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1927 Timeline - (Mike Sudduth)

January 1927

  • F.J. Shattuck has been appointed by Sheriff Bannick as deputy sheriff for Vashon Island.- Mr. Shattuck served under Matt Sarwich for some time.

  • Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Adams have moved into the Francis ranch where they will enlarge their poultry business.



  • L.B. Swellenbach has made formal application for a license from the board of County Commissioners to operate a ferry from Portage to Des Moines.- The hearing has been set for February 8.

  • Last Sunday’s Times contained nearly a full page of publicity for Vashon Island in general and Artist Edson of Burton in particular.

  • Lumber is being hauled this week by the Steen Mill Company for a new store to be erected on the Kimmel corner next to his present location.

  • A number of store buildings will be erected by the Beall-Hansen people on their vacant lots south of the Post Office building.

  • Mr. Will W. Henry, County Agent, has delegated Mr. P.S. Pettelle as his representative to make up a list of all cow owners on Vashon and Maury islands who desire to have their cow or cows tested for tuberculosis, free of charge, by a County veterinarian.

  • The Burton Pharmacy a new business here will open its doors this week in the Hatch building.- Mr. Jesse F. Shaw, the druggist, of Tacoma, has renovated the place.

  • Burton:- A meeting was held at the J. Danielsen home Sunday for the purpose of making plans for a Community Church.- The committee appointed J. Danielsen, C. Danielsen, C. Amundsen and P.Ongstad.



  • A caucus will be held at Burton Grammar school to nominate one school director for District No. 137.

  • The Commercial Club will form a committee to represent Vashon Island in an endeavor to interest the state highway commission in building a continuation to our paved highway to the ferry dock at the south end of Vashon Island, and establishing a state highway here.

  • C.L. Garner local manager for the Puget Sound Power and Light Company reports that his company had a crew at work improving transmission lines to the gravel pits on Maury Island.- The Maury Sand and Gravel Company had orders that would require a doubled capacity of power to fill them.- The power company has also completed the installation of an automatic switch at the cable landing on Maury to protect the fuses installed there.-- They also expect to put in a new bank for transformers both on this side of the channel and on the mainland in order to care for the growing business of the island

  • A meeting of the Maury Cemetery Association will be held at the Dockton Community Hall for the purpose of adopting By-Laws and such.

  • A meeting of the qualified voters of School District No. 139 will be held at the school house for the purpose of nominating a candidate for School Director.

  • R.B. Hayes and son Donald and Mr. Cannon have a contract to move a large amount of gravel for the Maury Island Sand and Gravel Company.

  • J. Busanich and son Louis Busanich, Mr. and Mrs. Radin and family were guests of relatives at Gig Harbor Sunday and attended the launching of the new ferry “Defiance”



  • At the Commercial Club meeting,- Mr. Christensen of the West Pass company presented his proposal for ferry service from Maury to Des Moines, taking 12 minutes, with 18 summer trips and 9 winter trips.- Mr. Merrick representing the Washington Navigation company presented his proposal of ferry service from Portage to Des Moines with “adequate service.”- These proposals will be considered by the County Commissioners at a public meeting February 8th.- Messengers Miller, Garner, Smock, Meredith, Covington, Edson, Spinning, Merry, Van Olinda and A. Stewart were appointed to the committee to look after the island’s interests at the hearing.

  • Alex Moore, Portage, gardener, sent a consignment of fine onions to Dock Street Thursday and the Pacific Fruit and Produce Company was disposing of them for 3 - cents a pound.- They went fast.- It was the first shipment of local onions this season.

  • About once in five years we have a little cold spell out here on the Sound and our boys and girls get a little taste of winter pleasures.- Last week it was cold enough to freeze and the ice was wonderful on the lake.- Saturday the High School had a skating party.

  • The Masonic Temple in Burton will be dedicated on January 29th.

  • It was noted that pussy willows were used in the decorations on Sunday at the Burton church services.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Forest have enlarged their basement and put in two more 540 egg incubators in order to keep up with the demand for baby chicks.

  • Mr. Kuhn is having a building put up that will be partly a garage for his farm tractor and partly a saw mill, as one end of it houses a power saw that is going to do a little cordwood business.

  • Martin Andersen is going into the chicken business.- A house is under construction, John Jergensen doing the work.

  • Mr. Hunt is putting out five acres of Logans.- This will make him ten acres.

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February 1927

  • The Burton Hall was dedicated as a Temple of the Freemasonry last Saturday.- M.W.B. Walter F. Meier, Grand Master.

  • The Presbyterian Church will purchase the lot north of the church building formerly owned by Mrs. Sarah Eernisse.- The church hopes to build a Parish house on this lot.

  • A new club was recently formed for lads under Scout age, a national organization called “The Wolf Cubs.”- The boys of Burton “lair” have already qualified to receive their wolf head badges.

  • Harry Lee, proprietor of the General Merchandise store at Burton, has sold the business to Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Armstrong.

  • Undertaker Garvin has fitted up a funeral chapel at his building near his residence.- The first service held in it was when Rev. Armstrong held brief services in memory of James Maxwell.

  • Work in progressing this week on the new Beall-Hansen block under the direction of Martin Tjomsland.- The buildings will occupy a frontage of 60 feet with a depth of fifty.

  • The new Kimmel Grocery under construction will be a one story frame structure with a frontage of 36 feet and depth of 80.-- It will be ready for occupancy in about 60 days.

  • A light was installed at the head of the wharf at Burton.

  • Our Justice of the Peace and constable informs us that all minors must be off the street by 9 p.m..- Parents are asked to assist in keeping their children at home.- This includes auto riding and petting parties.- All laws will be enforced.- The cost of trial will not be less than $4 which must be borne by the parents.



  • About 50 Vashon islanders were present at the ferry hearing before the county commissioners.- At the hearing, Engineer Evans said the Des Moines dock will have to be practically built new.- It will cost around $15,000.- There is not money in the county budget for this work.-- A follow up meeting will be held next Tuesday at which time the Kitsap people will be given a hearing.

  • The Southern Heights community is going to hold a big “Jubilee” at the school to celebrate the acquisition of electricity.

  • Mr. Vermeulen is putting up a brooder house for the 800 Plymouth Rock chicks that are coming from Mrs. Sandvig.

  • Mr. M. Roncevich is at the St. Joseph hospital in Tacoma suffering with blood poisoning in the foot resulting from having stepped on a nail while employed at the Maury bunkers.

  • About 20 golf enthusiasts met at the Island Club to start a movement for an island golf links.- E.H. Miller was made chairman and J.A. Lindstrom secretary.- H. Steen was present and offered his 120 acres for sale.

  • Burton High:- The Underwood Typewriter Company presents awards to students who make a certain number of words in speed tests.- In the last award test four girls and one boy earned the right to wear the Underwood medal.- Lavetta Francis with a rate of fifty-three words won the silver medal, the rest win bronze medals.

  • New lights illuminate the new Burton drug store owned by Mr. Jesse Shaw.- The Hatch building, a venerable landmark at the intersection of our principal streets has been changed into a most credible looking business house.- One side of the building is entirely of glass which affords opportunity for a good display window.

  • Burton:- Norman Edson and Coy Meredith made a business trip to Seattle Tuesday for a conference with the King County Commissioners, relative to the establishment of a new ferry service for the island.

  • Justice court was a busy place last week.- Three cases having been taken care of.- Two of the parties were fined one hundred dollars each, two bound over to the Juvenile Court and three on probation.- Information from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office declares to read: “Any minor found on the street after dark not on an errand can be arrested for vagrancy.”

  • The Methodist Episcopal Church unanimously voted the use of the Log church every Monday evening to the Scouts.

  • Zene Whittemore is having quite an addition to each of his hen houses built giving room for 1,000 hens in each house.

  • Colvas folks are working hard to get a water system in before the dry season.- The committee in charge is D. Siegrist, Wm. Covington and Henry Seversen.



  • Judge gives Smock sweeping decree.- So called “fraud case” blows up in six minutes after reaching Judge Douglass..

  • After a pleasant winters sojourn with home folks the Edwards boys set sail last week with their fishing boat, the President, for the Alaska halibut fishing grounds.

  • The Burton Library announced all books in the library will be loaned to minors free of charge and the rental charge to adults on all books will be two cents a week.

  • Mr. Oscar Carlson who has been with the Burton Trading Co for some time has taken a position with the Standard Oil Company at Portage.

  • The Seattle P-I reported a postponement for three weeks of the question of increased ferry service for Vashon Island was decided upon yesterday afternoon by the board of county commissioners, pending final outcome of a bill now before the legislature to place all ferries in the state under the control of the public service department.

  • Jeppe Hansen, aged pioneer of Vashon Island, and beloved for his sturdy and unblemished character, quietly closed his eyes on earthly scenes at his home at Center last Friday morning, February 11th, at the age of nearly 82 years.

  • Some of the Colvas folks headed by the Fosmark boys have remodeled the old Colvas Hall and are holding religious services there.

  • Negotiations are under way for the transfer of the Hatch building to Matt H. Morrisey.



  • A Golf Club and Golf Links seem assured for Vashon Island.- Mr. James, one of the biggest golf link architects and builders met with the golf committee and outlined a detailed account of a compete nine hole course.- Mr. James says he is ready to enter into a contract to build a nine hole course complete for a little less than $15,000.- This would include the tees, greens, water system, fertilizer, see, and all labor.- He says it will be possible to be playing on the grounds by August.

  • The Camp Fire Girls of Seattle will build a road - a Road of Friendly Trees - on Vashon.

  • Charles Hall has rejoiced the Southern Heights neighborhood by adding a free air machine to his service station-

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March 1927

  • Tim Clark buys the Garvin Drug Store, the Dew Drop Inn.

  • An attempted burglary was made March 1 upon the new Burton drug store.

  • According to the Bellingham American, A.P. Furbush pulled in a strapping 28-pound steelhead from the Nooksack River.- It was one of the largest of the variety seen this season.

  • Mrs. J.W. Roberts has been getting her pear orchard in tip-top shape for the coming season.- Mrs. Roberts has started catering only to the highest grade trade.- Accordingly last year she packed and shipped out several hundred boxes of extra fancy “perfects” all over the U.S.

  • The “Westland” a new seine boat, is the first one completed of a number of fishing boats being built at the Martinolich shipyard.



  • The local bank has removed one of the partitions on the interior of the banking room, thereby making more room for bookkeeper Steen to expend.

  • The News-Record is informed that school district No. 54 (Southern Heights) elected E. Ridgeway and George Spinning to serve on the board of directors for the ensuing year.

  • J.F. Shaw, Burton Druggist, is now a registered pharmacist.

  • C.G. Kimmel will move into his building about May 1st.- He plans to lease the 30 x 50 building he currently occupies.

  • F.A. Weiss gave notice that the Pump Equipment Company of Seattle are having an expert driller on Vashon Island in the near future.

  • C.J. Ramquist was elected president of the Cove Community Hall Association at their annual meeting.

  • The Fox River Butter Company are after a location at Vashon for a warehouse and receiving station.

  • Smoke from burning rubbish, the robins mating, the frogs giving broadcasting programs each night, all remind us that spring is here.

  • The brick work on the Kimmel block is progressing nicely and will be completed in about three weeks.-

  • Ye Editor isn’t paying much attention to business this week, as most of his time is spent listening to radio broadcast from all over the great west through his Atwater-Kent six tube outfit installed Friday.

  • The Marketing Association has purchased the Tim Clark tract of land lying back of the Kimmel-Smock-Thompson-Middling lots and will use the old building now located thereon for a packing station.- The lots front on the Beall road.

  • W.D. Clark is putting in a Frigidaire refrigeration system with a complete fountain for his store - the Dew Drop Inn.

  • C.E. Bragg was elected without opposition to the Vashon school board and F.J. Sigrist at Cove.

  • Koosma Beretich has sold his fishing boat the “Northwestern” to a Mr. Hansen of Cook’s Inlet, Alaska, and it will be used as a cannery tender by the new owner.

  • Ole Petersen and Stanley Nilsen are joint owners of the trolling boat “Sidonia” which they expect to operate during the coming fishing season.

  • Alfred Johnson was unanimously elected director of the Dockton school board for a term of 3 years.

  • Due to an extended power outage, the printing of the News Record paper was delayed.

  • The Women’s Co-op Club of Maury Center met last Thursday and heard an interesting paper read entitled “Are Budgets practical?”



  • The firm of England & Petersen have closed a deal this week for a new warehouse at Port Orchard.- The firm bought the old creamery building.

  • The Vashon Island Community Club reelected Mrs. C.J. Robinson as president for the third time.

  • Sponsored by the Camp Fire Girls of Seattle, but largely done by the Boy Scouts of Burton and Vashon, last Saturday marked the beginning of an undertaking to plant a row or shade trees along the highway from the north end of the island to the south end.- A professor from the U.W. was present to supervise the work.

  • The new ferry bill passed both houses and is in the hands of the Governor for final disposition.- Awaiting the governor’s signature, Capt. Anderson of the Kitsap Transportation company presented a new schedule for the consideration of the Board of County Commissioners which shows 11 round trips on weekdays and 13 on Sunday.

  • The Marketing Association reelected Con. Tjomsland director.- Elmer Harmeling led in the move to buy the tract of land with the old frame building thereon of W.D. Clark.- The members voted unanimously to close the deal.- This will give the Association a home of their own.

  • Mrs. Dunsford was elected president of the Ellisport Women’s Club.

  • Neighbors!- Look out for chicken thieves.- They have visited more than one place at Lisabeula, and last Saturday while everyone was at the celebration, Mrs. Bittinger’s hen house was broken into and four of her good laying hens taken.



  • Commissioners Paul and Sparkman came over to Vashon to go over the new Burton-Magnolia Beach road.- Up to present over $28,000 expended and no road in sight yet.

  • The “Antartic” a seine boat built in the Martinolich shipyard for Mr. Buzanich of Everett, was launched Monday morning.- The boat was then towed to Seattle to have the machinery installed.

  • Rev. C.August Peterson will celebrate his golden wedding anniversary on Thursday, March 31st at the Cove M.E. church.

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April 1927

  • Too much pressure caused the supply water tank to burst at Columbia School Friday morning just as the youngsters were taking their nine o’clock drinks.

  • Monday night a bunch of young folks decided it was time for a charivari so they started out to locate the bride and groom, but the groom led them on a merry chase from Colvas to Ellisport and back again.- The pursuers kidnapped the bride and the groom surrendered at the Vashon Hotel.

  • John Metzenberg of the Met-Cro Garage went to Seattle to attend a meeting of the Firestone tire dealers of this district at the new Washington Hotel.

  • Work on the C.G. Kimmel building is progressing rapidly.- This week the roof was finished and the lathers are working.- Within the next week the building will begin to look as if it might soon be occupied.

  • The plasterers have finished their work on the Hansen building and E.C. Thompson is building a refrigerator in the store room that he is to occupy with the Daily Needs Market.

  • An interesting bit of history was uncovered the other day when Mr. Shaw began cleaning and pruning the ivy vine that has for a long time covered the building at the rear of his drug store.- About thirty years ago J.M. McClintock, father of- Miss Fay McClintock of Burton brought a sprig of the ivy from the home of Ezra Meeker, near Puyallup (now in Pioneer Park), and planted it at the side of the then new woodshed.- Now you see its massive, tree like stock clinging to this tottering old shed.- Soon the few remaining timbers will fall and with it this old ivy - unless it is give a new support.- Historical landmarks are indeed interesting and it is to be hoped this one can in some way be preserved.- It is well worth it.

  • B.A. Hunt of Burton has just finished putting out 1700 Logan tips.

  • Burton HS news:- New encyclopedia.- A set of Compton’s encyclopedias have been received.- These contain many pictures and seem to be more popular with the students because of this.- NO MORE SNEAK DAYS:- Because so many students who were not Seniors skipped school the day the Seniors went, Sneak Day at Burton high is a thing of the past.

  • The Report of the Financial Condition of the Vashon State Bank shows total assets of $277,504 at the close of business on the 23rd day of March, 1927.



  • Grand Worthy Matron visits O.E.S. Chapter.- Saturday evening, April 2nd, will be long remembered by members of Island Chapter No. 170, O.E.S. and by friends who were fortunate in attending the banquet.- The occasion for the celebration was the visit of the Worthy Grand Matron of the State of Washington, Lena M. Patchett.- It was the 7th anniversary of the institution of Island Chapter.

  • Idaho Governor H.C. Baldridge wrote to Washington Governor Roland H. Hartley “Understand P. Monroe Smock applicant for position District State Horticulturist.- I knew Mr. Smock while he was engaged in the fruit business at New Plymouth, Idaho, and believe he has thorough knowledge of the various phases of fruit industry.”

  • The Puget Sound Power and Light Company has announced they will add four new telephone circuits to Vashon, one to the Heights and one to Colvas.

  • Mr. Matt Morrisey, our enterprising butcher is installing a new refrigerating plant in his market at Burton.- This will put Vashon Island on an equality with Seattle and Tacoma for an up-to-date meat market.

  • Motorist Notice:- a low fence has been built across the road from the Burton High School to prevent motorists from cutting across the athletic field, as they have been in the habit of doing. -With one or two exceptions, motorists are using the regular road to the school building.- However, some insist upon squeezing their cars between the posts and going across our newly graded field.- The regular road has been leveled now, why not use it, and keep our baseball field in condition?

  • Dr. J.H. McGranahan who has had him home and office at Newport has moved to Burton.- His home and office now being located first house south of the Baptist church.

  • Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Trimple have opened an attractive store opposite the Ellisport picnic grounds, and are displaying Happy Home Products.



  • By direct appointment from Governor Hartley, P. Monroe Smock, editor of the News Record has been appointed District State Horticulturist and is at the head of the office in the County-City building, Seattle.- Mr. Smock says this job covers the city of Seattle and the outlying districts of King County.- He has to deal with all the nurseries, florists, bulb growers, markets, and commission houses in the city and county.- The state furnishes him with a car, and the salary commensurate with the work.

  • P.T. Garber who has been foreman at the News-Record office for about two years has made a deal to take active and complete charge of the paper from a business standpoint.

  • The Publicity committee of the Vashon Island Commercial club is having 5,000 folders of the island printed this month.- These 8 page folders are full of interesting facts about the island, and are illustrated with numbers of color plates and a full page map of the Island and vicinity.- These folders are designed to advertise the whole island.

  • The plate glass was put in the Hansen-Beall block and the C.G. Kommel building this week.- The glaziers had the misfortune of breaking the two for the Kimmel building but the accomplished the job on the second trail.

  • Saturday will be a big day with the Island Garage when they receive a carload of Willys-Knight and Whippet automobiles direct from the factory at Toledo, Ohio.- It was but a short time ago that the garage and equipment was destroyed by fire and upon the ruins Mr. Zarth has built a new and modern plant, installing the newest equipment- obtainable.

  • The past week has been a busy one for E.C. Thompson, proprietor of the Daily Needs Market.- By much hard work he has been able to get his ice machine and refrigeration system installed in his new quarters in the Hansen-Beall Block.

  • J.A. Hart captured a carrier pigeon on Burton wharf, took it home, watered and fed it, found no message in the little rubber tube fastened to its leg but the letters N.A. were on the band, probably standing for National Association.- Mr. Hart inserted in the tube his name and place, stating that the bird had been cared for and was liberated April 12th.

  • A.J. Marsh received a money order for goods clear from the Phillipine Island.

  • Mr. Reisling, a contractor, visited his Beula Park cottage and found the house broken open and a gang of young folks busy getting breakfast.- The house was in terrible state, beds torn up and everything in disorder.



  • The Senior Class of Vashon High School presented “Clarence”, a comedy in four acts, at the Island Club.

  • Superintendent Thompson of the Vashon Water District sent a sample of water from the local supply source, Beall Creek to the Department of Health, State of Washington.- The report came back “this water does conform with the U.S. Bacteriological Standard for drinking water.”

  • Bud Smith who formerly worked at the Met-Cro Garage came from Ellensburg this week to take his old position.

  • Geo. McCormick, who has worked at the Kimmel’s Grocery for the past year, left for Juneau, Alaska to engage in his profession of Mining Engineer.

  • O.E. Ramquist has moved his tailoring shop into one of the new store rooms in the Hansen-Beall building.

  • The Junior Class of Burton High School presented “Anne What’s Her Name”, a play in three acts and a prologue.

  • Twenty-five dollars is being offered by the Vashon State Bank in prizes of $15 and $10 respectively for the first and second best 1-10 acre new seeding of alfalfa for the 1927 season, provided there are at least five entries in the contest.- Much of the soil on Vashon Island is adapted to alfalfa growing and alfalfa will furnish an excellent green feed for poultry from early April to late November.

  • The opening held by the Daily Needs Market last Saturday was well attended by the people of the community and E.C. Thompson is to be congratulated on the metropolitan appearance of his shop.

  • The “Dorothy L”, a 40-foot trolling boat, built by Messrs. Larsen and Landers was launched Monday at Stuckey shipyard.- Mrs. Dan Landers broke the bottle on her bow as she slid into the bay, where she was caught by the Sonia and towed to the wharf.

  • All the cottages at the Cove beach are rented thus early in the season, one for the entire year and one for four months.- There are two new cottages going up in the near future.

  • Last week a Seattle paper had quite a write up about a Wandering Jew that had bloomed.- That just goes to show how extraordinary occurrences are common occurrences on our wonderful island.- Professor Stafford has had an immense pot of Jew in his school room which has bloomed 2 years in most matter-of-fact way and no one seemed the least excited over the tiny white blossoms.



  • C.G. Kimmel is moving into his fine, new $6,000 store building this week.- The buiding is of fire proof construction, 36x80 feet with an adjoining warehouse and garage.- The new store affords 3,000 feet of shelving for displaying his goods.

  • Peter Butcher is driving a new Reo Speed Wagon on his daily trips to the city in the transaction of his poultry buying business.

  • The Vashon Auto Freight has recently had a new truck body built for the new G.M.C. truck purchased a short time ago.- Deb Harrington was the builder.

  • The Vashon Island Transportation Company have had new schedules printed showing the leaving time of their buses from the different points on the island.- This service shows several new trips to accommodate passengers from the Fauntleroy trips of the Heights ferry.

  • W.D. Garvin opened a new Real Estate office in the Beall Hansen building and has it well decorated with island pictures taken by the island artist Norman Edson.

  • The first of the month the Tahlequah ferry will begin the summer schedule.- It will leave Tahlequah at 7:15 am; 11:15 am; 3:15 pm; 6:15 pm; 11:15 pm.- It will leave Pt. Defiance at 7 am; 11 am; 3 pm; 6 pm’ and 11 pm.

  • This week, after several months of effort by President Hansen of the Vashon State Bank, the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau of Seattle sent their Mr. Paul J. Braun, Fire Prevention Engineer, to make a survey of the fire risk in the town of Vashon, especially in its relation to the water system now installed.

  • The Burton Improvement Club recently organized by some of our representative business men has as a nucleus the following officers:- W. Coy Meridith, Pres., P.N.Smith Vice Pres, Norman Edson Secy, W.C. Whitfield treasurer.- The object of the Club is Burton’s general welfare.

  • Three new books have been added to the Burton Library.- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, (the illuminating diary of a professional lady) by Anita Loos, The Spanish Chest, a juvenile story by Edna J. Brown, The Cost of a New Work by Kenneth Macleman, was a gift from Mrs W. John.

  • The Dorcas Young People Society will have its meeting together with the Colvas Missions Society at the Free Lutheran Church of Colvas.

  • At the Commercial Club meeting several interesting reports were made.- The report of the road committee was probably of the most general interest and told of a plan to budget all the road monies available the coming year and improving the worst stretches of the existing roads instead of spreading the funds over both new and old construction.

  • Especially for the local Japanese, a Japanese service will be held this Sunday afternoon, May 1st.- Arrangements by Rev. A.M. Herd and Mr. Hoshi, in the Methodist Church, Vashon.

  • W.D. Garvin and O.E. Ramquist with the Daily Needs Market now occupy the available space in the new and modern building just completed by the Beall-Hansen Company.

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May 1927

  • Mrs. Pauline Turner is rearranging her Beauty Shoppe this week having leased the space formerly occupied by her shop and that of Mrs. Sisco in the Thompson building.

  • The Maury Island Sand and Gravel Co. has recently changed hands and is now known as the Independent Gravel Co. of Seattle.- They are increasing their output by adding new machinery and putting on a night crew.

  • Keplo Beach will be a very popular place this summer and in preparation for this business the Power company is extending their lines to give them service.

  • The West Seattle Commercial Club extended an invitation to the Vashon Commercial Club to attend an open house party at West Seattle.- With the opening of the new ferry service between the island and West Seattle, it seems fitting to celebrate the occasion by the residents of both sides and promote a feeling of goodwill between neighboring communities so that they may realize they have something in common of mutual benefit.

  • The logging operations being conducted by Landers Bros. are interesting to us of Burton who watch the huge trucks, which are loaded at Lisabeula, wind their way down the hill under the skillful management of the driver whose destination is the Staples waterfront.- Thus we are reminded that all of the Island’s industry is not confined to berries and chickens.

  • Mr. Shaw, proprietor of the Burton Pharmacy has recently had installed a Frigidaire of three double section capacity.- He is well equipped to aid in the relief of Burton’s icy needs.

  • A flag pole has been painted and a hole dug at the Lisabeula Community in anticipation of a flag flying as they ready for Memorial Day.



  • W.D. Garvin purchased a new hearse this week.

  • W.D. Garvin has the windows of his new real estate office filled with a very beautiful collection of cabinet work, the handicraft of his father, W.V. Garvin.

  • Jim Price, one of the Burton High School students suffered the loss of his middle finger of the right hand Tuesday morning in the high school Manual training shop.- Jim was using the planer when the accident occurred.

  • Vashon water system pays first dividend.- Last Saturday morning at about six thirty fire was discovered in the storage sheds at the back of the Smock building formerly occupied by the C.G. Kimmel Store.- The consensus of opinion is that if the water had not been available that Vashon would have suffered a real loss.- The volunteer fire company deplored the lack of a ladder and pickaxe to better get at the fire.

  • The Senior Class of Burton High School put on the play “Tweedles” in the high school auditorium.

  • Burton:- Ralph Root was the victim of a painful accident the past week when a pile of lumber at the Williams Mill slipped and knocking him down broke one of the bones of his ankle and somewhat bruised his body.

  • Dockton:- J. Martinolich was accidently hurt Saturday evening while assisting in stepping the mast on a fishing boat built in his shipyard.- Mr. McGranahan attended the injured shoulder and broken collerbone and he was taken to the hospital for an xray.



  • After the fire scare of a week ago, the local fire department thought it best to secure ladders and pickaxes.- This week the Chief took the Record scribe by the arm and, going to the house where the hose is kept said, “See there, two 16 foot extension ladders and won’t those pickaxes do the work?”

  • On Monday, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hendricksen, island residents for the past ten years, opened a bakery in the building formerly occupied by the Daily Needs Market, between the F.A.Weiss store and Tim’s Place.

  • Geo. Sheffield met with a painful accident last Wednesday when he fell on the cement sidewalk at Burton and fractured his kneecap.

  • The Fruit Association are making extensive additions and repairs to the warehouse building they recently purchased in preparation for the coming fruit season.

  • West Seattle excursion enjoyed by about 600 Islanders.

  • Graduation has been set for Thursday evening, May 26th at the island Club.- Judge Steinart is the speaker of the evening and P. Monroe Smock, President of the local board will present the diplomas.- There are but thirteen members of this class.

  • Mr. A.J. Marsh, the Cove merchant, is making quite an improvement to his store in the way of an awning across the front of the store.- He says the sun beats pretty hot on his fresh vegetables and fruits during the mornings.



  • Commencement exercises of the Vashon High School were held in the Island Club.- Amos Ramquist gave the salutatory address and Constance Beall the Valedictory.- The Eighth grade pupils who had successfully completed their work were presented their certificates.

  • As we go to press word reaches us that the Vashon High School Girls’ baseball team won the County Championship in a game played with Enumclaw at Renton by a score of 7-6.

  • On Memorial Day the Island stores will nearly all be closed, C.G. Kimmel, F.A.Weiss, and the Daily Needs Market, Vashon, R.H. Armstrong, Portage Store, Theo. Berry, Dockton and the Burton Trading Co. having stated their willingness to close for all of part of the day.

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June 1927

  • The first shipment of Gooseberries was make Wednesday.

  • One of the greatest events on the Camulus Club calendar is the Garden Party.- This year it was held at the home of Mrs. L.A. Wise at Vashon Heights.

  • Island Artists Entertain Over K.T.C.L.-- - Radio fans of the northwest were given an opportunity to hear our island artists, Mrs. Dolly Tjomsland, Miss Sophia Coyne, sopranos, Miss Julia Black, violin, and Mrs. Arthur Ganly, pianist, in a half hour program over the Seattle station KTCL.

  • The Commercial Club meeting held in the Island Club House was attended by only a very few and if you wish you may safely call them the Island “Livewires.”

  • The News Record published the winners in the letter writing contest sponsored by the Commercial Club and the News Record, the subject being, “The West Seattle Trip.”- Mrs. A. Hunt of Burton received the first prize, and the other three went to Mary E. Nichols, M.E. Meyer, and Lillian L.T. Hall in order given.

  • F.A. Weiss has installed a fine new electric coffee mill in his store this week.

  • The Vashon Fire Dept has moved their hose and equipment house to the alley corner back of the F.A. Weiss store where it will be more easily accessible at all times.

  • Illahee, the High School Annual of Fife for 1927 is dedicated to one of Burton’s sons, Mr. Harry Enochs, who for the past two years has been on the faculty there.

  • The steamer Vashona, Capt. Phillips, touched at Cove Decoration Day.- Quite a number of Coveites taking in the excursion to Poulsbo.

  • It is reported that a Port Angeles man has taken an option on 10 acres of Maury land and will start a bulb farm if the deal goes through.



  • At the annual meeting of the Vashon School Board, reports showed a very satisfactory school year just passed.- The board organized by electing M.L. Tjomsland president and P. Monroe Smock clerk.

  • The Music and Art Study Club held its annual luncheon at Madrona Lodge last Friday.- After luncheon officers were elected for the coming year.- As a result Mrs. P. Monroe Smock is president, Mrs. Blekkink vice president, Mrs. Ensing treasurer, and Mrs. Kimmel secretary.

  • Ed Zarth gets second car of automobiles.- Since the fire of a few months ago he has built a new building and installed new equipment until he is able to do any repair job from cylinder grinding to repairing a tube.

  • The Epworth League elected Miss Henrietta Edwards President for the next six months.

  • The West Coast Mission Society of the Ev. Free Churches have bought a large tent and this week it is going to be put up in the grove above Colvas Hall where the Ev. Free Church members and friends have cleared a nice place for it and constructed a circle auto road right up to it.

  • The “Example” with Capt. L. Plancich and crew and the “Westland” with Capt. A. Martinolich and crew left Tuesday for a season of salmon fishing.

  • Mr. J. Nilsen left for Neah Bay Monday in his trolling boat the “Pet”.- Mr. Nilson will spend the season salmon trolling.

  • Last Sunday, June 5, Bob Middling of the Vashon Island Transportation Company returned from Lewiston, Idaho where he had gone to take delivery of a new bus to be used in their island business.- This gives them three buses and will add much to the convenience of their service.



  • The Board of County Commissioners received a petition from representatives of the citizens of the Second District, J.A. McKinnon, F.B. Churchill, P.Monroe Smock, W.J. Lunn, G.W. Beanblossom and A.G. Hanson, asking them to re-district the county, reestablishing the boundary lines of the Second or South Commissioners districts.

  • The Puget Sound Power and Light Company has just completed a thru circuit from Seattle to the island.- Four circuits in Vashon are nearly completed and a new operator has been added to handle the increased business at the telephone exchange.- Two extra men have also been added to the line crews.

  • The Puget Sound Power and Light Company have just installed electric ranges in the A.T. Bacchus and G.W. Blekkink homes.

  • The Marketing Association building is completed.- New scales have been installed and are kept busy as the gooseberry harvest is at its peak now.- There will be a large strawberry and gooseberry crop, but the other varieties of small fruits are below normal.

  • The Pacific Packing Company is putting in a barreling station in the England & Petersen warehouse.

  • This week the Center Store has purchased a new Graham Brothers - ton truck for their delivery work from that busy Center institution.

  • The County Commissioners have had the Vashon Heights Dock replanked and a new float landing for small boats installed.- The ticket office which is never used has been moved so that it is more out of the way and the dock put in good shape for the summer travel.

  • The Commercial Club established the following committees for the upcoming July Fourth Celebration:- Program committee: E.H. Miller, R.W.F. Martin, C.L. Garner.- Master of Ceremonies: Harry Keating.- Community Singing:- Geo. Spinning.- Master of Grounds: F.J. Shattuck.- Sports, etc; Chas. England, Zene Whittemore, W.V. Crosier.- Horseshoe pitching: Fred Bridgeman.- Tug of War Captains: South end team, Tip Soike, North end team, Conrad Tjomsland.

  • Julia K. Larsen gave the salutatory and Ellen Bourgeois gave the valedictory at the Burton High School commencement program.- The Class of 1927 included 13 graduates.



  • Geo. Spinning informs us that plans are afoot to build a public tennis court on the Southern Heights school grounds.

  • The two Underwood typewriters that were stolen from the Vashon High School last March and sold to a couple of pawn brokers of Seattle were recovered this week and taken to the island by the Clerk.- The thief has not been apprehended as yet.

  • Owing to the fact that the berry crops have been so late this year that the Fourth will find everyone in the midst of the heaviest picking with no time for play the celebration to have been held at the Island Club House has been called off.- There will, however, be a baseball game on the VHS grounds.- Plans are being made for a street dance on the pavement at the Island Club.

  • The Fox River Butter Company closed a five year lease this week with P. Monroe Smock for this two story frame building formerly occupied by the Kimmel store.

  • The Vashon Bakery has just put into service a neatly lettered delivery truck to handle their increasing business.

  • Olaf Statelen and Ole Bigjordl of Cove, the young men running the Statelen ranch picked some 100 40 lb. cans of strawberries last Monday.- Two tons of berries in one picking in great shape.

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July 1927

  • Last week Mr. Wm. S. Darrow vice president of the Washington Mutual Savings Bank of Seattle, came over to Paradise Cove for one of those famous cedar rowboats from the Bates yard.

  • Sandy Gorsuch has sixteen baby pheasants running around with their foster mother, and old hen.- Sandy got the eggs from the State Hatchery.

  • Preparations are being made to build a tennis court on the lots owned by F.A. Weiss across from the Vashon State Bank.

  • Mr. Theo. Berry has installed a Frigidaire in his store and is now carrying a supply of fresh meat and other perishable delicacies such as ice cream.

  • The street dance on the pavement in front of the Island Club scheduled for the evening of July Fourth has been called off on the account of lack of interest in the affair.

  • Quite a crowd attended the ice cream social and sale at the Lisabeula church Friday night.- Coming at such a busy time few articles were on display but Mr. Shattuck, our able auctioneer, made things appear so attractive and of such value that folks just had to buy.

  • I.E. Smith and Chas. Martindale of Maury have installed a water system from the old Dawson estate.

  • The Burton library has been increased with books from Mrs. Frazer and Mrs. Whitfield - seventeen adult books and twelve juvenile.

  • The weather man’s calendar seems to be out of tune with what we have formerly thought to be June but despite this little discrepancy Burton Beach seems to be enjoying its usual popularity as a summer resort.



  • The Pioneers Society of Vashon Island will hold its annual picnic Saturday, July 16th at the IOOF hall of Center.

  • We appreciate the wonderful work of the ladies as they support the churches of Vashon.- Next Friday July eighth, with a social in the Log Church and musical program in the M.E. Auditorium, two hours of happiness are promised.

  • There will be no open house meeting at the Island Club this month owing to the rush of the berry season.

  • Roger Graham, well driller of Kent, is drilling a well on the Kutz place two miles north of the Tahlequah ferry on the highway.

  • Sunday will be a day long to be remembered by the island owners of Willys-Knight, Whippet cars, and their friends, for under the leadership of Ed Zarth proprietor of the Island Garage, distributor for this popular make of car on the island a beach picnic will be held at Ellisport.

  • Monday, the Fourth, a flag raising and celebration was held at the Geo. W. Shields’ Sr. summer home of Vashon Heights by the residents of that community.- Judge William H. Hoar of Seattle delivered an appropriate address for the occasion.

  • The Maury residence of Fred Farkas was destroyed by fire last Tuesday morning.- The cause of the fire is not known.



  • Last Sunday, July 10 was a red letter day in the calendar of the island owners of the Willys-Knight Overland and Whippet cars.- Ed Zarth, proprietor of the Island Garage at Center and dealer for that popular make of car staged a big picnic and strawberry feed at Ellisport.- Starting the celebration with a parade of the island owned cars and those of the visitors who arrived on the 9:30 boat from Fauntleroy.- Mr. Zarth led the line of cars to the Island Garage where all were lined up and pictures taken by the island artist, Norman Edson.

  • Vashon Island Lily Club holds first annual show.

  • Don’t fail to see the wild cucumber root on display in the window of the C.G. Kimmel store. -This mammoth root which weights 125 pounds was dug up by the road gang of C.H. Merry while they were working on the Glen Acres road the first of the week and brought to town.

  • The Met-Cro Garage has this week finished building and equipping a wrecking car to aid in handling their increasing business.- The car has a five ton winch and crane and will be powerful enough to put any car or truck back on the road.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ridgeway have been losing chickens lately.- When they returned from the Fourth celebration they found eight dead in the chicken yard.- They set a watch and found that an owl was the guilty person and killed it.- The owl measured four feet from tip to tip.

  • On last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Therkelsen celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

  • Bob Mills, a popular radio tenor and a former Vashon boy is singing at the Vashon Theatre on Saturday night.

  • Beula Park is being slicked up and the gospel tent erected in preparation for the service to be held there commencing Tuesday evening of this week.

  • Dr. and Mrs. Stockley were busy picking loganberries.- Well they were not the only ones.- Everyone who had berries last Monday had a force of pickers in the field.- The weather was fine.- Mr. B.A. Hunt is the heaviest shipper.- His pickers turned out 141 crates.- A Mr. Swensen picked 19 crates alone.- Vashon is noted for the fine class of firm large loganberries.

  • A stereopticon lecture was given at the Cove M.E. Church last week, Monday by O.K. Kverne of Tacoma.- He told of his experiences on the Alaska and Klondike trails in picture and story.- He also took us thru Norway, Sweden and England to Paris.- Sure was a great trip.- Mr. Kverne is a very humorous and interesting character.

  • Harry Potter of Portage left on Tuesday morning for Eastern Washington to help in the harvest fields.



  • The loganberry growers of this district and Vashon Island were hard hit Wednesday by the ruling of the State Pure Food inspector, Ira Case, that the present crop of loganberries was unfit for canning purposes, being infected in many cases with a small worm.- Following this statement the canning companies refused to receive any more shipments even though due inspection of each lot was made.

  • Last Friday night a voice from Vashon Island spanned the continent when a friend in Boston called Mr. A. Hulsether of Vashon and carried on a conversation with him.

  • The dairy industry on Vashon Maury Islands received a great boost this past week when F.A. Claus of Dockton purchased a thoroughbred registered Guernsey bull to head his fast growing herd.

  • Last Sunday the Vashon M.E. Church received officially the “Stars and Stripes”.- The flag reminds not only of this land of liberty, it also brings to memory the names and deeds of Vashon men.- Commander E.E. VanOlinda, W.S. Markhan, C.A. Burton, M.H. Snow, George S. Lindley, Jerome Cutler, N.B. Ward and Woodman Jacobs were veterans who joined the Methodists in the Log Church.

  • Mrs. E. Buchnell has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the school board caused by Alex Stewart’s absence from Burton.

  • The meetings at Beula Park are very interesting.- The tent is pretty well filled up each evening.

  • The sign painters have been busy since last we went to press.- The Fox River Butter Company having had the sides of their new location well decorated and a very attractive sign was also painted on the Beall-Hansen building advertising its three occupants: the O.E. Ramquist tailor shop, W.D. Garvin, real estate and the Daily Needs Market, E.C. Thompson, proprietor.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Therkelsen and daughters of Tacoma were weekend guests at “Olympic View”.- The men caught some very fine fish and as usual some extra fine ones got away.



  • After a threatened disaster to the loganberry industry and growers of the island,- efforts of the Vashon Marketing Association and their selling agent, B.D. Bodle a system of inspection has been worked out with the loganberry growers, the Association and the canners co-operating under the direction of government inspectors by which the loganberry crop may be marketed.

  • Johnny Weismuller is a good swimmer but not the only, only in this vicinity.- No indeed.-- We have two more right here in Burton in the persons Charlotte Bates and Janice Wilson who swam from Burton to Magnolia last Monday.

  • The strip of road between the Telephone office and Center has been made into oil macadam.- There is talk of having the road from Burton dock to the Judd creek bridge re-surfaced in this manner the work to be undertaken partly through popular subscription.

  • H.C. Cronander attended the Redmen’s convention in Seattle on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Earl Bacon who is a member of the crew of one of Uncle Sam’s largest fighting ships, the Colorado, has been spending his shore leave while in Seattle with his parents.

  • Sam Kelly has finished the work of building a tennis court on the lots across from the Vashon State Bank for F.A. Weiss.

  • We have this week a new advertiser in the Starr Mercantile Company of Ellisport.- They announced some very good specials.

  • Sealed proposals for painting and calcimining Maury Center school building will be received by the Board of Directors.

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August 1927

  • Early Sunday morning the home of Miss Gertrude Watts was destroyed by fire.- It seems that the house had been occupied for the week by a newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Featherstone, who were enjoying their honeymoon on the island.- The fire was caused when they attempted to light the fire with kerosene.

  • On Wednesday of this week W.D. Garvin was carrying around a ripe tomato that he had picked from his garden patch and it wasn’t a marble either.- He thinks he has all the outdoor patches on the island beaten for early fruit.

  • Mr. Kutz, owner of what is known locally as the “big barn lot” opposite the Ely place has had a well driven on this property.- The drillers went down about 200 feet and secured such a fine water supply for him that he is thinking of putting up a house and making his home there.

  • El Primero, the yacht owned by Samuel Perkins and the yacht of Mr. Foss of the Foss Tugboat Co., both of Tacoma, were anchored at Portage this week.-- The lights and music from them were very beautiful.



  • There was a great deal of excitement at the Heights last Thursday morning when one of the trucks of the Tacoma Egg and Poultry Co. came crashing down the hill and bumped into the telephone pole at the bottom.- Luckily, the driver was not hurt but the truck was a total wreck.

  • Mrs. McCormick reports a yield of 22 tons of currants from a field of eight acres this year.

  • The Vashon Cemetery Association has launched a program of improvement at the cemetery which when completed will make it a real beauty spot.- The improvement will include a water system when completed.

  • Work has begun on a pipe line to connect the W. Zimmerman and Roberts homes south of town with the Vashon water system.

  • Sealed bid proposals for laying approximately 600 feet of water pipe, installing septic tank and toilets, and calcimining, painting and reshingling the Southern Heights school building and for repairing other out buildings will be received by the Board of Directors until noon Saturday, August 20th.



  • Work on the new Dockton wharf is progressing and when completed will be an improvement on the old location.

  • Fred Frakas of Maury Center is blasting out some stumps around his place.- He is also building a new house to take the place of the one burned down not long ago.

  • A beautiful memorial window is being installed on the west side of the building in the First Presbyterian church this week and all the glass in the Auditorium is being replaced by stained glass.

  • The Burton Water Co. announces the completion of the work that has extended over the past fourteen months in its efforts to give one of the very best water systems possible to our locality.- Everything pertaining to the water supply is under cover and with new pipes, meters, etc. the best of service is insured the patrons by the company.

  • The effect of a holly tree bearing roses is one of the garden curiosities to be seen at Newport in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Armbruster.



  • Hourly ferry service to Fauntleroy asked.- While the committee appointed by President Miller of the Vashon Island Commercial Club awaits the answer of the Kitsap County Transportation company to the proposal of an extension of the ferry contract in return for service from 6 a.m. to and including 12 midnight from Vashon Heights to Fauntleroy and the discontinuance of the Marion Street service the argument for and against is heard on every side.

  • At a beautiful and impressive service the Beall Memorial windows in the First Presbyterian Church of Vashon were dedicated last Sunday.- These windows are in loving memory of Lewis Cass Beall, Sr. and son, Magruder Beall and have been placed on the west side of the auditorium.- The glass in all the other windows has been changed to correspond to the Memorial window.

  • Axel Petersen injured cranking car in gear.- Owing to starting trouble, Mr. Petersen started to crank the car by hand when at the first turn of the crank the car, which had inadvertently been left in gear, started forward crushing him between the delivery box on the Ford car in front of him and the radiator of his Dodge sedan.- He was extricated and taken to his home where Dr. McMurray found several broken ribs but apparently he was not otherwise injured excepting that he was bruised from the shoulders to the hips.

  • Last Wednesday evening W.A. Whitson an employee of the City Light Company of Seattle wrecked his Star coach about a mile north of Vashon while on his way from the ferry.- The car turned completely over and around, tearing off the top and one wheel and almost severing Mr. Whitson’s right ear.- Dr. McMurray attended the injured man.

  • Last Tuesday night a regular old fashioned charivari was given the newly wedded couple, Cephas Ramquist and wife, at his father’s home.- Their many friends of Cove and Colvas with tin cans, horns, cow bells, anything to make a hideous noise stormed the house until Cephas appeared with candy and cigars.

  • The work of regarding the approach to the Burton wharf has begun in earnest.

  • H. Larsen and Stanley left Friday in his trolling boat the “Dorothy L” for Neah Bay where they will engage in fishing.

  • Ellisport feels very grateful to Mr. Merry and his “Gang” for removing several large unsightly rocks from the roadway near the picnic grounds.

  • The Ellisport boys and men have had some strenuous work in fighting fire on the Point near the Ham cottage and in the ravine near the Keplo Beach road.

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September 1927

  • The Vashon High School library room on the first floor has been prepared for a recitation room, the shelves have all been taken down and the walls calcimined.- The partition taken out some years ago between the two science rooms has been replaced and one of them has been made over to accommodate the library.

  • Professor Snyder was employed to catalog the Vashon High School library properly and the Dewey card system for libraries was installed.

  • For the first time in the history of the Vashon High School the halls have been frescoed.

  • The head of the Vashon school system is Superintendent W.M. Smith.- The school board president is Martin Tjomsland.- The school board clerk is P. Monroe Smock.-

  • This week Harry Lee opened for business a neat up-to-date barber shop in the building formerly occupied by the Vashon Bakery and before that by the Thompson Daily Needs Market.

  • 656,002 gallons of water used during August in the operation of the water system of the Vashon Water District.- At no time has there been a shortage of water.- The number of users has increased more than a third during the past year.

  • On Thursday of this week Capt. John Andersen of the Kitsap County Transportation Company was on the island making a personal investigation of the ferry situation.- He stated that his company would have two propositions to put before the Commercial Club committee within a few days.- As we understand them one calls for day service only from Fauntleroy and the other will be split service between Marion street and the Heights and Fauntleroy and the Heights.- This additional service to be entirely dependent upon the extension of the present lease.

  • In a letter to the Editor of the News Record, I.M. Rushton wrote: “I think the people of Vashon Island should think very carefully before giving up the Marion Street run.- Let us not be in too great a hurry to give up a convenient way of getting into Seattle for an uncertain one plus all the inconveniences.- If we tried Fauntleroy for one week, I am sure we should be glad to go back to Marion Street.- I think it was Lincoln who said “Don’t trade horses in the middle of the stream.””

  • The strip of road between Center and the telephone office which was recently oiled as an experiment is now one of the best pieces of road on the island.

  • The Kitsap County Transporation Company has this week put in a new slip at the Heights landing which is a great improvement over the old one.

  • Charley Merry and his road crew have been tearing up the approach to the Burton dock and putting the street on a new level to provide an easy grade to the Burton-Magnolia Beach road, which we hope will someday be completed.

  • H.B. Babcock is building a new chicken house 44x24 feet this week on his ranch.

  • Rev. Hugh Armstrong assisted by Jas. Dann, G.W. Blekkink and W.D. Garvin is putting up a garage on the Presbyterian Church property this week.

  • At the election of officers Saturday evening the Dockton Community Club re-elected Mr. Davis, president; Mr. Theo. Berry, secretary; and Mr. C. Keen, treasurer.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Hector Fraser returned to Burton on Saturday night from an extensive tour of Canada and the New England states.- Mr. Fraser discovered a new value in a membership in the local Burns Club.- While on his Canadian-Maine border to prove his U.S. Citizenship he was in a quandary for a moment to produce credentials, until he chanced to find a Burns Club card of 1922 in his pocket book which was satisfactory evidence that he was a good Vashon Islander and adherent of Uncle Sam.

  • Bill Smith and Homer Morris rowed around Vashon Island, enjoying fishing as they went.

  • Portage:- Bids are requested for the furnishing of transportation of grade pupils in School District No. 54.



  • Tuesday saw the opening of the Burton schools with a much larger enrollment than ever before.- The Burton High School begins the year with ninety pupils, a substantial increase over last year.

  • Mrs. P.H. Green, Joe, Phil and Janet have joined the band of Burton “Permanents”.- After an interesting summer on the north, where Mr. Green’s business still detains him.

  • School began Tuesday at Columbia.- The first day’s enrollment was 67 but some have not entered who will later in the week.

  • The new Dockton dock is completed, as soon as the road which approaches it is graveled it will be ready for public use.



  • The “Bull Moose” returned last Friday, reporting a very successful season.- They are leaving soon for Point Roberts to take in the fall season, which closes Nov. 5.

  • For the past three weeks the road crew under Charlie Merry have been grading and graveling the street leading to the Burton Dock and the new Magnolia Beach road which is not yet completed.- Although this week lowered the street level several feet in front of the Post Office and the Williams store it is a great improvement.- Mrs. Hunt is having a new cement wall and sidewalk put in front of the Post Office and Charlie Merry has had a plank walk laid to the dock.

  • It is reported that a car belonging to Mr. Berry, son-in-law of Gilbert Smith, has been stolen near the Tahlequah dock.

  • Charley Olsen whose car was stolen about three weeks ago has received word from Sacramento California that is has been found in that city.

  • With a record attendance of 91 students, Burton High school began a new school year last week.

  • The Vashon grade enrollment is now 162 having been increased by the addition of one new third grader and one fifth grade pupil.- In High School two new pupils have been added to the Freshman class.- This makes 35 the largest class ever to enter Vashon High School.- One Senior has returned making 19 members.

  • Miss Martha Christman left for Cle Elum on Monday to take up a position with the State Anti Tuberculosis League.-



  • This week the Kitsap County Transportation Company inaugurated their new Winter Ferry service with a schedule that gives the Island three round trips into Marion Street and five trips to Fauntleroy.- Three of these trips to Fauntleroy gives the island a much needed night service, the last boat leaving Fauntleroy at 12 midnight.

  • G.L. Garner of Puget Sound Power and Light Company noted that they offer the three cent per kwh rate for all customers, the same rate charged by Seattle City Light.

  • Burton High School reports an enrollment of 95 pupils in this, the third week of school.- The Vashon High school enrollment was increased to 106 the largest enrollment in the history of the school.

  • The use of the new stump burner, about which much has been written, a portable refuse burner, land clearing coulter for plow, self release choker, Paul Bunyon Hammer, root hook, chain whip and other land clearing, labor saving devices will be demonstrated on the farm of Elmer Harmeling, - mile south of the Telephone office, by R.N. Miller, specialist in Land Clearing Economics on Friday, September 30th.- Safety methods in the use of government powder, Pyrotol, will also be shown.

  • Last week El Zarth of the Island Garage delivered a new Whippet Coupe to B.D. Mukai.

  • Because of the large enrollment at Burton High School this year, several new desks have been added to the assembly also a number of lockers were added and furnished.- The total attendance is now 95 pupils.

  • Vashon Grade School has picked up one new student to the first, making 163 in the grade school.

  • WHO’S ON FIRST?- Mr. Agren who was employed to build the new room on the first floor has the work finished and the first room has been moved to their new quarters.- There are thirty of them and they are proud to have a room all to themselves.- The first room on the second floor now contains the second and third grades.- The fourth and fifth are together as are also the sixth and seventh, while the eighth grade has a room all to themselves.

  • Uncle Joe Raisbeck from one-half sack of seed potatoes, raised 18 sacks of the Banner variety.- Can you beat it?

  • The “Westland” the “Example” and the “Meridian” with their Captains and crew returned Monday from the salmon banks after overhauling their boats here.- They will leave within the week for a season of fall fishing.



  • On Monday evening the 26th representatives from various communities met at the Island Club House where Rt. Rev. Arthur P. Huston, Bishop of Olympia addressed them in reference to their desire of reestablishing Episcopal services on the island.

  • This week F.A. Weiss is rearranging part of his general merchandise stock and installing new glass cases to better display his wares.

  • The Rev. Dr. C.E. Preston, pastor of the Edmonds M.E. church, now the Hughes Memorial for eight and a half years, was this week transferred by the- Conference to Vashon where he will move his family at once.

  • This week the State Department of Public Works granted a certificate to the Vashon Navigational Company for freight, passenger and ferry service between Tacoma and Quartermaster Harbor, via Brown’s Point, Rosehilla, Manzanita, Harbor Heights, Indian Point, Magnolia Beach, Shawnee, Burton, Dockton and Kingsbury.

  • This week contractor Shattuck and J. Jensen have completed a roof over the landing platform at the freight entrance of the C.G. Kimmel store.

  • Patrons of the Fauntleroy Ferry will appreciate the fact that lights have been placed on the dock.- This will be a great aid to those who use the night service, especially foot passengers.

  • The trial of the contractors on the Burton-Magnolia Beach highway against King County, and Frank H. Paul, was heard before Judge Jones last week and resulted in the court refusing to allow claims for extras in an amount which totals something like $4,000.

  • Early this week marked the closing of Island Inn after a period of nearly two years in which time, Mrs. O.L. Evans has won a very enviable reputation with- the traveling public. -Mrs. Evens has secured a new position on Fraternity Row in Seattle.

  • Max Petersen is back from Alaska.- He reports a poor season’s work as the Salmon are not running very well this summer.

  • A truck loaded with sacks while shifting gears by the dock ran out into the water and was piled up.- The reason for the pile up being that the driver misjudged his distance leads this correspondent to ask why there is no guard rail there.- This question was brought forcibly to the minds of those present on account of the casualties.- One of the passengers had his jaw broken in three places as well as his shoulder.- The hero of the occasion was Mr. Richard Robertson, who plunged into the water and helped the passengers out.- The name of the driver is unknown, but the truck number is 582-460.

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October 1927

  • At a series of meetings held during the past two weeks, action has been taken to organize a co-operative hatchery association to serve the community.- The outstanding purpose of this Association is to maintain and improve the standards of commercial poultry breeding.

  • A Tacoma Fuel Co. truck went over the bank between Bittinger and Spinning residences, Wednesday, Sept. 29.- A guard rail is badly needed there.- A bad curve and a ravine make a dangerous combination.

  • Frank C. Carlton killed in blast.- Last Thursday Frank C. Carlton was instantly killed and William Triggs seriously by a delayed blast.- The two men employees of the Independent Sand and Gravel Co. of Dockton were blasting and had set their charges, two of which went off at once, the third apparently was not going so they set out to investigate, as the neared the place this third charge went, instantly killing Mr. Carlton and injuring Mr. Triggs.

  • At Vashon High, Mr. Thomas Steffanson completed the new lighting installation over the week end.- Each of the halls now boast two fine ceiling lights.- The assembly has four fine chandeliers with large lights, each room is well equipped as well as the basement where some new lights have been installed.

  • Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation, etc. Required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912, published in the News Record, indicated that for October 1, 1927 P. Monroe Smock is the Publisher, Editor and owner of the News Record, and P.T. Garber is Business manager.

  • The Cubs, and organization of very young men who hope some day to be Boy Scouts were called together for their first meeting of this year, by their leader, Mr. McElvain.

  • Zene Whittemore’s family has a close call last Monday.- They were all in the dining room when an awful flash of lightning struck the house.- It sent the bricks of the chimney flying and tearing quite a hole in the roof.- Entering the house it scattered soot all over everything and following the Radio wires didn’t do a thing but blow the machine to pieces and set the house back of it on fire.- None of the family were hurt.



  • The speedboat built at the Martinolich shipyard was launched on Saturday.- It was shipped by its owner.- The destination was not revealed.

  • The new dock is now open for traffic and the location is an improvement to the town of Dockton.

  • Island artist is recognized abroad.- The fame of the island and our island artist, Norman Edson, is spreading.- This week he received a letter from a magazine, Landmark, published in London, England, requesting pictures of “The Mountain” and this region to be used in their publication.



  • The foundation for the monument to be erected by the local Pioneer Society is ready for the monument, which is to be brought out from Seattle soon.- The work was donated by Frances Sherman, Frank Fuller, Frank Kingsbury and Otto Therkelsen.

  • The farm Mr. Shaefer purchased from John Deppman some months ago, is being cultivated the past week thousands of flower bulbs were put in by local men and boys.- Mr. Shaefer plans to put in several acres more and make other improvements a little later.

  • The annual meeting of the cemetery lot owners was advertised for Oct 10th to be held in the Community House, but the House being occupied that evening we adjourned to W.D. Garvin’s office.- Only four citizens showed up for the meeting.

  • This week Cronander and Metzenberg, proprietors of the Met-Cro Garage installed complete storage battery testing and charging equipment for the convenience of their patron.- The charging unit will care for from 1 to 15 batteries at a time.- The most important part of this installation however is the Portostat or electrical test instrument which includes in one unit a voltmeter, ammeter, cadium test, torque test and others, and by using this instrument it is possible to tell exactly in what condition your battery may be.

  • Mrs. C.W. Hall reports that on her return home Friday after a short absence she found the house had been thoroughly ransacked by someone.- The piano even showing marks of calked shoes.

  • The Report of the Financial Condition of the Vashon State Bank on the 10th day of October, 1927 shows total assets of $310,577.

  • Among the various improvements that Burton has witnessed recently are on a par with our new graded Main Street is that of the remodeling of the Post Office.- The additional space afforded those in charge of the federal work will greatly facilitate the handling of mail.- The first Post Office serving this locality was the one that Jas. W. Wiley had at Quartermaster in connection with his store next to the Stanley place.- When M.F. Hatch established the town of Burton, Wiley turned the office over to him.- Hatch’s term as postmaster extended from Oct 1898 to July 1902, when Miss Gertie McClintock took it over.- She had this position until 1908 when she was succeeded by Earl B. Watts who after two years or in 1910 was followed by the present incumbent, Mrs. August Hunt.



  • Last Tuesday evening the first regular fall meeting of the Vashon Island Commercial Club was held in the Auditorium of the Burton High School.- Commissioner Paul was introduced and he gave the status of the Magnolia Beach road which he said could not be completed for another year as it was not included in the Budget and that it would require another $10,000 to do the work.

  • At the monthly meeting of the Vashon Lily Association, Geo. Sheffield was elected president, C. Shride vice-president.

  • A wide awake interest of the whole island in the Goodwill Farm was brought to a climax Thursday evening by the enterprise of Rev. Vereide, who summoned twenty citizens of the island from its four corners for a meeting held on the Farm, and organized an Operating Board of Directors of Exchange Goodwill Farm.- Mr. L.C. Beall was elected President and P. Monroe Smock was elected Secretary.

  • Thursday morning Mrs. O.E. Minor had the misfortune to fall down the stairs in her home at Center.- She died shortly after reaching the hospital.- Death was caused by the fracture of the base of the skull.

  • Last Tuesday evening the Vashon Island Commercial Club met at the Burton High school.- Less than 30 were in attendance out of a membership of 100 or more.

  • Burton High School:- Monday we had the privilege of having Dr. Johnson of the First Baptist Church of Tacoma with us again.- This is the third time he has spoken before our assembly.- His speech was concerning the honor cup, which was presented to the high school four years ago by the Men’s Bible Class of Burton.

  • The Vashon Island - Maury Island Pioneer Association will dedicate a monument to the Pioneers of the islands on November 11, Armistice Day.- The Monument will be erected near the Quartermaster Dock.

  • In the near future moving pictures taken of the Carnival and the crowning of the Queen of Vashon Island with other pictures of interest will be shown at the Vashon Theatre for the purpose of raising funds for the P.T.A.

  • ANNOUNCEMENT by Wenzel Leon Hard, licensed barber:- On, or before, the first of December we will move the Sanitary barber shop to our new location next to Kimmel’s new store, where we will have a strictly up to date Barber and Beauty parlor combined.- Miss Stella Collings, expert operator will be in charge of the Beauty Parlor.-

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November 1927

  • Maury: Of interest to all of us comes the news of the sale of the old Mattson’s- waterfront home.- The latter is to be used for a hotel and summer resort, and the home on the hill is to be occupied next month.

  • This week work was started on the new building to house the Sanitary Barber shop next to the Kimmel store.

  • Martin Tjomsland has just completed laying a concrete sidewalk in front of the Smock building now occupied by the Fox River Butter Company.

  • Vashon:- Halloween was celebrated in the usual manner around Vashon.- Not much real damage was done with a few exceptions.

  • Center:- Mr. A. H. Johnson is building a new chicken house, large enough for 500 hens.



  • Maury:- Mrs. Howard Jones was on the island Tuesday of this week.- We miss these Pembroke people and will be glad when work in the gravel pit opens up, that we may have them with us again.

  • The C.G. Kimmel and F.A. Weiss stores will be closed from one until four p.m. today, Armistice Day.

  • Here is a chance to get a water system in the Vashon Cemetery and save some money.- Mr. D.P. Slater who installed the water system at Vashon- is putting in a system just out of Tacoma and will put in a system for us at a very low price.- He will put in a pump and 2 h.p. motor at the creek west of the cemetery and run a 2 inch pipe to the N.E. corner and there put in a 5,000 gallon tank on a good tower and distribute 800 feet of 2 inch pipe throughout the grounds with 25 outlets.- This will put water within a distance of a 50 foot hose for every lot in the cemetery.- Your committee has had the grounds cleaned up and walks laid out every 40 feet and have all bills paid and about $150 still in the treasury.- Now Mr. Slater’s price for the above would be $950.- Mr. Slater would need to know by Nov 22nd to get that price.

  • The 42nd Anniversary of the dedication of the Old Log Church here at Vashon will be observed on next Sunday, Nov 13th.

  • This past week Mrs. Emily Hall proprietor of the Vashon Laundry has added to her equipment two steam pressing machines.

  • Lumber for the new Dockton Community Church is down on the Dock and as soon as it is hauled to the lot, the building will commence.

  • The Burton Water Company has recently completed laying over 3,000 feet of main known as the Metting line.

  • Burton:- An echo from Halloween comes to us in the form of a police story in which four young men of the island were arrested for serious damage done on that night.- Their fun was rather expensive having to be paid for to the equivalent of about twenty-five dollars.

  • Today will live long in the memory of the residents of this island for with fitting ceremonies the Pioneer’s Association of Vashon Maury Island will dedicate a monument to the pioneers of the islands.- These ceremonies will be held at Quartermaster at one o’clock.- An address will be given by Judge C.E. Claypost and vocal numbers by the Vashon Island Male chorus.

  • F.A. Weiss has purchased a new delivery truck to use in connection with his delivery route from the store.

  • Patrol No. 2 of the Vashon Troop of Boy Scouts spent last Thursday visiting in the Boeing Airplane plant of Seattle.

  • Work is progressing rapidly on the new building that is being constructed for the Sanitary Barber Shop by C.G. Kimmel.

  • Bob Middling is having the garage on the south side of the Cash & Carry building remodeled so that it will hold the big buses and also have an outlet at the back for use in case of fire.

  • Mr. D.P. Slater was on the island Thursday renewing old acquaintances and incidentally making an estimate on a water system for the Vashon Island Cemetery.

  • Southern Heights:- Mr. Vermeulen has been building an up-to-date dairy, which will be a fine addition to his plant.

  • Notice:- There will be a meeting of the “Skippers Club” at the regular place, Monday, Nov 14th.- All members please take particular notice.- (Grand Admiral)



  • Maury:- We see that the new bulb farm is getting ready for real business.- They are getting bulbs planted for spring blooming.

  • Maury:- Now that the hall is painted, it calls for more improvements, the urgent need being a piano.- So the Sunday School is purchasing a piano, to be installed before Christmas.

  • Mrs. Hunt says a Burton restaurant will be springing upon Main Street in the near future where the hungry within our gates will be assured a good meal.- She is withholding details for the present.

  • Burton:- The seventeen month old little daughter of Norman Forsythe has passed the crisis in a serious attack of bronchial pneumonia as a result of which her father is unable to devote his entire time to his barber shop recently opened.

  • Burton:- Report of depredation to his mail carrying equipment was made by Amos Cummings early this week.- It is to be deplored that any of our younger members could consider this fun in any sense and have they stopped to think of it as an offence coming under Federal Statutes.

  • The 42nd Anniversary of the dedication of the Old Log Church here at Vashon was observed last Sunday, beginning with a “Rally Day Exercise” of the school in the morning with the usual Annual Dinner at 1 o’clock.

  • An outstanding event in the history and progress of the islands occurred Friday, Nov 11th as the Vashon-Maury Island Pioneer Association unveiled a beautiful and appropriate monument to the memory of the early pioneers of both islands.- The stone is ideally located on the small triangle known as Pioneer Place, near the Quartermaster Dock and close to the spot where a large party of the earliest pioneers first landed.- Much credit is due Capt. F.M. Sherman, President of the Vashon-Maury Island Pioneer Association for successfully carrying forward the plans for the erection of the monument.- The stone is 8 feet high and weighs 3 tons.- The grounds surrounding it are soon to be improved with trees and concrete paths.- Pioneer families we noticed represented among the crown were Burtons, Markhams, Clarkes, Bibbins, Mathis, Christmans, Fullers, Kingsburys, Kimmels, McClintock, Shermans and Wards.

  • Thomas Steffansen has just finished installing a new system of electric bells for the Vashon High School.- A large bell has been placed in the Manual Training room, one in the Typewriting room, one in the Home Economics room and in the upper hall.- All these bells ring simultaneously for passing from one class to another at the end of class periods.

  • Some 26 new books were added to the Vashon High School library last week. -They were books of fiction and most of them were required reading in t he English classes.



  • Power Company Reduces Rates:- Effective Dec 12, a reduction of approximately ten percent will be made in domestic light and power rates throughout Vashon Island, according to an announcement made this morning by C.L. Garner, resident manager of the Puget Sound Power and Light Company.- Since the entire population of the island is estimated at about 4,600 people, and it is reasonable to count from three to four to the family, it is plain that more than 90 percent of the people of Vashon are now receiving electric service.

  • Met-Cro Garage To Have A.A.A. Work:- Wednesday the Met-Cro Garage signed a new contract with the Automobile Club of Washington and will under this new agreement be able to give better service than ever before.- One condition is make, however, and that is that no A.A.A. service will be allowed unless the driver has the A.A.A. membership card in their possession at the time of the service.

  • This week the England & Petersen Company announce that they have inaugurated a policy of purchasing cement in car lots and that in future they will be able to sell cement here at Seattle prices.- This means a saving of 40 cents a barrel to the customer.

  • After several months of preparation the Red & White chain store system has been organized on Vashon-Maury Island.- The organization includes the Burton Trading Company, Portage Store, the stores of F.A. Weiss, Theo Berry and A.J. Marsh.

  • In a letter from August Hunt, Burton Postmaster, patrons were notified that the postal department requires fourth class postmasters to inspect their rural routes twice a year and report to the department as to the condition of boxes, the service of carrier, and other information regarding the rural service.- Mrs. Hunt stated “It will save a personal letter if each patron knowing his box is faulty, will at once correct the trouble, so our report will be satisfactory to the department and this office receive honorable mention in the monthly supplement to the Postal Guide.

  • Burton:- The Lander Bros. are getting 8,000 Christmas trees off the island to be trucked to Puyallup for a firm there, and shipped on to Los Angeles.

  • A party of over twenty members of the Mountaineers Club of Tacoma, let by Miss Fraser, formerly a resident of Burton, visited the Art Exhibition at Mr. Edson’s.- They had been hiking over Vashon Island during the day.- With the party were Mr. Denman of Tacoma, a well known mountaineer of some years.- His snow-white hair had often mingled with the eternal snows of the high Cascades, a well known figure in Washinton outdoor life.

  • The Sanitary Barber Shop will be closed from November 27 until about December 15, when it will be opened in the new building now under construction next to Kimmel’s Store.- Wenzel Leon Hard, proprietor.

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December 1927

  • There is a big movement on foot to organize a Community church at Burton, with every prospect of its success.

  • Work is being rushed on the new building, next to the C.G. Kimmel store, which is to be occupied by the Sanitary Barber Shop and Dr. V. Charles Coutts’s dental offices.

  • This week we wish to call to your attention a new advertisement under the Health Service classification, that of J.W. Edmunds, Oph. D. and Ethel A.K. Edmunds, Optometrists.- Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds are Vashon Islanders at least nine months out of the year having a ten acre tract of land and one of the attractive home of the island at Diworth Point.

  • Movies taken by Frank Jacobs, of Seattle, of the Orthopedic Carnival in the summer of 1926 will be shown at Vashon Theater in January, as a P.T.A. benefit.- These movies are locally owned and have been preserved for the purpose of aiding, as far as possible, the splendid work that has been done by those most interested in the welfare of our schools.- The movies are very fine, are wonderfully complete in so far as showing the well remembered “Queen Day” celebration.- In fact, nearly every Vashon Islander will see him or herself in the pictures.- They have never been shown, excepting a few feet of the film that was “borrowed” by mistake by certain Seattle interests.

  • Mr. A.C. Rundall of the State Department of Agriculture was on the island slaughtering the chickens from the flocks of the Vashon Island Co-Operative hatchery that were found to have Bacilliary White Diarrhoea.- This year, all re-acting birds had to be officially slaughtered to prevent any chance of any reactors being left in the flocks.

  • The residents of Union T. high school district, in conjunction with the school trustees, and Charles Merry, who furnishes the grading equipment, will beginning Dec. 1st level and enlarge the high school grounds.- The job will take 10 days or two weeks.- Operating expenses will be paid out of the funds of the school board. -The labor required, other than that of driving the equipment, has been volunteered by the residents of the district.- The north end of the grounds will be cut down to the edge of the Judd creek bank.- This will increase the length of the field about 50 feet.- The ground taken from the north end will be deposited to one side, almost directly north of the school building.- This leveling will also greatly widen the field at the north end.- The high ground that begins near the center of the field will be deposited at the south end.- The fill here is considerable and will probably average 3 feet across the width of the field.- The additional area added to the present used part of the field will be approximately one-third of the total now available.

  • The Class of 1926 are going to present a silver cup to the school which shall be engraved with the numerals of the class winning the class basketball league each succeeding year.- It is rumored that the class of 1928 expect to have their numerals on the cup, but it remains to be seen.

  • Burton:- The B.B.S. Club which is working for an organ for the new church, made a profit of $11.00 from the candy and flower sale at the bazaar Saturday night.

  • Out of the thought given by Einar Hoelbell, Danish postal clerk to the possibilities of a penny tax which is applied to the support of a hospital treating tuberculosis has grown the vast international scheme of raising funds by way of the Christmas Seal.- Burton school children are actively putting over our quota and the cooperation of their parents is solicited.

  • Mr. Pokuzo Yamaguch special correspondent for a Japanese Poultry Journal has just arrived from Nagoya, Japan and is the guest, for the present, of James R. Yamada, west of Burton.- He will inspect the different poultry ranches on the island, to gather information for his home paper.



  • The regular monthly meeting of the Dockton Community Club was held at the Community House Saturday evening.- A poverty party followed the business section.- Mrs. J. Busanich won the prize as being the most poorly dressed, and Clifford Petersen the poorest dressed man’s prize.

  • On Monday evening December 5, Robert Burns Chapter No 48 R.A.M. held their annual election of officers.- High Priest, Axel H. Petersen;- King, W.G. Parkes; Scribe, F.A. Weiss; Treasurer, T. Hansen; Secretary, R.W.F. Martin

  • On Wednesday of this week A.T. Bacchus had the misfortune to have his leg broken and receive other injuries when a pile of shingles fell on him while he was loading his truck in a Seattle lumber yard.- He was taken to the Columbus Sanitarium for treatment.

  • On Tuesday of this week Island Chapter No. 170 O.E.S. elected the following officers; Worthy Patron, Sister Cora Stone; Worthy Patron, Bro. T.W. Phillips; Associate Matron, Sister K Hansen;- Conductress, sister Nettie Whittemore; Associate Conductress, Sister Elizabeth Hearst; Treasurer, Sister Lillian Cristman; Secretary, Sister Clara Kimmel.

  • All those interested in holding a smoker on Vashon Island come out to the meeting to be held in the Vashon Theatre on Tuesday, December 13 at 7:30.- Tim Clark says that there will be at least a lengthy battle of words and that plans will be made for a smoker to be held for the benefit of the Vashon Island Baseball Club.-

  • Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Bryan, well known representatives of the celebrated Fisher’s Flouring Co., will furnish the Electric-Baked “Biscuits” for the “Aid” Dinner, at the Island Community House, Saturday night.

  • Mrs. R.J. Armstrong was severly injured when the car in which she was riding crashed into a parked car standing without lights on the highway.- The accident was caused by the glaring lights of an approaching car that blinded Mr. Armstrong, who was driving.

  • Southern Heights - On Monday of last week Mr. Hall’s truck caught fire.- He succeeded in putting out the fire but burned his hands badly, however, due to prompt attention by Mrs. Hall the burns are healing nicely.

  • A landslide has blocked the Paradise Cove road very badly.

  • On Thursday the first day of December a meeting of the Burton Improvement Club was held in the Baptist Church.- The proposal to organize a garden club was received and a committee was appointed for that purpose.- The question of giving names to the streets of Burton came up and was acted on.- The Burton Shawnee road was not forgotten, and a oommittee was apponted to find out how soon work would be continued on it.

  • The grading of the Burton High Campus is now well under way.- The field is being leveled off by excavating at the north end and filling up the low ground at the south end.

  • Ellisport harbor is alive with fishing boat, as many as seventeen having been counted at one time.- It has been possible for residents of Ellisport to enjoy fish that are still flopping when put in the pan.

  • Maury - And now we have a piano!- We are proud of our hall with its new paint, and just as proud of our piano installed this week.

  • We see Mr. Rendall is driving a nice new truck.- We hope his new facility will warrant more loyal support of our “naborhood grocer”



  • Mrs. J.W. Roberts informs us that she shipped over two tons of pears to England in November.- She also says that owing to the fact that the last spraying was made in June she did not have to wash the fruit as Eastern Washington growers do to get rid of the spray residue.

  • On Monday of this week, L.C. Beall, Jr. sold to Mr. Medina from the Chilean Experiment Station two cockerels and 10 pedigreed pullets valued at $650.- Mr. Medina had heard of the Beall Pedigree Leghorns and came to see them on Sunday.- Monday he returned and made the purchase.- The chickens has to be crated in specially insulated crates because of the cold here and the tropical temperature at their destination.- It is expected that about 25 days will be required for them to reach Santiago, Chile.

  • Vashon School notes - Since the cold spell some fine skating is to be had on Markum Pond and we have had several parties on the ice.- This is a rare and interesting sport for Vashon students.

  • Burton School notes - Burton had her share of the snow and although it was cold we liked to see the ground white one again.- The buses were late several mornings on account of the now but the students didn’t mind that.- Also the leveling and scraping of the school grounds had to be discontinued for a time.

  • The grading and leveling of the school grounds under the supervision of Mr. Merry is progressing rapidly.- They have succeeded in filling in the largest part of the hole at the south end.- They have also moved the garage at the north and transferred it to the side of the other garage.

  • It has been reported to us that the Fruit Association members have received a settlement on the following fruits at prices in excess of what had been expected.- Marshall strawberries, .08 cents a pound; cherries, .07187 cents a pound; Cuthbert raspberries, 7 - cents a pound; other raspberries, 6 - cents a pound.- This leaves the gooseberries, loganberries and currants to come.- The gooseberry market is reported to be in good shape so that it is hoped a fair price will be realized.



  • Saturday of last week Wenzel Leonhard opened the Sanitary Barber and Beauty Parlor in the new building just completed next to the Kimmel store.- Miss Stella Collings will have charge of the Beauty Parlor.

  • Vashon Island Commandery Knights Templar No 26 elected the following officers for the ensuing year:- Emminent Commander, Terkel Hansen; Generalissimo, W. Coy Meredith; Captain General, Wallace M. Beall; Treasurer, Chas. England; Secretary, R.W.F. Martin; Senior Warden, Z.O. Whittemore and Junior Warden, A.H . Petersen.

  • Shall Burton enjoy a Community Church is an important subject stirring many minds at this time, so much so that on Monday evening a large and a very representative gathering filled one of the rooms at Burton Grammar School to confer together concerning the religious needs of Burton and vicinity.

  • Burton School notes - The grading of the Burton High School campus was again underway Monday morning.- The work was held up a few days ago on account of the cold weather, so work was postponed for a couple of weeks.- It is hoped the ground will be in shape for the baseball season.

  • Vashon School notes - A medal for the best essay on any phase of Lincoln’s life or work is again offered by the Illinois Watch Company.- Any pupil in Vashon High can enter this contest and it is made a requirement of the English Two Class.- The medal is three inches in diameter and three eighths of an inch in thickness, and is made of the finest government bronze and bears the head of Lincoln.- The 1927 Medal was won by Dick Stafford.

  • This week W.R. Garvin purchased and took possession of the B.K. Starr store and post office at Ellisport.



  • Bourgeois has purchased a new G.M.C. truck to take care of his increasing transfer business.

  • This week the Board of County Commissioners, by unanimous vote entered into a new contract with the Kitsap County Transportation Company, which settles the ferry service to and from the north end of Vashon island for fifteen years.- The new contract goes into effect on January 1, 1928.- Among other things this new contract provides for a minimum service of three round trips daily to the Marion Street dock, and four round trips daily to the Fauntleroy dock.- From May 15th to September 15th each year the Company is bound to give at least 8 round trips to Fauntleroy.- The lease also provides for at least two round night trips from the mainland to the island each and every day.- One of these night trips provides that the boat shall leave Fauntleroy at midnight.

  • E.J. Mace, proprietor of the Vashon Garage, has remodeled the interior of the building to give more room in the shop department and make it more comfortable during the winter months.

  • A WARNING - Opposite the Harmeling place lies another automobile in the ditch.- Of the occupants Mrs. Hoyle is more or less injured.- This is the fourth auto that has gone off the road here into the ditch the past few years.- The late McManus and William Field went into the ditch at this place two years ago both escaped serious injury, though Mac’s face was cut up some.- So far no deaths have occurred.- Would not this be a good warning and a proper time to fix up this little stretch of road and that opposite Miss Mead’s place, and make them safe?- Or must we wait until some one is killed?

  • Burton notes with pride the recently completed work of Road Supervisor Merry and his crew who have added a bit to our safety by the erection of a good substantial rail at the approach to the wharf.

  • Vashon School notes - The two Garber boys have been out of school for more than two weeks with the measles and we heard of three more cases that came as Christmas gifts, Billy Smith, Billy Robinson and Lynn Munson are all broken out.

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