Vashon-Maury Timeline

Dr. Bruce Haulman

Dockton Drydock © UW Libraries

Vashon-Maury Timeline
(revised 09/22/2006)

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                                                  Vashon and Maury Island Timeline

Pre-History –


50 million YBP – Puget Sound region under marine waters


24 million YBP – Cascade Mountains uplift


20 million YBP – Olympic terrane “docks” creating Olympic Mountains


10 million YBP – Puget Sound region at or above sea level


16,900 YBP – Vashon Glacier ends its advance


16,600 YBP – Vashon Glacier retreats from what is now Vashon-Maury Island


12,000 YBP – Glacier Peak Eruption, ash layer


11,500 YBP - lodgepole pine, spruce, and hemlock forests establish themselves


10,000 YBP – Pleistocene mega-fauna extinction


Native People


10-12,000 - YBP First Humans arrive


8,500-3,000 - YBP – Hypsithermal climate interval, climate warmer and drier


8,000 YBP - Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar forests established


7,000 YBP – Marpole culture established in Sound


6,750 YBP - Mount Mazama (Crater Lake) Eruption, ash layer


4,800 YBP – Osceola Mud Flow, lahor from Mount Rainier reaches Commencement Bay


1,500 YPB – Burial cairns on Vashon


1,000 YBP – Salish culture establishes dominance throughout the Sound


600 YBP – Electron Mud Flow, lahor from Mount Rainier


500 YBP – S’Homamish population exceeds 650 in 5 major village sites


First Contact


1792 – Vancouver names Vashon Island


1824 – John Work and Hudson’s Bay expedition camps at Portage.


1825 – David Douglas botanical survey of Puget Sound


1833 – Nisqually House established by Hudson’s Bay Company –

S’Homamish visit fort and request missionary


American Settlement


1841 – Wilkes names Maury Island, Colvos Passage, Quartermaster Harbor, and
Points Beals, Heyer, Piner, Neill, Dalco, Sandford, Southworth after Quartermasters


1842 – Lucy Gerand born – informant for T.T. Waterman, Deposition in 1927 in Duwamish Vs. The United States of America.


1846 – Boundary Settlement between Britain and the United States


1849 – Oregon Territory established


1852 – First Logging on Island – The Leonesa loaded spars

            King County formed by Oregon Provisional Legislature


1853 – Washington Territory established


1855 – First Relocation - December, Eastern Puget Sound Indian Tribes gathered at central points one of which was Vashon’s Island (others included North Bay, Nisqually, Steilacoom, Gig Harbor, Seattle, Port Orchard, Penn’s Cove, and Oak Harbor)


1855-56 – S’Homamish Interned at Fox Island


1857 – Cadastral Surveys of Vashon-Maury Island by William H. Carlton and T. H. Berry

            King County present boundaries formed except for southern


1862 – Homestead Act approved


1863 – Pope and Talbot file 80-acre claim


Vashon-Maury Island Settlement – 1865-1893


1865 – Mathew Bridges files claim on Vashon – dies on Vashon in 1926


1868 – by the end of year 2,849.3 acres claimed and 745.91 acres homesteaded


1869 – First Homestead claim filed


1874 – Tacoma “Weekly Pacific Tribune” – industries at Quartermaster Harbor included fishing, farming, logging, brick making, and shingle making.

43’ Steamer Lively begins daily runs from Tacoma


1875 – Alec McLeod landed 1,000 sheep at Tramp Harbor.  His operation failed


1876 – Euro-American child born to Reeves family on Vashon.  They later move off-island.


1877 – Sherman party establish settlement on North Quartermaster Harbor


1878 – “Old Black Joe” - Salmon Sherman’s ferry to Tacoma


1879 – Ella Miner born.  First Euro-American child of settlers who remain on the island.


1880 – S.D. Sherman begins intermittent runs to Tacoma with “Old Black Joe” a lifeboat converted to a schooner.

                        Jacob Ellis pre-empted 168 acres at what is now Ellisport

Shipyard workers strike.

Voting precinct established - John Bamfield the 1st inspector - polling place at his home near Center


1881 – First schoolhouse built at Center.


1882 - Enoch Mathis and his son George homesteaded 160 acres south of Center and for ten years did extensive logging.

            West Side School District organized and an 18x28 ft building built for the school

Chautauqua and Vermontville (Glen Acres) build schools

Steamer Zepher making regular trips Tacoma to Seattle


1883 – Northern Pacific Railroad completed, Tacoma is the terminus.

King County build first island roads – Burton to Center, and Ellisport to Lisabeula.

Article in the Tacoma News - most of the settlement of island at head of QM Harbor and north up the center of the island for 4 1/2 miles - 

Salmon Sherman retired "Old Black Joe" and purchased the Swan a 32-foot steam launch - began regular twice a week service to Tacoma - The Tacoma News reported Sherman intended to "bring milk and other farm products to the city."

Vashon Post Office established April 12


1884 School held in North District - west of Vashon Town

            Quartermaster School District organized -school built on Morgan Hill

First store built at Vashon Landing.

Rev. R.B. Dilworth settled at Point Beals, better known by its local name of Dilworth Point.  Dilworth paid a squatter named Shaffer $100 relinquish his squatter rights, and then filed a homestead claim.  This may have been fairly typical of how settlers dealt with squatters on the island.

Methodist Church organized - first church built the next year

The sternwheeler "Bob Irving" started weekly service between Quartermaster Harbor and Tacoma - Thomas Brown owned Brown's Wharf and Navigation Co. - built warehouse and wharf in Tacoma next to Hatch's sawmill - "Bob Irving was 85 ft long 22 ft beam and 3 ft draft - flat-bottomed, shovel-nosed so could easily run up on the beach - made run from Tacoma to Quartermaster, also stopped at Gig Harbor, Lakebay, and communities south of Pt. Defiance

Woodmen of the World building built at Burton by Howard C. Stone – 1st floor for commercial use – 2nd floor for lodge meetings – King County Landmark Building


1885 – 69 Farmers on Vashon-Maury

            Point Robinson fog signal installed.

            Anti-Chinese riots in Seattle and Tacoma - November 3 – Tacoma expels

                      all Chinese - Chinese community at Manzanita disappears

5 brickyards around harbor employing 200 men – Bleeker Yard at Burton the largest - "Molly Bleeker" a large steam barge that ferries bricks to Tacoma and was used as living quarters by the Bleekers at various times

Puget Sound Chautauqua Assembly held first meeting at Dilworth Point – August 3 - large speaker's platform, wooden benches and a few cabins were built - but only time used

Hilen Harrington Log House built – King County Landmark Building


1886 - first recorded wedding among pioneers - J. A. LeBallister and Nettie Cassler - LeBallister was a foreman for the Phinney Logging Company


1887 – Pt. Robinson light on 25-foot pole added to fog signal


1888 A Cemetery District was established in 1888 creating a new sense of permanence about the settlement of Vashon-Maury Island

            Independent Order of Grand Templars - bought lot and build a large hall

            North School District - school 1st term

            Fairfowld Brick Yard employed 100 men -most bricks used in Tacoma for buildings and streets

2 brickyards at Vashon landing - and one north of Aquarium -

Lucian Cook ran brickyard on Quartermaster - bought steamer Estella and ran it between Tacoma and QM Harbor to ferry bricks and workmen - in 1889 Cook had six barges built to haul bricks and bought the steamer Seaside as a towboat

W.L. Livesly built and operated a shinglemill at the entrance to Nettle Creek (Tilton's name for it) locally called Shinglemill Creek from then on -

Puget Sound Chautauqua Assembly chose Chautauqua as permanent home - 115 acres donated by islander (McClintock Ellis, Fuller, and Judd) - Assembly had trustees from Lopes Island, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Walla Walla - eventually the site was 600 acres, two miles of shoreline, a dock, a hotel, dozens of cottages, and a 1200 seat pavilion.  (Payton)

"Parks with rustic paths and viewpoints added charm to the beautifully landscaped permanent dwellings.  Chautauqua was billed as a flower garden spot 'where families may escape the noxious vapors and the immoral influences of a crowded city and combine health, instruction and pleasure.'" (Payton)

May 24, 1888 - Puget Sound Chautauqua Assembly platted Chautauqua Beach - first town platted on the island -with roads named for the writers Bryant, Emerson, Lowell, Hawthorne, and Irving; tress Alder, Fir, Cedar, and Laurel; and inspirational names like Olympus and Prospect -

built large wharf - pavilion seating about 1200 -

"The residents, with justifiable pride, improved their homes and planted shrubbery and flower until Chautauqua was known far and wide as the flower garden of the State."

            September 10 – Chautauqua Post Office opened – Edward E. Perry first

postmaster (closes in 1943)

October 13 – Maury Post Office opened – Charles H. Davis first

Postmaster (closes in 1912)

Rev. Dilworth had the steamer Halys (from the Greek "fisher of men") built on Vashon, just north of where Vashon Landing would be, (First Boat Built on Vashon?) and used it as a "sea-going circuit rider" to visit remote settlements around the Sound and conduct religious services.  Sold the boat in 1890 and it was used as a towboat for a number of years.


1889 – November 11 - Washington becomes a state

Regular ferry service – “Iola” makes six round trips per week, 3 for each

side of the Island.

Kingsbury logging operation and dock at Kingsbury Beach, became Mentzer, then Pankratz, then Williams and Miller, bought school land tract - sons Frank and Fred did extensive logging on Maury, County built dock - Kingsbury Landing - abandoned and taken out in 1931

            Steamer Iola run by Captain John Vanderhoef and used as a residence by he and his wife, was
                 making 6 round trips per week between Tacoma, Seattle and Vashon - MWF ran Tacoma to
                 Seattle up and down East passage, TTS made the same trip via West Passage (Colvos) -
                 stopped at all the docks and would pick up passenger or freight anywhere it was rowed
                 out in a dingy

            Seattle fire – encourages brick works on Vashon


1890 – First strawberries commercially grown on Vashon

H.G. Sickles Post, No. 57 Grand Army of the Republic organized 1/14/90 sixteen Civil War veterans as charter members

W.H. Clarke and Jason Wylie opened store at Burton - new Quartermaster Post Office was in the store with Wylie as postmaster

            1st store at what would be Vashon Town - F.W. Gorsuch

            Pt. Robinson 25-foot platform built for the light

Harrington Brothers Clinton and H-- started a greenhouse business Clinton soon left but H built it into a very successful business - joined with the Beall's in 1902

Alfred J. Stuckey came to Dockton and built an extensive dry dock business there - born in Bristol England in 1852 - apprenticed as a shipbuilder there - came to Dockton from San Francisco as a journeyman ships carpenter - superintendent of yard until 1909 - they opened his own yard which he operated until 1928

Tacoma YC built at Manzanita – bankrupt in 1894 (93 depression)

            Frank Bibbins (came to Vashon 1884) began the first regular daily service to Quartermaster Harbor
                  with the steamer "Sophia" - 42 ft long - two daily trips - stops at Yacht Club Boat House
                  (Manzanita), Dry Dock (Dockton), Burrow's Landing? Bleeker's Brickyard (Burton Governor’s
                  Row), Hatch's Saw Mill (Assembly Point Burton Peninsula) "The brickyards and mill made
                  considerable business for the little steamer..."

Bibbins served the Harbor for 18 years - with the "Sophia" 1890-1899 and then the "Norwood"

Corp of Engineers institute permit process for docks

May 4 - Quartermaster/Burton Post Office opens (becomes a sub-station
            in 1973)

Thomas and Etta McNair House built – Queen Anne Style – Burton - King County Landmark Building


1891 – Oliver Van Olinda arrives on Vashon – landed at Langill's Landing on

Colvos Passage from the steamer Iola and walked up to Center

                September 30 - Drydock built in Port Hadlock for use in Port Townshed –

economic difficulties force sale to Hatch partnership

M.F. Hatch forms Puget Sound Drydock Co. - Nov the floating drydock was towed to Dockton although not completely finished - 102ft wide by 325 feet long - first used March 1892 and by June over 80 employees -

Dockton named by Puget Sound Dry Dock

February a 40 by 60 foot hotel built (interesting about the same size as the old S'ho-ma-mish longhouses) in Dockton

J. Therkelsen opened blacksmith shop just west of Center

First telephone on island – ˝ mile long line


1892 Vashon Horticultural Society organized - the first in the State

            Vashon Cornet band organized - fourteen members

52 Brick Makers on Vashon-Maury

            March - Drydock starts operation at Dockton – 325’ long by 102’ wide –

first vessel repaired was the steamer Flyer then the Wetmore and

City of Everett sister ship whaleback steamers built on Lake

Superior - in October the British warship Hyacinth repaired - The

steamer Laurel took workman back and forth to Tacoma –

operated until 1909  when moved to Seattle

            First publication “The Island Home” issued monthly by VanOlindas

            Vashon College opens in Burton – Trustees M.F. Hatch, C.A. Barton,

 Thomas McNair, L.R. Carpenter

            Nels Petersen opened first exclusive meat market at Burton in 1892 -

Miles Hatch began clearing land on Maury for what would become Melita Farm - his dairy operation - Hatch built store at Burton, opened general merchandise store and the post office was moved from Quartermaster to Burton - still the main store in Burton Harbor Mercantile - Post office moved to Burton from Sherman house at QM

Dr. W.T. Lovering built house and office just south of Vashon – first


June 30 – Lisabuela Post Office opened – John Prink first postmaster –

closes February 23, 1931

            November 30 – Aquarium Post Office opened – Henry P. Fish first

postmaster – renamed Glen Acres in 1914

Company organized within the Chautauqua Association  - raised $10,000 to build a new dock and hotel - dock finished in August 1892

Lisabeula Post Office 1892 - story about naming - John Brink applied for post office and became the first post master - in his application he named the new post office Hopville, which was not accepted by the Post Office Department, so Brink told the Department any name would do -  "the official who investigated the application ... glanced up from the paper, caught sight of two girls working in the office, one of whose name was Eliza, the other Beulah, and wrote in the name 'Lisabeula.'"

Harrington Family House built  – Queen Anne Style - King County Landmark Building



1893 – Great Northern Railroad to Seattle

            Major forest fire burns from Center to Ellisport

Financial collapse, island population drops - June financial panic began on the east coast - after a decade of rapid growth depression severely hit the Puget Sound - affected business on island as well - 14 Tacoma Banks failed - unknown numbers of unemployed because no one kept statistics - prices dropped, particularly for agricultural goods

Fire - in August 1893 a fire began in the logged off area near the present high school where the first saw mill was located.  The fire rages for two days and nights, "nearly a hundred" volunteers "fought desperately against apparently hopeless odds, with shovels and hoes and rakes, to save the new Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church at Center, and the Fuller store across the street.  With the flames within two hundred yards of Center, the wind shifted to the north on the evening of the second day, allowing fire fighters finally gain control of the fire.


Founding Vashon-Maury Island – 1893 to 1920


1895 – First weekly newspaper “Vashon Island Press.” Oliver S. Van Olinda


            Bag of 80 tins of opium found on Vashon beach by J.E. Mace –

            Strike against Puget Sound Dry Dock by workers protesting hiring of locals

to work


1896 – Interurban Electric railroad opens from Seattle to Renton – expanded to

Tacoma during next decade – makes Vashon agriculture less competitive


1897 – Yukon Gold Rush revives economy

            Group of dry dock workers sent to Portage to fill causeway for water level

road to Dockton

            “Vashon Island Press” ends publication


1898 – Regular eastside ferry service by MacDowell Steamship Company

              Beall Family Home built - King County Landmark Building



1899 – Carnation milk plant opens in Kent – encourages dairy development


1900 – King County constructs wharf at Portage.


1901 –  Present southern boundary of King County finalized, election annexed

Browns and Dash Points to Pierce County

15,000 crates of berries shipped off island.


1902 – Harrington-Beall greenhouse built


1903 – C. F. VanOlinda build store and post office at Portage.

            February 9 – Dockton Store opens - Dockton Post Office opened – Albert

Nilsen first postmaster – Post Office closed in 1987

            May 18 – Portage Post Office opened – C. F. VanOlinda first postmaster –

                        Post Officer closed in 1968


1904 – First telephone service on island.

            “Great Steamboat War” between Frank Bibbins and Chauncey Wimen.

            March 26 – Cove Post Office opens – John Rindal first postmaster -
                        Pot Office closed September 30, 1956.

            YMCA builds facility on Main Street north of Presbyterian Church


1905 – June 15 – first Rural Free Deliver (RFD) on Vashon from Portage Post

Office – Fred Kingsbury first carrier

            Dockton Drydock sold to John T. Heffernan who owned Heffernan Engine

Works in Seattle – intends to move drydock


1906 – Marjesira Inn Built – Magnolia Beach – Lodging, post office and store –

King County Landmark Building

            Charles F. Van Olinda store at Portage moved north and new 2 story store



1907 – first automobile on island.

            Pike Place Public Market opens – Island farmers sell produce
            “Vashon Island News” purchased by John Reid


1908 – 75,000 crates of berries shipped off-island

Vashon Electric Railroad Company formed to build electric railroad from north to south end of the island

Vashon Island Telegraph Co. organized

Dockton General Store and Post Office built – King County Landmark Building

Dockton Drydock moved to Seattle -

Moch (Burton) Hotel built

Ellsworth Ranch built on Vashon Highway north of town (ultimately becomes the location of Vashon Community Care Center


1909 – Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition – Vashon Day – 900+ attend


1910 – Northwest Canning Company opened cannery at Vashon Landing.

Operated until 1918.

            Vashon College Main Building burns – college closes

            Seattle-Everett Interurban developed – makes Vashon produce more


            Washington State gives women the right to vote



1911 – Vashon College building used for Chinese student school

              Hilmar and Selma Steen House built – Craftsman Style - King County Landmark Building


1912 – Vashon petitions State Legislature to secede from King County and

become a separate county.  Vashon County Bill passes State Senate 38 aye, 9 no, 3 absent.  Not voted on in State House and bill dies.

Vashon College last use of facility – closes permanently.

Smith-Baldwin House designed by Harlan Thomas Seattle architect –

known as “The Rose Cottage” – designed for Elizabeth Smith –

built in Georgina Revival Style – Dr. Belle Baldwin (Elizabeth’s daughter), one of first women MD’s in Washington, lived in house until 1942

            First Vashon Strawberry Festival – Vashon-Maury Federation of Clubs

Odd Fellows Hall built – (now VAA Blue Heron Arts Center) - King County Landmark Building

Vashon Chautauqua renamed Ellisport – February 27



1910-1915 – Puget Mill Company logs 10 sections (10 square miles) of Vashon-Maury Islands 33 square miles.


1914 – World War I increases demand for Vashon products – contract with Danish government for construction of four 4-masted barks –

            Aquarium Post Office renamed Glen Acres – October 19

            “Vashon Island News” purchased by Ira Case from John Reid, moves printing plant to Burton

            Quartermaster Drive completed from Monument to Portage


1915 -  “Vashon Island Record” newspapers started by Robert Jones.


1916 – First auto ferry to island.  M.V. Vashon begins Des Monies to Portage run

            200 telephone – 2 companies Pacific Telephone and Telegraph at Vashon

                        West Coast Company at Burton –

            Washington Coast Utilities purchase both phone companies and Vashon

                        Power and Light – becomes island monopoly

Steam electrical generating plat at Ellisport
State of Washington bans sale of alcoholic beverages – illegal still formed

on Vashon

            First lending library formed at Burton


1917 – King County ferry route from Harper, Vashon Heights, and Seattle (Marion Street Dock)

              Vashon-Maury Island Association formed – 20 growers sign agreement with N.W. Canning Co.

              WW I – paper places American Flag below editorials, adds slogan “Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable.”

              King County Commissioners tour Vashon


1918 – Mass meeting about ferries – recommend keeping Portage-Des Moines ferry and adding ferries at north and south ends – Portage ferry “the wrong” place,” “long drive to Seattle.

              Plan to purchase old Vashon School – 200 shares @ $25 each – create place for public meetings, turn grounds into park (beginnings of Vashon Park District)

              Pierce County builds dock at Pt. Defiance for ferry to Vashon – King County Commissioners promise dock and road to south end within one year.

              100 men employed at Dockton shipyards = proposal for “water level” road to Dockton.

              Camulos Club reactivated at Odd Fellows Hall (link with VAA of 1970s)

              Home Guard organized to support war effort


1919 - Shipyard workers strike.

            North end ferry opens – Harper, Vashon, Seattle (Marion St.)
            Seattle General Strike

May 6 –  Jules Dahlager, Monroe Smock, Noyes and  purchases interest
          in “Vashon Island Record”  from John Reid
December 8 – Ira Case sells “Vashon Island News” to Robert Jones who
         consolidates it with “Vashon Island Record” to become “ Vashon
         Island News-Record” – Monroe Smock editor


Vashon-Maury Island Decline, Depression, and War – 1920 to 1945


1920 – Highway from Center to Vashon Heights completed.

            Tahlequah Point Defiance ferry service begins.

            Burton Fire – three buildings burned.

            Vashon Development League formed – boosters

            Fire destroys remains of Raeco Raecolite (linoleum) plant on Maury


1921 – Memorial Monument (veterans)  Vashon Cemetery.

            Celebration at Tahlequah – U.S. Government relinquishes military reserve to 52 squatters settle there

Opposition to moving ferry from Seattle to Fauntleroy

Vashon farmers win prizes – L.C. Beall 1st and Frank Gilbert 3rd in egg laying contest – George Sheffield 1st in dahlia show

Standard Oil build supply station near Portage Ferry Dock

Submarine power cable to Island – steam plant eliminated


1922 – Strawberry maggot infestation.

            First Island Burns Nicht celebrated

            South end ferry expands service with ferry  “City of Tacoma” Tahlequah, Pt. Defiance, Gig Harbor

Virginia V launched –

“Birth of a Nation” plays at Island Theater.

            Portage-Des Moines Ferry discontinued by King County

            South end forest fire, burn for 3 months – Tahlequah to Camp Sealth, Colvos to Quartermaster

All black current bushes destroyed to stop white pine blister rot

Puget Sound Power and Light buys Washington Coast Utilities – controls

            Island phones and power


1923 – Beall Greenhouse switch from coal to oil.

            February Blizzard – week long – 3 foot drifts

            Vashon State Bank robbed - $6,687

Strawberry Festival planned - Melissa Jaynes 1st Vashon Strawberry Queen (101 years old)

            Vashon-Maury Island Pioneer and Historical Association formed

            Steen Mill moves to Ellisport takes over old Fuller Mill

            Colvos Store built – King County Landmark Building


1924 – Luana Beach named – Lodge opened

            Strawberry Festival – 2,500 attend – At Ellisport

            Elections – Coolidge (R) 523, Davis (D) 51, LaFollette (P) 318

            3 telephone operators, no service 10 PM to 8 AM
            Japanese Immigration stopped – State anti-Japanese laws passed

            Portage-Dockton Road built parallel to shoreline -


1925 – Ferry route begins runs to Fauntleroy and Seattle (Marion St. Dock)

            Lisabeula School destroyed by fire

Professor Meany from UW speaks on Discovery Day (May 29th day Vancouver named Vashon Island)

Water District 19 formed

All night telephone service begins

Burton-Magnolia Road completed

Mark P. Waterman Lodge No. 177 of the Free and Accepted Masons buy Burton Woodmen of the World building (1884) for lodge

Captain Thomas Phillips House built, 11312 SW 232nd Street, Burton

              King County Landmark Building


1926 – Hugh fir stump removed from Vashon Town – burn over 1 week

            Community Home - $1,000 raised to buy old Vashon School for community center

            Auto drives off Lisabeula pier – 2 drown 5 saved

            Governor Hartley speaks on island to packed auditorium

            A.T. Bacchus opens lumberyard

            Vashon Hour radiobroadcast on station KFOA

            New movie house opens – refurbished Vashon Theater becomes

a “Movie House”

            Volunteer Fire Department formed at Vashon

            Matthew Bridges – first permanent resident dies at age 98

            Masa Mukai (age 15) buys 40 acres of land (parents could not because

                        Anti-Japanese laws prevents Issei from owning land)  - Mukai Cold           

                        Process Fruit Barreling Plant built – House and gardens built

            Strawberry Festival held at Vashon School grounds (now Ober Park)


1927 – 6 telephone operators, 600 subscribers

            Puyallup Land Claims Case – Lucy Gerand S’Homamish Elder testifes

                        About villages on Vashon Island

Kimmel’s Store opens in new building on the SE corner of the main
           intersection of Vashon Town

YMCA Building remodeled into Vashon Theater to show sound movies
Water District 19 installs mains and fire hydrants in Vashon Town


1928 – Island votes for “Union High School” – to have one island high school
            Seattle-Tacoma Interurban closed – auto competition

Soda-acid chemical fire truck purchased for $700
1,000 gallon fire truck purchased
Seattle Exchange Club purchases Ellsworth Ranch and donates it to
                      Goodwill to operate as Goodwill Farm for indigent men

            December – Agnes Smock succeeds her husband Monroe Smock as
                      editor of the “Vashon Island News-Record”


1929 –  January, 7 – Lucy Gerand – S’Homamish Elder  dies – 1836-1929

                        Grave marker placed on her grave in Vashon Cemetery on

                        Friday February 22, 2008.  T.T, Waterman informant for “Puget

Sound Geography” – Testified in 1927 Puyallup land Claims case –

Vashon Golf Course opened

            Vashon Hardware Co. opened

            Celebration of opening new Judd Creek Bridge

            First “museum” – Vashon Hardware displays “Relics of Pioneer Days”

            75 boats from Inter-Club Yacht Clubs rendezvous at Quartermaster


            Island votes to build “Union High School”

            Cement company develops 80-acre pit on Maury Island

            Wall Street Crash – beginning of Great Depression


1930 – Ferry Vashon launched – serves Harper-Vashon-Seattle

            Philipino workers in fight – cabins dynamited

            First “Union High School” graduation – 37 graduate – largest number ever

            Vashon Golf Course opens

            Vashon gets its first X-Ray machine

            Japanese-American citizens organize Vashon Island Progressive

Citizens League

Schwartz-Bell House built – Ellisport – Depression Style pole frame log

            building - King County Landmark Building



1931 – Japanese-American citizens donate 100 cherry trees to new high school

            Construction of new North end dock

            Goodwill Farm on island – run by Goodwill Industries

            Smith Airplane Co. building airplanes on island

            First night school on Vashon – 30 enrolled

February 23 – Lisabuela Post Office closed.


1932 – Burton-Tahlequah Road built

            Vashon-Maury Island vote for Democratic Presidential candidate for first time –
                   Hoover 534, Roosevelt 704

King County cuts deputy sheriff from Vashon


1933 – April 16 -Vashon fire, half of downtown Vashon burns – England Peterson
                      Lumber Co. and Middling Hotel lost

            April 17 – Time Clarke gives ice cream away to children with own spoons,
                      no electricity after fire

            Rod and Gun Club formed – later named Sportsman Club

            National “Bank Holiday” called by FDR – Local bank in excellent condition

            High school teachers have pay warrents reduced 20%

            Cemetery cleaned by 10 welfare workers – welfare work paid at 45


            Meetings to break away from King Co and form separate county from


            Mukai Garden featured in Christian Science Monitor article

            Vashon featured in radio speech

            Sportsman Club drive to destroy feral cats – protect birds and poultry

            Island merchants pledge to support National Recovery Administration

(NRA) policies

            Vashon votes “wet” – end prohibition 403 to 313

            Major forest fire – Paradise Valley to Lisabuela

            Island Democratic Club formed


1934 - Japanese Society present program at high school

            Elmer Stone killed saving fellow worker from gravel pit collapse at

Ellisport Hill

            High School levy passes to continue 9 month school

            Fishing boat Umatilla of Dockton wrecked off Neah Bay – 2 killed, Lauritz Halsan and John Usorac–
                 Captain Lucas Plancich in command

October wind storm – 85 mph winds – trees down, power out, ferries suspended


1935 - Oyster Farm started at Tahlequah – 35,000 Japanese oysters

            Dock at Tahlequah wired for electricity

            Oliver Van Olinda writing history of Vashon

            S.S. Harry Luckenbach runs aground between Pt. Robinson and


            Vashon receives $11,000 PWA finds – build service building, road barn,

 Jail at Center

            Ferry Strike – 15 days - temporary ferry service at north end by “Verona”

            Vashon Sand and Gravel develop gravel mine on Maury Island


1936 - Last GAR veteran dies – C.A. Barton

            “Kalakala” takes islanders on excursion

            KVI opens transmitter at Ellisport

            Ferry service from Quartermaster to Tacoma – suspended, restarted

            FDR wins island – 751 to 510

            Ferry Service Improvement Association formed – supports state run


            Vashon Park Association purchases 23 acres for park at Dockton for

$1,300 - Vashon-Maury Park formed at Dockton

            March – 33 WPA workers build Dockton Park under direction of Theo

Berry – also construct Piano Row sidewalk

            July 12 – Dockton Park dedicated – deeded to King County


1937 - Olympic Berry Company formed – to develop Olympic berry developed by

                        Hallack Grieden of Center

            Vashon Japanese Association celebrates 30th Anniversary

            Two children killed by car at Center – calls for traffic controls

            Ferry Strike – county runs emergency service with “Washington”

            Tahlequah holds dock party to thank Washington navigation Co. for not


            Department of Public Service holds hearing and submits report about ferry

                        service – Vashon ferry service should not be considered

independent of other Puget Sound ferry service


1938 - The George McCormick “Marathon-Around-The-Island” – March 23

            Protest against toll booth in center of Heights dock – later removed

            Caterpillar infestation on island

            State Department of Health warns against eating Puget Sound mussels

            Vashon votes against “Public Utility District Bill” 355 to 806 – bill would

Have created King Co. Utility District – public power – fear of higher taxes and higher utility costs

            American Legion Post formed


1939 - Robbery Gang arrested on Vashon woman and five boys looted 15 homes and dance hall

Ferry Poll – islanders prefer Fauntleroy over Seattle because more

frequent service (1.5 hour vs 2 hour service)

            Vashon wins Washington Prep Invitational Basketball Meet

            Virginia V seized by U.S. Marshals – Westside without service

            Frank Plum return to island from fighting with the Abraham Lincoln

Brigade for Loyalists against Fascists in Spain

            “Mukai Gardens at Height of Beauty”

            Pt. Robinson park being developed – road down hill, clay slopes pulled

down to fill in swamp

            WPA project – 38 men surveying island – establishing section lines

            Ferry Strike – 22 days -  King County puts “Washington” on emergency


            Island Men seize ferry “Elwaha” – vigilante action to keep ferry service if


            Forest fires burn on island – 2 days at Heights, 2 days at Rosehilla, 1

month at Pt. Robinson

            50 lb Tyee Salmon caught at Tahlequah


1940 – Federal Arbiter grants ferry pay increase – assures no strikes until

Dec 1, 1941

            April 6 – Meeting to form Fire District

            KIRO erects tower on Maury – June 29 begins broadcasting

            New Ellisport water system completed

            Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses – Ferry service at Tahlequah curtailed and ferries put on
                   Gig Harbor – Pt. Defiance run to replace bridge

English children sent to Vashon to escape Blitz


1941 - Ferry operators and union sign 3 year agreement

            Ferry Hearings – disparities between N and S end fares

            January 22 – Axel Petersen presents five-point plan for fire district

            KIRO opens transmitter – 15 employees to island

            Parking lot at N end built – road down to dock

            Vashon gears up for war – Women’s Auxiliary of Emergency Defense

Commission formed, Civilian Fire Defense Force formed, mock air raid drills held

            Island votes to form single school district – only Columbia against

            Pearl Harbor attacked – WW II begins – Editorial calls for balanced in

 dealing with Japanese citizens on the island


1942 – Air Raid Observation Posts set up, Air Raid drills held

            Bus service to Tacoma begins

            KIRO closes facilties and grounds to visitors

            Community garden, Japanese volunteer labor

            Paul Billingsley appointed head of island Civil Defense

             War efforts - scrap iron drive, copper drive, price ceilings set, tires ratrioned, fuel rationed,
                     coffee rationed, blackout regulations enforced

            “G-Men Raid Island Aliens”

            Japanese-American Club of Vashon Island publishes “The Creed of the Japanese-American”

            Maurice Dunsford takes over Mukai and Son Packing Plant

            Second Relocation - Island Japanese interned – 126 leave island – 300 friends see them off –
                      Executive Order 9066

           March 24 – Election to select Fire Commissioners - George McCormick, Ferguson Beall, Harry
                    Robbins, Charles Van Olinda, Norman Edson, Coy Meredith elected

            March 26 – Election to form King County Fire Protection District – County purchases fire
                                 truck for the island

            October – first official meeting of Fire District 13

            Betty MacDonald moves to Dolphin Point, Vashon


1943 - 18 inch snowfall blankets island

            New income tax law

            War efforts – shoes rationed, meat rationed, War Loan drives, paper


            Four island boys drown, fifth saved during gale in West Passage

            Editorial – “Leave the Japs Where They Are” – new editor in charge

            Island Observation Posts closed – Army Fighter Command takes over

            Office of Price Administration set price of wood at $13.50 per cord

            Colvos Store opened in 1923 closes because rationing made good


1944 - Vashon Theater changes hands – C.G. Kimmel  and Art Larson new


            King County Library, Vashon Island Branch opens March 6

            Drive to build new Library - $6,000 raised for building

            Road west of Tahlequah blockaded by property owners

            As war reaches peak numerous island men killed or missing in action

            Vashon Island News Record sold by Smock to Garber

            FDR wins island for third time

            Ferry Vashonia runs aground at Tahlequah in fog

            Hebert family buys Goodwill farm and operates it as a boarding house


A Vashon-Maury Island Community – 1945 to 1970


1945 - Vashon Island News-Record editorially supports Governor Wallgren’s opposition to allowing Japanese to return –

            Dual funeral for Lt. Thomas and 2nd Lt. Douglas Bacchus – both killed

in service

            Quartermaster Harbor opened to night cruising by pleasure craft

            100 acre fire in Paradise Valley

            Editorial call for zoning on Vashon

            May 10 – Construction of new Memorial Library begins

            Parking restrictions (2 hour) and 20 mph speed limit in Vashon Town

passed by County Commissioners

            Japan Surrenders – WW II over

100 Quartermaster residents protests ships moored in Harbor at Portage –
             8 Army Transport Service vessels

September – Tahlequah, Burton and Dockton Fire Halls dedicated by
            Vashon Fireman’s Association

            Island Coast Guard Auxiliary formed

            600 phones on Island, 8 operators

            Larson Boat Shop opens at Cove – builds SkipperCraft

            Betty MacDonald published “The Egg and I”


1946 - Tacoma Times editorial calls for improved Pt. Defiance and Tahlequah


            3,500 cheery trees destroyed to prevent infestation

            Seattle PI article – proposes floating bridge with Vashon as “the

Unsinkable   mid-Sound anchor.” – Chamber of Commerce

supports proposal

            Life Magazine photographers visit island to photograph Betty MacDonald

            Earthquake rocks island – slide at Shawnee

            Vashon Theater burns – Feb. 24 - surrounding buildings saved – movies
                      shown in Island Club (now Ober Park)

            Vashon Library new building dedicated

            Capt. F. M. Sherman proposes a marine park at Dockton

            Vashon Island Cooperative Hatchery destroyed by fire, 30,000 eggs lost

            Smallpox epidemic –

            Ferry and Bus service increased –

            Vashon Heights Community Club formed

            Harbor Mercantile at Burton opens Locker Plant

            KEVR opens transmitter and towers on Maury (later KING)

            August – Investment group –Vashon Improvement Association –
                       contracted to build new theater across the street of the old theater
                       – (current building)

            Safecrackers rob Vashon Tavern - $2,500, 20 cases of beer, 6 cases

wine,100 cartons cigarettes

            Beall Greenhouse Open House – 1,500 attend

            Olympic Instruments opens – Chris Crecelius and Leonard Bonifaci


 1947 – New phone cable laid to island from Brace Point to Bealls Point

            January gale and freeze – temperatures drop to 17 degrees

            Vashon Businessmen’s Club – protest ferry rte increases

            Mass meeting to protest ferry fare increase

            Airport District approved – 215 to 71

Editorial – “A United Island” – supports state owned ferries and bridge to        peninsula at Southworth

February 6 mass meeting – 500 attend – raise $1,500 to fight Black Ball 30%

       fare increase

Feb 13 – caravan of islanders to Olympia to protest ferry fare increase and support

       S.B. 85 to create State Ferry System

Tahlequah “path case” – public path over private land closed

2 Hour parking enforced in Vashon Town

Ferry Strike – March 14-20 – temporary service by White Swan, Carlisle and Elsie C III

Larson Marine – opens boat shop at Cove – Slippercraft Boats

June 26 - Harold Dahl and Fred Crissman report the explosion on June 21, 1947, of a giant doughnut-shaped “flying saucer” near Maury Island in Puget Sound

Peach Festival August 16-17 – Peach Queen Martha Mues

New Island Theater opens May 29 – “Two Guys from Milwaukee” and “The Big Sleep” double feature

Vashon Sewer District approved 43-21

Record school enrollment Fall term – 853 students

Vashon Ferry District formed – 316 to 38 approved – King County Ferry

       District  #1, Vashon Island Ferry District

       Commissioners – George McCormick, Charles Law, George Wall

            Floating bridge plans developed by State Department of Transportation

            Halloween Parade and Theater Party

            School Levy passes 1057 to 72 – 94% approval

            December Gale – 53 mph winds at Tahlequah and Point Dalco


1948 – Vashon Island Ministerial Association formed – 7 churches

            Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce proposes bridge to Southworth to

State Highway Director Clarence Shain – 2 bridges proposed 1 at

Hood Canal, 1 at Vashon-Southworth

            Vashon Ferry District begins ferry service – Black Ball fleet tied up by

Captain Peabody – he asks state for 30% fare increase

           March 1 Gallant Lady makes first passenger run Vashon to

Fauntleroy – King County Ferry District No. 1

King County makes 45 car ferry Lincoln available for Fauntleroy run Passenger ferry Elsie C makes Tahlequah run

May 6 Motor Ferry Kitsap begins Tahlequah run

New King County “sanitary fill” dump located

            Vashon Ferry District sues Seattle Times $1.25 million for libel

            Saturday May 15 Vashon Vigilantes repel Black Ball Ferry – “Black Ball

Ferries refused Landing at Vashon Dock”  - if allowed to land

Black Bal ferries could compete with Vashon Ferry District ferries   

            Ferry District purchases Motor Ferry City of Tacoma for $45,000 – 34 car

ferry - Begins two ferry service at North End – Lincoln and City of Tacoma

            Peach Festival – Queen Elsa Mae Schmidt

            Ed Zarth killed in explosion at Island Garage

            Ki-Mo-Vi-Ro-Club formed – Radio Engineers and Wives Club –

                  KING, KOMO, KIRO, KVI

            September – Two-bay firehouse completed on Bank Road

            Truman wins national election – Vashon votes for Dewey 1010 to 758

            Chamber of Commerce Meeting – 500 attend and approve Vashon Ferry


Contract with State Toll Bridge Authority – Ferry District signs North End

                        Run to State of Washington –

            State Supreme Court invalidates State ferry arrangement with Black Ball



1949 – Norman Edson’s “Sun’s Last Glow” photograph of Mount Rainier featured

in article about Edison in Vashon Island News Record – Jan. 6.

Methodist Log Church built in 1885 dismantled and moved

March 23, storm sinks Tahlequah ferry slip

Attempt to form Island Hospital District– election May 19 – plan defeated

by vote of 142 for and 757 against – Island never gets hospital

School Board buys land near High School – will later become McMurray

and Chautauqua sites

Vashon Bridge – Vashon to Southworth to cost $18 million – proposal

endorsed by Vashon Ferry District and by Vashon Chamber of Commerce

State Highway Department buys ferry “City of Tacoma” for Vashon Ferry


            Seattle earthquake

Betty MacDonald published “Miss. Piggle Wiggle.”


1950 – Falcon’s Nest Burns – island showcase lodge destroyed by fire

            Vashon Bridge – Washington Toll Bridge Authority proposed high span

bridge from Southworth to Vashon, floating bridge from Vashon to Fauntleroy –

                        “Let’s Build the Bridge” Campaign begins - $75,000 from State to

begin preliminary planning

            Jan 13 Blizzard – 14 inches of snow blankets Island – 3 weeks of extreme

cold weather – 9 days below 10 degrees
Jan 14 – powerful waves undermine store and sweep structure into the


            Jan 24 Gale – 60 mph winds close ferry service

            Ferry Meeting – overwhelming support of Vashon Ferry District – 750

attend –

            Albert Canwell speaks to Kiwanis Club – Canwell led “McCarthy” type


                        About communist influence at University of Washington

            Senate Bill No. 11 passes both houses of State Legislature -  gives State

 jurisdiction over Puget Sound Navigation Company service

            “Dream Bridge” theme of annual Flower Show on Island – model of new

Vashon Bridge was centerpiece of show –

            Ferry Leschi added to Ferry District fleet – 3 boats: Lincoln, Crosline,


            Dial Telephone service begins Dec 15 – 175 lines, 1200 customers

            1950 Census – 4,320 island residents

            1000 phones on Island, 14 operators


1951 – State purchases Puget Sound Navigation ferries for $4.944 million –

Black Ball retains Port Angeles-Victoria route and ferries

June 1 - State of Washington State Ferry System formed – Vashon Ferry

District becomes part of State Ferry System

Governor Langlie – State ferries “firm foundation” to plan the bridging of

the Sound

            Harvest Festival – July 27-28-29
Human remains representing a minimum of one individual

were removed from Vashon Island near Judd Creek in King County, WA, by landowner Vernon Lamoreux. The human remains were donated to the Burke Museum in 1951, but were not formally accessioned until 1965 (Burke Accn. 1965-78). No known individual was identified. No associated funerary objects are present.  Based on geographic location and after further review by a University of Washington physical anthropologist, the human remains have been determined to be Native American. Although the cranium is highly fragmented, morphological evidence such as the presence of wormian bones and cranial deformity typical of Native American remains is evident. Vashon Island is within the usual and accustomed territory of the Puyallup Tribe of the Puyallup Reservation, Washington. The S'Homamish occupied Vashon Island during the mid 1800s. In 1854, George Gibbs identified the Puyallupahmish, T'Kawkamish, and S'Homamish as being from the Puyallup River and Vashon Island area. Under the terms of the Treaty of Medicine Creek, the S'Homamish people were removed to the Puyallup Reservation. Descendants of the S'Homamish are members of the Puyallup Tribe of the Puyallup Reservation, Washington.

Betty MacDonald tried for libel against the Albert Bishop family for

depicting them as the Kettles in “The Egg and I” -  found not guilty


1952 – “Vashon Island Story” – Chamber of Commerce planning document –

envisions growth based on bridge being constructed – need for zoning – estimates population of 40,000-50,000 for Island –

            Need for parking plan of Vashon Town – “summer residents double


            Concerns about water for development – speculation on source of fresh

water: 1. surface water, 2. artesian, 3. from aquifers originating in mountains

Chamber of Commerce – “To Build A Better Community” projects 50,000

Population will need 12 elementary, 4 junior high, and 3 high schools.  Needs identified: recreation facilities, saltwater parks, playgrounds, community buildings, water, churches, business areas, roads

            April 20 – Celebration of new street lighting in Vashon Town

            Four ferries serving Vashon: North End – San Mateo, Kehloken,

Chetzemoka;  South End – Skansonia

            Vashon Island Festival – Gold Booster Buttons sold for first time

            Joe Green wins Clam Digging Contest – 20 lbs of clams in 15 minutes

            Ground Observers Post – air defense volunteers – becomes basis for Air

Force troops stationed on Vashon as part of Cold War – 70 volunteers get training

            Jon Tabor paints mural in Island Theater – Easter Island themed

            1952 Election – Island votes Republican – For President: Eisenhower (R)

1313, Stevenson (D) 698.  For Governor: Langlie (R) 1336, Mitchell (D) 642

            Vashon Crossing for Puget Sound Bridge Approved - $80,000 Planning

funds, 5 year construction, floating bridge from Fauntleroy turns into high rise as it approaches Vashon for passage of ships, super highway across island,

                        Suspension bridge across Colvos Passage

            Chamber of Commerce Meeting – 144 of 150 attending “enthusiastically”

support bridge construction to Island


1953 – Air Defense Battery stationed on Vashon – Battery C, of 513th

            Enemy Bombers Can Attack America – series of articles about possible

Soviet attack –

            February – 76 mph gale strikes island – power out, much wind damage    

            Vashon Island News Record sold to William Orthman and Don Carlock

            New Vashon Elementary School – named, dedicated and opened

            Cross-Sound Bridge Bill (HB 386) approved sent to Governor Langlie

            April 25 – Judd Creek Bridge opened – ribbon cutting ceremony

             Vashon Bridge – engineers estimate 3-4 million vehicles in first year,

Largest floating structure ever built, 11.666 feet long, estimated cost $100 million,

                        5 years to construct, 300,000 tons of steel

            Island Festival – July 17-18-19 – Kay Green crowned Queen

            Opposition to Vashon Bridge at public hearing from Port of Seattle, Port of

Tacoma, Puget Sound Ship Operators Association, tugboat and towing companies

            Petition to Incorporate Island – Vashon Businessmen’s Club sponsored –

incorporate island as 4th class town, “gain local control”

            Seattle street numbering system imposed on Island by King County –

much controversy – not fully imposed – issue reappears in 1990’s

            Vashon Island News Record – full page editorial supports Vashon Bridge

            Magnolia Post Office closes

            Hebert family turns their boarding house into Island Manor licensed
                      nursing home


1954 – Harlan Rosford buys Island Transit from Trailways – 1941 GMC diesel

bus – moves family to Vashon -

            Civil Defense issues dominate news – preparedness – Cold War

            Jan. 21 – heavy snow and smashed ferry dock isolate Island – passenger

only service

            Islanders boycott ferry coffee shops when price of cup raised to 15 cents

            Island Theater under new management – open six days each week,

double bills on W-Th-F-Sat

            Last “log cabin” on main street Vashon moved to make way for new

Brenno Service Station

            School Board controversy – incumbents win narrowly against write-ins –

issue is way schools are operated

            Vashon Bridge gets go-ahead from State Toll Bridge Authority – traffic

surveys, Corps of Engineers OK –

            King County accepts “compromise” street name plan – well know roads

remain named

            Dairy Queen opens in Vashon

            Islander and News-Record newspapers merge to become Islander News


            June 8 – ferry San Mateo crashes into Fauntleroy Dock – traffic rerouted

to Colman Dock

            Darlene Shride, Vashon resident, named Miss Washington 1954

            Benjamin Wilson, Vashon resident, awarded Congressional Medal of


            Island Theater sets 3 days for “The Robe” – new wide screen installed

            Island Festival – Aug 13-14-15 – Shirley Raab Queen

            Burton Elementary School dedicated Oct 10, opened September

            Vashon Presbyterian Church celebrates 50th anniversary

            Kelly’s Department Store opens on Island

            King County issues Vashon Island Report

                        Commuters – 11% downtown, 10% Duwamish, 38% Vashon, 4%

West Seattle, 37% other areas

                        Car Ownership – 83% of families own car, 17% own 2 cars

                        Employment – 77% of family head employed, 21% skilled,

8% clerical, 13% semi-skilled, 13% proprietors, 11% farmers, 7% professional, 4% service,

                        Unemployed – 23% - 18% retired, 5% unemployed

                        Spending – 38% Vashon, 12% Burton, 4% Center, 2% each

Dockton, Cove, Ellisport

                        Estimated Population – 4800 -1955, 7400 – 1960, 8620 – 1965,

9900 – 1970

                        Maximum Population – 56,000


1955 – Youth Activity Center opened

            Cross-Sound Bridge Threatened – State Ferry System seeking funds to

retire bonds, cost will stop bridge project –

            State of Washington deficit nears $1 billion

            Betty MacDonald, Island author, moves to 2000 acre ranch in Carmel,


             NIKE missile site to be added to Island – part of “Metropolitan Defense

Ring” - Ground Observers Corp to be deactivated

            First and Second grade students get Salk Anti-Polio vaccine

            400 new students in schools – “baby boom” – school levies pass 548 to


            Grand Opening of Robinson Furniture in new building

            8th Annual Island Festival, July 15-17 – Bonnie Ryan Queen

            Bill Speidel publishes “You Can’t Eat Mount Rainer”

            October – Cross Sound Bridge plans shelved – not “dead” but must wait

until “financiable” – Governor Langlie


1956 – Vashon State Bank sold to People’s Bank, becomes Vashon Branch

            Issue over mail labeling – mail addressed Vashon Island returned – soon

                        Revised to be sent to Vashon Post Office

            Northwest Airline Stratoliner crashes off Point Robinson – April 2 -

31 passengers, 6 crew, 32 rescued by Vashon Islanders in 3 outboard boats – 3 die – 2 missing (Tsui Kinglin,  her son Vee Song Foon 4 ys.old, Paul Wehrnen, Dr George Hook, David Razey Flight Attendant)

            Little League Baseball begins on Vashon – Saturday, April 21

            May 19 Armed Forces Day – both Island military bases hold open house –

Battery A – NIKE site – 1.5 miles south of town, Battery C – anti-aircraft site west of town on Beal Road

            Ground breaking for new Youth and Community Center

            Vashon Island Festival – July 27-29 – Jeanine Thomson, Queen

            Kirschner Fiberglass Plant burned in fire

            Shopping Center Planned – 20 acres west of town

            Cove Post Office closed September 1 – first opened in March 1904

            Island votes for Eisenhower (R)1291 vs. Stevenson (D) 749

                        Senate – Magunson (D) 1049 vs. Langley (R) 556

                        Governor – Anderson (R) 1014 vs. Rosillini (D) 1012

            Island begins petition for Colvos Bridge

            Betty MacDonald moves to ranch in Carmel, California

            September 30 – Cove Post Office closes


1957 – March of Dimes - Polio Immunization Day January 24 – 827 shots given

            Vashon 1500 phones begin using DDD (Direct Distance Dialing)

            Fire Permits required – except for beach fires, cooking fire, recreational

                        fires, and incinerators

            School Bond passes – 75% yes vote

            $30.5 million appropriated for ferry system – nothing for bridge

            Bill Speidel publishes “Be My Guest”

            State Toll Bridge Authority chooses West Seattle Vashon route for new

bridge,1963-64 completion date

            Vashon Pirates end 33 games losing streak – beat Evergreen Woverines

7 – 2

            Oct 10 – local “hams” and NIKE Base hear “Russian satellite missile”

            Flu closes school for 2 days – 25% absent

            Puget Sound Power and Light lay 4th cable to Island – Fern Cove to

Fragarin 12,500 volt load to Island

            Contracts for Hood Canal Floating Bridge and Ferry Terminal upgrades

            Larson Grocery Store in Burton burns – grocery in building since 1924

            March 7 – Vashon Beachcomber begins publication

            First Island Outboard Race – begins 4th of July tradition

            16 Unit NIKE Housing project begins construction

            Dispute over use of “KVI Beach” – traditional public access

            Chamber of Commerce begins “Tackle Speeding” Campaign to reduce

Island speeding – similar to 2003 “Take the Pledge” Campaign

            Anti-Aircraft Battery C deactivate – Army moves to missiles

            Yoneichi Matsuda named Conservationist Farmer of the Year by King

County Soil Conservation District

            Judd Creek planted with salmon eggs by Sportsman’s Club

            King County buys 200 feet of waterfront at Jensen’s Point for park

            Island Transit System, Harlan Rosford owner, buys 1948 GMC diesel bus
            Heberts sell Island manor Nursing Home to Smiths who add new kitchen,
                      dining room, and west wing


1958 –  Billingsleyite – rare mineral name for Island mining engineer Paul

Billingsley who discovered the mineral while working in Utah

            King Count pledges to support Chamber of Commerce in improving and

Beautifying Inspiration Point – Bill Beymer and Keith Putnam lead effort

Betty MacDonald, Island author, age 49, dies at her home in California –

 February 7

            March 17 – hearing on access to KVI Beach – “living witnesses” confirm

                        Agreement between Ellisport residents and Puget Sound Broadcast

                        That radio tower would not interfere with use of the beach

            School Levies pass – 74.4% and 72.8% yes votes

            Toll Bridge Authority receives engineers report on bridge - $193 million in

                        Bond needed for construction

            Letters to editor of Beachcomber – bridge will “destroy rural life”

            Eagles Aerie founded – 86 charter members

            Vashon has highest percentage of park population per population of any

                        Community in King County

            Black Bear lassoed while swimming Colvos from Fragara to Cove – Mike

Plancich and David Kulusich capture 300 pound black bear – bear drowned in attempted capture –

            May 28 Beachcomber buys Island News Record – last issue of Island

News Record May 28, 1958

            Clara Hellesto – Island Festival Queen

            Dock worker killed at Fauntleroy when San Mateo rams wing wall

            Island ferries shifted to Fauntleroy from Colman dock following

construction work

            Vashon-Maury Grange win State competition with play “The Little Red

Schoolhouse.” Written by Ruby Wells

            Island Nursing Home – originally Ellsworth Ranch – purchased by

Exchange Club and donated to Goodwill, 1944 purchased by Herberts as boarding House, 1953 turned into Nursing Home

            40th Annual Beulah Park Camp Meeting – since 1918

            29 outboard boats compete in Race-Around-the –Island

            Blake Island purchased by State of Washington as State Park

            C.L. Garner of Burton has one man show of historical paintings at

Washington State Historical Society in Tacoma

            Ten Voting Precincts for Vashon-Maury Island

            Chamber of Commerce drops support of Island Festival –“lack of


            Tahlequah changes from 10 party to 5 party phone system

            Ground Breaking for Kimmel’s Supermarket

            500 acre wildfire on Maury – 3 day battle to contain blaze

            New $3 million ferry Klahowya to be island boat

            Christian Science Reading Room opens on Vashon

            State turns Raab’s Lagoon into salmon rearing pond – construct dam

            Marjesira Inn Store at Magnolia closes


1959 – Vashon Bridge gets support in State Legislature – special consideration


            Lutherans buy church site south of Vashon

            State Senate approves Vashon Bridge

            King County and volunteers improve Inspiration Point site

            State Wildlife plants 213,000 salmon at Raab’s Lagoon

            Sunrise Easter Service at Inspiration Point – 6 AM

            Ferry Fares increase – 9% to 33% -

$6.60 to $8.80 for weekly daily commuter + car

single trip $1.10 to $1.20

10 ride book $8.80 to $9.60

            Quartermaster Yacht Club dock, float and bulkhead dedicated

            Kimmel’s Shop-Rite Supermarket Grand Opening – Shopping center east
                      of main street includes bowling alley and Sprouse-Ritze store

            New Science/Home Economics Building opens at VHS

            School enrollment 1323 student – largest ever

            Ferry Skansonia on Tahlequah run rescues deer swimming channel

            Sprouse-Reitz Variety Store opens in new building in Shop-Rite Plaza

            Subdivisions appear on Island – Patten’s Pallisades, Gold Beach, Sandy


            Island Railroad remembered – “Lokey” logging railroad for Steen Mill west

of Vashon, later moved to Ellisport


1960 – August – Fire Station One in Vashon remodeled to house a tanker,
                      brush-fire truck, pumper, and ambulance; with hose tower


1961 – Bill Kirschner invents fiberglass ski
            Jim Hamilton elected fire chief


1962 – Seattle World’s Fair – Century 21 Exposition

Oct 12 – Columbus Day Storm – most powerful extratropical cyclone to hit

The US in the 20th Century


1963 – March – Wilbur Spencer elected fire chief
            April – “Plectron” alert system and 34 receivers purchased by fire district
            May – Tahlequah station dedicated


1964 – National Guard takes control of Nike site

            Earthquake – leads to stronger County building codes
            King County first Comprehensive Plan

            Jigsaw Study – Plan for Vashon’s future – first community planning effort

            Vashon Sand and Gravel site given Quarry-Mining (Q-M) zoning by King



1965 – “The Holiday” first production K2 fiberglass ski introduced




1967 – Voters approve expansion of King County Library System – new buildings

            February 24, 1967, the ferry Hiyu is launched in Portland, Oregon. The

162-foot vessel is meant to replace the 38-year-old Skansonia on the Tacoma-Vashon run. The Hiyu spent the next few months completing sea trials, and was put into service in July 1967.

            September 30 - the Puget Sound Regional Transportation Study (PSRTS)

releases a final Summary Report. Proposes Vashon Bridge.  The report is the culmination of a six-year, $1.6 million effort undertaken by the Puget Sound Governmental Conference, representing King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties and their major cities, the Washington State Highway Department, and other state and federal agencies. The PSRTS is among the nation's first large-scale attempts at comprehensive regional planning for transportation and land use.

            November – Special levy to purchase two fire trucks passed


1968– January – Craig Harmeling (age 27) appointed fire chief

January 20, Kristel Dyan Kishen is born aboard the ferry Quinault on its

way from Vashon Island to Seattle.

Forward Thrust Bonds – parks and pools

            Portage Post Office closed.

            Marilyn Cochran wins the 1968 World Cup gold medal on a pair of
                        competition K2s designed by Bill Kirschner.

            Mining operations on Maury expanded and new dock built to load barges

– called “Pioneer Pit”

            July – First women volunteer firepersons


1969 – King County moves to Council-Executive form of government

            Bill Kirschner sells K2 ski company to Cummings Diesel


Change on Vashon-Maury Island – 1970 to 1990


1970 –July 18 – King County Vashon Courthouse fireombed


1971 – Civic Assembly begins Medical Survey to establish 24-hour clinic

            Operation Jigsaw – community plan – Civic Assembly is outgrowth

                        of this community planning effort

            State Ferries get holding tanks for wastes – previously dumped in Sound

            King County given Island Club-Scout Cabin site and facilities – Veteran’s

                        Memorial Foundation signs over site – County to use $20,000 in

                        Forward Thrust funds to build Ober Park (named for John Ober)

                        1884 site bought by John Blackburn – 1886 donated to school

district –

                        1887 school built – additional buildings in 1900 and 1908

                        1925 – purchased by women’s group renamed “Community House”

                        1930’s – new HS auditorium leads to decline in use

                        1946 – Veteran’s Memorial Foundation raised $8,000 to take over

                                    property and remodel building – renamed “Island Club”

            Earth Week – April 19-24 – Earth Day celebrations

            Conflict between Teachers and School Superintendent – reduce teaching

Staff by 3 teachers – switch High School to 6 period day without consulting teachers

            Heights Club disbands – Vashon Heights Community Club disbands and

sells Club House to Grange

            Glass recycling begun by King County and community volunteers

            Rhea Brobeck – Miss Vashon 1971-72

            Fire destroys County building and Insurance agency – set by “incendiary

device” - Two men charged with “firebombing”

            “Rock Concert” –controversy over plan to hold fund raiser for “Neighbor’s

in Need” – community divided     

            Proposal for armed Volunteer Sherriff group

            November – Special levy for Fire District passes 1086 to 294

            King County passes “Open Space” law – purchase agricultural land

Development Rights to preserve rural nature of Island – tax relief from “highest-best use” valuation

            Captain Casper Vashon Baker dies – great-great-great nephew of Captain

James Vashon


1972 – Snowstorm late January – 8 inches of snow – 3 foot drifts – gale force


            State approves new High School building – will pay 52% of costs

            K2 announces $310,000 expansion – 20,000 sq feet

            State Highway Department considering passenger only ferry to Seattle

            K2 buys Jan Sport Pack firm

            March 2 weeks heavy rains lead to multiple slides and road closures –

                        Home at Indian Point destroyed by slide

            Civil Assembly considers “no shooting” ordinance for Island

            Beachcomber sold to Nelson Phillips

            Mackie’s Cove Store closes – last store on westside

            Island Health Care Center opens in Burton July 10. 24-hours clinic on


            Metro Transit takes over Seattle City and County bus systems – Harlan

 Rosford’s Island Transit to continue as contractor

            Vashon Bowl opens in Shop-Rite Plaza –

            Seattle-King County Health Department tests show lead and arsenic in

soil and animals on Vashon – source ASARCO smelter in Tacoma


1973 – Island Transit and Metro Transit reach operating agreement – Harlan

Rosford to maintain operations

            Vashon High School “frosh initiation” – food fight – leads to opposition to

                        School levies

            Civic Assembly – structure represents 23 island organization who each

have voting representative in Assembly – incorporated in 1964 – Island needed representative and united voice to government agencies no “power” but provides voice for Island

            Island Water Systems unsafe – 1964 survey finds 32 of 44 island systems

Are contaminated – 1973 only 8 “acceptable” systems – ban on building permits unless water system is certified

            Seattle-King County Health Department and Puget Sound Air Pollution

Control Agency to test island for arsenic contamination – test air for arsenic and test school children for arsenic in hair, blood and urine

            Island meeting with King County Parks Director George Wyse –

controversy over development of Dockton Park are regional not community park

            Wave of vandalism hits Island – 12 incidents in one week    

            School Levy defeated – 1124 vs. 710 – first time levy fails since before


            Standard Oil buys State mineral leases on 180 acres of Vashon – to drill

                        exploratory well

            K2 plans $3 million expansion

            Tests find “significantly elevated” levels of arsenic in hair samples of

students - Puget Sound Air Pollution Agency proposed nations first arsenic  emission regulation – ASARCO submits compliance schedule

            ARCO gas station to open across from K2 – after zoning controversy

            125 pound octopus caught in Quartermaster Harbor near Burton Marina

            Voters reject 2nd school levy attempt – 51.3% yes but ^0% needed  

            McCormicks to retire – George and Earl McCormick to retire and turn

Vashon Hardware Store over to Chuck Barrentine

            Civic Assembly to develop Vashon Island Emergency Plan

            Bill Magill retires after 38 years as King County Roads Supervisor on


            March – First Fireman’s Ball to raise fund for Fire District

            Boeing Hydrofoil proposed for Island passenger only ferry

            Vashon Health Center to move from Burton to Vashon – Doctor 2 day per


            Joe Green to retire from Alaska fishing – 43 years fishing on Janet G

            Hydroplane race around island cancelled by Coast Guard and King

County after 14 years – complaints about noise

            Gas crisis hits Island – gas pumps dry

            New High School Building behind schedule – High School and McMurray

                        will double shift until building is ready

            Oil spill at Racoma Beach – 1.5 miles of beach covered with over 100

                        gallons of heavy bunker oil

            Vacant house in downtown Vashon demolished – next to bank – leaves

open space – becomes Vashon Green

            Rich and Sue Wiley and Victorian house featured in Redbook Christmas


            New High School open after Thanksgiving break

            Old High School built in 1930 - closed

            King County and School District looks at school property site for swimming


            August – Ground breaking for new Dockton fire station



1974 – Conflict over location of new sewer treatment plant

            Nike site to close – 80 acres, 180 jobs, 35 men stationed on Island –

                        Proposals emerge for community use of the site

                        Civic Assembly proposes health center, park -

            School levies fail – 48% yes vote

            Gas crisis hits Island – stations set schedules – concerns about off-island

gas buyers – early morning sales until daily allocation gone

            School levy passes – revised lower amount – threat to close McMurray

            Sound Food Restaurant to open –

            Telephone Utilities Inc. to close Vashon Office – move to Gig Harbor

            New Federal Law requires berry picker to be at least 12 years old –

            Concerns about remodel of Ober Park – “mounds” controversial

            Proposal for new shopping center in Vashon – Thriftway

                        Neighbors oppose because of traffic and noise

            Judge Phil Schwartz – fights new state law that judges must be attorneys

            Ellisport annexed to Water District 19 – community effort

            School District and general contractor in dispute over shoddy construction

                        Of new high school building - $31,000 disputed issues

            Swimming Pool – Forward Thrust fund – construction begins on School

                        District property

            Boldt Decision on allocating salmon fishing rights impacts Island gillnetters

– October 1  & 2 fish-in protest by white gillnetters – 3 Vashon fishermen arrested for protest – Wayne Cornett, Don Cornett, George Yurisich – arrested fishing off Ellisport –

            Controversial land use policy by King County – proposal to prohibit land

                        owners from removing ground cover and trees without permits

            Topless dancing comes to Vashon – Vashon Tavern has 3 topless


            Ferry Strike by Inland Boatman’s Union – closes all ferries except for

boats to Vashon and San Juan (no option of bridges)




1976 – K2 Corporation sold to Sitca Corporation, NW Investment Group

            October – First “No Ball” Fireman’s Ball to raise funds without expense


1977 – Mike McIntyre purchases Island manor Nursing Home

            May - First burn permits issued

            October - Vashon Fire – part of downtown burns – not enough water
                      pressure – 6 businesses destroyed or damaged -


1978 – Gravel barging from Maury mine suspended – gravel moved by truck


1979 – King County Farmlands Preservation Bonds – “open space” - $50 million

                        bond passed voters -


1980 April 30, 1980, bus driver Harlan Rosford (1917-1995) makes his last run,

after 26 years of service between Vashon Island and Seattle. Rosford was well-loved by generations of passengers, and was known for his enjoyment of music, chat, and fun parties aboard his three-trip-a-day bus route.

            Alexanders purchase Island Manor Nursing Home – rebuild kitchen,
                      extensive work on water and sewer system

            August – Proposal to have paid firefighters defeated 1444 to 934


1981 – June – First Vashon Comprehensive Plan adopted by King County –

                                    “Town of Vashon Business District Development Guide”


1982 – K2 Management purchases all shares from Stca Corp – sells Jansport


            Vashon Youth Hostle opens on Cove Road – western theme


1983 – Bradley vs. ASARCO – suit filed against ASARC for trespass from

emissions of arsenic and heavy metals onto Vashon property

            November – Vashon voters approve King County Park and Recreation

District No. 2 –


1984 –


1985 – K2 acquired by Anthony Industries –

Marie and Mike Bradley win suit against ASARCO for trespass for polluting land with down wind emissions of arsenic and other heavy metals – State Supreme Court finds 9-0 in favor of Bradley’s – establishes “down wind” precedent

October  - Vashon Park District “Grand Opening” of what would become Paradise Ridge Park

King County Council changes name of King County Park and Recreation

 District No. 2 to Vashon Park District

Vashon joins King County 911 emergency phone service





1987 – Dockton Post Office closed.

             May 1987 – Voter approve Park District Maintenance and Operation levy





1989 – K2 Corporation purchases Madshus A/S cross-country skis

             December Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust formed


The Present on Vashon-Maury Island – 1990 to The Present


1990 - January – VPD and VSD develop Mariner Field

             May 1990 – VPD hires first employee – Wendy Braicks

             July - Land Trust raises funds at Strawberry Festival to purchases

Whispering Firs Bog – first preserve

            State Growth Management Act approved by Legislature, signed by



1991 – January – VPD opens Skate Park at VES Gym


1992 March 9, 1992, public meeting on Vashon Island to discuss a bridge to

Vashon Island. Two thousand islanders attened the meeting at the Vashon High School gymnasium. Some carried signs reading “If You Build It, They Will Come,” “Bridges Bring Death,” and “Don’t Mercerize Vashon Island.”

             August – VPD takes over Ober Park building from King County

             December - Land Trust hires first Director – David Warren


1993 – Sound Food Restaurant re-opens as cooperative -


1994 – Fern Cove Reserve formed by Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust

            Land Trust hold first Forest Stewardship class

             September – Ober Park becomes home of Vashon Teen Center

                                     Fern Cove purchased for VPD

             King County Comprehensive Plan adopted


1995 – March – VPD and VSD improve McMurray Field

             October - Land Trust receives first Conservation Easement – 15 acres in

                      Christensen Ravine

            December – Group of 30 islanders pledge $10,000 loans each to keep
                      Island Manor Nursing Home from closing – Forms Vashon
                      Community Care Center


1996 – Second Vashon Comprehensive Plan adopted by King County –

                        Growth Management Act lists Vashon issues – rural nature of the

island , water, affordable housing, development in rural areas

            September 12, Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant opens in Vashon –
                      growing Hispanic population

           September - Land Trust begins annual tree sale fund raiser





           Land Trust and VPD begins Shinglemill Creek/Fern Cove Campaign

            May - Lone Star Northwest applies for revision of grading permit at Maury

Island mine to increase output and to resume barging

July - Bill Fisher donates 90 acres and Fisher Pond – owned by VPD and

managed by Land Trust

            August – King County requires Environmental Impact Statement for mine

expansion on Maury Island

            September – Burton Elementary School becomes VPD Skate Park

           December - Land Trust purchases Christian Science Society Building for




          May – VPD begins Concert in the Park Series



           January – Jan. 3 – Lone Star Northwest changes name to Glacier


  March – VPD opens Jensen Point Boathouse

              August – VPD improves Agren Park

                               Vashon Community Care Center opens 40 apartment assisted
                      living facility, 30-bed nursing home and five day-a-week
                      adult care program contracted with Providence Mount St.

  October - Christensen Pond purchased as bird sanctuary by Vashon

Audubon and Land Trust

              November - Commissioner of Public Lands Jennifer Belcher denies Lone
                        Star Northwest’s request to renew its aquatic lands lease

  December - Commissioner of Public Lands Jennifer Belcher designates

                      Vashon/Maury's marine ecosystem as an aquatic reserve; Glacier

Northwest sues Belcher and lawsuit is settled in 2002




           March – Village Green improved – VPD, ing County and Vashon Island

            Growers Association

 September – Friends of Ober Park opens new Children’s Playground



          May – Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife issues a

Hydraulic Project Approval for Lone Star dock expansion

                        King County requires Lone Star Northwest to apply for county

shoreline permits before applying for building permits for

dock expansion

September – Washington State Department of Natural Resources

                      establishes the Aquatic Reserve Program

                       VPD completes Jensen Point toilets

                       Lone Star Northwest applies for King County shoreline permit to

expand dock (denied by King County March 2004)

            K2 distribution moves from Vashon to Fife

           Land Trust acquires Mukai and Meadowlake Ponds



          May – VPD publishes Walks., Trails and Parks on Vashon Island.


            October – ex-Catus Coast Guard bouy tender towed to Maury Island

shore by owner and abandoned – navigation and environmental hazard – not removed until Dec 2008



          March - King County Department of Development and Environmental

Services (DDES) denies Glacier's permit application.

            April – Glacier appeals King County denial of shoreline permit to State

Shoreline Hearings Board

           Land Trust and King Count develop 350 acre Island center Forest

Summer - Public hearings on Maury Island aquatic preserve

Fall - Glacier sues Dow Constantine, Ron Sims & DDES

September – County-wide .172 mill csapital bond to expand King County

Library System approved – Vashon promised a new 10,000 sq. ft.

branch library

October-Oil spill in Dalco Passage south of Vashon/Maury Island

                            King County Council approves three controversial

ordinances, known collectively as the Critical Areas Ordinance or CAO, that limit rural development, in an effort to protect the environment and comply with the state Growth Management Act's requirement that regulations be based on the "best available science."

November - Shoreline Hearings Board releases decision reversing King

County's denial of Glacier Northwest's permit; court date set for July 11, 2005

Maury Island Aquatic Reserve formally established by

         Commissioner's Order for a period of 90 years


December - King County, Preserve Our Islands, People for Puget Sound,

    and the Washington Environmental Council all file
    separate appeals of the Shoreline  Hearings Board's
    decision in King County Superior Court

Glacier Northwest applies for King County Building Permit

     To construct new dock and loading facility



          Grannie’s Attic celebrates 30 years supporting Vashon Health Center


            January - King County Superior Court Judge Sharon Armstrong issued a

 temporary stay on Kings County's permits for Glacier's dock

            January 28 -  oil spill in Dalco Passage – quick response – contained

March – King County issues building permit to Glacier Northwest for

construction of new dock and loading facility  POI appeals decision to King County Superior Court

            Land Trust and King County protect Island Center Forest 371 acres


            Controversy over proposed King County Sensitive Areas Ordinance –

                        Attempted recall of Councilmen Dow Constantine by extreme

                        property rights group –

            Tokio “Tok” Otsuka dies – born on Vashon 1923 – graduated Vashon High

                        School 1941 – Interned during WW II – joined Army fought with

442nd RCT – returned to island and farmed berries

            POI “Preserve Our Islands” fires attorney John Arum – controversy over

                        “Not Now, Not Ever” approach vs. negotiation approach

            Court of appeals rules in favor of Glacier Northwest on dock expansion.

            Draft Watershed Plan presented – much controversy over “moratorium”

                        on new construction –

            State of Washington and Metro discuss Metro taking over passenger only

                        ferry operation

Vashon School District develops “Campus Master Plan” for capital
                         improvements and buildings

            Proposal for Hospital District on Vashon-Maury Island.

            Water District 19 and POW (Preserve Our Water) reach agreement over

Beall water rights – potentially allows the District to offer new water shares.

Car and travel trailer destroyed by fire – 911 call on cell phone went to Kipsap County Sherriff – new off island 911 service not working well


Sept – Cherry Champaign wins VSD “Doors of Opportunity Award”

Vashon-Maury Island Watershed Plan – declares Vashon “has no hydraulic connection” with either Kitsap or King County – declares Vashon a sole source aquifer – adopted by Vashon-Maury Island Community Council 

Jason Everett – VAA Director resigns after 7.5 years as Director

Passenger Only Ferry Service drops from 16 total runs per day to 6 – decline of ferry service –

VAA Auction - $146,000 raised – VAA budget increased from $ 350,000 in 1998 to $700,000 in 2005

Israel Shotridge, Tlingit Master Carver unveils Totem pole for U.S . Forrest Service Building in Washington, D.C.

Subway Sandwich shop comes to Vashon – first franchised restaurant since Dairy Queen closed


October – L Pod of Orcas cruise along east side of Vashon –

Odin Lonning, Tlingit Carver, dedicates totem pole at Everett
Community College – Andrew Marvell debuts web site

PTSA Auction raises $47,000 for Vashon schools

Tahlequah dock expanded to accept larger vehicles


November – Blanche Caffiere dies - had recently celebrated her 100th

            Birthday – Island writer and historian

Election -  Fire, Water and School Boards

Land Trust, King County and Cascade Land Conservancy initiate

Maury Island Conservation Initiative to protect nearshore



           Dec - Vashon Island Fire and Rescue – new Board sworn in –  conflict over decisions of previous Board 1. New fire station at Inspiration Point, 2. Contract for island Emergency Care, and 3. 911 call center off Island.

           Kat Eggleston – island born musician - concert at Café Luna



           Land Trust begins Shinglemill Creek Log Project to restore Shinglemill Creek

            Land Trust and Vashon Park District hire summer interns through the

                      Student Conservation Association – habitat restoration projects

            Land Trust initiates Trails Program


Jan – Mary Matsuda Gruenewald – “Looking Like the Enemy” 2004 – talk

about her book and experience of Japanese-Americans on Vashon


Feb – Vote to create Vashon King County Public Hospital District No. 5

fails –  71% No, 29% Yes -

                        Prle Mack dies – veteran of WW II, Korea and Vietnam Wars

                        Flu hits Vashon schools – 22.3% of students out of school ill

                        King County issues building permit to Glacier Northwest to

construct dock


March – State Appeals Court agrees to review Shoreline Hearing Board

decision of Nov 2004 to overturn King County denial of Glacier permits to mine on Maury Island

                        VIFR new Ladder truck arrives – controversial


            April – Title XI complaints supporting girls on Vashon Wresting Team –

                                    Opponent schools refuse to wrestle girl wrestlers

                        Wilson fired as VIFR Chief

                        Tom Stewart announces move to Arizona –

                        Vashon School District – policy to expel anyone attacking another

on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation

                        Bill Kirschner – founder of K2 dies


May – 6% increase in ferry fares – Motorcycles increase 11-16%

           16th Annual VAA Garden Tour –

           Bounty of Keister – Capt. John Burke – win Pacific Challenge

           3 Vashon boats win Swiftsure Race – Alex Wigley’s Freedon X First

in Div D, Pete Clark’s Cheetah First in Div J, Steve Tuck

Third in Div E

           Vashon School District receives $2 million settlement from Wick

Construction for construction faults at Chautauqua

                        CERT Teams organized – Community Emergency Response

                        Vashon home to Backbone Campaign – large puppets of “Chain

Gang” - Bush, Chaney, Rice, Rumsfeld


June – VHS Class of 2006 – 132 graduates

           K2 Corporation closes Vashon offices and moves to Seattle

           Dispute over water shares for proposed Inn in Vashon Town

           State Appeals Court uphold Shoreline Hearings Board decision to

approve Glacier Northwest mine and dock on Maury Island

                        Vashon beaches closed – high levels of PSP toxins in shellfish


July – Vashon Allied Arts celebrates 40th anniversary

           Tacoma Tall ships – moor in QM Harbor for evening before sail to


                        VIFR Chief Wilson fined $1000 by State Public Disclosure

Commission for improper use of public office in campaign

                        Report to VIFR Board – no hostile work environment for Chief

Wilson and Asst. Chief Fowler

                        Strawberry Festival – Clayton Williams Grand Marshall

                        Island Domestic Violence Outreach Services former director guilty

of theft of $29,000 in funds

                        Last 4th of July Fireworks sponsored by Tom Stewart

                        Wolftown permitted for wildlife rehabilitation

                        6 swimmers rescued of Point Heyer (KVI Beach) – VIFR Rescue

boat out of service – windsurfer rescues them -  Coast Guard

rescue boat accompanies rescuer to the beach

             POI, King County, and People for Puget Sound appeal Appeals

Court ruling on Galcier Northwest mine to State Supreme Court -


            August – Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum opens

                        Island Earth Faire –

                        Vashon College Open House

            “Everyday Hero” David Tempelton for rescuing girl stranded on raft

off KVI Beach in July

                        Vashon Household Eernisse Apartments dedicated to Fred


                        King County Brownfields Analysis of Beall Greenhouses and Ellis



Sept – Vashon Library celebrates 90th and 60th anniversaries - 1916 First

Library in Burton – 1946 Vashon Library Building in town

Vashon Library has twice the circulation of libraries for comparable sized communities

           Vashon College Vashon 101 Inaugural Cruise around Island


November – Leslie Brown new editor of Vashon Beachcomber


December  - Wind Storm – power out to entire island – Fire Station open

as Emergency Shelter – some out of power 7 days – 70 mph gusts - worst storm since Columbus Day storm of 1962 – 30 trees down on Cedarhurst Road – night temperatures in 20’s

            King County purchases 3.1 acres of Ellis Creek estuary –

LandTrust and King County share watershed stewardship

            Poetry Post dedicated at Village Green –

            Vashon Gay Pride Alliance Highway Cleanup sign defaced, bent

and spray painted pink

                        National Marine Fisheries Service letter to Army Corps of

Engineers – impact of Glacier mine “insignificant” on orca whales

           VMICC calls for ferry service to be restored to 2001 levels –

                        28% loss in service sine 2001 – 10% cut in discount rates


Corps of Engineers enters into discussions with NOAA/NMFS regarding endangered orcas and will decide by end of year whether to grant Federal dock permit

Dockton Road closed at Tramp Harbor for first phase of seawall replacement

Tompotika Alliance formed – Alliance for Tompotika Conservation

Margaret Heffelfinger publishes “Not Necessarily News: A Collection of My Newsworthy Newspaper Columns.”



          January – Pat Collier “habitat hero” by People for Puget Sound –

removed bulkhead form Maury Island home – model for restoring waterfront habitat

                        LandTrust adds 19 acre section in Paradise Valley

                        King County allocates $48 million to fix 3 roads – Tramp Harbor

Road north and south of dock, Vashon Highway south of Burton

                        Monkey Tree cut down – 75 years old - damaged in wind storm


            February – Vashon Oil Incident Support and Education (VOISE) receives

grant from State Department of Ecology for work in oil spill issues

                        Vashon Park District and King County Library System in conflict

over remodel of Library at Ober Park –

            Erik Poulsen introduces three new bills in WA legislature to uphold

aquatic reserve and stop Glacier project. None pass


            March – Toby Welch – founder of Harbor School resigns

                        Vashon School District bans publication of article about staff

member in Riptide student newspaper

                        King County Brownfield Program begins cleanup at Ellisport –

Greenhouse bunker oil contamination from 1920s-1960s


April – King County Library System looking for new library site not

at Ober Park

                        K2 site for sale

                        Vashon School District Superintendent Walker placed on

administrative leave by the School Board -   “lack of candor and transparency regarding Superintendent decisions.”  Probable cause to terminate Walker for “paying herself overtime … not authorized by the Board.”

                        Washington State Ferry System introduces new electronic

“Wave to Go” ticket system

                        Vashon Disaster Preparedness Coalition renames itself Vashon Be

Prepared (VBP)       

                        King County creates County Ferry District – fist step toward County

run passenger only ferries


May – 2.5% ferry fare increase

            Vashon School Board hires Terry Lindquist as interim


                        Tahlequah Store demolished

                        Wastewater Plant dedicated –

                        PTSA Auction raises $120,000

                        VIFR to stop calling Island Emergency Care for ambulance service

     conflict between owner and VIFR staff

Vashon School Board votes to dismiss Superintendent Walker


            June – Real Estate Market cools

                        K2 Commons and King County Library possible relocation of

Library to K2 Commons

Vandals destroy historic 1920s stained glass window at Vashon
           Presbyterian Church

                        Vashon Inn developer denied watershare “reshuffle” by District 19

                        Backbone Campaign benefit – 30 Island musicians


            July - Auge Takatsuka dies – 86 – interned at Tule Lake during WW II-

442nd Regimental Combat Team

                        Vashon College, Vashon Island Energy, Vashon True Value and

Puget Sound Energy subsidize low cost energy effciet light bulbs – Vashon uses 16-21% more energy than other PSE customer areas

                        90th Strawberry Festival – Joe Ulatoski Grand Marshall


            August – Vashon YMCA to closes

                        Murder – 53 year old man killed by 23 year old landlord


            September -  Senator Erik Poulsen 34th District resigns – Representative

Joe McDermott appointed as replacement – Sharon Nelson replaces McDermott as Representative

                        Misty Isle Farm for sale - $125 million

                        VIFR loses suit over gender discrimination in hiring


            October – Alien species of tunicate (sea snail) found in QM Harbor

                        Water District 19 – 70 on waiting list for water share –


            November – Brian Brenno opens new glass studio

                        School Board election – all incumbents lose – reaction to Walker


                        Tom Devries – 40 million year old penguin named for his discovery

     Perudypte devreisi


            December – K2 Commons – Heritage Group Ltd. Proposes to purchase

K2 site and turn it into commercial and community center for the island – ‘Island-wide hub” – Health Center, Grannie’s Attic, Island non-profits, recreational facilities, etc.

                        Mike Kirk named acting Chief VIFR

                        K2 Commons Open House – 100 islander attend

                        Proposal to create Colvos Passage Aquatic Reserve

                        Land Trust milestone of conserving 1,000 acres


            "Biggers VS Bainbridge Island". “No local government may impose
                      regulations that are in conflict with the state's general laws. ..”


            Land Trust reaches goal of preserving 1,000 acres



            January – Questions about K2 Commons for-profit plan – consumer vs.

community approach

                        School busses vandalized – 5 damaged – ˝ of District fleet

            Vashon Airport lights vandalized

State Supreme Court denies hearing of PIO challenge to Glacier

Mine permit – opens way for construction of pier and opening of mine

                        Legislation passes State House, fails in State Senate to consider

sand and gravel at Glacier Northwest mine site belongs to State


February – Lucy Gurand headstone installed at her gravesite in Vashon

Cemetery – “Pyuallup Elder 1836-1929”

                        Corps of Engineers approves Glacier construction of dock at Maury

Island mine site –

                        Ferry System reduces service from 3 boats to 2 boats for 1 month –


March – Betty MacDonald Centennial of birth – died Feb 1958 – VMIHA

                       and Vashon Library host Centennial Celebration

           Tahlequah Ferry suspended for 3 days – financial difficulties in

                       State Ferry System

           Survey of Island teens – “community laws and norms favor drug

                       and alcohol use”

           State Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond holds meeting –

                       250 Islanders attend


April - Misty Isle Farm for sale - $125 million asking price – 525 acres

                        Bell Baldwin House at Fern Cove – refurbished into B&B by Vashon

Park District

                        K2 Commons – no takers on use of space


May – First commercially grown pinot noir from grapes grown on Vashon

                                    By Vashon Winery owner Ron Irving made with grapes from

                                    Monument Farm Vineyard

                        Vashon College and Rotary Foundation support Dolly Parton

                     Imagination Library for Vashon – all children up to 5 years

                     old who register receive one book each month

         Three Vashon historic barns receive grant for repairs

         Island Musician Pete Bruchas leaves $300,000 to VSD music

                     programs – particularly jazz programs

         Governor Booth Gardner, Vashon resident, leads I-1000 Death

                     With Dignity Initiative campaign

         Norman Edson Island photographer 1921-1968 works exhibited at

                     VMI Heritage Museum

         PTSA Auction raises $120,000 for schools

         “Math Is Cool” Vashon 4th, 5th, and 6th graders win 1st and 2nd place

                     at Sate competition

           VPD opens Jensen Point Kayak Center


June – 18th Annual Garden Tour

           Vashon High School 116 seniors graduate

           Jean Cammon Findley of Vashon reads from new book “The

                       Mosquito Fleet of South Puget Sound”

           3rd Annual Point Robinson Low Tide Celebration –

           Proposed 4,600 sq. ft. waterfront home protested – concerns about

                       “critical areas” and McMansion issue

           Black Bear sighted on Island

           Islanders build replica of 1950s hydroplane Miss Thriftway

           Humpback Whale at Tahlequah for 2 weeks – endangered species


July – 91st Annual Strawberry Festival – Paul Wallrof Grand Marshall

                        Tacoma Tall Ships -- among them topsail schooners,

brigantines, and gaff-rigged schooners -- sail from Quartermaster Harbor on Vashon Island into Commencement Bay for the second Tall Ships festival in Tacoma

                        Sixth annual VIPP Fur Ball –

                        Sixth annual Lavender Farm Tour

           Havurat Ee Shalom synagogue broken into and hateful

                       words written on the walls – Interfaith gathering protests

                       hateful acts

           Sue Nattrass of Vashon on Canada Olympic shooting team – 7

                       World Championships and 5 Olympic teams

           Army Corps of Engineers approves Glacier Northwest dock

                       Construction – POI files appeal in US Court of Appeals

           School District moves offices to Chautauqua school to save money

           Divers discover safe at Tramp Harbor Dock – stolen from St. John

                       Vianny Church

                        School Board votes to close high school campus – seniors no

longer allowed to leave campus for lunch

                        King County assumes cost of operating passenger only ferry – King

County Ferry District – $.055 per $1,000 value property tax


August – VMIHA Virginia V Historic Island Cruise

           Past Remembered III – published by VMIHA

           Islewilde Festival

           8th Annual Heart of the Sound Triathalon (HOTS)

           Sharon Sikes Adams first woman to sail solo across the Pacific in

                       1965 vists her boat Sea Shape a 25 foor Danish Folkboat

                       owned by John Janne of Maury Island

           Passenger only ferry captained by Marcia Morris of Vashon one of

                       the few women skipper in the WSF System

           School vandalism – 20 windows and doors broken at high school

                       and middle school

           Onion Dome placed on All Merciful Savior Orthodox Monestary

           Bridge and home at Oswalt property at Shinglemill Creek taken

                       down by LandTrust as part of Shinglemill restoration

         Belle Baldwin House at Fern Cove opened as rental by Vashon



September – Vashon Island Pet Protectors – opens new adoption center

           Tahlequah ferry – 48 car Rhododendron replaced by 34 car Hiyu

                       for 1 month

           18th Annual Isle of Vashon – sponsored by Vintage Motorcycle

                       Enthusiasts (VME) – 1,200 participants

           Preserve Our Island sues Glacier in Federal Court – failure to

                       oversee protection of endangered salmon and orcas

           Hank Lipe named new VIFR Chief

           Jim English resigns as VMICC Chair after 5 years

           Vashon High School recognized as “blue ribbon school: one of 4 in

                       Washington State, one of 320 nationally – top 10% on

                       standardized tests –

           King County Library signs pledge to move to K2 Commons site

           Raw milk controversy – King County Health orders stop of use of

                       raw milk at 3 Island cafes

           POI claims gold found at Glacier site – state can not give away

                       mineral rights

           Church of the Great Rain begins performances at Red Bicycle –

                       Vashon’s version of Prairie Home Companion radio show

           Open Space for Art and Community Opens its doors


October – Island filmmaker David Rothmiller and L.D. Thompson debut

                     film “For My Wife” about gay and lesbian marriage rights in

                     Washington State

           Beachcomber wins 16 awards at Washington Newspaper

                       Publishers Association

           Raab’s Lagoon Preserve – 143 acres, 1.75 miles of shoreline – 3

                       year effort by LandTrust, King County, and Cascade Land


           Vashon-Maury Island Community Council – cancels election – to

                       few candidates for positions to hold election

           School Board votes to tear down Vashon Elementary Gym – built

                       for Vashon High School in 1912


November  – Church of the Great Rain, Prairie Home Companion type

radio show  begins broadcasts

                        President Election – 81% Obama, 18.5% McCain - 

                        Governor Election -  77% Gregoire, 23% Rossi

                        VAA proposes new Arts Facility at Center

King County re-zones K2 site from industrial to commercial with

little public notice or discussion

                        Vashon-Maury Island Community Council refuses to discuss K2

re-zone issue – largest attendance at VMICC meeting ever

           Vashon Pirates in State division playoffs – lose 14-7 to Motesanto

           Vashon Rowing Club seniors win gold medal in Canada

           Recession of 2008 hits Island businesses

           VPD takes responsibility for Vashon Senior Center


            December – The Loop Newspaper appeals for donations to keep


                        Water District 19 and Dan McClary reach agreement to allow

smaller hotel to be built in Vashon Town

                        Vashon Senior Center becomes affiliate of Vashon Park District

                        Cactus, ex Coast Guard buoy tender is seized by King County –

abandoned at Glacier mine site on Maury Island in 2003 –

                        Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland approves 30 year

tidelands lease to Glacier NW – within 24 hours Glacier NW begins construction of Maury island mine dock after 10 year process filled with controversy –  POI files appeal with King County Superior Court

                        King County issues Notice to Proceed to Glacier Northwest –

construction begins Dec 5

                        Ice and Snowstorm – worse since 1952 – 10 days – schools


                        Islanders protest move of King County Library to K2 Commons

                        Gallery 070 closes – opened Sept 2004 – economic downturn


            Land trust begins Judd Creek preservation campaign – one mile of stream

                      in Paradise Valley




            January – Glacier Protest – 500+ protestors organized by Backbone

Campaign and Protect Our Islands – Dow Constintine and

Patrick Christie speak

                        Christmas Bird Count – Dan Willsie reports 17 Western Grebes vs.

 366 in 2008 down from 1500-2000 in previous years

                        December Food bank Drive nets $19,438 – Thriftway adds $5000

                        Heavy wet snow Jan 4 – 3000 homes lose power – many cars


                        Islanders protest cuts to ferry service – 500+ at McMurray – 3-400

turned away

                        Glacier NW halts work on pier as window for work closes

                        Vashon Fire & Rescue suite by Lonore Hackett – not hired despite

top score on exam and active volunteer with more calls than

any other volunteer

                        Obama Inauguration celebrated at Vashon Theater and Open


                        State Supream Court decides in favor of islander Armin Yousoufian

12 year battle with King County to open records on sensitive

area ordinance

                        Mike Kirk retires from Vashon Island Fire & rescue – 40 years as

volunteer, Assistant Chief, and Interim Chief

                        King County purchases 300 feet of watrfron north of KVI to

preserve the “drift cell system” 2.5 from Vashon landing to

KVI – bluff loss replenishes KVI beach


            February – Lonora Hackett wins suit against VIF&R - $150,000 emotional

distress, $250,000 6 years pay, plus legal fees

                        Solar Project – grant from PSE – Land Trust Building and

VashonHousehold’s Charter Home fitted with solar panels

                        King Cunty Library Board directs KCLS to resume discussions with

VPD to keep library at Ober Park

                        Two Island business close because of “credit crunch” – Vashon

Auto Parts and Backbay Inn -

Fire Chief Lipe promises to change VIFR culture

WSFS two plans for north end ferry

            Plan A – breakup triangle route – 3 separate routes with

Hiyu on Vashon-Southworth

                                    Plan B – reduce 3 boats to 2 – Southend replace Rhody with


                        Newly elected Public Lands Commissioner Goldmark to review

Glacier NW land lease

                        VHS Pirates 5th consequtive Nisqually league BB title

                        VPD Board resolution to have KC Library in Ober Park

                        Misty Isle Estate for sale for $125 million – 530 acres – no buyers –

lay off 4 of 8 employees

                        Islanders and other ferry users deliver petition signed by 8,000 to

Olympia requesting Wa State support ferry system funding

                        L Pod – 40 orcas transit Colvos Passage

                        Sylvie Shiosaki wins 2nd State Wrestling Championship at 112 lbs


March – VHS Boys BB win 1-A Tri-District Tournement Title

             VHS Boys BB win State 1-A Championship

             Michael Stoltman named new VSD SSuperintendent

             VSD Bond issue fails at polls – 1st time in 29 years – 51% no to

49% yes – need 60% to pass

                        Voice of Vashon install new antenna for north end

                        Tulip tree on Bank Road taken down – losing limbs in storms

                        Elsie Ibsen dies at age 88 – grand daughter of early settlers


            April - Vashon Community Council Survey about Library location – 28%

response – 70% want KC Library at Ober Park

                        Vashon Opera Company Formed – Jennifer Krikawa President and

Artistic Director

                        6 of 10 Island business sell to underage drinkers in State Liquor

Control Board sting

                        1/3 of VHS students support National Day of Silence supporting

LGBTO students

                        Sharon Nelson (D-Vashon) named Legislator of the Year by House


                        K2 Commons developers propose moving VHS to the site

                        Vashon Tile Guild initiates Vashon Tile Project

                        Jim Smith dies – operated Portage Store 1969 to 2001

                        US Bank Mural unveiled – Will Forrester artist


May - Dockton Road Project 92 year old road – opened in 1917 – planned

rebuild costs $31 million

                        Hiyu replaces Rhody 34 vs 48 cars at south end for 1 month

                        VSD $ 1 million shortfall

                        Liquor Store to move to main street Vashon town center –

                        Kathy Abascal – “eating for Health and Weight Loss” seminars

                        Chris Szala replaces Sam Hendricks as Director of


                        VPD to take over maintenance of VSD athlectic fields

                        VAA receives $1.1 million State grant for exhibition space,

performance space, and classrooms – also $75,000 King Co


                        Beachcomber moves to Tabloid Format – less expensive

1st Island case of H1N1 swine flu

                        Water District 19 has 77 customers on waiting list requesting 343

water shares

                         Coach Paul Wollrof inducted into Tacoma-Pierce County Sports

Hall of Fame – UPS Football Coach 1966-1994 – now

coaches Vashon Youth Football

                        Vashon island Junior Crew takes home 33 medals from regionals

            June – King County Library Board chooses Ober Park for new branch

library site after larger protests by islander over proposed

move to K2 Commons

                        Vashon Island Golf and Country Club struggles during economic


                        VIFR settles out-of-court with Lonora Hackett – details not specified

                        VSD to cut bus service to reduce costs

                        19th Annual VAA Garden Tour

                        VHS Graduated – June 13

                        Alex Wigley and boat Freedom X finishes in 2nd place overall in

Swiftsure Classic Sailboat Race – Karl Haflinger Xiphius finished 3rd overall – both island boats and crews

                        Campaign to raise funds to help save teacher jobs led by Laura


                        VPD celebrates 25th year

                        VMIHA K2 Exhibit – Kirschner Family and Olympic Ski Champion

Steve Mahre attend opening

                        Vashon Firefighter’s Association (Volunteers) disbands – gives

1974 Association building to VIFR – declining participation

after professional firefighters hired and Hackett debacle 

July -  Leo Montague Grand Marshall of Strawberry Festival

                        Vashon Youth Hostel for sale – opened 27 years

                        New VSD Superintendent Michael Soltman takes over

                        Strawberry Festival –           1909-1940 Strawberry Festival

                                                                        1946-1949 Peach Festival

                                                                        1950-1953 Harvest festival

                                                                        1954-1979 Vashon Island Festival

                                                                        1980-Present Strawberry Festival

                        Cage Fighting at Strawberry festival – not official – great


                        LoAnne Forschmeidt Unofficial mayor of Vashon History

                        Odin Lonning Ilsand Tlingit Artist “Tlingit Shaman/Bear House

Chief” sculpture at Washington State History Museum

                        Gene Admondson 65 dies – Presidential Candidate for Prohibition


            August – VMIHA exhibit of Abby William Hill paitings and drawing – Hill

lived summers on Vashon from 1895 to 1906 and painted

and drew local scenes

                        New priest at St. Jon Vianny – Father Marc Powell

                        175 Islander participate in 1st Island Relay for Life

                        5 Island non-profits agree to cooperate during economic downturn

                                    Interfaith Council on Homelessness

                                    Vashon Community Care Center

                                    Vashon-Maury Community Food bank

                                    Vashon HouseHold

                                    Vashon Youth and Family Services

                        Record high temperatures – 103 degree F

                        Johnny Depp rumored move to Vashon false

                        Editorial – Water Conservation Efforts Working – Water District 19

reports 2004 heat wave 960,00 gallons used – 2009

heat wave 790,000 gallons used

                        VSD Board approves demolishing 1919 VHS Gym - $64,000 costs

                        4-H Rock Riders win trophy and ribbons at King County Fair

                        9th District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez halts Glacier NW

construction on new/replacement pier – rules to review

scientific data on impacts on endangers species salmon and

orcas – “which rain drop caused the flood?”

                        Glacier NW appeals Martinez decision to 9th Circuit Court of

Appeals in San Francisco

                        Protest at Glacier NW site – 250 show up – turns into a celebration

                        Electrical storms cause widespread power outages

                        Vashon students perform above average on State WASL exams

                        Competing editorial letters about Tourism on Vashon

                                    Melinda Sontgerath – pro; Mik Kuhlman – con

                        King County Library to expand Ober Park Library by 3,800 sq. feet

                        Vashon Winery 2nd Annual Folk festival

                        18th Annual Islewilde Festival – “Tales from and Organ Grinder”

                        “Vashon Island Child 2009” Special Insert about schools

                        Teen Drug Use Survey – 50% of HS Seniors use marijuana in last

30 days – 23% statewide – 10th and 12th graders use higher

than state average

                        Personal Character stories – Amy Carey PIO, Hank Lipe VIFR

                        Island Center Forest wins Certification by Forest Stewardship

Council – Vashon Forest Stewards and Friends of Island

Center Forest

         September – Vashon Health Community Network wins $115,000 grant

renewable for 9 years to address attitudes, norms and

environment about drug use

                        1919 VHS Gym to be demolished by sustainable methods – 2006

declared unsafe for public use

                        Great Tomato Taste-Off – Saturday Market

                        Editorial Letter – “PIO Win” – Sharon Nelson, Brenda Moore, Libby

McLarty, J. W. Turner, Amy Carey – Vashon’s tenacity

helped secure PIO’s win

                        Island Energy Plan Developed by island organizations –

VashonBePrepared, VIFR, King County Sheriff, Puget

Sound Energy, VSD

                        Vashon Dreamboats Calendar released – fundraiser for schools

                        Sound Food Reunion – 1st opened in 1993

                        Al Watts (Dockton) – Appleyard Farm “King of Corn at Puyallup Fair

                        Island roads resurfaced by King County – 26 miles total – 5 miles

with new asphalt $950,000 -  21 miles with chip seal


                        Vashon Island Coffe Roasterie issue “Twilight Series” of coffees

                        WSFS decides not to eliminating 10PM Tahlequah run

Glacier NW VP and GM mark Leatham – letter argues counter to

PIO and Court decision

                        Vashon Opera debuts – Pucinni’s La Boheme

                        1st Vashon Energy fair – PSE and WISEnergy sponsor

                        Special Insert “A Sense of Place – Celebrating Our Island Heritage” 

VPD and Land Trust celebrate 25 and 20 years

                        Vashon readies for H1N1 swine flu pandemic

                        Sylvan beach 6 otters killed for fouling owners boat – community

deeply divided

                        Monday Sept 21 – Passenger Only catamaran begins operation

under new King County Ferry District

                        Comedian Jeremy Holtz at Vashon Theater

                        VMIHA receives grant for archive preservation





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