Bianca Perla

Bianca Perla has a doctorate in Ecology from University of Washington. She is the Director of Vashon Nature Center--a research and education organization that runs programs in various island nature preserves and produces naturalist publications including field guides, maps, and books. Bianca is author of Family Walks on Vashon Island.  She has also authored several scientific books and articles including most recently: Prairie dogs: Communication and Community in an Animal Society published by Harvard University Press


Modern Ecology examines what we know and don’t know about current wildlife, plants, and ecosystem trends on Vashon Island. We address questions like: Why are madrone forests common on Maury and not on the north end? How are salmon populations faring? How healthy are island watersheds, forests, shorelines and harbors? How does global climate change influence island habitats and species? And what can humans do to help island ecosystem health?