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This file presents information from the 1900 U.S. Census for Vashon-Maury Island which has been transcribed from hand-written Census Enumerator notes.  Images of these original documents can be viewed at locations of the National Archives and Records Administration ( 

Original Census Enumeration Records may also be viewed through the commercial site, which provides on-line access to searchable indexed images.  As of January, 2014, the King County Library System, through its Ancestry Library Edition, provides free access to  This on-line resource is only viewable at a King County Library building, such as the Vashon Library.

The transcription has tried to stay as true to the original as possible including symbols, numbers or notes.  Difficulty in reading some of the handwriting may have resulted in copying errors.  A “?” has been inserted where the transcriber of these Census Enumeration Records was unable to clearly read what was written and has provided the best interpretation possible.    

The information on this table is listed in the order provided in Census Enumeration Records, which may relate to the geographic order in which it was collected.  A blank cell indicates no information was provided on the Census Enumeration Record.  Where symbols or other marks were entered (e.g., “/” or “+”), the transcription has tried to reproduce this written information as accurately as possible. The meaning of these entries is unexplained in the Records.

Information in the 1900 Census relates to the 12 months from June 1, 1889-May 31, 1900.  The actual Census reference day was June 1, 1900.  A total of 944 individuals were enumerated.

The 1900 Vashon-Maury Island Census subdivided the area into four geographic precincts: Burton, Chautauqua, Maury and Vashon.  The data on the table notes Census precinct location for each entry.

Census information is collected by household.  For each household, there is a designated “head,” and other members are identified per their relationship to that “head” (for example, “wife,” or “son”).  There were 208 separate households listed in the 1900 Census.  There are 50 additional individuals listed in the 1900 Census who were located at Vashon College at the time of the Census enumeration.  No individual was designated as household “head” for this group.


Notes Related to Information in the Table

  1. All column headings are as provided in Census Enumeration Records with the exception of the following:
    • Column “Coded Household Number” was created by the researchers as a way to note the individual members of each household group.  These household groups are numbered in consecutive order as they were listed on Census Enumeration Records.  For example, household # 1 is headed by Charles Griswold.  The individuals in his household include Oldalia Griswold, wife and Gilbert Griswold, father.  Household # 2 is headed by George Hofmeister, and there are 2 other members in this household.
    • The 50 individuals for which no household information was provided were not given a household number and are listed as “school” in the “Coded Household Number” column.
    • Column “Marriage Year” was calculated based on the year the Census was taken and the information provided concerning age.
  2. Column “Number of Family” provides information directly from the Census Enumeration Records and does not match the numbers in the “Coded Household Number” column.
  3. Columns “Occupation, Trade or Profession” and “Months Unemployed” refer only to individuals ten years of age or older.  In the previous 1880 Vashon-Maury Island Census, the columns “Able to Read” and “Able to Write” also only related to the same age group.  It is not known if the same is true for the 1900 Census.

March 29, 2014