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This file presents summary information from the 2010 U.S. Census for Vashon-Maury Island.  More 2010 Census data are available than is provided on the table included in this website.

What is offered is for all of Vashon-Maury Island, identified as the Vashon Island Division and for two separate geographic areas identified as Census Tracts numbered: 277.01 (north end of the Island) and 277.02 (south end of the Island).  The standard for a Census Tract is that it contain a population of approximately 3000.  The geographic boundary line between these two Census Tracts was as follows:  from the west side of the Island going east – SW 220th St, to 11th Ave SW going north, to 204th Ave SW going to the east side of the Island.  Everything north of this line was part of Census Tract 277.01 and everything going south was in Census Tract 277.02.

In 2010, the Census reference day was April 1, 2010.  The Census underwent a major change in 2010 when it stopped collecting detailed demographic and housing data, which it had formerly done through a sample survey of respondents who were asked to complete what had been referred to as “the long form.”  Instead, the Census Bureau felt that by instituting the on-going American Community Survey, it had sufficiently gathered information comparable to what had been collected in the past.  This statistical sample survey is described in more detail in the “American Community Survey” link on this Census Project website.

Only ten questions were included in the 2010 Census covering: name, gender, age, race, ethnicity, relationship and home ownership.  Everyone received only this “short form” (questionnaire) to complete.  The Census Bureau continued to rely heavily on a mail out/mail back approach, with follow-up from Census Enumerators for those who lived at known addresses but had not returned a completed questionnaire.

On VMI, a major effort was undertaken to help the Census Bureau assure everyone was counted.  This included special events, Vashon-created flyers, community speakers and other activities designed to assure all residents were aware of and participated in the 2010 Census.  Through encouragement from the Island, a community member was hired by the Census Bureau to work exclusively on VMI for this purpose.  She was bilingual English/Spanish and made a special effort to assure VMI Hispanic residents were part of those included.

The Census Bureau system of sub-dividing larger areas into smaller geographic areas called Census Blocks was utilized for VMI.  Some data associated with these Census Blocks have been located through the Washington State Office of Financial Management website.  This includes information on total population, race, and Hispanic/Latino.  As of February, 2014, further research is underway to try to map these Census Blocks as they relate to VMI and locate additional Census Block level data.  If more detailed information can be located, it will be provided on this Census Project website.

Published 2010 Census reports from the Census Bureau are available through the following website:  Details on how the 2010 Census was conducted and changes from previous Censuses can also be found at this site with a summary offered at the following location: 

The Census Bureau maintains a comprehensive link to all 2010 Census information through a searchable site called “American FactFinder.”  This resource will allow for either a guided or advanced search of 2010 Census data at the county subdivision or Census Tract levels.  American FactFinder can be accessed at

The Washington State Office of Financial Management has compiled a wealth of data from the 2010 Census specific to VMI looking at the information for a range of topics and geographic configurations including by census division and zip code (the same configuration for all of VMI), census tract, census block group and census block.  All of this information can be found at:

Specific data runs for Vashon-Maury Island 2010 Census information may be requested from the National Historical Geographic Information System, administered by the University of Minnesota Population Center (funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health).  They may be reached at:

March 29, 2014