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1926 Timeline - (Mike Sudduth)

January 1926

  • The Coates Hall was better known as the W.O.W. hall.

  • The Hatch property across the street from the Coates hall has been leased by W.L. Sapp of Vashon who will open up a garage.- This business will be an increasing one, as the scenic road along Burton beach opens up for traffic and pleasure

  • A mess of ripe raspberries was gathered at the C.J. Olson home Dec. 27th and from the Sheffield bulb farm was sent to the News Record office a bouquet of yellow flowers grown out doors - early spring bloomers, but ahead of time this year - the yellow jasmine.

  • The dock at Vashon Heights will get some lights and some water if the petitions are favorably received.

  • The Vashon Heights Improvement Club will hold its next meeting at the Lindley home.- The business before the meeting is: 1) the election of officers and 2) considering the formation of a water district.

  • Pioneer Arie Eernessee of Vashon passed away on Christmas Day.

  • Work has begun on the $20,000 Burton to Shawnee Beach Drive.

  • Mr. D.W. Thomas, a well known business man and member of the Seattle Yacht Club, has purchased the “Bay View Pavillion” property of Mr. Chas Swanson.


  • Island strawberry growers learned that according to the report of Arthur Frank, pathologist at the Puyallup Experiment Station, a poison remedy has been found that will kill 100% of the adult beetles that produce the destructive larvae which feed on the roots and kill the plants.

  • Vashon capitalist and northwest pioneer Wm. Cowley, passes away.

  • Bids were requested by E.E. Stone and M.L. Tjomsland for new concrete foundation under old W.O.W. Hall, Burton.

  • W.J.Magowan purchased the old Masters place opposite the News Record office.-- This is one of the old ranches of the island and is perhaps the best situated farm tract to be had, with nine cleared acres being in the center of Vashon townsite.

  • Mr. Couch of the U.S. Biological department, assisted by Will Henry, County Agent, will give a “rat killing” demonstration at the W.D. Covington ranch on January 15th.

  • Mrs. Mellissa Jaynes, aka Grandma Jaynes, Vashon Island’s oldest resident, passed away on January 2nd at the age of 106

  • The fishing boat “Companion” belonging to Mr. Skanskie of Gig Harbor was burned to the water’s edge at Spring Beach. -The fire was caused by an explosion- in which Mr. Skanskie was severely burned.-

  • The Report of the Financial Condition of the Vashon State Bank shows total assets of $263,429.

  • Andrew Petersen, brother of Mrs. M.A. Bentley of Burton has opened up a new barber shop in the Quality Meat Market building.


  • A supper is being planned by the Mens Bible Class to raise funds for Burton’s street lights.

  • Sam Tanner, aged 76 years died on Maury Island and was buried in the Maury island cemetery.

  • The Vashon Heights dock is now beautifully electric lighted.

  • Barney Rindal found the body of a man floating the in waters off Cove.- Undertaker Garvin said it was a man about 50 years of age, dressed in tin logging pants and lumber boots.- The man had evidently been dead for a number of day.


  • The following officers will guide the destiny of our local Rebekah lodge for the coming year:- Anna Tjomsland noble grand; Fanny Marshall vice grand; Ottie Bitle secretary; Elizabeth Hearst financial secretary.

  • All officers of the Orthopedic Auxiliary for the preceeding year were reelected

  • Through the persistence of Artist Edson, who circulated the petition, an initial payment of one hundred dollars was made on the Sohmer piano for the Burton Church which arrived from Seattle this week.


  • “An Epistle to the Vashon-Maury Burns Club” was read at the annual Burns Night held at the Burton High School.

  • A huge fir stump which as stood for many years between the Kimmel store and the Treen shoe shop is a thing of the past.- Everett Blekkink and Deb Harrington took the contract to remove it and set it on fire.- It toppled over and was consumed by fire this week.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Lorance celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a banquet at the Lisabeula Community Church.

  • About 80 people gathered in the new Lisabeula school house to celebrate the 167th birthday anniversary of Robert Burns.

  • Mr. Sheffield proposed the formation of a Lily Club at a recent meeting of the Commercial club.

  • The Vashon Island Commercial Club elected officers for the coming year.- W.J. Magowan president; Norman Edson vice president; R.W.F. Martin secretary; Zene Whittemore treasurer.

  • REWARD: This is January 29th and a reward of a pair of leather goggles will be given to the first person who will make affidavit of having seen at least one snowflake on Vashon Island this winter.

  • The News Record made a recommendation that the Commercial Club should investigate and approve to open the small strip of highway between the present end of the Swastika-Shanahan road and the Glenn Acre road north.

  • The house at end of Burton dock has been reshingled and part of the wharf repaired by order of King County Commissioners.

  • D.S. Siegrist of the Siegrist Hatcheries has built a new incubator house, 21 x 70, thus increasing their capacity to a considerable extent.- The first hatch of 21, 000 eggs will come off February 2.- Mr. Siegrist will put about 16,000 eggs in the incubators every seven days during the hatching season.

  • The Vashon eighth grade class took its state examination in hygiene and spelling last week.- Mr. Robinson declared that all the pupils received passing grades.

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February 1926

  • W.J. Magowan was elected President of the Vashon Island Commercial Club for 1926.- The Executive Committee members appointed were W.J. Magowan, Norman Edson, R.W.F.Martin, Z. Whittemore, E.H. Miller, Alex Stewart, C.L.Garner and P.M. Smock.- He as divided the Industrial committee into three sub-divisions - one for flora culture, one for poultry, and the other for berries.- Other committees included finance, publicity, transportation and educational.--

  • The “Grippe” is beginning to lose its grip after holding say for weeks, almost depleting the schools.

  • L.C.Carlson was elected Noble Grand officer of the local Odd Fellows’ lodge for 1926.

  • While returning from Maury Island Sunday afternoon, Rev. McFarland met with an accident as a result of which his car has a bent axle.

  • Alex Smith of Burton suggests a popular subscription be taken on the island to pay the cost of erecting a modest stone or granite marker at the head of Grandma Jayne’s grave.

  • The Presbyterian pews are being made in Tacoma and are the same as those now installed in the First Baptist Church in Tacoma.

  • The old telephone office building in Vashon now owned by T. N. Thompson was moved to the rear of the lots this week by A.T.Tjomsland and Wm. Braybender.- Mr. Thompson will start at once on a new building 26 x 45 to be divided into two rooms and one will be occupied by Thomas Steffanson as an electric shop, while the occupant of the other one is a mystery.- Maybe T.N.T. will get married and open a “tea” room in it.

  • The body of the man which was found at Cove by Barney Rindal has been partially identified as that of Herman Scheck a Seattle cement worker.

  • The Burton High School Sophomores have lost Bob Martinolich.- He is going to work in the ship yard with his father who has received orders for a number of boats


  • Alvin E. Marr, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Marr of Portage died from tuberculosis at the age of 30 years.

  • The Vashon High School champion debate team put on a demonstration debate with Meridan High.- The subject was “Resolved:- That the Constitution of the United States should be so amended as to empower Congress to restrain, regulate and prohibit labor of persons under fifteen years of age.”

  • The Poultrymen of Vashon Island heard a lecture on Diseases of Poultry by Mr. R.Garner of the Coast Trading Co., Poultry Department at the Community Hall.- There has been more poultrymen forced out of business on account of Diseases than any other cause known.

  • The Center School board nominated Mr. Petelle and Mr. Dunsford for 1 year term and Mr. Dunlap and Mr. Otto Therkelsen for 3 year term.

  • Victor Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.J.Olson of Burton was found dead in his room in the Palace Hotel in Tacoma.- He was 22 years old.

  • Mr. Martinolich has contracted the building of 3 boats to be ready for the coming fishing season.- The first, a 90 foot cannery tender is now under construction.

  • H. Larsen and Dan Landers are partners on a salmon trolling boat that is being built by the former.- They expect to have it finished for the season.

  • B. Steinbach, the blacksmith, is in his shop at home instead of at Vashon.


  • A truck loaded with sacks while shifting gears by the dock ran out into the water and was piled up.- The reason for the pile up being that the driver misjudged his distance leads this correspondent to ask why there is not guard rail there.


  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Martinolich celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on February 20.

  • Delbert Danner is building up a large business in supplying Seattle with green decorations, such as salal, Oregon grape, and huclleberry.

  • W.D. Garvin has made arrangements for the Island Nurseries to furnish and set his five acre tract just north of Vashon to sour cherries this spring.- His son, William, Jr. will also set five acres of the same fruit on his place east of town.

  • Mrs. L.C. Beall, Jr. has made arrangements to have Vashon island cows tested for tuberculosis free of charge for as least twenty herds.

  • While attempting to crank his car Arnold Moe broke his collar bone.

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March 1926

  • The Trustee and Advisory Board of the Community Club voted against having moving pictures at the Club House.

  • The Vashon P.T.A. raised funds to supply lockers for the Vashon school.- 100 lockers are needed to fill the entire demand, each locker supplying two pupils.

  • T.N.Thompson, builder, had Mr. Urquhart lay a fine four foot concrete walk from the sidewalk back to the shoe shop.-

  • Martin Tjomsland has started a new building.

  • Rev. Armstrong and T. Hansen were Tacoma business visitors, looking after the new pews for the church.- They will be ready before Easter.- A.Abrahamsen has just finished the interior walls and ceiling of the church.

  • Farewell reception for Rev. McFarlane family.- Rev. McFarlane takes up work as pastor of the M.E. church at Chimacum.

  • Alfred Stuckey has accepted a position in the Engineering department of the S.S. President Madison which left Seattle Saturday on a trip to the Orient.

  • Lief Ness is building a new boat with a glass bottom so he can more easily see the fish when fishing.

  • Mrs. Emily Hall has bought the acre and a quarter tract lying between Sapp and Dr. McMurray residence from Chas Deppman.- She intends to put up a new laundry building and expand her laundry equipment to meet the demands of her increasing- business.- This is largely brought about from the anticipated water works for Vashon.


  • Officers of the Vashon Community Home were elected for the ensuing year:- Mrs. C.J.Robinson president; T.Hanson vice president; Mrs. Bessie M. Wood secretary; Mrs. Fred Bridgman treasurer.

  • D.S. Siegrist was elected school director at Columbia school.- P.S. Pettelle and J.W.P. Dunlap were elected to serve on the Center district school board.- Mr. Smock was elected to the Vashon precinct school board by a narrow margin of four votes.

  • A “Pound Social” was held at the Lisabeula Church.- Folks were asked to bring something that weighs a pound.- Nothing less than a pound goes.- The pounds of what was brought was sold at auction to raise money for the Community Home.

  • “The New Co-Ed”, a four act comedy, was given by the Junior Class of the Burton High School.

  • Carl Deppman, one of the old pioneers of the island, died at the residence opposite the High School at an age beyond 95 years.

  • The Beall Poultry Farm has issued a 50 page catalog.- The first edition was 6,000 and these will go all over the world.- The front and back pages each give a view from Vashon Island and in the front page appears in big bold type “Vashon, Washingon, U.S.A.”

  • An Alumni Association plan, devised by the faculty and sponsored by the Senior Class, will be presented before a gathering of former Vashon High School students.

  • The Water Commissioners for District No. 19 are considering bids which were submitted by different contractors for furnishing of material and labor to install the system.- There were four bidders on the complete job and several who submitted bids on different units of the work.- The bid submitted by Slater for the entire job, to use Gates steel pipe exclusively, proved to be the low bid.

  • In Burton, Staples bakery, garage and two small buildings were consumed by fire.

  • The mast on Burton’s main street from which flies “Old Glory” was erected by patriotic subscription and labor so many years ago that now the base requires reinforcement to insure perfect stability.

  • Mr. Charlie Kellogg is constructing a new house to replace the one destroyed by fire recently.

  • Mr. Deppman has a man employed setting out several acres of blackberries on his Maury place.

  • C.M. Rhulen was re-elected director of Dockton school district for a term of three years.

  • A fire which originated from an exploding lamp did considerable damage to George Walls’ brooder house.- About half the roof was burned off, sixteen hundred eggs were destroyed and the incubators badly scorched.- Mr. Walls estimates the loss at about $500.

  • Cephas Ramquist was elected president and Mr. Crosier vice president of the Cove Community Hall.

  • D.S. Siegrist was elected school director of district No. 102.

  • A suit brought against the local Bank for certain losses in the burglary three years ago was tried in the Superior Court before Judge Gilliam.- The jury returned a verdict in favor of the bank.

  • J.W.P.Dunlap and P.S.Pettelle were reelected to the Center school board.

  • The Met-Cro garage people have stepped out and taken an authorized Ford Service contract and carry a full line of Ford parts now.- They have also taken the agency for the sale of the Quaker State Oil, a neat little steel sign making this announcement.


  • Water Commissioners Hansen, Garvin and Smock made a trip in Mr. Hansen’s Franklin to parts of Washington and Oregon to look up certain things in connection with the water system.

  • Sufficient funds were donated for a grave marker for Grandma Melissa Jaynes.----


  • Herman Deppman has bought the lot joining the P.O. building and will start a plumbing shop building.

  • C.G Kimmell and his father-in-law Mr. Moberg are working out plans for a modern merchandising building to cover the vacant corner north of his present store.

  • England and Petersen are figuring on a cold storage plant in the town some place convenient.

  • The T.N.Thompson building is nearly done and will be occupied by an Electric Store on one side and a beauty parlor on the other.

  • The News Record man is considering building on the vacant lot for either a bakery or a drug store.

  • Yosi Yoshimura, a graduate of Vashon High School, has taken a teaching job in Japan teaching some of the Royal children our language and customs.- She is now in a Royal household.

  • At the regular meeting of the Commercial Club, held at the Burton High School, lights for the Burton dock was discussed.

  • The Met-Cro garage at Vashon has a new Brunner electric automatic air compressor, so that from now on the old fashioned hand pump will be an unnecessary evil when you get a flat tire.

  • D.P. Slater of Dallas, Oregon was awarded the bid to construct the Water District No. 19 system.- This system will take its supply of water from the Beall creek.- It will be pumped into a 20,000 gallon tank, erected on a 60 foot tower in the center of town, by rams.- A 4-inch supply pipe will carry the watr to the homes.

  • The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that prize white Leghorn chickens from Portage, Vashon Island were exhibited at the Cincinnati Zoo.

  • The Vashon High School all school play “Adam and Eva” was presented at the Community Home.

  • Captain T.W. Phillips, master of the S.S. Vashona of the Vashon Navigation Company, was mentioned in an article of Marine Digest.- Phillips was quoted at saying “Time, tide and steamer Glide wait for no man.”

  • The Vashon State Bank is offering $25 divided into $15 and $10 for the first and second prizes for the best half acre of new seeding of alfalfa for the 1926 season.

  • Martin Woodruff of Tacoma has leased the Petrie place and intends to go into the poultry business.

  • Andy Halvorsen closed a deal for the old Danner ranch which is located about two miles southeast of Vashon.

  • Josh McIntosh will be the new mail carrier after the present contract expires as it appears he was the low bidder and has won the job.- He was a faithful servant when he had the contract before, and will keep up the high standard set by himself, and carried on by Otto Therkelsen, the present official.

  • W.W. Akehurst celebrated his 85th birthday.

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April 1926

  • W.C. Field was taken ill and on the advice of Mr. McMurray was taken to a Seattle hospital where he was operated on.

  • Ground breaking for the Vashon Water District’s new water system was started by Contractor D.P. Slater of Dallas, Oregon.

  • Mr. Spinning, who bought the Russell place, has been planting two thousand Marshall strawberry sets bought from W. Vermeulen, and is planning an extensive current plantation.

  • Mr. Smith of Cross Landing bought all the strawberry plants that Mr. Vermeulen had to spare, six thousand odd.- This part of the island is going in strong for chickens and berries and cherries.

  • The King County High School association will open this month and the initial game will be between Burton and Vashon.

  • Dr. D.A. Cheney, an old resident of Vashon Island, but living in Tacoma for the last six years, was buried in the island cemetery.- The local order of W.O.W. of which organization Dr. Cheney was a member, were in regalia and had part in the services.

  • Mrs. Nellie Hook of Tacoma purchased the Burton property where the Methodist church and parsonage stood, and some land adjoining.

  • Mr. and Mrs.- Henry Godfrey will soon open up a confectionery shop in the building next to Mason’s hall leased of Mrs. George Coates.

  • Dr. McMurray was in Burton to vaccinate several people.- “To be or not to be” vaccinated is the question asked around here of late.

  • P.H. Green left March 25 for Massett, Graham Island, off Alaska coast where he will work for the Everett Packing Co. having charge of the fishing gear and getting fish to the cannery there.-

  • Mrs. Pirret, recently appointed parliamentarian of the State Federation of Women’s Clubs, spoke on parliamentary review and conducted a very interesting discussion among about 50 local members and friends.

  • P.M. Armbruster has purchased from Evelyn Parkes Adams the Burton Water Works and plans to put extensive repairs and additions thereto, including a small reservoir at the springs, a larger one closer in, with much new pipe to be laid, and the entire system overhauled.


  • The Eastern Star Chapter celebrated the sixth birthday of the order on the island.

  • Miss Gladys Jacobs, Postmistress of Vashon for nearly four years, resigned and asked to be relieved as soon as possible.

  • Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Thompson celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

  • A public sale of the personal property of Katharine Langer, deceased, was held up on account of a restraining order.- The judge dismissed the action and ordered the property sold at public auction.- P. Monroe Smock was the auctioneer.

  • Notice of hearing on assessment roll for the improvement of the County Roads on the Section lines running through the middle of Water District No. 19, King County, by the installation of water mains and other necessary equipment and the erection of a tank.

  • J.H. Williams, Burton merchant, is putting in a gasoline service tank and pump and will be able to “fill up the tank” of anyone with speed and satisfaction

  • Statement of the ownership, management, circulation, etc, required by the act of Congress of August 24, 1912 certified P.Monroe Smock as publisher, editor, managing editor and business manager of the Vashon Island News Record.


  • Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Harmeling celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

  • E.E. Stone of Burton and Carl Carlson of Dockton have formed a partnership in the purchase of the boat “Bay Island”.- They will convert it into a tug boat and will operate on the Sound.- The boat was purchased at an auction sale of boats held by the U.S. Marshal.- This is a boat 100 feet long, with a 150 h.p. engine.

  • A.G. Nystedt is building a new faculty building for the B.Y.P.U. at Assembly Point.

  • At an open house meeting of the Community Club, it was announced that the Y.M.C.A. property, belonging to the Club, had been sold for $1500.

  • The Covington Poultry Ranch is filling some nice orders for hatching eggs.- Last week a shipment of one thousand eggs left Colvan dock enroute for Wisconsin.

  • About everyone in the Water District has signed up for water and Tees are being put in as the pipe is being laid.- Work on the tower foundation is about complete.

  • F.J. Shattuck and G. Roseler have bought the old Y.M.C.A. property and will at once remodel it and otherwise improve it for a moving picture house.- Mr. Roseler is Seattle Jailer and Fin is Island Sheriff - so they ought to get ‘em coming and going.

  • With such a display of aurora borealis as islanders witnessed Wednesday night, Artist Norman Edson has some real competition.- The heavens were aflame for hours, with a huge flag of red and white waving high in the sky

  • Miss Opal Akehurst had a very interesting paper at the College of Puget Sound, choosing as her theme “History of Burton”.


  • James Malone announced that the “Y.L.I.” organization has established a camp at Portage, and they have taken the beautiful summer home of Dr. Williams and the Hyller cottage which adjoins it for the summer.- The Y.L.I. have also taken an option on the Mattson place at Portage which comprises 5 - acres and an eleven room house with out buildings for their permanent camp.- This property overlooks the Sound and Quartermaster Harbor.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Geo Carty celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

  • Ed Zarth, proprietor of the Island Garage at Center, has finished his mission style garage 50 x 60 with a solid concrete floor.

  • Dr. Coutts, dentist, now has one of the most modernly equipped offices in this section of the state.- He has just installed a brand new Clark cabinet with all modern parts and can give you any dental service you would get in a City office from air brushes, vacuum saliva extractor, down to forceps that make teeth pulling a delight.

  • Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Bragg celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.- Mr. Bragg is President of the Vashon School Board.

  • Frank Enochs of Burton will harvest 6 acres of strawberries, 4 acres of loganberries, 4 acres of raspberries and 2 acres of currents.-

  • In all its original golden glory, Scotch broom is now holding sway over the island.- After another year, Mr. W.D. Garvin will be able to supply your needs for this shrub at a very reasonable consideration.

  • Mr. Theo Berry of Dockton has a pile driver busy driving piling for a fish trap at Fernheath just west of the location of the trap that was destroyed by a freighter last season.

  • A.T. Bacchus is planning on opening a retail lumber yard in Vashon as soon as a suitable site can be secured.

  • George McCormick is the new dapper and obliging clerk at the Kimmel store.

  • The “Tee-N-Tee” building is now completed and will be occupied about May 1st.- T.J. Steffenson will occupy the north room for an electric shop and the south room will be occupied by a Mrs. Turner of Seattle for a beauty shop and Mrs. Sisco of Vashon as a sewing parlor.

  • L. Morgan Doebbler has taken a sales contract with the W.O. McKay Ford Agency.


  • Donald Williams and Clifford Beaumont both drowned off Lisabeula Dock.- Five are saved from watery grave by heroic efforts of rescuers.- The five rescued were Anna Belle Dyer, Carilee and Bill Wiseman, brother and sister, Lucile Baker and Donald Smeallie.- The seven young people were driving to the dock to meet the boat and drove off the dock into the water.

  • A.T. Bacchus, retail lumberman, has rented the property of Tim Clark at Vashon and has opened up a retail lumber yard.

  • The Vashon water system is rapidly nearing completion.- Three extensions are being put in - one by the Moon-Dowling-McManus-Urqhart folks southeast of Vashon; one by Con Tjomsland-Hansen-Hoak-Johns people northwest of Vashon; and one by the Hulsether-Reese people west of Vashon.- There are about 65 families signed up for Tees.

  • A couple of weeks ago someone entered the Miss Knentz residence at Vashon, during her absence at a neighbor’s house, and ransacked the house in search of money.- Sheriff Shattuck has a hot clue to the perpetrator.

  • Mr. James McIntyre last week sold about 700 hens to Dr. Young of Burton who will rent the houses and equipment for the present and gradually work into the poultry business.

  • The new Burton Water Company have placed an order with a Tacoma firm for 3,000 ft. four inch mains.- An additional order of 1,200 feet of four inch mains and 2,400 feet of 1 -- inch galvanized pipe, also 2,500 feet of one inch pipe.

  • At the Commercial Club meeting, where Governor R.H.Hartley spoke, the club approved $40 to KFOA broadcasting station- for an hour’s program, to be given in June.- At that time they will offer a number of valuable prizes such as Edson pictures, strawberries by the crate, Sheffield bulbs and other island products.

  • H.A. Kimmel, whose ranch is a couple miles northeast of Vashon, picked red ripe strawberries from his vines and put some on display at his son’s store.

  • Whoever has a set of keys for the Community Home is asked to return same.- It will save us the expense of buying new locks.- Also please bring back the flag rope taken from the flagpole.

  • Mr. Fay McClintock plans to convert some vacant lots back of Madrona Lodge into a public auto park, with piped water, camp stoves and tables.

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May 1926

  • The Editor of the News Record has been elected as Washington delegate to the National S.A.R. Convention to be held in Philadelphia.

  • The Burton Public Library has many new books from the pens of such authors at Sabatini, Phillip Gibbs, Benefield, Salome Ellis, Curwood, Joseph Leicaler, Temple Bailey, Gilbert Parker and others.- There have been 1371 books listed and card indexed.

  • Deb Harrington is building a new shop for turning out cabinet work for his many island customers.- The shop is located back of the Vashon post office building.

  • Axel H. Petersen and Russel A. Carty were the two island delegates to the annual meeting of the Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons in Yakima.

  • Southern Heights:- Everybody be on the watch for tent caterpiller nests.- They are starting in in earnest this spring.


  • The Senior Class of the Burton High School put on “Charley’s Aunt”, a comedy in three acts.

  • Norman Edson has been asked to assume the responsibility of sponsoring the musical program of the Vashon Island Radio Broadcast for Station KFOA in Seattle on May 26th.

  • Vashon Island Baseball Association has been organized.- Temporary officers elected are Mr. P.S. Pettelle, Mr. George McCormick and Mr. “Brownie” Hall.

  • K. Cleveland who lives halfway between Vashon and the ferry dock caught a big gaudy moth.- It was thought at first to be a bat.- The moth was identified by Stephen J. Harmeling as a Brown Day Moth.- In the books on entomology it is called pseudohazis eglanteriua.

  • The Senior Class of Vashon High School put on “All of a Sudden Peggy”, a light comedy in three acts.

  • The Christian Science Society of Vashon-Maury Island has recently purchased the Morrow property at Center opposite the Center school and will hold services in the red bungalow for the first time Sunday.

  • The Vashon Heights community is not to be outdone by Vashon In the matter of a water system and decided to organize a water district to cover the north end of the island.- C.F. Bragg, C.A.Pinkham and George Schmidt are the organizers.


  • Burton High School announces Alice Staples, Valedictorian and Helen Tjosdal, Salutatorian for the Class of 1926.


  • Burton High School graduating class of 1926 motto: “Tonight we are launched; where shall we anchor?”- Class flower: Madam Butterfly Rose

  • Vashon High School graduating class of 1926 motto: “Forward, Never Backward”- Class flower: Narcissus

  • Vashon Island’s night on the air went over bigger than even the wildest optimist ever dreamed of.- The first mail brought 31 letters and the second brought 62 and the outside points haven’t even been heard from.

  • Many island merchants gave notice that they would be closed on Monday, May 31st, Decoration Day.

  • A cordial invitation was extended to all veterans of the Civil War, Spanish American War, and World War, also the Boy Scouts- to a special Memorial Day exercise at the First Presbyterian Church of Vashon.

  • Mrs. B.P. Kirkland was struck by a car driven by Louis Bailey and severely injured while returning home from the Vashon High School commencement exercises.

  • Next week the strawberry harvest will reach its peak on the island.- B.D. Mukai will harvest 60 acres of berries.

  • A pile driver was at work last week in the new wharf for Camp Sealth.

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June 1926

  • L.C. Beall, Sr. who started Beall Greenhouses died May 30th.

  • At one of the largest island gatherings on Memorial Day, a short address was given at the grave of Grandma Jaynes, dedicating a marble marker for her which was erected by her many island friends.

  • President Bragg of the Vashon Heights Community in furtherance of a preliminary plan for a water system for the North End estimates that there are about 100 acres of improved land and more than 200 acres of unimproved, exclusive of beach property, that would comprise a water district of suitable size and value to carry a bond issue sufficient to install a water system.

  • The new laundry building of Mrs. Emily Hall is about competed.- The building is 30 x 40 feet.- The work is being done by Martin Tjomsland and Deb Harrington.

  • The Vashon theatre building has been entirely overhauled and put in first class shape as a moving picture house, managed by Roseler and Shattuck.

  • Residents enjoyed gathering at the Dockton Community hall to listen the program broadcast by the Vashon Commercial Club on the radio set, installed by Mr. Theo Berry.

  • Conrad Danielsen is at home from a fishing trip to Neah Bay in his trolling boat the “Condor III.”

  • P. Ongstad and son Elvind are converting their fishing boat into a trolling boat.- They expect to have it complete within a fortnight.

  • The S.S. Vashona is undergoing repairs at the A.J. Stuckey ways.

  • Vashon High School brain factory turns out 25 splendid units in this year’s class, the largest on record.

  • The Men’s Class of Burton have installed a drinking fountain on main street near the Burton Trading Company’s store and the Burton Water Company will donate the water.

  • The Seattle Times of June 2nd contained an article about the first potatoes of the season which were the Beauty of Hebron variety and were from Vashon Island.

  • Most of the users on the Vashon Water District system are already connected.

  • Over 200 letters have been received in response to the radio broadcast hour for the island, and more are still coming in the mail.- The have come from Idaho, British Columbia and all over Oregon.


  • Ten year old Lloyd Sundberg, son of Albin Sundberg, drowned at Cove after the row boat he was in upset.- His two brothers, aged 12 and 8, were able to swim to safety.

  • 85 winners were selected to receive prizes offered for their letters responding to the Vashon radio broadcast.

  • The Elizabeth Bixby Chapter, D.A.R. elected Mrs. L.C. Beall Sr. regent; Mrs. O.H. Lincoln vice regent; Mrs H.A.Stanley historian.

  • J.H. Williams has installed a Frigidaire ice cream cabinet in his store filled with five kinds of ice cream and dainties.- They have also a gasoline pump installed.

  • The complete text of Mr. Smock’s radio address about Vashon Island was published in the News Record, as well as the over 200 letters received in response to the radio address.- Mr. Smock’s address included two of his poems, “The Vashon Island Strawberry” and “Vashon Island”.


  • Two months after celebrating her golden wedding anniversary, Mrs. S.J. Harmeling passed away.

  • A collection of Vashon Island views is being shown in the window of the Washington State Chamber of Commerce on 3rd Ave Seattle, under the auspices of the Vashon Island Commercial Club.

  • Our artist Norman Edson this week received a letter from Governor Hartley asking for views of “The Mountain” taken from the island to be placed on the doors of the new capitol building.

  • P. Monroe Smock and C.F. VanOlinda are in attendance at the Republican State Convention in session at Longview.


  • Elmer Stevenson has started up his summer Mid-Nite Frolic Dances at the Burton Pavilion.

  • The Vashon Laundry expects to be ready for business at the new plant next week.- The new water system makes it possible for us to put in machinery that will handle a large volume of work in a week.- The water piping is installed to give a flow of 140 gallons of water a minute to the two washers we have now.- A twelve horse power Scotch marine boiler will furnish steam to heat the water in a storage tank.

  • B. Smith has entered the ranks of poultry raisers with fifty white leghorn pullets from W.C. Park.

  • L. C. Comstock is having a large new poultry house built to accommodate his greatly increased flock.

  • The Community Home is going to install at once a compete plumbing system in their building.

  • A third seine boat, the “Example”, built by Mr. Martinolich and Co. within the past six months, was launched Monday and is now in Seattle to have the machinery installed.

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July 1926

  • Mrs. Tamar Hatch died June 23rd.- During their residence on Vashon Mrs. Hatch, with her husband, donated the land where Vashon College now stands.

  • A new bell bearing the inscription “Presented by L.C. Beall, May 1926” has been installed in the Presbyterian church this week.- The honored and esteemed Bible class teacher had in mind that the bell would serve a useful purpose in calling the class and members of the church to the services.

  • In a letter to the editor,- E.H Miller, W.C. Whitfield, T. Hansen, Alex Stewart, W.D.Covington, C.E. Bragg, A.J.Stuckey and W.Coy Meredith petitioned and requested that- P. Monroe Smock become a Republican candidate for Representative from our district.

  • Ellisport: The “Trading Post” an ice cream and confectionary stand has recently been opened for business at the corner cottage on the McClintock Homestead.- The candy is an entirely new variety produced by a son of Mr. T.E. Trotter, who has a rapidly expanding factory at Montesano.

  • A meeting is scheduled for July 3rd at the Southern Heights school house for the purpose of organizing a community club for the south end of the island.

  • A steady stream of loganberries and currants flowing north and south.- Seventy-two crates trundled off toward Seattle.


  • The statement of the Vashon State Bank shows assets of over $300,000 .

  • The road to Paradise Cove is open now.

  • The Burton Water Company has installed about 5,000 feet of new main pipe now in use.

  • Don H. Evans, engineer for the new Burton-Magnolia Beach road estimates the cost is $18,300.- There will be 2400 lineal feet of this road to bulkhead with creosoted plank.- The road should be opened for traffic by November 1st.- Mr. Evans announced his candicacy for the office of County Engineer on the Republican ticket.


  • L.C. Beall Jr. was recognized by the State College of Washington for the development of agricultural thought and practice and his efforts for the advancement of the Poultry Industry and Farm Life.

  • Don Milhan, a young man 21 years of age, who was engaged by Edward Harmeling as a fruit picker, was drowned while swimming in the sound near Vashon wharf.


  • Vashon College is to be Sanitarium.- Buildings, grounds were sold to Mrs. Catherine Craig for medical institution like Battle Creek, Mich.-

  • The sound end ferry is about to assume a steady two hour daily schedule between Tahlequah and Pt. Defiance.

  • Lisabeula:- The Ludwigs had the misfortune of having their home burnt to the ground.- The cause is unknown.- A spark from that fire set the gulch afire and has been burning ever since.

  • Ellisport:- Mr. and Mrs. Grimble have opened a small grocery store near the beach.

  • M. Skanzie, ferry owner and operator on trips from Steilacoom to McNeil Island and other places has signed a contract to run for ten years, a ferry from Point Defiance to Tahlequah, making trips every two hours, starting at six o’clock in the morning, starting the first of the year.

  • B.A. Hunt shipped 18 tons of berries off of 11 acres and the Statelen 11 acres produced some 17 tons of berries.

  • Dr. James H. McGranahan will establish his residence on Vashon and open his offices for the practice of medicine and surgery at Newport near Burton.

  • Another Knights Templar Commandery has been constituted on Vashon Island.- Two hundred Knights in uniform led by Bethlehem band of 21 pieces paraded on Main Street for a mile, ending at the Community Hall.


  • L.G.Comstock of the Tahlequah district has just completed a fine modern poultry house to care for 700 chickens.

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August 1926

  • The Orthopedic Society declared the July Mid Summer Carnival a success, with net proceeds totaling $1,203.37.

  • The Chief Engineer of the Burton Magnolia Beach highway project, Don Evans, announced Strong & McDonald was the low bidder for the project.- Their bid was $25,250.- The approved budget was $19,000, so the board of county commissioners, by unanimous resolution, voted an emergency appropriation of the difference.- It will come up for final action on the 16th of this month.

  • F.M Sherman of Paradise Valley, has filed for the nomination of representative from the 40th district.

  • Ellisport:- The Christian Science Church has been purchased by Miss Violet Hamilton.

  • The first financial statement of the Vashon Water District No. 19 reported receipts from general and special assessments and the 2 Mill levy as shown on tax roll totaling $13,760.- Total disbursements to complete the system were $13,740.94 will all known bills having been paid.

  • W.J. Smith, progressive island poultryman, has just completed a series of new modern buildings on his ranch east of Vashon.- New feed warehouse, garage, barn, chicken houses, etc. make a well equipped ranch.


  • A general meeting of the residents of Vashon was called to organize a volunteer fire department and arrange for the raising of funds for equipment.- The following officers were elected:- Fire Chief T.N. Thompson; First Assistant Bob Middling; Second Assistant H.C. Cronander; Sec.-Treas. C.G. Kimmel.- A meeting was called for Friday evening for a short drill and trial of the pressure available.- In case of fire, ring the Presbyterian Church bell.

  • O.E. Ramquist has leased quarters on the second floor of the C.G. Kimmel store for his tailoring business, where he will also open a modern cleaning and pressing parlor.

  • The board of county commissioners appointed 21 citizens of King County to form a “King County Planning Commission.”- P. Monroe Smock was appointed from Vashon by Commissioner Paul.

  • John King is remodeling the Kimmel store upstairs, changing the outside entry from the south side of the building to the north side.

  • Last week end Maury Island had another fire near the Pembroke Farm.- A brush fire got out of control and surrounded the house of Mr. Voris who was visiting from Seattle.


  • Douglas B. McClinton, son of Capt. R.B. McClinton of Cove, has won a signal honor in a nationwide competition examination, for entrance in the Coast Guard U.S. Academy at New London, Conn.

  • T. Hansen is building a community garage on this vacant space west of the bank.- The building will be occupied by Dr. Coutts and Ralph Steen, with night service for the occasional visitor.

  • Prof. B.P. Kirkland of the College of Forestry at the University of Washington, who also operates a fruit and poultry ranch at Vashon Island, has pointed out the importance of reforestation on the logged off lands of Washington to the farmers of the state.

  • Photographer Edson has installed a Magnovox radio and is generous in his invitation for friends to come and “listen in” and enjoy the good lectures, sermons, and concerts of the best talent in the cities.

  • Earl Hendrickson had his arm broken cranking his car.- The x-ray showed both bones in the fore arm broken.

  • Mrs. Anna Dowling has donated a buggy to the fire department to be converted into a hose cart.


  • England & Petersen have been sweating and lugging the past few days unloading scow after scow of straw and grain for their large and growing poultry feed business

  • Frank Kingsbury, while working at the Williams mill, met with a very severe accident this week when a slab was hurled by the big saw at him, striking his head, and cutting a gash six inches long clear to the bone.- Dr. McMurray sewed up the wound.

  • The Puget Power and Light Company have lately established a telephone line from Center through to Lisabeula.

  • Barber Andy Peterson moved his Barber Shop from Burton to the Portage Store.

  • Island Republican Club is formed.- Committee members include W.C. Whitfield, C.L. Garner, T.N. Thompson, C.F. VanOlinda and P.S. Pettelle.

  • Mr. Comstock has completed his new 1,000 hen poultry house and has 700 pullets already installed, with 200 more coming, which will bring his flock up to about 1,550.- “Eat more eggs, Seattle!”

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September 1926

  • Tim Clark has sold out his business interest in the mainland transfer business to the Joshua Green organization and is back on Vashon now making speeches for Dr. Suzzalo and General Dawes.

  • C.E. Woods, of Ellisport, has been occupying a very important position with the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission.

  • The pile driver, piling and steam shovel arrived Monday and work on the Burton beach road is on in earnest.

  • At the regular meeting of the Maury P.T.A. held in the Maury Hall, the renovation of the Maury school was discussed.- The work is to be completed before the opening of school.

  • Grandma Coffin, seventy-five years young, has been enjoying the surfs of Quartermaster Harbor.- She has gone swimming several times during the summer.

  • Mr. and Mrs. C. Keen of Dockton and daughter Mildred attended the Spanish American War Veterans picnic at Point Defiance Park last Saturday.


  • Mrs. Lewis Comstock has been taken to the Burton Sanitarium for treatment.

  • The Co-Op Club of Maury Center elected the following officers:- Dr. Jones, president; Mrs. Chas Meyers vice president; Mrs. Esther Larsen, secretary; Mrs. H.R. Jones treasurer.

  • In his weekly editorial, P. Monroe Smock stated that he was one of two candidates running for the Legislature from Vashon Island, the other being Mr. Sherman.

  • Theo Berry has the contract to transport the high school students to Burton for this year and has employed Stanley Nilsen as driver of the new Graham bus.

  • The Republican Primary Election candidates for the 40th District State Representative include:- Fred J. Mess, P. Monroe Smock, L.Y. Williams, John A. Soule and F.M. Sherman.

  • The Democratic Primary Election candidates for the 40th District State Representative include:- Bennett O. Swain.


  • In a very close contest for State Representative in the 40th Legislative district, P Monroe Smock questioned the election board why they were so slow to release more results.- According to Mr. Smock’s tabulations, he was leading John A Soule by about 60 votes “with only a few small scattering precincts not included to report.”

  • Mr. and Mrs. Floyd S. Wheeler celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

  • Notices are posted informing island people that a late ferry will run from Pt. Defiance to accommodate those wishing to attend the Puyallup Fair.

  • The Maury Island students are coming to school this year in a truck that has high wooden sides and seats on either side.- This conveyance is quite a contrast to the Buick touring car they had last year.

  • The first and second grades of the Vashon school expect to have a kindergarden table and chairs installed.- The table will be made by the High School Manual Training class.


  • Sunday morning the Island Garage at Center was destroyed by fire.- Mr. Zarth, the proprietor was notified and arrived at the scene in time to assist in removing the cars from the building saving all but three.- While at this work Mr. Zarth was severely burned about the face and hands.- The loss of tools and accessories was complete, but the garage will re-open for business immediately.- A small building has already been erected for a gasoline, oil and service station.- Mr. Zarth was just completing a large addition to the building used as a shop.- This building was one of the oldest on the island having been built in 1893 for a Baptist church.- The Telephone and Electric light service to the north end was distrupted when the wires and cable which were in front of the building were burned off.- The loss is estimated at about $7,000 with $1,500 insurance.

  • Fire Chief Thompson has completed a small building to house the fire fighting equipment and other accessories.

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October 1926

  • Alfred Stuckey has bought an interest in an airplane and is practicing flying over at South Tacoma.

  • The County Game Commission has placed a book of hunting license blanks with W.D. Garvin for the convenience of island hunters.

  • Vashon island pioneer of 1865, Mathew Bridges, passes to reward.- Mr. Bridges established the first logging camp on the island.

  • The new highway from Burton to Magnolia Beach right-of-way has been cleared.

  • At the Vashon High School, the rock that has been disfiguring the football field has been blown out by Conrad Tjomsland and the students have picked up all the pieces and have filled the hole.- The rock has bothered the players for several years and now that it is out of the way they will no longer have to move the teams when they come to the place where it had been.

  • Mildred Curtis, senior of Vashon High School, left for Yakima September 19th.- She expects to remain several weeks during the apple picking season.

  • The P.T.A. furnishes all the smaller children at the Grade School with graham crackers.- The children partake of this with milk at the recess hour in the morning.- We know this will help the undernourished to reach standard weight.

  • At Burton High School, initiation night is gone.- The freshman are all alive and seemly happy, and the Sophomores are satisfied.

  • The new Barber Shop across from the Vashon Hotel at Vashon is now open for business.- It’s sanitary and up-to-date.- Wenzel Leonhart is the proprietor.

  • Dr. J.H. McGranahan has added a new ultra red deep therapy lamp.- This lamp has proven successful in the treatment of many conditions, as rheumatism, muscle pains, sprains, infections, earache, etc.

  • The County Superintendent appointed Mr. Peter Smith director on the School Board for Burton Grammar School, to fill the unexpired term of L. Turnbull who is clerically employed at the Court House in Tacoma.



  • Dr. A.E. Young, dentist, has equipped an office at his Burton home and will continue the practice of dentistry.

  • Boy Scout Troop, backed by the Men’s Bible Class of Burton, formed at Burton.- The Boy Scouts Troop of Burton held its first meeting Tuesday evening in the church basement.- Mr. Einer Fretheim was appointed Scoutmaster.

  • Dr. F.A. McMurray was taken with pneumonia last week and it became so serious that he was removed to the Seattle General Hospital.

  • The Vashon fire-hose building is completed, it lodges the fire-wagon and hose, now all we need is a fire to try out the thingamagig.- If you get a fire started, call TNT who will be there with bells to turn on the water.

  • Met-Cro Garage has installed a battery of up-to-date oil tanks.- Six of these give the customer a wide choice of motor oils, and his car can be supplied without a second’s hesitation.

  • A slam was given the Dockton Cadillac - “Cattle-hack” when it was mistaken for a garage, where the real school bus was probably kept.- There is plenty of room withing its four walls for the six active Freshmen from Dockton to hop around in.

  • Dr. J.H. McGranahan gave public notice that he is in no way connected with the Sanitorium at Burton.- This mistaken connection has been made on several occasions.- He is practicing medicine independently and for the whole island.


  • Vashon precinct has 210 registered voters.

  • Charles Akehurst of Burton, employed by the contractors who are putting in the new highway between Burton and Magnolia Beach, was nearly killed when a temporary trestle collapsed, and two cars started to back over him.

  • The football game between Burton and Fife was called off last Friday.- Several cases of small pox developed in the Fife schools.

  • The Maury Bus, or the “Yankee Cheese Box,” as it is almost always called was in the garage for repairs.- The crank shaft broke last Tuesday and all the Maury students had to ride in the Dockton Bus, otherwise known as the “Cattlehack.”

  • L.V. Powelson is the new relief man at the News Record office, being an expert press man.- During the past ten days the News Record presses have turned out about 60,000 printed pieces which is the biggest run of job work in the history of the paper.


  • The News Record celebrates its 10th birthday.

  • A serious auto accident at Vashon occurred Monday night when Elmer Harmeling, with his three children in the car, opposite the M.E. Church, bumped into a truck belonging to Deb Harrington which was standing still.- The occupants of the Harmeling car were thrown out.- The car was utterly ruined.

  • An asbestos roof is being laid on the top of the Burton Trading Co. store which wil be an added protection in case of fire.

  • The members of the Vashon Island Women’s club invited their husbands to assist in the celebration of their 15th anniversary.

  • A 57 pound yellow squash, grown by O.E. Ramquist in the Cove neighborhood, was on display in the F.A. Weiss window.

  • A bequest in the will of the late Belle W. Aldrich of Ellisport gave instruction for the equal division of her library between Vashon and Burton schools.- Last week, P. Monroe Smock, President of the Vashon School Board, and Supt. W.M. Smith met at the Aldrich home to divide the books.- Among these books was a new Websters Standard dictionary and Atlas of the World dated 1926, several books of nature, books of prose and poetry from the truly great authors, and many of the best novels from leading living authors.

  • Mildred Curtis returned to school Monday from eastern Washington where she has been working with her parents in the apple harvest.

  • An itinerant photographer passed through last Friday and took the pictures of the second, third and fourth rooms at Vashon school.

  • The students of Dockton were very proud of having the Maury students ride in their “cattle hack.”- We hope that the “chicken coop” will have to go under repairs again so we can have you with us once more.


  • The News Record strongly endorses Mr. Sparkman and J.T. Gilbert for County Commissioner.-

  • Homer Vetter, of Ellisport, employed by the Heney Sand and Gravel Company of Maury Island, while oiling some machinery on Thursday morning in some manner got his hand caught and before it was extricated, the whole hand was cut and mangled.- Dr. McMurray took Mr. Vetter to a Seattle hospital where his right hand was amputated.

  • The “Political Supplement” enclosed this week in no way, shape or manner reflects the policy or views of the News Record, either for or against any candidate.- It is being run by the News Record as a business proposition.- We are being paid to run it at our regular rates, and readers are requested to consider it wholly apart from the policy of the paper.

  • In Southern Heights, on Saturday and Monday the posts were distributed that are to hold our electric light wires.- Tuesday men began setting the poles.

  • A 73 pound squash grown by Bill Whitfield is on display in the window of Burton Trading Company.- The squash bears the initials W.C.W. 1926 grown on it.

  • Norman Edson was elected to fill out the term of W.J. Magowan, who resigned as president of the Commercial Club.

  • The successful candidates from the Primary Election for the 40th District Representative were: L.Y. Williams (R) Fred J. Mess (R) John A. Soule (R) and Bennett O. Swain (D).

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November 1926

  • The “Bull Moose” a fishing schooner is now in port at Fernheath.- The crew will make one more trip before the fishing season is over for the year.

  • Mrs. Nellie Hook, of Tacoma, bought the Methodist parsonage.

  • Mrs. W.M. Smith, wife of Prof. Smith, announced that she has opened a kindergarten at her home (the Carver ranch) south of Vashon.

  • The Tahlequah woman who was awarded damages in a Seattle court last week for malicious insanity prosecution was found to be sane, and very intelligent.- Her neighbors allege she went about cackling like a hen.- She used Petersen’s Egg Mash for porridge in the mornings.- That would make any hen cackle.

  • John A. Soule won in the 40th District Representative seat race.

  • The “Bay Island” owned by E.E. Stone will be used to transport thirty five Burton Hi students and football players to Gig Harbor on Friday


  • Dr. N. Parker Jones has leased a suite of office rooms on the second floor of the Kimmel building and is this week fitting them up for a modern workshop.- Dr. Jones is a Chiropractor.

  • Little Richard Garner, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Garner, had the misfortune of getting his hand caught in the electric wringer.- The forearm was badly bruised.

  • George Rayment Moulthrop, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Moulthrop, is among those on the list of Yale University students registered for 1926.

  • In excavating for a new reservoir the Burton Water Company opened up a new spring of 15,000 gallon capacity and another of 5,000 gallon.-

  • The “Meridian”, the “Example” and the “Northwestern” seine boats are in port here for the winter.


  • The firm of England & Petersen have procured buildings at Harper and are opening a branch of their poultry and feed business at that place.-

  • Bill Rendall is enlarging his store by building on an addition.

  • “The History of Vashon Island” by Marjorie R. Stanley was printed in this week’s News Record.


  • Beall Leghorns add new laurels to Vashon Island at official egg laying contests.

  • The Troy Laundry of Seattle which has been operating with a wagon on the island, has sold their “run” to the Puget Sound Laundry of Bremerton.- Mr. Penny who has represented the Troy on Vashon will continue to represent the new company.

  • Southern Heights is now electrified.

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December 1926

  • Vashon Island pears are the center of attraction in the display window of the Chamber of Commerce, Artic Building, Seattle.- The pears were grown on the Pulverbatch Orchard by Mrs. Olive W. Roberts.

  • The first of the week W.V. Crosier of Cove dug up new potatoes about the size of hens’ eggs.

  • The Trustees of the Vashon Island Community Club will put forth a vote to the entire membership whether or not to change the name to “Island Club.”

  • The News Record turned out several thousand twelve-page illustrated dahlia catalogs for the Sheffield Bulb Farm.

  • C.J. Olson is replacing a number of panes of glass in the Hart greenhouses that were broken last week during a heavy blast on Burton Beach road.

  • A number of teams are being used to haul sand and gravel to fill in the beach road near the Redman and Pagni homes.


  • The O.E.S. Club presented “Yimmie Yonson’s Yob” at the Island Club.

  • In the passing of Philip McCormick, Vashon Island loses one of its most highly respected pioneers.

  • Mr. Charles Cook of Magnolia Beach and Mr. Spinning were circulating a petition last week for an extension of the Burton-Shawnee boulevard.- The proposed extension will join the Tahlequah road somewhere near No. 54 school house.

  • The Masonic Fraternity and Eastern Star have occupied their new home at Burton.


  • 14 month old “Larry” Lindberg, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sigrist of Cove, was on the cover of the November issue of “Among Ourselves”, a Standard Oil Company magazine.- He was selected among snapshots of 300 children of Pacific Coast employees.

  • Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Ruhn of Seattle have bought a 40 acre piece on the Shawnee Road, near the main road.- He is planning to raise grapes.

  • Notice is hereby given to all water users of Vashon Water District No. 19- to fill in their meter boxes AT ONCE with a couple of gunny sacks to prevent freezing.


  • At the regular meeting of the Maury Island Cemetery Association, the following officers were elected:- C.M. Rhulen president; Theodore Berry vice-president; Chas Merry treasurer; A.J. Stuckey secretary

  • The recent high winds in Lisabeula played havoc with the waves causing considerable damage to Mr. Adams boats and float.- One boat hasn’t been found.

  • At the regular meeting of the Commercial Club, Commissioner Frank Paul pointed out a few of the obstacles in the pathway of a new ferry line from Portage to Des Moines, or rather the resumption of the old run between those places., but assured the audience the difficulties were not insurmountable.

  • Capt N.G. Christensen of the West Pass Transportaion Company was at the Commercial Club meeting and made a definite proposition to put on a ferry run between Portage and Des Moines.

  • The Roberts of Tahlequah are changing their business from rabbits to poultry.


  • Several chickens were stolen Thanksgiving eve from Mrs. May Gammell’s poultry house.

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