Renouf wins prize -  Mrs. L. Renouf of Vashon is the winner of the Combination Hot Cake and Waffle Iron offered by the Dorothy Neighbors Department of the Times in cooperation with the Majestic Electric Appliance Company, Incorporated, contest for the best hot cake and waffle recipe submitted during the month ending August 16.

  • R.S. Hearst announces his candidacy - Through the columns of your paper I wish to announce myself as a candidate for road supervisor of Vashon Maury Island.  I have resided permanently on Vashon Island for the past 25 years.  20 years of this time I have been a taxpayer and lived on my place near Center.  I belong to the laboring class and I've always believed in a fair day’s work and a fair day’s pay.  “Be fair and shoot square.”

  • A tribute to John S Markham - More about Markham - Our own peaceful island, where so many of them made their last homes, can now boast of but a very few.  Personally known to the writer there are but three, the subject of this sketch, John S. Markham of Vashon, a pioneer of Vashon Island, one of its most esteemed, and by reason of his great age and past services, one of its most distinguished residents, who will begin the 95th year of his long life on the 26th day of the present month.

  • James Bachelor for Road Supervisor - James Bachelor who resides at the south end of the Island has announced that he is out for the job of road supervisor for Vashon Maury Islands.  Mr. Bachelor has had 20 years of experience in road and bridge building for the Chicago Northwestern Railway Company.  Island residents will recall that Mr. Bachelor is no stranger when they remember that he built both the Vashon and Burton High buildings.

  • Dockton - Capt. L. Plancich was in with the boat “Star of Heaven” a few days last week.

  • Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Brinton attend Island Carnival - Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Brinton of West Seattle attended the Carnival at the Island Club Saturday.  Mr. Brinton as a candidate for county commissioner from this District was campaigning among the people of the Island and expressed himself as well pleased with the support he was receiving.


August 31, 1928

  • Ferry schedule change September 17 - The matter of the winter ferry schedule has been taken up by the Commercial Club and the following is the Kitsap company’s reply:  to Mr. R.W.F. Martin, secretary, Vashon Island Commercial Club Dear Sir: In reply to yours of the 23rd regarding ferry service to the Island this winter, the following schedule will be maintained this winter, effective September 17.  Respectfully yours, Kitsap County Transportation Company, J.L. Anderson, Pres.

  • Island registration greater than before - Interest in the coming election has stirred up the registration on the islands until we now can boast of 1165 registered voters.  Registration by precincts is as follows: Vashon 228 Dolphin 85 Cove 149 Maury 112 Dockton 95 Quartermaster 175 Island 38 Burton 202 Lisabeula 81.

  • Burton - Dr. and Mrs. Grandy will occupy the Leather’s place recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Greene.  Dr. Grandy will have his office in the building owned by Mrs. Hunt where the Mosby’s, who are leaving for Tacoma, have conducted a Café.

  • Brinton, Hansen and Claypoole will speak here this evening - This Friday evening the Brinton for Commissioner Club is sponsoring a meeting at the Island Club, Vashon, where all interested in the Commissioners race may see and hear Col. Wilmer B. Brinton, candidate for commissioner in the South District.  Mr. T Hansen the islands own candidate for representative in the 40th district will also express to you his reasons for believing that Vashon Maury Island is entitled to a representative in the legislature.  Mr. Charles Claypoole, known to all as a resident of the island and who is a candidate for Judge in the Superior Court position number three will also speak.

  • Goodwill staff to visit the island - About 50 employees of Goodwill industries, representing the leaders in various departments will come to Beulah Park next Sunday for a two day conference and retreat.

  • Dr. Cleveland Kleihauer to speak on the island - Dr. Cleveland Kleihauer, Pastor of the University Christian church and President of the Goodwill Industries, will be on the island Monday, September 3 and will speak at Beulah Park at Cove at 1 o'clock on the topic “The challenge of a new day.”

  • Hadley visits Island -  Congressman L.H. Hadley was on the island Thursday meeting old friends and new ones.  He is campaigning in the interests of his re-election.  He was accompanied to the Island by Ira O. Case, of Magnolia, deputy State food inspector.

  • McKinnon-Hansen Club - We have been informed that a McKinnon-Hansen Club was formed at Portage last Saturday evening.  About 20 were present to start the ball rolling.

  • John A. Soule is Island visitor - John A. Soule, State Representative, who is running for re-election was on the island Thursday meeting old friends and new ones.  He has been a resident of Kent for 38 years and is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Julian Soule.  He is a member of the Judiciary in favor of securing for the island the money paid into the state highway fund by Island residents for use on the roads of the island.

  • Merry for Road Supervisor - I wish to announce that I will be a candidate for re-election for Road Supervisor on Vashon Maury Island.  If my work in the past six years has been satisfactory to you, I will appreciate your support and do my best to please in the future in case of my election.

  • Who has it? - Carnival officials are asking who holds the lucky numbers on the electric range, Number 4493 and the percolator, Number 4980.  As announced before the drawing the next highest number will take the article if the holder of the original number does not appear by Saturday night.

  • Business houses to close - On Monday, Labor Day, the C.G. Kimmel and the F.A. Weiss general merchandise stores, the Sanitary Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor, Vashon Barber Shop, O.E. Ramquist Tailor shop and the Daily Needs Market will be closed.  Do your shopping on Saturday.

  • Ellisport has been celebrating fire preventive week and has not fully recovered at this date.  The fire started west of Ellisport near the Hendrickson Ranch and threatened to do serious damage but are willing bunch of neighbors and campers subdued it for a time.  In the night it ran up the canyon back of Ellisport and only quick action of a large number of firefighters prevented it getting into the town.

  • Island schools open September 4 - The Vashon Maury schools will open for the fall term Tuesday, September 4.  Pupils who have been enjoying a three month vacation will again assemble to pursue their studies.  This year the Vashon grade school will be under a separate head from the high school and but two grades of the Union high school will be carried in the Vashon building.

  • High school notes - Regular work will be taken up in the Vashon Maury Union High School on Tuesday, September 4 at 9 o'clock.  Pupils should come prepared to stay all day.  Transportation will be furnished by the district as in the past, the buses operating over the usual routes.  All freshman and sophomore should report at the Burton building and all juniors and seniors at the Vashon building.  Students doubtful as to their classification should confer with Mr. Robinson on Saturday.  He will be at the Burton building in the morning and at the Vashon building in the afternoon.

  • Work on the Vashon Theatre is progressing rapidly and Mr. Burfield hopes to have a grand opening on 22nd of September.

  • The brick work on the F.A. Weiss block is almost completed and soon the plasters and carpenters will be at work.

  • Editorial – Vashon Island’s candidate for state legislature - As a candidate for the state legislature in the 40th District, Mr. T Hansen should have the solid support of every voter on Vashon Maury Islands.  Mr. Hansen has lived on the island for the past 21 years and knows our needs as perhaps no one else does - better than can any outsider.  We need legislation that will allow us to receive a greater share of state aid for our roads.  In the words of a great statesman “taxation without representation is tyranny.”  Let the island voters stand together on this question and say to the mainland that it is our turn to gather some of the plums.

  • Editorial - Get out the vote - Vashon Maury Island registration was the greatest in the history of the island. 1165 registered voters!  What are we offered for these votes?  What benefits would accrue to the island if every one of these registered voters went to the polls on September 11?  Let us take this matter into consideration and vote.  1165 votes cast at the election would bring more good to the island than the election of any one particular candidate for this would say to the rest of King County – Vashon Maury Island must be considered.

  • Editorial - Ferry service - Again we are told that we must be content with the curtailed ferry service through the winter months.  Perhaps if the island was allotted a faster boat, which is our right, a loss of a boat trip or two would not be so hard to take.  How about it Kitsap County Transportation Company?

  • Editorial - When you go to the polls September 11 do not forget that the island is entitled to your vote.  100% for T Hansen for representative should be the motto of every TRUE Vashon Island voter.

  • A.H. Hiersch for road supervisor – It is my desire to hereby announce my candidacy for Road Supervisor for Vashon Maury Islands.  My qualifications are based on some 16 years experience in road construction with the Canadian Pacific and Northern Pacific Railroads.  During the 23 years residence on Vashon Island I've seen tremendous development, and believe we are only on the threshold of greater prosperity.

  • The fire which was started on Sunday morning at the top of Ellisport hill has caused no little worry to everyone living in the neighborhood.  The Hendrickson home was very much endangered but backfiring saved it.  The fire spread so rapidly with the south wind it spanned the canyon in no time and was soon on the way to Ellisport.  All the men available fought fire Sunday and watched all night but the change of the wind Monday shifted the flames to a new track and it was raging fiercely on the property east of Jack Wood.  The fire warden, Mr. Clayton Courtright arrived about noon with chemical apparatus, and he with a party of workmen labored all afternoon and by evening everything was safe mighty uncomfortable from the smoldering logs.

  • W.J. Magowan has been re-shingling his house this week with new composition shingles.

  • Mrs. E.E. Stafford has had the roof of her residence re-shingled with composition shingles.

  • Announcement - Since coming to the island I have found that the residents on both Vashon and Maury Islands have felt the need of a minor hospital to take care of maternity and minor surgical cases which formerly had to be taken to Tacoma or Seattle.  Therefore on September 1, 1928 I am opening a hospital of this type in connection with my office in the building formerly occupied by the Burton Café.  I will be equipped to take care of all cases of emergency work.  I'm also equipping two beds for emergency and maternity cases.  My residence will be in the first house back of the Drug Store. - Dr. Frank H Grandy


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September 1928
September 7, 1928

  • Political meeting is well attended - The political meeting held at the Island Club Friday evening of last week was well attended, about 100 being present.  C.E. Bragg, president of the Brinton Club, called the meeting to order and introduce Wilmer B. Brinton, candidate for County Commissioner, who in a short and to-the-point address gave his views on the Commissioner’s job.  He stated that he was not in favor of the county-city merger and that if elected he would do all in his power to retain the present road and bridge fund levy which gives to the county districts the major portion of the road money.

  • Mr. T. Hansen the Islands candidate for the legislature was the next speaker. Needing no introduction to the Island Mr. Hansen stressed the fact that we are entitled to representation and that he believed that the best way to further the growth of the Island was to send a man to the legislature to ever keep our needs before that body.

  • Supervisor question November election - The question of the Island’s choice for road supervisor will come before the people at the November election.  At the present time six have signified their intention of entering the race and before the time arrives the list will more than likely be increased.  Those who are out for the job at present are Chas. Merry, who is at the present road supervisor, C.A. Keen, Zene Whittemore, A.H. Hiersch, S.R. Hearst and James Bachelor.

  • Mrs. W.B. Brinton gets percolator - Mrs. W.B. Brinton of West Seattle held the ticket for the percolator given away at the Carnival. The person who held the range number did not appear and as announced before the drawing the next highest number was the lucky one if the original number did not show up within two weeks.  Mrs. W.D. Clark will receive the range.

  • Coffee Kings - So good was the coffee served at the political meeting at the Island Club last week that it brought inquiries as to the lady's name.  Some asserted that no lady could make coffee like that - others that no lady would.  Suspicion rested on messengers Garvin and Shattuck and the recipe was demanded.  Shattuck says he uses three parts sand and one of cement, while Garvin says his recipe is a dead secret and that to make coffee for a crowd is an understanding few can handle.  Anyway the public will be given an opportunity to drink the Kings’ coffee at the Island Club dinner next Friday night, and if there be any who can beat this pair have your recipes there that night and show how it is done.  A crown and 3 pounds of coffee goes to the best coffee maker on Vashon Island.

  • Orthopedic notes - A few weeks ago a call was printed in the columns of the News Record asking for canned fruit for the little children in the orthopedic hospital in Seattle.  This call appeared in the Seattle papers and in those of nearby towns.  At that time not a jar was on the shelves of the hospital storeroom.  Advice from the Treasurer of the hospital, Miss Olive Kerry, states that 2500 quarts have been sent in.  It will take 6000 quarts to carry the children through the winter.

  • Dr. Griffiths, U.S. Bulb expert here - Last week the Island was honored by a call from Dr. David Griffiths, who address the Vashon Island Lilly association on Sunday afternoon at the Sheffield bulb farm.  30 members were present and were deeply interested in hearing an address on lilies from the highest authority in the land.  The doctor holds a prominent position in the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture Division, and has supervision of the government Bulb Farms at Bellingham and elsewhere.

  • Gun Club to organize Monday - There will be meeting of the Gun Club Monday evening September 10 at 7:30 at Tim's Place.  All interested are urged to be present.  This includes the whole Island.

  • C.A. Keen for road supervisor - It is my desire to announce that I will be a candidate for road supervisor for Vashon Maury Island.  During the 27 years residence on the Island, I have seen many roads built and have helped some in their construction.  I am a Brinton supporter and if Brinton is defeated in the primaries I will withdraw from the race for I would not seek the position from any candidate whom I did not support.  – C.A. Keen.

  • Vashon Maury High School enrolls 192 - The Vashon Maury Union high school opened Tuesday under the unit plan with the senior and junior classes in the Vashon building and the sophomores and freshmen in the Burton building.  The enrollment the first day was as follows: Seniors 36; Juniors 45; Sophomores 59; Freshman 52; a total attendance of 192.

  • Vashon grade school enrolls 139 pupils - Tuesday morning the Vashon grade school opened with an initial attendance of 139 pupils.  It is expected that this number will be materially increased within a few days.  In the primary room no new pupils will be taken after the first two weeks.

  • Lisabeula  - School opened with an enrollment of 18.  Knowing that Ms. Kreutzberg is an efficient teacher much progress should be made this year.

  • Editorial - When all is said and done and the ballots counted Tuesday night September 11, the only thing that really matters to the people of Vashon Maury Island is - did T. Hansen receive 100% vote from his friends and neighbors.  The best thing that can be said of any community large or small is.  “hey stick together.”  Let us not forget that we are entitled to a representative in the Legislature and vote.

  • 1165 registered voters - if they vote - means that Vashon Maury is to be reckoned with in any local election contest.  See that you vote and that your neighbor votes.  Our roads, our schools depend upon your vote.

  • The Center school opened on Tuesday with a good attendance, with Miss Freitheim and Miss Palmer in charge.

  • Martin Tjomsland who has charge of the carpenter work on the Weiss building, is this week putting in the ceiling joist and partitions on the second story.

  • The Burton library will be open once a week, on Saturday.

  • Dr. Grandy has added another improvement to Burton, in establishing a fine office with minor hospital service connected.  Burton people should appreciate having a good resident physician.

September 14, 1928

  • H.C. Snyder, State Patrolman here - Last week the Island was visited by H.C. Snyder, state patrolman and traffic officer, who as a former resident has many friends here.  Since there has been considerable discussion regarding stop signs and the speed limit the following letter which we requested him to write should be of interest to all.  Mr. Editor – Vashon News Record, Vashon, Washington Dear Sir: I was ordered to make an investigation of some reports of violation of the motor code last week on the Island.  It was found that several cars were being used on the roads without motor vehicle license.  Also it was found that some good people were operating a car without operator’s license.  The laws of the State of Washington requiring both vehicle and operator for licenses.  While traveling over the Island it was found that there are some parents are allowing and do encourage children under the age of 15 years to operate their motor vehicles.  This is in violation of the law.  It was also reported that there are some cars being operated upon the roads by operators while under the influence of intoxicating liquors.  This is in violation of the law.  The law compels all owners of automobiles to have two number plates attached to the car at all times.  When one plate is lost or defaced the owner shall apply for a new set of plates.  The law requires all cars to be operated upon the highways with safety, given due consideration to other users of the highway.  It is unlawful to make a pass on a curve, on the brow of the hill, at intersections where there is a congestion of traffic.  The operator is held responsible for the safe operation of his car at all times.  Racing upon the highways is also unlawful, not only unlawful but unsafe to other users of the highways.  These are termed reckless driver, you maybe fined and given a jail sentence, and your operators license maybe canceled.  The laws require all operators of automobiles to operate them with safety at all times. Very truly yours, H.C. Snyder, State Highway Patrol Officer

  • Hansen expresses his appreciation to voters - I wish to express through the medium of these columns my appreciation to the voters of Vashon Maury Islands for their loyal support in the recent election.  Although not nominated I feel that the efforts expended has been well worth while, and bespeak for those most fortunate your loyal support.  T. Hansen.

  • Vashon Maury students elect - Election of class officers has been the most important topic.   The classes have elected the following officers: Seniors: Pres. David Pelham; vice president Gene Stone; treasure Ross Armstrong; secretary Rose Garner; class adviser Miss Christopher.  Juniors: Pres. Joe Harmon; vice -president Margaret Depue; secretary Lois Clark; treasurer Ruth Matthews; class advisor Miss O’Mahoney.  Sophomores: Pres., Champ Nelson; vice president Fielder Beall; secretary Ward Clark; treasurer Joe Green; Sgt. at arms, Ila Pesonen; representative of the student body, Lloyd Ward.  Freshman: Pres. Junior Shallenberger; VP Howard Mattenson; secretary June Beaumont; treasurer, Alipio de Veyra;  student body representative, Winston Smith; class advisor Miss Bell.

  • Vashon leghorns lead in contest - In his report on the egg-laying contest being held at the Western Washington experiment Station.  George Shoup, poultryman, said today that the production for August average 61.1%, which carries the average lay of the contest for the 10 months since November 1 to the new 10-month record of 66%, computed on the exact bird[day basis.  Vashon Hens Lead -  The L.C. Beall Leghorns of Vashon are still leading the contest with a total of 2260 eggs for pens containing 10 chickens.

  • Soulé, Williams, Nelson, Brinton - According to the Seattle Times of Thursday the result of the legislative race gave to Soule, Williams and Nelson the three highest places, with Smith and Hansen close behind.  This will give to a small district in the vicinity of Kent three representatives in the legislature.  The Island gave Mr. Hansen a total vote of 692 which should have been much greater if all that were registered had voted.

  • Transportation company to run buses to fair - This year as in the past the Vashon Island transportation company will run their buses to the Western Washington Fair at Puyallup.  Trips will be made on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday by the way of the 10 o'clock Fauntleroy boat.  This will be an easy way to go to the fair and will save you the worry of hunting parking space and the danger of driving in heavy traffic.  Let's go.

  • Dr. Grandy opens Burton hospital - For the past two weeks we carried the announcement of the establishment of a hospital at Burton by Dr. Grandy for the care of minor surgical and maternity cases.  This is a step forward for the Islands for such an institution as this may become, has long been needed on the Island.  The building formerly occupied by Morrissey's Market and the Burton Café have been fitted for this purpose.

  • Met-Cro Garage to have new home – L.C. Beall has the contract for the construction of a 50 x 100 brick building on his lots between the Cash and Carry and the Vashon Theatre.  The building will be occupied by the Met-Cro Garage who will have one of the most modern garage establishments to be found outside of the larger cities.  Show rooms, office, stock room and rest room will occupy the front of the building, while the rest will be taken up by the repair shop.  The newest appliances for the repair and servicing of the motor will be found here.  One of the newest additions to the equipment being an Alemite pressure grease gun.  Messengers Jensen, Shattuck and Nystedt have the contract for the building which is to be completed by the 10th of December.  The building will be constructed of brick construction with plate glass front.  The gasoline pump will be on the inside of the sidewalk and for service you just “drive in.”

  • A.D. Urquhart has finished the brickwork on the F.A. Weiss building and soon M.L. Tjomsland and his crew will have the roof on.

  • O.E. Ramquist and the Island Electric Shop have this week enlarged their quarters, taking the entire T.N. Thompson building for their businesses.  T.N. Thompson who had been living at the back of the building has moved into rooms over the Fox River Butter Company's offices.

  • Union High School PTA to organize - Everyone on the Island interested in organizing a Union high school PTA are invited to attend the meeting at the Burton high school on September 18 at 8 o'clock.  All parents are urged to attend.

September 21, 1928

  • The roof has been finished to the new F.A. Weiss store building and soon the plasterers will be at work.

  • Gun Club to clear site; hold shoot - Saturday the members of the newly formed Gun Club will gather at 8:30 AM on the Deppman 40 just south of Vashon where they will clear the range and set up the trapshooting paraphernalia.  It is hoped that work will have progressed sufficiently by afternoon so that the members may be able to enjoy a little competitive shooting.  Sunday the Club will be out in full force.  If you are interested come out and join.

  • Work is progressing rapidly on the foundations for the new garage building, which will house the Met-Cro Garage.

  • Many Vashon Islanders are attending the Puyallup fair this week.  The Vashon Island Transportation Company is making regular trips each day.  Saturday and Sunday will be big days so if you wish to go by bus make reservations early.

  • The plasterers are busy finishing the work on the Vashon Theatre this week and Mr. Burfield hopes soon to be ready for the grand opening.

  • Vashon Island to receive publicity - We are indebted to Mr. H.O. Zwarg for an advance proof of the prospectus now in the publishers hands for the Pacific Co-operative Cherry Growers Inc.  This 20 page book handsomely done with colored plates showing the Montmoreney Cherry and many other Island views will soon be ready for distribution throughout the East.  The introduction gives a charming word picture of the advantages of the Pacific Northwest, the principal cities, schools, churches, climate, fertility of the soil, fishing, hunting and in fact everything that makes this Northwest and particularly the Puget Sound country Nature’s Paradise.  Several pages are devoted exclusively to the extolling of the advantages of Vashon Island, “the Pearl of Puget Sound” where it is the intention of the company to plant a thousand acres of Montmoreney cherries.  The trustees of the company are known to most of the Island residents.

  • Dockton - Trollers are returning after the season's fishing.  Conrad Danielson, Jens Nelson and J. Jenson are among those who have arrived so far.

  • The Gun Club - A new organization on Vashon Island is the Gun Club recently formed by the shot gun experts following the Trap shoot held at the Carnival in August.  This organization should receive the full cooperation of everyone on the Island who enjoys a day’s shooting either in the field or at the clay pigeons.  A club of this kind can do more to protect the game birds on the Island than any other agency.

  • Vashon Maury high school - Student self-government - Students of the fourth assembly period at the Burton building have adopted a very interesting plan of self-government.  The students have elected a presiding officer whose duty it is to note any infractions of the rules drawn up for the regulation of the period.  For sufficient cause any member of the group maybe summoned before a Council composed of the presiding officer, three “councilmen” chosen from the group and a member of the faculty.  At this meeting the presiding officer states the charge and the accused is given an opportunity to answer.  The council then weighs the evidence and, in case the accused is found guilty, recommends the penalty.  The students elected Junior Shallenberger as presiding officer and he named as members of the council Marcia Forbes, Winston Smith and Howard Mattson.  So far this plan has proved very successful and has afforded a quiet and orderly study period.

September 28, 1928

  • Boy Scouts to serve Jiggs' dinner - Tonight (Friday) the Vashon Boy Scouts are serving a Jiggs’ dinner in the Island Club House to raise funds with which to finish up the inside of their scout cabin.

  • Gun Club holds successful shoot - Lots of fun was had by all those who attended the shoot last Sunday afternoon.  Over a barrel of clay pigeons were thrown from the trap and the majority of these elusive birds were brought down by the shooters.  Next Sunday, the 30th, starting at 2 o'clock the Club will hold another shoot.

  • Union High School PTA organized - At a general meeting of parents and teachers held in the high school assembly hall at Burton on September 18, the Union High School PTA was formally organized and is now a live an enthusiastic body, with over 100 members signed up with a glowing prospects for a 300 active membership before the end of this year.  A glance at the list of members shows that not only are active Island leaders taking hold, but what is not so usual in PTA work, the “man of the house” seems about to pitch into it as we find the names of both “Mr. and Mrs.” being listed almost invariably.  It was then decided to formally organize, using the constitution based upon the Burton high school constitution until a new one could be adopted.  The following officers were elected: Mr. P.S. Pettelle Pres.; Mrs. Elmer Stone VP; Mrs. Hugh Armstrong secretary; Mrs. J.D. Reeves treasurer.

  • Chas. England Club President - The annual election of officers of the Vashon Island Commercial Club was held at the Island Club house, Vashon, Tuesday evening, September 25.  After the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting and the report of the treasurer at which it was announced the Club had a balance of $57 in the general account and the savings account of $252, retiring Pres. E.H. Miller asked for nominations for president.  Mr. Norman Edson was nominated and immediately asked for the floor and said “I do not choose to run.”  Mr. England was then nominated and the nominations closed and the secretary instructed to cast the ballot for Mr. England.  Under the heading of “Business for the new year” the matter of better waiting rooms at the Marion Street and Fauntleroy docks was introduced by Alex Stewart.  The matter of obtaining a better power and light rate and more efficient telephone service was also placed on the calendar of the Club.  Mr. spinning then brought up that ever present ferry question, this time in connection with the service at the south end of the Island.  It seems that the ferry company wishes to discontinue the 11 o'clock service at night and also change the time of the other ferries.  The Club instructed the secretary to ask the public service commission for a hearing on the subject.

  • Editorial - The ferry question is always with us.  This time it is the south end ferry.  After enjoying the same schedule both summer and winter for the past year and a half, it would seem only just that it be continued.  However at the present time the company wants to take away the night boat and change the time of the rest so it would make it impossible for one to live on the Island and work in Tacoma.  Get busy with the Commercial Club and make your protest loud and long.

  • Vashon Maury high school - Union PTA - Union PTA was organized last Tuesday night, September 18.  The executive committee was elected as follows: Pres. Mr. P. Pettelle, Center; vice president Mrs. Stone, Burton; secretary Mrs. Hugh Armstrong, Vashon; treasurer Mrs. J.D. Reeves, Cove.  With these leaders there should be some very interesting PTA meetings this winter.

  • Student body election - On September 19, the classes of Burton assembled during the activities period to elect a president of the student body.  There were five candidates but Champ Nelson received the honor and was forced to make a speech.  He now holds two offices, president of student body and sophomore class president, so we have a promising leader for the year.

  • Pie sale failure - The pie sale which the sophomores held on Wednesday of last week was a sad failure.  Eight pies were sold which brought in a total of $2.40.  Another meeting will be held to decide how to raise more funds for the treasury.

  • Beginning with the re-shingling of the roof of the Presbyterian Church, both the church edifice and the manse have undergone extensive repairs and improvements.  The latest work has been the painting of both buildings.

  • Maurice Dunsford has the contract for hauling the gravel for filling in the site to be occupied by the garage under construction for L.C. Beall.  This will be the new home of the Met-Cro Garage

  • The work of lathing the Weiss building is progressing rapidly and soon the plasterers will be at work.

  • One of the innovations being installed by Mr. Burfield in the Vashon Theatre is loges seats in the balcony.  These seats are well upholstered and should meet the approval of the patrons.

  • Notice - Miss Stella Collings who has operated a beauty parlor in the Sanitary Barber Shop will hereafter be in business for herself in the Vashon Barber Shop across the street.  She extends to her former patrons an invitation to visit her in her new location.

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October 1928

October 5, 1928

  • Ferry hearing in Tacoma Monday - At the last meeting of the Commercial Club it was reported that the time of the South End ferry was to be changed and the night boat eliminated unless representation could be made to the Department of Public Works, giving sufficient reason for retaining the old schedule.  The secretary was instructed to write to the Department requesting a hearing and the following letter is explanatory.  “Mr. R.W.F. Martin, secretary Vashon Island Commercial Club, Portage, Washington Dear Sir:  We are enclosing herewith certified copy of order of suspension and Notice of Hearing in relation to your complaint against the Washington Navigation Company in the matter of a change of time schedule, between Point Defiance and Tahlequah.  You will note that this matter is assigned for hearing at the Winthrop Hotel, Tacoma, Washington, October 8, 1928, at the hour of 10 AM.  It will be appreciated if you will advise as many parties interested as possible.  Yours very truly, Department of Public Works by John C. Denny. Director.”  If you are interested in the progress of the island, make it your business to attend this hearing.  A strong Island representation will do much good at this time.

  • To the voters of Vashon-Maury Island - In presenting myself as candidate for road supervisor, I will briefly state my qualifications for the job.  I laid out and supervised building of roads in Alaska for the government spending several years in the service of the Geological Survey.  I served six years as road supervisor on Vashon Island.

  • PTA convention here October 13th -  The semi-annual convention of the King County Division of the Washington State Branch of the National Congress of Parents and Teacher’s will meet Saturday, October 13 at Vashon Presbyterian Church at 10 AM.  The theme of this convention is "The Day of the High School."   Everyone is invited to attend both sessions.

  • Wanted a new stove - Sometimes an advertisement does get on the front page but it depends on the story that goes with it, however.  This time we have a real hard luck story to tell. The Island Club House needs a new stove - at least a stove that isn't entirely burned through at the back. If anyone has a stove that they can cheerfully dispense with for such a cause, please call Mrs. Hansen or Mrs. Garvin and tell them about it.  Now don't forget that when a “want ad” gets on the front page is a real need.

  • Gold bricks vs chimney bricks - When Ira O. Thompson requests you to buy a brick for three cents just dig up for this a real “gold brick” scheme to raise money to build a new chimney for the kitchen range at the Island club.  A chimney that is adequate and safe is the object of this drive so that all will be asked to buy at least one brick, or as many as you wish at three cents each to build with.  This plan and several others for the benefit of the Island Club originated at the regular meeting of the Community Club held last Tuesday evening.

  • Burton - The brick house next to Hart’s greenhouses, is being repaired inside and painted outside. The property was donated by Mrs. Bixby, a former resident of Burton, to the Methodist Conference, to be used as a home for retired ministers.

  • Willis Blekkink sells to Thomas Steffensen - This week it was announced that W.J. Blekkink has sold his interest in the Island Electric Shop to Thomas Steffensen, his partner and former owner of the business.  Mr. Sevenson wishes to announce that he has recently taken the agency for the Philco Radio and will be pleased to demonstrate them as soon as he can secure a model of this popular new radio.

  • Vashon Theatre to hold opening – Soon the addition to the Vashon Theatre will be completed and Manager Burfield informs us that plans are being made for a grand opening that will leave nothing to be desired in the way of theatre entertainment.  Mr. Burfield is sparing no expense in the remodeling of the theatre building, and when the work is done Vashon island will have a show house equal to any outside the larger cities.  A new projection booth has been built that is fireproof, the stage has been moved back to allow for more seating capacity and in the balcony which is in the new addition to the building, you will find nicely upholstered loges.

  • Burton - The hill road is being widened and when finished will be a fine road for motorists.

  • Mr. L.E. Lebeau of West Burton, has become a member of The Development Company, and says he will help put Burton on the map. He will also carry fire and life insurance in connection with real estate. He has desk room in the Burton post office building.

  • Post office inspector, P.L. Neil of Seattle, gave Burton Post Office the “once over” Tuesday morning.

  • Phelps to speak here this week - Norman Wayne Phelps, author, lecturer, evangelist, a man who has had wide experience in his field, both East and West, who is now Field Secretary for one of the largest organizations for moral uplift in America, began a series of lectures in the Community Hall in Vashon on Wednesday night, and will continue until Sunday, October 14.  Following are the subjects to which Mr. Phelps and the church people cooperating with him invite the attention of Vashon people.  After the first evening the meetings will be held in the Methodist Church until further notice. Thursday: “Tricks, traps and secrets of white slaver.” Friday: “10 things which menace our National and Christian safety.”  Sunday at 11 a.m.: “Is the gospel worth preaching?.” 8 p.m.  “What do we see in Christ’s death a man or a God?”  Monday: “Why one cannot believe in evolution and be a Christian.”  Tuesday:  “Why I believe in man’s eternal existence.”  Wednesday:  “Will a man be saved if he lives up to the teaching of his lodge?”  Thursday: “A man who found Jesus without priest or sacrament.” Friday: “Has God been fair with lost man and his soul?”  Saturday: “Nature's revelation of a divine architect.”  Sunday 11 a.m. “Is Jesus Christ coming personally the second time? If so, when?”  2:30 “Are women losing their grip on morality?  If so why?”   8 PM “Big reason why no man should neglect his salvation.”

  • Maury - In the absence of a preacher, no church services will be held at Maury Sunday.  Next week regular services will be held.  Rev. Armstrong will deliver the address.

  • The Age of Oil  - “With one exception of the art of printing, it may be doubted if any single industry has brought so many sweeping changes to the world as has the modern production and use of petroleum,” says the Daily Chronicle of the Dalles, Oregon.

  • Harold Ward injured - Harold Ward, a former student of Vashon High School received slight injuries to his head, when he fell from the scaffold on the new Vashon Theatre, Wednesday.  He was carrying brick along the scaffold and lost his balance, falling a distance of 30 feet to the ground.  Although his injury was very painful, the doctors report no permanent injury and Harold will be able to return to work at an early date.

  • Vashon-Maury High School - American Born Japanese students return - Hiro Yorioko, 19, and her brother Ken, 17, have entered the Vashon schools in order to perfect themselves in English.  As tiny children this brother and sister were taken to Japan to be educated after the manner of their ancestors.  Only four years of age when she left Seattle, Miss Hiro recalls but little of the city of her birth. Brother and sister were taken to the Orient by their parents and made their home with their grandmother in the city of Hiroshima, where Hiro graduated from a High School by the name of Yamanaka, which is attended only by girls. Hiro informs us that the Japanese system differs from ours in that the grammar school course covers but six years instead of eight as with our schools. The High School course takes four years as in America.

  • The class in Manual Arts suspended work in the drafting room long enough Tuesday to erect goal posts on the field in preparation for the game with Tacoma, Lincoln High School, Wednesday.

  • Miss Stella Collings has opened a beauty parlor in the Vashon Barber Shop.

October 12, 1928

  • Golden wedding is celebrated - Tuesday was a gala day for Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Collins, who reside at the home of their daughter Mrs. M.L. Tjomsland of Vashon. It was the 50th anniversary of the wedding of W.H. Collins and Miss Alice King, who were wed in Patoka, Indiana October 9, 1878.

  • Trustees meet - At a meeting of the trustees of the Vashon Island Community Club held at the home of the president Tuesday evening, October 2, the following prices were decided necessary for the rent of the hall. For the large hall with kitchen and coffee urn for banquet, $10. For the large hall with stage for shows, lectures, etc. without club room or kitchen, five dollars. Afternoon practice for same, one dollar, and evening practice, two dollars. Club room afternoon with kitchen, $2.50. Club room evening with kitchen, five dollars. Afternoon meeting of Camulos Club Ladies Aids, Lilly club, Orthopedic and all local gatherings where they do their own janitor work and cleaning up, one dollar. These prices were decided on after a careful study of expenses by a committee appointed by the president at a meeting held July 7, and were made just to cover expenses.

  • Something for nothing - There is something ever sought but hard to find, though the Island Club discovers that the phrase very nearly describes its practice in renting its rooms and equipments.  At a meeting of the trustees held last week at the home of the president, Mrs. T Hansen, a survey was made of the actual cost of providing the hall, club room, kitchen and equipment for public affairs. Counting the expense of lighting, heating, janitor service, breakage and incidentals, it was found that the charges were lower than the cost of operating, so that for most of the functions the Club was actually out of pocket.  To guard against a deficit on this account, the trustees adopted a policy of charging enough to meet the cost of operation, with no profit to the Club, and which they submit should be maintained if the affairs are to be managed on a business basis.  The new schedule is published elsewhere in this issue. Besides the ordinary expenses, four dollars per month goes for insurance and taxes.  The treasurer’s statement shows the club is not running behind, but making needed improvements.  While the men quaff their coffee, they do not realize that the faithful women are working away with half an equipment, there being on hand only about 60 setups. Now the trustees are purchasing enough silverware and cups to accommodate at least 175 at one sitting. This will please those who serve, as well as those who sup.

  • Burton Community Church chooses Pastor - On Sunday morning, October 7, at a meeting of the membership, following communion service conducted by Rev. Dr. Billingsley, the report of the pulpit committee was presented to the congregation with the result that by a unanimous vote an invitation was extended to Rev. Halsey Carstens of Yakima, to become the pastor of Burton Community Church.

  • Vashon Theatre to hold opening - The opening celebration for the newly remodeled Vashon Theatre will be held on Monday evening, October 22.  This will also inaugurate the Monday show giving three performances each week.

  • Phelps lecture-sermons close Sunday night - The interesting series of lecture-sermons which have been held in Vashon during the past week by Norman Wayne Phelps, will terminate at the Methodist Church, Sunday evening, when the eloquent speaker will address his congregation on "The big reason why no man should neglect his salvation."

  • S. Chrif Bobby of London, England, spent several days this week at the L.C. Beall, Jr. poultry farm. Mr. Bobby has been head of an English experiment station for many years, but is now touring the United States in the interests of a large concern which he is to be connected with.

  • Burton - New books at the library for September are "Old Papers," "Behind That Curtain" and "East Of The Setting Sun".

  • In a recent issue of the Seattle Sunday Times was a cut of the new Ellenbert Apartment building, designed by Mr. Max A. Van House, Architect. An article under the picture describes this four story building with its new modern features. Max is an island boy, a graduate of Burton High School, and frequently runs over from Seattle to visit the home folks who are justly proud of his achievements. He designed the Burton High School some years ago, his first work, also the Burton Post Office building. In 1910, he took a government position in an architects office in Washington, but advancement being too slow for him, he moved his family to Butte, Montana, and with a partner, opened up an office in that bustling city, where they designed and supervised a number of substantial buildings, besides a $200,000 High School building at Helena.

  • W.D.P.W. order sustains club - Monday of this week representatives of the Vashon Island Commercial Club headed by Chas. England, Pres. and W.C. Meredith, vice president of the Club appeared before the department of public works at a meeting held in the Winthrop Hotel, Tacoma, to show why the Washington Navigation Company should not discontinue the 11 PM ferry on weekdays and make other changes to their present schedule. The Island’s case was ably presented by Mr. Jay W. McCune, head of the traffic department of the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce. He called as witnesses, George Sheffield, W.C. Meredith, Alex Stewart and Marshall K Snell of Tacoma who gave a very descriptive picture of the advantages of the present ferry schedule. The fact was stressed that although the late trip might not be a paying one in itself when taken with the other trips made it aided in building up the business of the company.

  • The ferry company was represented by Mr. Skanski, president, and their attorney, Mr. Peterson. The argument put forth by them was to the effect that the late run did not pay its way and that the night landings were too hazardous for the revenue received. The order of the Department is given as follows by the Tacoma Ledger:  "The Washington Navigation Company must continue its 11 o'clock boat trip from Point Defiance to Tahlequah, Vashon Island, according to an order of the department of public works at Olympia yesterday. A hearing on the matter was held here Monday. The company is permitted to change it's 3 PM trip from Point Defiance to 3:45 and correspondingly change the return trip from Tahlequah, but no other changes are allowed for its winter schedule."

  • Among those who were present at the hearing were Chas. England, Pres. and W.C. Meredith, vice president of the Vashon Island Commercial Club, Alex Stewart, W.D. Garvin, R.W.F. Martin, R.K. Beymer, Chas. Cook, ye editor and Jay W. McCune, traffic man for the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce and Marshall K. Snell of Tacoma.

  • Notice - The Vashon Island Co-Op, Egg and Poultry Association will meet at the Island Club, Vashon, October 16. Mr. R.E. Darling, manager of the big Tacoma branch and Mr. A.T. Visell, secretary of the United Locals of Tacoma, representing a membership of 1200 poultrymen will address this meeting.  All poultry people on Vashon Island are cordially invited.

  • Editorial - A Better Name - After reading the school notes for the past two weeks it occurs to us that perhaps a name for the Union School other than one that takes the word Vashon into consideration would be a good thing.

  • Editorial - Perhaps those that criticize the Vashon Island Commercial Club for not accomplishing anything for the good of the Island, will be astonished to read that the Club has attained its first objective of the new year. Following a request for a hearing on the South end ferry schedule changes proposed by the Company the Washington Department of Public Works, after taking the evidence on Monday, sustained the Club in its contention that the service should not be changed. "Every resident a member" would mean many more good things accomplished by the Club for the Island.

  • Vashon-Maury High School - Notable visitor on Vashon - Mr. Matsumi, who is making a tour of inspection of the Public Schools of the United States in the interest of the Japanese government, is the guest of Yukichi Nishiyori.  Mr. Matsumi visited the grades and High School Tuesday.

  • Coves school bus improved - Over the weekend, the Cove bus was given a general overhauling. The bus also has been enclosed and heating system has been installed. These improvements will insure the pupils more comfort and warmth during the ride to and from school on cold winter days.

  • Statement of the ownership, management, circulation, etc., required by the act of Congress of August 24, 1912, of Vashon Island News Record published weekly at Vashon Washington for October 1, 1928. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are; publisher, P.T. Garber, Vashon; editor P.T. Garber, Vashon; that the owner is: Mrs. Agnes L. Smock, Vashon.

  • Report of the financial condition of the Vashon State Bank located at Vashon state of Washington, at the close of business on 3 October 1928 showed total assets of $333,753.45.

  • Southern Heights - The storm last week apparently put some of the south end phones out of commission for a while, which made last week’s news from here particularly local.

  • The plasterers are progressing rapidly on the F.A. Weiss block, and soon the building will be ready for occupancy.

  • Brick layers are at work on the new Beall block to be occupied by the Met-Cro Garage. It is expected about two weeks will be required to lay up the walls.

October 19, 1928

  • Vashon Theatre opening Monday - On Monday, the Vashon Theatre will hold a grand opening. After many weeks spent in preparation, Manager Burfield will inaugurate his Monday night shows and give to the people of the Island a show house not to be outclassed in a community much larger than this. A new front has been built which takes care of the office, and restrooms, on the main floor, a modern fireproof projection booth and loges seats for 65 patrons in the balcony. The stage has been moved back and new and comfortable seats installed on the main floor, a steam heating system has also been put in. On Monday evening the public will hear the new pipe organ for the first time, this one feature alone means much in the enjoyment of the picture.  Manager Burfield has booked shows for this theatre that have not yet appeared on the screen in Seattle and which will be shown to the Island movie fans before they appear in such houses as the Blue Mouse, Seattle and Coliseum.

  • Maury-Center PTA holds meeting - The Maury-Center PTA held a special meeting last Thursday evening. Regardless of the few that were in attendance, the most vital subject was considered, ways and means of fixing the play shed for future usefulness.

  • Benefit dance for Community Club - On Friday evening, October 26, the Vashon Island Community Club will give a dance in the new F.A. Weiss building to raise funds for the Club. An evening of fun with good music, old time dances along with the new ones, and an opportunity to forget that “We're not as young as we used to be" will be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Registration increases - The registration books for Vashon-Maury Island were closed Tuesday for the general election and they show 1245 qualified voters a gain of 83 over the registration before the primaries. Of this number we are informed that seven have applied for absentee voters papers.

  • Prof. Kirkland addresses Club - Friday afternoon of last week, the Camulos Club had the pleasure of listening to a talk on "Reforestation" by Prof. B.P. Kirkland of the University of Washington. Prof. Kirkland gave many interesting and instructive facts concerning this great problem. The plan of reforestation is beneficial both from the standpoint of commercial utility and also scenic beauty. The logged off land can be restored to a mass of fine evergreen trees within 20 years or less. These trees can be utilized by the pulp industry even before this time. Prof. Kirkland urged that great care be exercised to prevent forest fires as these do irreparable damage to the young trees.

  • Henry Brosseau, the popular Heights merchant, celebrated his birthday Thursday of this week.

  • A.T. Bacchus purchased one of the new Ford trucks and took delivery Thursday. He had the chassis lengthened in order to allow for a longer body, which will be more convenient in his lumber business.

  • Purchase Boring Machine - This week the Met-Cro Garage installed a Rottler cylinder boring machine in order to better care for the work that is offered. By its use motor blocks can be re-bored and fitted with new pistons which will add many miles to the service of your car. Installation of this machine is in accordance with the policy of this firm to always keep in step with the needs of their customers.

  • PTA holds convention here - The semi-annual convention of the King County PTA division which met with us at Vashon, Saturday, October 13, was truly a success. About 150 delegates and friends from all parts of King County, met at the Presbyterian Church.

  • Christmas cheer for Chinese children - Letters have been received from the Rev. H.G.C. Hallock of Shanghai, China requesting aid for Christmas. The matter has been taken in hand by Mrs. Masie Rees of Burton and Mr. Arthur Poultney of Vashon. Anyone having toys or in fact anything that would gladden the heart of a small Chinese boy that had been taught to believe in Santa Claus are requested to leave them with either Mrs. Rees or Mr. Poultney.

  • West Side Water Company begins construction – D.P. Slater and a crew of men arrived from Portland Wednesday to commence work on a water supply system for the residents of the west side of the island near Colvas. A company to be known as the West Side Water Company, has been incorporated by the residence of the district to be served. Approximately 14,000 feet of pipe will be laid and a 10,000 gallon tank on a 30 foot tower will be installed on the Gabe Mathiason place which is the highest in the district. The system with the automatic electric pump will entail an outlay of about $6000 and give to this district a water supply that will insure adequate service for years to come.

  • Editorial - another birthday - This week the Vashon Island News Record records another milestone of progress and service for Vashon Island. Volume XIII, number one, means much to a paper that is at all times striving for the advancement of the community, whether it be by boosting the Community Club, better ferry service, better roads or the unionization of our High Schools in the construction of the new building.

  • Keen still in race - Contrary to all reports that are being circulated the Jim Keen of Dockton had withdrawn from the race for road supervisor, Mr. Keen is very much in the running. He wishes to assure all those who are supporting him that he has not withdrawn and he has no intention of withdrawing. From those of Vashon Maury Island who have known Mr. Keen for many years and from his neighbors enthusiastic support is being received.

  • Southern Heights - Mr. and Mrs. Vermulen bought 40 of the Glenacre pullets from Mr. Nelson, so eggs will be plenty at Sunnyview Dairy Ranch this winter.

  • Wanted – A Name - The community served by the Vashon Island News Record finds itself in this peculiar situation. We have organized the Union High School District. We have no complaint to make with the Union board or the teachers employed. But we do want to see our Union High District named. The object of forming the Union was to unite the two towns and the two High Schools on the island. Now we find this situation. What shall we call our one High School? The football team of which we are justly proud played at Auburn the other day, and tied that big school. The referee referred to them as the Vashon High School team. Vashon's ball and Vashon off side, etc. Lastly, the same team defeated Lincoln High School of Tacoma here on the Island and all during the game the referee called it Burton High School. Burton’s ball and Burton’s off side and etcetera. Let's go ahead and do what we wanted done. Let's have one High School in name as well as spirit. Let's name the district. We don't care what, but give it some name. As it is now the newest district in King County is trying to carry three names, Burton, Vashon and Vashon-Maury.  We suggest as a fitting name Island High School and the district itself to be referred to as Island High School District U. Our argument for this choice of names is that it distinctly fits. There is no other High School on an Island in the County. Signed a subscriber and a school patron.

  • Vashon Island news record - Published every Friday - Philip T Garber, Editor and Publisher.

  • Vashon-Maury High School - New lunch room planned - Mr. Bragg was a visitor at the Vashon building last Friday, at which time, he and Mr. Robertson discussed plans for the new lunch room. Heretofore, pupils have eaten their lunches in the various grade rooms as a result of which untidiness was to found in all rooms. With this additional room in the building where all grade pupils will come to eat their lunches, much unnecessary cleaning and untidiness throughout the building will be eliminated.

October 26, 1928

  • Ludwig Steen Island pioneer – Ludwig Steen, Vashon Island pioneer, was born in Norway November 15, 1852, and passed to his rest October 22, 1928, at his home north of Vashon. He came to America in 1889 and took up his residence in North Dakota. He was united in marriage to Mary Christensen. He came, with his wife, to Vashon Island in 1891, where he developed from the virgin timber, the home where he resided. His wife departed this life 12 years ago.

  • High School building committee appointed - The Union "U" PTA have appointed the following committee to co-operate with the school board. E.H. Miller, Chairman, T Hansen, Alex Stewart, Zene Whittemore, W. Coy Meredith, Francis Sherman, P.M. Armbruster, F.J. Shattuck, and W.D. Covington. We believe that any plan for the construction of our new High School building which has the endorsement of these representative citizens, will have the confidence of the voting public.

  • Burton - Instructions have been received from Washington to discontinue exchange of pouch mail between the carriers from Burton and Portage, effective October 31, 1928.

  • Thursday the plate glass was placed in the new F.A. Weiss building by the Belknap Glass Company of Seattle.

  • Lively meeting enjoyed by Club - if you were not in attendance at the regular meeting of the Vashon Island Commercial Club in the Burton High School building Tuesday evening you missed one of the best meetings that it has been our pleasure to attend. Pres. England called the meeting to order, the minutes of the September meeting were read and approved. Reports of the various committees were next in order, the most interesting being the report of Mr. Garvin on the South end ferry hearing. A vote of thanks was given to the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce for their able assistance at the hearing and also to the members of the committee who attended from the Island. Mr. Spinning discussed the problem of light and telephone service extension to the people who live at the south end of the island and Mr. E.C. Thompson on the need for better dock facilities for the South end ferry.  Pres. England then introduced Mr. George Ryan, Sec. of the West Seattle Commercial Club, who brought a message of goodwill and expressed the desire of West Seattle to cooperate with Vashon Island. He was followed by Mr. J.H. Crampton, secretary of the Consolidated South District commercial clubs. Mr. Crampton discussed the methods used by his organization in achieving its objectives and stressed the fact that only by working together could results be obtained.

  • Get together for the patrons of school - On November 5, at the Vashon public schools a get-together meeting and short program will be held. All phases of school life will be represented. Mr. Hulse will represent the County Superintendent’s office. Mr. Ackley the teachers, Patricia Lavan the pupils and the school board will be represented.

  • Dance and make Merry - This Friday evening (tonight) the Vashon Island Community Club is giving a dance in the new F.A. Weiss building to raise funds for the Club. The Midnight Revelers, Baxter Callaway, Bud Rand, Phyllis Meers and Earl Pierson, will furnish the music. Square dances, round dances and the latest "stomp" will be indulged in by old and young.

  • Theatre opening well attended - Monday evening Vashon Island movie fans turned out en masse to aid in the official opening of the Vashon Theatre. After weeks spent in preparation, Mr. Burfield has given to the island a show house that is not to be surpassed anywhere in a community of this size. A new addition has been added to the front, the stage moved back and everything decorated in the latest mode. New seats, steam heat and restrooms, add to the comfort of the patrons. A pipe organ has also been installed.

  • Center news – The C.G. Soike family are under quarantine for smallpox at the present writing.

  • E. Ridgeway of Southern Heights, is busy remodeling the interior of the J.H. Rodda store building.

  • Editorial - This week the youth of the island lost a good friend in the death of Ludwig Steen who for many years has been the custodian of the Vashon school building. It would seem that no greater epitath could be written for him than these few words, "The children loved him."

  • Vashon-Maury High School - Transportation - A survey of the transportation problem of the Island High School has been made. Some of the interesting facts are as follows. Six buses travel the total distance of 166.6 miles per day, 1889.8 pupil miles are traveled per day at an average cost yo the district of 1.8 cents per mile. When this survey is more complete, many more interesting facts will be shown such as the total number of pupils furnished transportation, and the average distance traveled by each pupil.

  • Another name - To the editor: As a newcomer on the island I feel rather hesitant about submitting a suggestion for a new name for our Union High School, yet I am venturing to do so. The name "Mid Bay" seems to commend itself for several reasons. In the first place it takes no recognition any particular section of either Maury or Vashon districts. Second it is a term which forces us to think beyond our own island and immediately establishes a mental relationship with Seattle, Tacoma and the entire bay country. Third the name "Mid Bay" lends itself to use in school songs and yells because of the swing in saying or singing the name and because of the combination of consonants and vowels and the possibilities of rhyme. Even though this name may not be acceptable the suggestion may enable someone to think of a better. Yours truly, Halsey Carstens.

  • Southern Heights - Chicken thieves have been in the neighborhood again, stealing good laying hens. How we wish something could be done to prevent such outrages.

  • Attention - At 8 o'clock, Friday evening, November 2, at the Island Club, there will be a free lantern slide lecture by Arthur W Peters. Have you heard him over the radio? The poultry public, and anyone interested in biology are invited. – Vashon Island Co-operative Hatchery.

  • Bennett O. Swain - This week we are carrying an advertisement for Bennett O. Swain the Democratic candidate for representative in this district and the present incumbent. Mr. Swain makes the following statement and a letter to the News Record "I believe that Vashon Island should be on the State Highway program and worked to that end in the last session and will continue to do it." He has lived in the state almost all his life and in the 40th district over 30 years, and knows its needs from a farmer or business man's point of view.

  • Whittemore still in the running - This week we were informed that Zene Whittemore had withdrawn from the race for road supervisor, but such is not the case. When Mr. Whittemore was asked concerning this rumor he said that he was working harder than ever and would be out meeting his old friends and making new ones every day. You will find Zene Whittemore's name on the ballot.

  • Adolph Hiersh has withdrawn from Race - Editor News-Record: Believing that the interests of the Island would be better served if the lists for road supervisor were not so crowded, I hereby withdraw my name from consideration. I wish to thank all my friends who have so loyally stood by me and express to them my regret that the situation has forced this action upon me. Adolph Hiersch.

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November 1928
November 2, 1928

  • Rev. Carstens is given welcome – On Wednesday evening, October 24th, the people of the Burton neighborhood welcomed the Rev. Halsey Carstens, first minister of the Community Church, and his wife, at a reception largely attended by members and friends of the church.

  • How to vote – If you wish to vote the straight Republican, Democratic, Social Labor, The Socialist, Workers (Communist) or Independent Ticket, place X in O at the top of your ticket and that is the only mark you need make on your ballot, except the Judicial which must be marked X in square at the right of each candidate.  If you wish to split your ticket, mark X in O for the first part of ticket you wish to vote, and then place X in square at the right of each candidate you wish to vote for, of any other party.

  • Orthopedic Notes – The Vashon Orthopedic Auxillary held its regular all day meeting at the Island Club House on Friday, October 19th.  In spite of the smallpox scare, thirteen members were present, spending the morning on the Hospital sewing.

  • John Michaelson Struck by Auto – Wednesday evening, while blinded by the glare from the lights of an approaching car Russel Carty struck John Michaelson, a resident of Newport, who stepped into the road ahead of him.  Mr. Michaelson’s skull was fractured and he died early Thursday morning.  Altho he had lived on the Island for 14 years nothing is known of his relatives.

  • Mass Meeting at Vashon Theatre – On Sunday, November 11, there will be an open meeting at the Vashon Theatre to discuss the holding of shows on Sunday.   Mr. Burfield wishes to open the show house on Sundays, but would like to hear the opinion of the Island expressed.  Make it your business to attend and help decide the question.

  • Center Store Remodeled – J.H. Rodda has just completed extensive remodeling of his store at Center.  A new entrance and windows have been put in on the East side, the interior redecorated and rearranged to better care for the constantly increasing trade.  Mr. Rodda has also installed a refrigerating equipment and will open a meat department.  He will stock the well known Carstens brand of cured meats, in addition to the fresh meats.

  • Beall Leghorns Make Records – In the Western Washington egg laying contest just closed at Puyallup, the leghorn pen entered by L.C. Beall, Jr. took first place laying approximately 54 eggs more than the second place winner.  Over a period of 51 weeks the Beall pen produced a total of 2580 eggs and in 365 days a total of 2628 eggs.  In 51 weeks the high hen produced 320 eggs and in 365 days, 327 eggs.  In the Georgia contest the Beall Leghorns finished third.  Eighth place was awarded the Beall pen in the Bergen County, New Jersey contest.

  • Donald Thompson suffered a painful accident Wednesday when lumber that he was loading on a truck slid off.  In attempting to hold it his arm was badly bruised and lacerated, but apparently no bones were broken.

  • Hallowe’en was a very quiet affair around Vashon.  The usual marking of windows was about all that occurred.  A marked contrast to the depredation committed last year.

  • The carpenters are at work on the roof of the new Beall building which will house the Met-Cro Garage, and it is hoped that it will soon be ready for occupancy.

  • This week we carry an advertisement for the J.H. Rodda Store announcing the opening of their meat department.

  • Island Hens go to Mexico – Jorge Malottky and Carlos Melo y Santander, personal representatives of Gen. Plutarco Elias Calles, president of Mexico, were Island visitors this week and purchased $1350 worth of breeding stock from Beall’s Pedigreed White Leghorn Farm.  President Calles is stocking his farm with 6,000 thoroughbred breeders.  Shipment will be made in about 10 days.  An order has also been received from England for a $125 cockerel.

  • Community Club Parties Success – On Friday evening of last week in Community Club held a dance in the new F.A. Weiss building which was very well attended.  The newly organized orchestra, “The Midnight Revelers,” Mrs. Phyllis Meers, Earl Pierson, Baxter Callaway and Bud Rand furnished a brand of music that was all that could be asked.

  • Hallowe’en Spooks – If those three Hallowe’en spooks, who came so silently out of the shadows and scattered the briquettes over the porch and lawn, will also quietly sneak in, pick them up and put them in the basement of our house, there will be waiting for them a good bicycle to cheer them when they remember how they had to skee-daddle.  Stephen J. Harmeling.

November 9, 1928

  • Dockton – Capt. A. Peterson and L. Danielson with their boat “Aliluk” are home from the summer halibut fishing.  They report a very fair season.

  • The contractors are putting in the cement floor of the new Beall building which will be occupied by the Met-Cro Garage.

  • The new F.A. Weiss building will soon be ready for occupancy.  The shelving is already in and the carpenters are working on the counters.  Abe Abrahamson is doing the decorating.

  • Born to Mr. and Mrs. George McCormick on Friday, November 2, a 7 ½ pound girl.  Mrs. McCormick and Bonnie Jean are at the Columbus Hospital, Seattle, and George says that 17 minutes isn’t a bit too much time to make the Fauntleroy ferry in.

  • Hoover, Hartley, Dill, Evans, Brinton Win – The results of the general election Tuesday should leave no doubt in the mind of anyone as to the choice of the people.  The National results and the result of the state election have been so well broadcasted that we will make no attempt to tabulate them.

  • Southern Heights – Watermelons can be raised on Vashon Island.  Mr. Bachelor has demonstrated it.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sheffield are witnesses, for they had a fine one from the Bachelor place for their Sunday dinner.

  • Merry Receives Majority Vote – In the election for Road Supervisor, C.H.  Merry was first, Zene Whittemore, second and K.J. Fjeld, third. 

  • Another Name – Mr. Editor:  Please allow me space for a few names for our new Union High School.  When the site had been selected it was said that it afforded a very prominent view not only of the Island but far off points for this reason I am confining my subject to the “View Point,” and wish to submit the following names.  The Grand View, The Island View, The Bay View, The Central View and The Onward View.  M.G. Lenard.

  • Editorial – The Postal authorities have seen fit to move Burton a day and half away by mail although the real distance is less than five miles.  On October 31st the transfer of mail from the Portage carrier to the Burton carrier was discontinued.  We believe that it is time to have direct mail service on the Island.  A move in this direction would be for the benefit of all.

  • Burton – The old woodshed back of the Drug Store that is covered with ivy forty years old, is to be preserved by orders of the Burton Improvement Club.  Saturday, a number of volunteers will replace the old timbers and clean up a space surrounding it and plant grass seed, making a nice little plat around it.  There will be seats and tables for the tourist to stop and eat their picnic lunches.  It will be known as the “Ivy Memorial.”  Some forty-five years ago, a cutting was brought from Ezra Meeker’s old Homestead at Puyallup and planted side of the old shed, it has been growing ever since and now some of the stalks are twenty to thirty inches in diameter.  Post cards are to be made of it and will be mailed all over the country, advertising Burton and Vashon Island.

November 16, 1928

  • Claypool is Named as Justice of Peace – Judge Charles E. Claypool, veteran Seattle attorney, jurist, legislator, was selected today by the Board of King County Commissioners to fill the place left vacant of Chester A. Batchelor, justice of the peace, elected a Superior Court Judge at the November 6 election.

  • No Sunday Show – On Sunday, November 11th, Mr. Burfield called a mass meeting of the people of the Island at the Vashon Theatre to help him decide whether he should open a Sunday show.  Although several had expressed a wish for a Sunday show, when it came time to make their wishes known they had nothing to say.  The sentiment of those present at the meeting was overwhelmingly against the opening of the show, so Mr. Burfield has given up the project.  Since Monday is a poor show night and his investment calls for more than two shows a week the public will be asked to pick another night in the near future. 

  • Benefit Dance – A dance will be held in the new Met-Cro Garage building on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, November 29, for the benefit of the Fire Apparatus Fund.

  • The contractors have completed the laying of the cement floor in the new building to be occupied by the Met-Cro Garage and it will be but a short time now until it will be ready for occupancy.

  • F.A. Weiss informs us that he hopes to be able to move into his new building the first of the week.  This will give him time to arrange his holiday stock.

  • Thursday of last week a Hudson sedan driven by Martin Garner was crowded from the pavement and turned over twice completely wrecking the machine.  The occupants escaped with a good shaking up and a few scratches.  The accident was caused by the parking of a car on the pavement without lights.

  • New Music for Center Dance – The new Island dance band “The Midnight Revelers” have been secured to play for the Center dance, Saturday, November 17th.  The band is made up of: Bud Rand, saxophone player, who formerly played with the Embassy Theatre Stage Band and over station KFOA, Seattle.  Phyllis Meers, piano player and her brother, Earl Pierson, drummer, who are known to most of the Island dancers for their snappy dance music.  Baxter Callaway another saxophone player is playing lots of saxophone.

  • Editorial – That Sunday Show – When Mr. Burfield of the Vashon Theatre asked the people of Vashon Island whether or not he should open a Sunday show he did something that no other show man or in fact any other business man would – namely, ask the public to run his business for him.  After such a demonstration of fair play the people of the Island who expressed their unwillingness to have Sunday shows can do no less than attend the theatre on the days that are left for him to operate.

  • An interesting project is being carried on by Mr. Pease, 8th grade teacher of the Vashon school.  A group of students are learning to play the harmonica.  Such a notable progress has been made by the pupils so far in the art of “tonguing” that Mr. Pease says his apt pupils will start to play tunes next week.

November 23, 1928

  • Cove Notes – The road supervisor and his helpers are widening and re-grading the road down to the wharf.  It will give a better grade and we are thankful.

  • The Chevrolet four-door sedan purchased by Allison Kellogg for his jitney business marks another event in the progress of our Island business.

  • Notice – To the Patrons of the Burton Water Company: On account of illness there will be no monthly bills issues.  All patrons please give their remittance promptly to Mr. F.J. Shaw of the Burton Pharmacy, until further notice.  P.M. Armbruster.

  • Association Elects Directors for Year – The annual meeting of the Vashon Marketing Association was held at the Island Club, Wednesday evening, November 21st.  C.L. Tjomsland was re-elected as director and W. Zimmerman was elected to the other vacancy. 

  • Burton – The “Old Ivy Memorial” is taking on new life once again.  The old posts were replaced with new cedar logs, and the walls of the old shed removed, which adds greatly to the beauty of this spot.   Later on a lawn will be laid out with flower beds and seats for the comfort of the weary tourists.  Then the photographers can get busy with their cameras and Burton and Vashon Island will be advertised all over the world.  The Burton Improvement Club, and citizens extend a vote of thanks to all those who donated their time and labor to the cause.

  • Burton - To our road superviser: While hauling gravel to the new road back of the Masonic Temple, a couple of loads dumped in the mud-hole in front of the Drug Store and Meat Market, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Burton - Two lots on the peninsula were sold to Seattle parties in the past week, and there are prospects  that more will be sold shortly.  Won’t be long now before Seattle will be annexing this Island.  Island people had better watch out and not let all these good prospects get away from them.

  • Islanders Congratulate Gov. Hartley – Dear Sir:  In the excess of our happiness in your success we feel impelled to write you, expressing our heartfelt congratulations, and wishing for your continued success.  We are again moved to express our pleasure in that you are “BULLITT” proof, and know your “FRENCH.”  Assuring you of the continued support, and loyalty, of ourselves, and friends, we are, Respectfully, Norman Edson, P.M. Armbruster.

  • Gov. Hartley Replies to Norman Edson – Dear Mr. Edson: Your letter of November 8th is received.  These words of encouragement are much appreciated and help us carry on.  The people shall continue to receive at my hands, honest, just service – unafraid.  Sincerely yours, Roland H. Hartley, Governor.

  • Regulators Installed – The Puget Sound Power & Light Company is installing a bank of regulators on Maury Island where the power line branches to the gravel pits. This will insure a steady flow of current to the consumer and do away with the fluctuation in the current that has been an inconvenience heretofore.

  • Editorial – The advantage of a good ferry service is being more and more appreciated by the Island folks.  This week several parties have been arranged for the opera “Rose Marie” at the President Theatre, Seattle.  It is all very well to attend an opera in Seattle, but if it’s just a movie don’t forget that the Island boasts an up-to-date movie house that shows all the latest picture releases – some of them before they appear on the screen in Seattle.

  • Editorial – Progress – that is the word that best describes conditions on Vashon Island.  In the past year and a half we have told of many improvements.  Building operations have gone on apace.  New chicken houses all over this Islands, Burton Water System rebuilt, a new water system just installed at Colvas by the West Side Water District, Union High School District voted for the whole island, a site purchased and clearing operations commenced.  In Vashon, the improvement is easier to see, beginning with the Beall-Hansen building the list runs something like this:  England & Petersen warehouse, and offices, Bacchus Lumber Co. yards, the new Vashon Theatre, F.A. Weiss building, almost completed and the Beall  building for the Met-Cro Garage under construction.  We should go back farther than that and mention the C.G. Kimmel store which was the beginning of all this activity.  If we attempted to tell of the real estate transactions in beach property and about all the new homes that have been build, we would surely be in hot water for the task would be too great and someone would be slighted.

  • Vashon-Maury High School – Clearing Contract Let – On Thursday, the contract for clearing the high school tract was signed by C.L. Tjomsland and Louis Deppman.  The contract calls for the completion of the work by March 1st.  If possible, the grounds will be used for baseball games this spring.

November 30, 1928

  • Club Meeting is Well Attended – The regular meeting of the Vashon Island Commercial Club last Tuesday evening was attended by one of the largest crowds we have seen at such a meeting.  County Commissioner elect W.B. Brinton was introduced and he made a short address taking up the present policy of the board and making the statement that if within his power things would be different.  He said that the budget as made up for the coming year did not give Vashon Island much consideration, but if possible he would remedy that condition.  Mr. Phillips of the Automobile Club was the next speaker, and he told of the work that the Club was doing in marking the roads and also about the educational campaign that they are conducting in the interest of safety.

  • Center News – We hope the smallpox epidemic is about over.  The directors have fumigated the Center School, to try and help clear up this disease.

  • Ministers Form New Federation – The ministers of Vashon Island met at the Burton Community Church Friday, November 23, and organized a Ministerial Federation.  After partaking of a splendid chicken dinner served by the Ladies of the Burton Community Church, the meeting was called to order by Rev. Carstens as temporary chairman.  Rev. C. August Peterson was elected temporary secretary.  Rev. H.F. Given, D.D. of Tacoma was introduced and told of what the Ministerial Federation had accomplished.  After some discussion it was decided to organize a Federation for Vashon Island among the active and retired pastors.  The Reverands Armstrong, Carstens and Peterson were appointed a committee to formulate a constitution and by-laws.  A meeting will be called by the chairman as soon as possible.

  • F.A. Weiss Moves Into New Building – Monday of this week, F.A. Weiss opened for business in his new building just across the street from the Vashon State Bank.  The building is a two-story structure built of brick, at a cost of approximately $10,000.  It is 50 x 75 feet in size with plate glass show windows the entire width of the front.  The second story will be finished for apartments in the near future.

  • The appointments of the store are all new and up-to-date, new candy cases, pastry case, and tobacco cases are in place, a Frigidaire counter for meats and perishable goods has also been installed.  The new shelving has been built to give the best display of shelf goods possible and in keeping with the Red & White policy, of which organization Mr. Weiss is a member.  The hardware department has been enlarged and a new wall case gives a finished appearance to that part of the store.  Mr. Weiss has been in business on Vashon Island for many years.  With Ole Thorsen, he purchased the Geary business and then after a year and a half, bought the interest of Mr. Thorsen.

  • Good Bye – Good Luck – With these few words we sign off. 
    With this issue of the News Record, we relinquish the helm to Mrs. Agnes L. Smock, who will henceforth direct its destinies, and we bespeak for her the same co-operation we have enjoyed in the past.  P.T. Garber, Editor.

  • That’s good work that you have done, Mr. Merry, on the cemetery hill.  It should have been done long ago, but better late than never.  Now follow that up by widening the curve at the head of Statelens canyon and the balance of the road to the bend north.  It will prevent some fatal accident one of these days, if it is not done in the near future.  I noticed some wheel marks on the edge of the canyon that lacked only a few inches of disaster, and while we are at it don’t forget the church hill where a little of the same good work will be appreciated by not only the Cove-ites, but by every motorist who passes this way.

  • Notice – To the patrons of the Burton Water Company:  On account of illness there will be no monthly bills issued.  All patrons please give their remittance promptly to Mr. F.J. Shaw of the Burton Pharmacy, until further notice.  P.M. Armbruster.

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December 1928
December 7, 1928

  • Colvas District Takes To The Water – When residents of our sister community, Vashon, began to sprinkle water on their lawns, splash in the bathtub and obtain all the H2O they wanted merely by turning a faucet, we were consumed with envy while at the same time we applauded their “git up and git” spirit.  However, neither envy nor applause satisfied our longings.  We had made one previous effort to install a water system, so now encouraged by our neighbors’ success, in the spring of the present year, Karl Steen, John Zarth, H. Meyer, Arthur Fosmark and R.E. Stafford began again to agitate the matter among themselves.  On June 12, 1928, the aforementioned men together with Mrs. Helen D. Peek, Ben Huseby, and L. Kvisvik, signed articles of incorporation of the West Side Water Company.  The 10,000 gallon tank is located in the northwest corner of the Gabe Mathiasen place, thus furnishing ample pressure for all members.  Indeed we understand that as Colvas the pressure is so great that reducers have to be used.  The system extends south to Mrs. Peek’s place, north beyond D.S. Siegrist’s to Ostrow’s and south along the Colvas Road to Tellvick’s store.

  • Modern Woodmen of America Elect Officers – At the regular meeting of Vashon Camp, 10059, M.W. of A. was held Tuesday evening.  The following Camp officers were elected for the ensuing year:  W.D. Garvin, Venerable Consul; W.E. Beard, Advisor; F.E. Bridgman, Banker; Thos. Steffenon, Clerk; Otto Therkelsen, Escort; R.P. Huston, Watchman.

  • Installs Huge Boiler – Things are getting all ready to boil down at Frank Bibbins’ greenhouses, for during the past week, Mr. Bibbins has finished installing a mammoth new boiler.  We don’t know what its capacity is, but we do know that it weighs fifteen tons.  The Star Machinery Company of Seattle, who have installed it, brought it into Quartermaster harbor and unloaded it from the scow that was required for its transportation.

  • “Bay Island” Sinks in Sound Waters – We regret to hear about the loss of the Tugboat “Bay Island” owned by Elmer Stone.  During the recent storm it sunk in Puget Sound waters, not far from Everett.  From all accounts the tugboat is a total loss.  We congratulate the crew on their heroic fight in saving themselves, and Captain Kingsbury, who stood by his post till the last.  “Bay Island” lying at anchor in the back bay is a sight we will all miss.

  • Announcement – Dr. F.H. Grandy wishes to announce that he will open another office on the Island, December 10, 1928, at Vashon.  It will be located in the building occupied by Dr. Coutts and Sanitary Barber Shop, directly back of Dr. Coutts’ office.

  • Moving Day – The fine new garage in course of construction by Beall-Hansen is being rushed to completion.  The Met-Cro will begin its big moving day Saturday night.  They will not be open for business on Sunday, but by Monday they won’t care how fast it comes rolling in, for they can take care of all comers.

  • Improvements at Cove – A crew of county workmen are busy at the job of repairing and re-decking the Cove dock.  The work will take about ten days.  Another much needed improvement is that neighborhood is the work being done by Chas. Merry and men on the road leading down to the Cove dock.  Two graders and two tractors are being used.

  • Island Mutual Water System – A few weeks ago a movement was started toward securing a community water system for another progressive group of Islanders.  A meeting was called for all of the Center residents interested in the project was enthusiastically launched.  This week the papers for the incorporation of the “Island Mutual Water System,” have been sent to Olympia for approval.  Those behind this project surely merit much praise.  One part of our Island cannot move forward without benefit to us all.  We shall be glad to hear from any other neighborhoods that want to join with Colvas, Vashon and Center in “taking on city airs” with Vashon-Maury water.

  • A little later we will be able to give some interesting information as to why the building from which F.A. Weiss lately moved is so thoroughly being renovated and re-furnished.

  • A crew of men employed by E. Miller and Company of Tacoma arrived in Vashon Thursday morning.  They are engaged in making necessary repairs on the roof of the Post Office business block.

  • Our First Edition – With this, the first issue of the last month of the year we assume the publication of the News-Record.  It is with deepest gratification that we do so, for after our nine years of residence here we feel as strongly today as we did when we first came to the Island that there can be no more desirable place in which to rear a family and live one’s life out.  If, in the process of reorganization such as we are now undergoing we inadvertently blunder, bear with us.  We have had only four days in which to work out this issue and hereafter we’re not going to be satisfied with such a miniature week.  We’ll be like some of those prize winning Island Leghorns that keep working night and day.

  • Burton – W. Coy Meredith has just installed a new gas pump, one of the latest models out.   In connecting the new pump, workmen discovered a leak in the pipe leading to the pump.  No doubt considerable gas has leaked out into the ground the last year.  Coy says if he had known that, he would not have taken his trip to California recently.

  • Our eyes are being somewhat dazzled these days by the new laundry truck H.L. Penny has brought into our midst.  It is white with the words “Puget Sound Laundry” in shining gold letters.

  • Another vacant place is no longer so.  The chicken ranch east of Vashon formerly occupied by W.R. Garvin and now the property of B.K. Starr, has been leased to R.L. Schofield, who moved over from the mainland the first of this week.

December 14, 1928

  • P.S.P.& L. Co. Reduces Rates – Affecting all the territory which it serves save only that embraced within the limits of the city of Seattle, the Puget Sound Power & Light Company, through its president, A.W. Leonard, today announced a substantial reduction in lighting rates together with the establishment of a combined rate for electric cooking and lighting whereby all electric service in the home and on the farm may be furnished through a single meter.

  • Weiss and Met-Cro Formal Opening – It is very seldom that a community, the size of ours, has an expression of prosperity, such as we will see evidenced on Saturday, December 15th.  F.A. Weiss and the Met-Cro Garage will on that day hold the formal opening of their new places of business.

  • Crash Near Tacoma Kills Geo. R. Shoup – Skidding on the icy approach to the Clear Creek bridge on the Tacoma-Puyallup Highway, George R. Shoup of Puyallup, one of the leading poultry experts of the Pacific NW, plunged through the railing with his car, suffering fatal injuries.  Shoup, fifty-five, was head of the poultry department of the Western Washington experiment station of Puyallup – Post Intelligencer.

  • S.J. Harmeling Purchases Phonograph – The report is current that Stephen John Harmeling has recently purchased a very fine phonograph.  The mystery surrounding this fact is puzzling many of us, for it is stated on good authority, that Mr. Harmeling has placed this recent purchase in his barn.  We do not place much faith in his statement that he is thereby persuading Bossy to increase her amount of milk.  Confidentialy, we suspect him of tripping the “light fantastic” in private.  In this day of advanced thinking this is hardly necessary.

  • A Correction – We wish to correct an error made inadvertently in last week’s issue.  Louis C. Beall, Jr. deserves all credit for the construction of the new Met-Cro Garage.  Mr. Hansen having had not part in it.

  • Dr. McMurry To Enlarge Office – Plans are being made for an addition to Dr. McMurray’s present office in his residence at Vashon.  Three rooms are to be added, in sun porch effect on the south side of his house, will provide the additional space his growing practice demands.  In addition to his present office, he will have another office, a reception room, also a treatment room.  These will be furnace heated.  Martin Tjomsland, beside making the plans, will have charge of the building work.  Dr. McMurray has lately added to his office equipment electrical apparatus, such as is being installed in much larger communities than this.  The latest addition is a McIntosh Diathermy.  This is used medically for the relief of congestion sprains and different types of muscle injuries.  Surgically it is used in place of the knife for the removal of various skin blemishes, including skin cancer.

  • Light Company Install Regulators – Last week the Puget Sound Power and Light Company finished installing two 200-ampere regulators at the Hayes corner, on Maury Island.  This was done at a cost to the company of $10,500.  The purpose of the regulators is to control the variation of the electric current.  It will result in doing away with the flickering of our lights.  In addition to this we will have also such a steady voltage that the danger of radio tubes burning out will be practically eliminated.

  • This week the Company have also added to the street lights at both Vashon and Burton.  In Vashon there have been four additional lights installed while Burton is the brighter by six lights.  Due to the untiring effort of the Burton Improvement Club, who are sponsoring the placing of these lights, this number, will in the near future, be increased to ten.

  • Hardware Store To Open Soon – Progress and more progress seems to be the order of the day on Vashon Island.  About two years ago, C.G. Kimmel moved from the Fox River Butter Company store into his present location.  At that time it seemed as though the new store would be large enough for Mr. Kimmel’s business for many years.  Now, after this short time, the business has so increased that additional floor space is necessary.  For several weeks the workmen have been busy repairing and painting the interior of the building on the corner lately vacated by F.A. Weiss.  Windows have been cut on the north side, giving ample light and ventilation.  Here, soon after the first of the year, Mr. Kimmel will open an up-to-date store in which he will handle a general line of hardware, paints, house furnishings and dishes.  He will also carry a splendid line of toys and gifts.  Garner is a “home” product, having lived here all of his life, with the exception of the time spent in service during the War.  He and his good wife, have been reared and educated on Vashon Island and their three youngsters have been born here.  The News-Record feels sure that all who know Garner will be  equally glad that this expansion has been possible.

  • Burton – Mr. N.M. Breiwick of Spring Beach has rented Mrs. Coats’ shop across the street from Shaw’s Pharmacy, and will move in next week.  He will be well equipped for shoe mending and general work.

  • DANCE at I.O.O.F. Hall, Center Saturday, Dec. 15, 1928.  Bill Perry’s Orchestra.

  • Six Years Ago Tomorrow – Do you remember how different the state of affair was six years ago tomorrow?  We were in darkness, the snow was very much in evidence and it was cold enough to freeze an Eskimo.  The poor old News-Record was sitting high and dry waiting to get out its Christmas edition.  The house wives who depended on water from the electric pumps were stewing about dirty dishes and clothes.  It all seems funny now, to look back on that time, but it lacked even an element of humor then.  What made us start in this vein?  Why, Bobbie Burns will be six years old, tomorrow.

  • Center News – The Briggs and Anneberg families have been released from quarantine.

  • Another great improvement along the right direction is the work that not long ago was done on the Beall road near the Harmeling home.  That particular stretch has for years been a menace to the motoring public.  The undergrowth which has now been buried by the new grading, gave the appearance of perfectly good road, to thin air that failed to support several tourists who tried turning out there.  The road is now wide enough for two cars to pass safely.  The hill east a short distance has also been graded down.

  • A great improvement is being made along the Burton road, a short distance west of the Frank Bibbins home.  Bert Crisman is busily cutting the trees and underbrush, not only improving the appearance of this piece of land but also making it a great deal easier for a driver to see the road ahead.

  • As far as we are able to learn from our local doctors, there are no new cases of smallpox, and practically all cases will be out of quarantine in a few days.

  • We understand a movement is on foot to secure lights and decorations for a community Christmas tree at Vashon.

  • The island has long felt the need of a place for mothers to leave their babies while shopping.  C.G. Kimmel and G.P. McCormick are now able to render this service to humanity.  We are not vouching for them, but Garner and George insist that they are fully qualified to properly care for infants, having had much experience in the past few months.

  • Mr. Merry is doing some fine work above the M.E.Church, cutting the corner, straightening the curves, filling in the narrow places and making the road wider where necessary.  Good work, Charlie.

  • The annual meeting of the West Side Water Company was held at the residence of R.E. Stafford, Monday, December 3, 1928.  The following trustees were elected:  A. Johansen, J.J. Habbestad, John Zarth, D.S. Siegrist and R.E. Stafford.  On Friday evening the trustees met at the Stafford residence for the election of officers for the ensuing year:  D.S. Siegrist, president; A. Johansen, vice president; R.E. Stafford, secretary and treasurer.  John Zarth was appointed as superintendent to look after the plant and read meters.

December 21, 1928

  • Vashon Puts On Holiday Attire – If you have any doubt about what holiday is approaching, just visit Vashon, and you’ll have to be a poor guesser not to figure that Christmas is just around the corner.  Last week the streets took on a festive appearance when the new lights were added.  By the first of this week every store and shop in the village has assumed all the airs of the Bon Marche, Frederick’s, and the rest of their big brothers.

  • New Windows Installed In Chapel – Wednesday  Martin Tjomsland installed beautiful leaded glass windows in the front and south sides of Mr. Garvin’s mortuary chapel at Vashon.  The windows which were purchased from the C.C. Belknap Company of Seattle are of opalescent glass, with a double border of darker glass, in two shades.

  • Met-Cro Installs New Cylinder Boring Machine – In keeping step with their policy of progress, the Met-Cro Garage this week installed a Rottler cylinder boring machine.  This machine was purchased in Seattle from the Rottler Boring Bar Co. whose plant was featured in the Rotogravure section of last week’s Sunday Times.  Another result of the activities of this bustling firm was the receiving of the largest shipment of tires that has ever been delivered on Vashon Island.

  • Fire Consumes Barn at Burton – Wednesday morning about 6:45 fire was discovered in the W.F. Bentley barn, and in a very short time consumed the building.  The origin of the fire was undetermined, as the part of the barn in which it broke out was used only for the storage of baled hay and straw, and there were no electric wires in that part.  Spontaneous combustion seems to be the most plausible explanation.

  • Mr. Burfield just couldn’t be satisfied with that fine new theater of his, so he has gone to work on it again.  He was simply boiling to make further improvements, so he has purchased a 2-ton boiler, which in a very short time will be installed.  He is going to see to it that not only is our interest to be kept at fever heat by his pictures, but this new improvement in the heating plant will keep our bodies likewise.

  • Vashon Lily Association Accomplishes Much – The Vashon Lily Association reports that in 1928 upwards of one million, five hundred thousand regal lily seedling bulbs were set out in commercial plantings and as many more seedlings purchased for setting out next season.  In addition the lily growers sold several thousand commercial-sized regal bulbs and report a good demand for larger sizes at an average price of 50 cents.  Besides these the Island regal bulb growers harvested one hundred pounds of seed, which wholesales at $30 per pound.  Other lilies raised on the Island include Easter Candidum, Nankeen, Henyri, etc. but the stocks have not yet reached the size of commercial plantings, although the demand is good.

  • Work started this week on the new addition to be built on to Dr. McMurray’s office.

  • The loafers at the Vashon post office received a great fright Thursday morning.  T.N. Thompson came rushing, grabbed his mail, shouted something at Mr. Garvin and rushed out.  We couldn’t decide whether the day of judgement had come or the Vashon water system had caught fire.  Later developments proved that it was neither.  A flurry in Wall Street had caused a hurried trip to the city, and T.N.T. was trying to make it in as short a time as possible.

  • The tug-boat, Bay Island, belonging to Elmer Stone was finally raised and is now tied to the William’s Mill dock.  Altho rescued from her watery grave the boat is so badly damaged that for the present no effort will be made to again put her into commission.  This is unfortunate, not only from Mr. Stone’s standpoint, but from the whole Island’s, as Mr. Stone’s venture into the tug boat field was one of which we were all justly proud.

  • Plans are in progress for the opening in the near future of a sanitarium on the Keplo Beach road.  Mrs. Hoyle will be in charge.

December 28, 1928

  • R.P. Huston Has A Narrow Escape – R.P. Huston was in a hurry Monday afternoon.  He was on his way to the boat with but a narrow margin of time.  In order to determine just how narrow the margin was, in attempting to consult his watch he forgot that the pavement was slippery, as well as wet.  Much to his surprise he shortly found himself decidedly mixed up with his Ford sedan, which, after taking to the ditch, turned a somersault.  If a telephone pole hadn’t intervened, Mr. Huston would likely have found himself down at Sylvan Beach.  Fortunately his injuries were no more serious than a few lacerations and bruises.

  • Royal Arch Masons Install – On Monday, Dec 17, the following officers were ceremoniously installed by the Royal Arch Masons:  High Priest – Walter G. Parkes, King – Fred A. Weiss, Scribe – W. Coy Meredith, Treasurer – Therkel Hansen, Secretary – Robt. Wm. Martin

  • Real Estate Transfers At North End. – R.A. Robinson recently purchased from O.S. VanOlinda the 75 foot waterfront lot at Vashon Heights dock.  This is the property adjoining the dock on the west and runs back across the pavement.  Mr. Robinson is interested in the West Side Transportation Co. and is one of the substantial residents of the North End, having a beautiful summer home at Biloxi.

  • Eastern Star Installs Officers – On Wednesday evening, Dec 19, Island chapter No. 170, O.E.S. installed the following officers:  Kathran Hansen – Worthy Matron, Zene Whittemore – Worthy Patron

  • Holiday Window Displays at Burton – The window decorations are arrangements of scenery representing three climates in Morrissey’s shop – we can’t use the word butcher – doesn’t harmonize with the surroundings – was pronounced the best window on the Island.  Also in holiday attire were Shaw’s Burton Pharmacy, Burton Trading store, and Williams store.  In two windows of Burton post office backed by greens were two Christmas covers of the Vashon Island News-Record – the one entitled “Receiving Orders” was the 1923 cover of the News-Record – a beautiful picture and a work of art.  The 1927 cover shows Santa Claus busy writing down his orders.

  • Clifford Corbin Injured by Shotgun – Clifford Corbin is congratulating himself that he is not minus an arm, even though he is suffering considerable pain.  Sunday afternoon, he and his brother were out shooting ducks.  When getting into the boat Clifford noticed that the gun had been carelessly put in, with the muzzle toward the bow.  In moving it so that his brother would not be endangered the gun was somehow discharged and Clifford received the full charge in his right forearm.

  • The Vye family were Burton residents for years.  For several years Mr. Vye was janitor of Burton High School.  They own property there and some day intend to return there to live.

  • We’ve all heard of a “wind that would blow the hair off a dog’s back,” but the gale Christmas Eve did one better.  It blew about a dozen globes out of the decorations along the T.N.Thompson building front, then piled them in a neat pile in the gutter.

  • T.I. Hellesto was unable to longer resist his first love and after apparently being perfectly content with the strawberries, chickens and the Island Electric Shop, he again answered the call of the sea.  He returned to the same ship, with the same captain and crew, upon which he had sailed previous to coming to the Island, a coastwise vessel plying between Seattle and San Pedro.  Mrs. Hellesto will remain on the Island and we hope Mr. Hellesto will soon return to us.

  • The jolly captain of the Pinafore had nothing on Skipper Cronander of the good ship “M.C. Wrecker” who with his fearless mate John ventured forth in the gale and flood early Christmas morning.  After sundry terrifying experiences they were successful in rescuing from the elements one Star sedan, which had taken to a madrona tree for shelter, near Assembly Point, Burton.  Captain and crew returned exhausted but triumphant.

  • The Christmas dinner served at the Harmeling home was a most elaborate affair.  The pieces de resistance, consisting of duck and capon from the Daily Needs Market, goose from Matt Morrissey’s, Rhode Island Red hen from F.C. Park, turkey from C.G. Kimmel’s, as well as a ten pound lute fisk from Cove.

  • Wm. Quick, of Milwaukee, Oregon is spending a week at Madrona Lodge.  Mr. Quick and Harry Lee were partners several different times up in Alaska during the days when Dan McGrew met an untimely fate.

  • Phil Green, after planting the Community Christmas tree in the center of Burton, left with his family for the San Juan Islands to spend the holidays with Mrs. Green’s home folks.  They will return before the order is given “lights out” and the tree is removed.



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